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Sort of Legal Ch. 06


Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope you are enjoying, as always, a huge thank you to my editors, couldn't do this without you. Please, please take the time to vote (five starts, pretty please) It means the world to me.

Stacey x


As the boat bumped the jetty, Ginger stepped off, not looking back she walked purposefully down the jetty.

Never in her life had she felt so confused, nothing seemed to make sense. She hated him, that much she knew, he was not particular attractive when she thought about it objectively. Everything he stood for was an anathema to her. Vanity, beauty, none of it mattered. Plus, the way he'd fucked her, no one had ever done that to her. She guessed he was probably good because of the number of slutty models he'd fucked, she stumbled, was she a slut too? Stomping down hard on that she marched back to her room, angrily she threw open the door.

"Oh god, fuck me you big cocked bastard," Lyn wailed as Finn took her from behind.

Ginger slammed the door shut, both of them looking at her, Finn smiled as Lyn continued to buck her hips back at him.

"I'll be on the balcony," she said ignoring them as she stepped out onto the balcony. Closing the door Ginger sat down still seething as she drank the bottle of water she'd taken from Archers boat.

Eventually Lyn stepped onto the balcony wrapped in a towel.

"I like your dress," she said sitting down.

"Thanks, Hon, I'm glad to see you again."

Lyn blushed, "we haven't left his room since last night, I only came back here to get some stuff."

"You bad bitch," Ginger laughed reaching out to take Lyn's hand.

"You're not mad, are you? Nick came back all pissed off, we haven't seen him since."

"No, of course not, how can I be mad at you, not your fault Nick was a total shit bag," Ginger laughed.

"That bad huh?" Lyn asked.

"I don't even want to talk about it," Ginger said.

Lyn took a deep breath, "So, Finn has asked if me to go on a proper date tonight, is that cool with you?"

"Yeah, of course, I'll be fine, I think I need some quiet time anyway," Ginger said stroking Lyn's hand.

"Thanks babe, you're awesome," she said leaning over to kiss Ginger, "so what did you do today?"

Ginger sighed and sat forward in her chair, "today has been so fuckin' weird, I met that Archer guy, and went with him on his boat to look at some locations."

"Really? What's he like?"

"He's a total asshole, I hate him, the islands are terrible defensive positions," Ginger snorted.

"Did you fuck him?" Lyn asked slyly.

"Yeah," Ginger whispered.

"If you hate him why did you?" she asked.

Ginger threw her arms up in the air and sat back angrily, "I have no fucking idea, he's a total bastard."

Lyn shrugged, "Ok, so you're cool though?"

"Yeah I'm fine," she said.

"Great, we're going to go, see you later babe," Lyn said kissing Ginger and disappearing back inside.

Ginger waited till she heard the door open and close then went down to reception.

"Can I get a massage and the sheets changed in my room please?" she asked the receptionist.

"Of course, miss," she replied.

Ginger waited face down on the table she was still unable to work out why she couldn't get Archer out of her mind, every time she tried; he popped back up, smug, arrogant, and sanctimonious. She heard the door open.

"Ah, back again," Carlos said.

"Hi, yeah, I think I melted last time," Ginger laughed.

"Glad to hear it," he said lifting the towel off her back and beginning his work.

Ginger groaned deeply as he worked on her.

"Wow you've got a lot of tension here," he said working Gingers muscles hard.

Carlos worked all the knots and tension from her body with his strong hands, reluctantly Ginger peeled herself off the table.

"You know, your so good at this, you should probably do it for a living," she joked shrugging on the big fluffy white robe.

"What and give up my garbage collection job? No way," he laughed back.

"Yeah, good call," she laughed waving as she headed for the sauna.

She sat sweating in the sauna, her mind at peace as the massage and the steam relaxed her. Idly she thought of her mum and sister still on Red River four, did they ever think of her? She wondered if she should contact them somehow, just to let them know she was alive. Angrily she wiped a tear from her eye. Shaking her head, she walked back to her room.

Room service supplied her with sandwiches as she sat on the balcony watching the sun going down. Content in her isolation she sat for hours before sending a simple email telling her mum she was alive and was in the Marines.

Closing the blinds Ginger settled into the clean white sheets closing her eyes she gently drifted off to sleep.

Waking early again Ginger, stretched in the luxurious bed, a far cry from the rack she had been sleeping in for months. Leaving the tousled bed, she changed into her running kit and left the room, her London Jets hat firmly in her head as she pounded out the miles returning to the spa.

Grabbing a cup of coffee, she snaked her way to Archers table and sat down facing the shore, sipping her coffee she waited confused about why she was even there again.

"Again?" Archer said sitting down.

Ginger snorted, concentrating on the sea.

"I've got some people coming today, I've got a shoot, out on the islands" he said eating the pastries.

"Does it bother you that I could be your sister, or half sister whatever," Ginger snapped.

Archer sat silently for a few minutes chewing as he watched Ginger closely.

"Is that why you hate me so much? Because I got taken off Red River?" he asked.

"Fuck you, I hate you because of you, I'm not jealous of you. Answer the question."

Archer shrugged taking another sip of his coffee, "It hadn't occurred to me, I guess we could have a DNA test or something."

"What, you think I'm going to let you fuck me again?" Ginger snorted.

"You really are fucking crazy," Archer said standing and walking away.

Finishing her coffee Ginger stalked away, furious Archer had spoilt her day again, she wondered if there was a brothel close by, so she could forget him. Angrily she showered scrubbing her skin clean.

Wound up tight she ground her teeth as she applied her make up and styled the brunette wig. Slipping the sundress on over her bikini she tied on the wedges and strode down the Marina.

Finding 'The lens never lies' deserted she climbed aboard and sat on the seat at the back trying to relax as the boat bobbed rhythmically, she stewed on the situation wondering if she should get off the boat. Archer set every nerve on edge, his presence tied her stomach in knots, how did he manage it, and why couldn't she walk away from him.

Before she could leave she heard him walking along the jetty, she could hear others with him and decided she wasn't going to move.

Archer glanced at her but said nothing as he helped four girls onto the boat, they sat on the seats near Ginger all of them looking at her, none of them saying anything to her. He fussed around the boat casting off and heading out of the harbour.

As the boat left the protection of the breakwater Ginger pulled off her dress stowing it in the bag she glared at Archer as she went below deck she came back with bottles of water for everyone handing them round. Shyly the girls took them from her.

She stood on the front of the boat holding the handrails keen to get some distance between her and the rest of them, she listened distractedly as they chattered and laughed.

The boat pulled into the second island they'd visited the day before, Ginger tied the boat off and stood on the jetty, Archer helped the girls off the boat and they breezed past Ginger to the beach.

Archer dumped a large wheeled box on the jetty. Glaring at Ginger he pulled the box along the jetty, she watched him impassively.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" he asked staring straight ahead. Ginger shrugged.

He grunted, "this is work, don't fuck with this," he said resuming his walk.

Ginger sighed loudly and followed along slowly. Arriving at the spot Archer had dragged the box too she watched the girls strip and touch up their makeup. Archer checking them closely.

"Are you a model too?" one of the girls said walking over to Ginger.

"Fuck no," she snorted admiring the stacked blond.

"Oh, I just assumed, with everything," she said waving her hand at Ginger, "I'm Bridget anyway," smiling warmly extending a hand.

Ginger smiled and shook her hand, "Ginger, I'm, I'm just a friend of Archer."

"You don't seem to be friends."

Ginger snorted, "it's complicated."

They watched as Archer helped one of the naked girls to her feet.

"That's Nicole, she's a sweetheart, and she's got an amazing body," Bridget said.

Ginger nodded as she watched the stunning Brunette pose in the surf, giggling as the waves splashed around her. Archer moving around her capturing her form all angles. Ginger was surprised when he stopped shooting as Nicole spread her legs wide, he talked to her for a few moments before they carried on.

"Yeah, Archer doesn't like the explicit stuff," Bridget said.

"Really? Why?"

Bridget shrugged, "he's more about the art, there's plenty of porn but he prefers art."

Nicole left the shore line and walked back to the hade, Archer fiddled with his camera and called over one of the other girls, briefly he glanced at Ginger and Bridget, he smiled and pointed his camera at them.

Ginger eyed him coldly daring him to press the button, he laughed and swung the camera away. He held out his hand for the other girl and spoke to her for a few moments before she too started posing in the surf, Ginger watched the girl as she moved erotically for Archer.

"That's Kelly, she loves posing, she's a firecracker," Bridget said smiling as she struck another pose.

Archer said something to her and she shook her head spreading her legs. Archer spoke to her again and she refused to close her legs, Archer finally took a few phots of her before she switched cupping her breasts for the camera.

"She loves showing off," Bridget laughed.

Archer continued talking to her, they couldn't hear anything he said to Kelly as she posed finally she stood up and stomped off up the beach.

Archer shook his head and waved Bridget over.

"Bye," she waved happily skipping off down the beach.

Ginger watched the blond play in the surf, she kept looking at Ginger as she struck her poses.

"Are you working today?" Nicole asked, her voice was unlike anything Ginger had heard. It was much more throaty and monotone.

"Yeah nah, I'm not a model," she said.

"I just thought you were new or something," Nicole said watching Ginger.

Ginger faced Archer and watched Bridget pose in the water. Archer spoke to Kelly for a few moments and she pointed at Ginger and Kelly, Archer shook his head. Bridget shrugged as Archer waved Kelly down the beach she jogged over and joined Bridget in the surf, the girls posed together like lovers. Holding each other close pressing their big breast together.

"So much for the art," Ginger snorted.

"What?" Nicole asked

"I said so much for the art,"

Nicole stepped in front of Ginger, "I can't understand you if I can't see your mouth."

Ginger frowned, "I said 'so much for the art'"

"Oh yeah, well who doesn't like seeing two hot chicks together?" she said in her monotone voice.

"What's with your voice?" Ginger asked.

"I'm profoundly deaf," Nicole said glaring at Ginger.

"Ah, right I see," Ginger said uncertainly.

"Just 'cos I'm deaf doesn't mean there's anything wrong with me," She said.

"No, there definitely isn't anything wrong with you," Ginger said nodding at Nicole's tight body.

"Thanks, I get a little touchy sometimes," Nicole said.

They watched the shoot for a bit longer, Archer not taking any phots as Kelly and Bridget fondled each other. Leaving them in the surf he walked back to the shade and sat down checking his camera.

"Come on be nice, sit with us," Nicole said taking Ginger's hand. Ginger walked over to the blanket with the other girl sitting on it.

"This is Ginger, not a model, this is Mia," Nicole said introducing the girls, as the shook hands.

Nicole sat down Ginger sitting next to hear drinking more water. The watched as Kelly went down on Bridget, the blonde writhing as she came.

"Is this normal?" Ginger asked.

"It usually is with Kelly," Mia giggled.

"Yeah I'm surprised she didn't pounce on you," Nicole said laughing.

Ginger looked at her raising an eyebrow.

"Come on Mia, lets go to the jetty," Archer said, they walked away Archer shaking his head at the two still in the surf, Ginger watched as he took pictures of Mia on the jetty.

"Are you trying to get into modelling?" Nicole asked.

"Why does everyone keep assuming I want to be a model?" Ginger snapped.

"Umm, your pretty, your stacked and your bod looks like its carved from stone," Nicole said.

"I'm a fucking Marine," Ginger spat, angrily she pulled the wig off her head throwing it down.

"Oh, why are you here then?"

"Fuck me! I am getting so sick of explaining myself over and over, I'm on leave, why am I here on this island? I don't have a fucking clue!" Ginger shouted.

"Ok, I was just asking," Nicole said.

Ginger frowned, "I'm sorry, I'm kind of a mess, Archer makes me fucking crazy."

"Love can be like that," Nicole said laying back.

"I don't love him, I fucking hate him," she snarled. Picking up the wig she put it back on, styling it as best she could.

"If you say so," Nicole shrugged.

Ginger fumed as Nicole closed her eyes. She watched as Kelly and Bridget walked back up the beach, Bridget blushing as she sat down.

"Hi, I'm Kelly," she said leaning forward to shake hands with Ginger.

"Don't ask her questions," Nicole said.

Kelly shrugged sitting back picking up a towel she dried her hair.

"Ok ladies," Archer said walking up with Mia, "take a break, we'll do some low light work later, probably spend the night on the boat."

The girls nodded and stretched out in the shade, a few blankets were passed round for them as they looked through the box for something to eat.

"Can I have a chat Ginger?" Archer asked.

"No, fuck off," she snapped.

Archer shook his head and walked away, Ginger watched as he walked back to the boat.

"I'm going to work on my tan, do my back?" Bridget asked holding out the sunscreen to Ginger.

Shrugging she took it and rubbed it into Bridget's back. Handing her the bottle she watched Bridget rub the cream into the rest of her body.

"Going to join me?" She asked.

"Ok," Ginger asked turning her back to Bridget.

Bridget poured the cream on Gingers back and worked it in, "god, your toned."

"Thanks," Ginger said

They walked into the sun laying down on the towels they had.

"You'll get tan lines," Bridget giggled.

"I don't care," Ginger said rolling onto her front.

"Come on don't be shy," Bridget said.

"Do you just want me naked or something?"

"I asked Archer to get you in the surf with me," Bridget said softly.

"Well watch then,' Ginger said kneeling up.

Slowly she shook off the bikini top throwing it into the sand, cupping her breasts she teased her nipples, she slipped the bottoms down, thrusting her hips forward as she slid the bikini off completely.

"Much better," Bridget sighed as Ginger lay down.

"What did he say when you asked?" Ginger said as she traced patterns in the sand.

"He told me you'd cut his balls off if he asked," she giggled.

They lay in the warm sun for a while, Ginger relaxing as the sun warmed her. She couldn't help but keep thinking of Archer, she was sure of one thing, Nicole was totally wrong.

"I'm going to see what shit for brains wanted," she said suddenly standing up.

"Ok," Bridget mumbled.

Stepping onto the boat she headed down below decks, looking for Archer, she opened the doors one at a time. Stepping into the room at the bow she was surprised to see the size of the master bedroom, Archer laying on his back on the large bed.

He looked up putting the tablet aside,"what do you want?"

"You wanted to talk to me?" she said standing by the door.

Archer locked eyes with her saying nothing as he sat up.

"Fine, fuck you," Ginger said turning to leave the room, Archer sprung up behind her slamming the door shut with his palm, his face over her shoulder.

"You are driving me absolutely insane," he whispered in her ear.

"I can't say I've given you much thought," she lied.

"And yet hear you are, naked on my boat."

"I was sun bathing," Ginger said turning to glare at him.

Holding the door closed with one hand he ran the other from her hip to cup her breast, squeezing it gently he touched her nipple.

"You like touching you little sisters tit?" she asked glaring at him defiantly.

"I wonder how much you like it?" he whispered.

"I'm not a fucking pervert like you," she said placing both hands on the wall she arched her back pushing her ass back into his groin.

His hand slid from her breast down over her toned abs till he touched her mound. Ginger said nothing as she spread her legs more.

Archers fingers slid down into her slit. The tip of his finger seeking her entrance.

"Do you want your big brothers fingers inside you?" He whispered kissing her ear.

"You're sick," she said as her wetness flooded onto his fingers. Slowly Archer pushed his finger into her soaking pussy.

Ginger shuddered grinding down on his thick finger. Archer covered her hand with his kissing her neck. Ginger moaned loudly lifting her head giving him better access.

Cupping her pussy as he fingered her, he ground his hard cock into her firm cheeks.

"I wonder if you'll cum if I lick your little pussy,"

"Do you think I'll let you go down on me?" Ginger groaned squirming as Archer slid another finger inside her.

"I think you'll let me do anything I want to you," he said biting her ear.

"You arrogant, smug, cunt." Ginger snarled.

"I also think you want to do everything with me, you self-righteous, stuck up, egotistical, hussy."

"Sick pervert, wanting to fuck your little sister," she whimpered.

Archer slid his fingers from her pussy holding them to Ginger's lips. She looked at him, angrily sucking them clean. Grunting Archer slapped her ass and stepped away from her. Hesitantly she looked over her shoulder at him.

Archer dropped his pants and took off his shirt sitting down on the edge of the bed spreading his legs wide his cock pointing at the ceiling.

"Door's not locked," he said.

Ginger turned away from the door and sunk to her knees crawling towards him, putting her hands on his knees she pulled herself closer to him looking him in the eye as she opened her mouth wrapping her lips round the thick bulb of the head.

"That could well be your brothers cock,"

Ginger moaned, pressing her thighs together as she swallowed her way down his cock. She swallowed over and over feeling him sink deeper and deeper, she swallowed once more taking him into her throat. She held him there for a moment before pulling back.

Taking a deep breath, she took him deep down again, Archer's eyes rolling back in his head as she squeezed him with her throat.

Ginger looked at him as she bobbed up and down his shaft in short strokes. Her eyes fiercely intense as she sucked on him.

Pulling his cock from her mouth she switched her attention to his balls bathing them with her tongue. She wrapped her hand round his cock jerking the slippery shaft with her small hand.

"Do you like that?" she asked.

"I fucking love it, get up here, I want you to sit on my face," Archer said laying back.

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