Sorting Out Mom


He laughed and said: "Major stuff?"

"Yes," she said, laughing too, "Major stuff."

She snuggled closer, liking the way that her nipples were rubbing against his upper arm, and, before she spoke, she gave into a whim and ran her hand down his side until she was able to cup his ass cheek with the hand. She sighed a great sigh.

"Nice touch, Mom," he said.

"I'm feeling kind of, I don't know, forward," she explained, "Maybe kind of slutty! I don't think that I've ever let myself feel this way before."

"Well, if that's the case, I like the new you!" he answered.

"Yes," she said confidently, "So do I. But I have to ask my things."

"Go ahead," he said to her.

"James, I'd like . . .I, uh, want, or am asking for you to make me do all sorts of slutty things. I don't know what I mean but I do know that you'll know what they are, much better than I. I've been so, I guess, vanilla for such a long time, and this just feels like, uh, like coming out."

She hesitated and he didn't interrupt her; then she went on:

"At first you scared the daylights out of me but what dawned slowly and with such great great sexual, erotic heat was that you were, I don't know, kind of taking me over, and I surprised myself by just wanting that to happen."

She kissed his cheek and squeezed his ass cheek, and then went on:

"You called me those wonderful dirty names before but I want to be that way; I want to live those names. I know you can help me, if you will."

"I certainly will," he said.

He kissed her back and said in a whisper to her:

"You might be my Mom but now you're my cunt!"

She shivered, and said:

"Oh, yes, James' cunt!" She giggled then and said:

"Maybe I should get a tattoo!"

He laughed and said: "I guess we'll wait for that though."

"There's more," she said.

"Wow!" was his response.

"I know that I was terrible at the blow job, and I appreciate you being so nice to tell me it was fine. But I will practice with you, that I promise,and when I get better or even good, I'd like . . .I'd like as a reward to be able to, to be allowed to, uh, play with your ass."

"Lovely thought!" he said, kissing her again.

Thank you, James, for letting me say those things. She snuggled into him closer and very soon, her hand falling from his ass cheek, she slept. She slept soundly too.

It wasn't until the next morning that she started to revive from her deep sleep, feeling, as she began to wake, a hand at her tit, caressing the nipple.

"Don, don't!" she said a bit crossly.

"Don isn't!" came the answer and her eyes flew open and saw that James was looking down at her and still had his hand at her nipple.

"Ohhh," Susan sighed, "Oh, James."

"Yes, welcome to reality, Mom; it's James," he said.

"Doing nice things!" she replied.

"Yes, the bad old days are gone, Mom; it's just us here now," he said, still playing with her nipple.

"James, I might be doing things that are wrong but this is wonderful for me, I have to say it, just wonderful," she said in a soft voice.

Then she got a playful look on her face and said: "It's so wonderful that maybe I should tell the girls about it."

"The girls?" he asked and then it dawned on him, and laughing he said: "Oh, you mean Aunt Carol and Aunt Catherine! Tell them by all means; I could use more bitches in my stable!"

She squealed with laughter then, partially hiding her face with her hands.

"I haven't made sounds like that for a long time," she said.

"You're right, Mom, not since last night!" he said.

Then she came out with a peal of laughter again. She looked at him, lying next to her and his nakedness and said:

"Oh, look at you!"

She put a hand tentatively on his hip and said:

"May I please practice?"

"Practice what?" he asked feigning ignorance.

"Practice my cock sucking!" she said, blushing.

"Mom wants to be a better slut?" he asked.

"She wants to be the best slut that James could have!" she said.

"Better maybe that Aunt Carol and Aunt Catherine?" he asked, getting from her another squeal of laughter.

"Much better than Carol and Catherine; they're not here and I am, and I'm get to practice on you and they don't!" she said almost defiantly.

"And remember the reward, Mom," he said.

"Reward?" she asked, thinking.

"Yes, your lips on my ass!" was his reply.

"Maybe just a little bite to your ass then?" she asked the defiant look back on her face.

"Know what you just did?" he asked.

"What?" she replied mystified.

"You just earned yourself a spanking! This afternoon!" he said in a hard voice.

Susan squealed!

"Really?" she asked.

"Really!" he asserted.

"Not kidding?" she asked.

"Totally bare assed and over my knee!" he said.

She looked at him and said softly but with great emotion:

"James that makes me wet just thinking of it; I'd better begin here or I'll cum just from this conversation."

She moved so that her head was positioned over the head of his stiff cock, which was pressed against his stomach.

"Come to momma" she crooned, blowing a hot breath on the head of his prick.

She wasn't as tense this time, and it went much better. She had little or no trouble getting his cock to and past the point where yesterday it had gagged her, and now with no incident. She had thought about it and was putting into practice what she'd been thinking about. She would drag her head up and off of the cock, locking her lips around it, as her head moved, and moving the skin up and down with her head. She paused every time then to lick the underside of his cock head, especially when she noticed how excited this made him.

"Fuck!" he exclaimed, "The way you've learned in a short time how to suck a cock!"

She grinned at him and, still licking the shaft, said with a twinkle in her eye:

"Probably better than Carol or Catherine?"

"Five more ass slaps added to your spanking!" was his reply.

When he said it, she squealed in delight and then he came back with:

"At least better than Aunt Catherine!" and she squealed again.

She pushed herself a little then, getting more and more of the cock into her mouth; she had a goal for herself about how much of it she would, could take into her mouth and she succeeded.

Then he said in a strangled voice:

"Cumming now!"

She clamped her lips around the girth of his cock and prepared herself; she took his shooting sperm and swallowed it, and was pleased that she was able to keep up with it, never letting his prick out of her mouth, until it was softening and cleaned.

"Great blow job!" he said with a smile.

"Thank you, James," she replied, "Better than Aunt Carol and Aunt Catherine?"

He laughed and said: "That blow job had Aunt Catherine beat cold; but the way Aunt Carol sucks cock! I don't know."

She reacted with the same joyful and wicked squeal that he'd heard before.

"It's so much fun to tease you!" he said, as she clung to him.

"Are you really going to spank me?" she asked, her mouth against his chest.

"Yes," he said, "This afternoon, over my lap, you naked! And . . ."

She broke in with a startled voice: 'There's also an 'and'?"

"Yes, there is," he said. "Shall I tell you or do you wish to make matters with the spanking worse by constantly interrupting me?"

"Sorry, James," she said meekly, and he laughed and kissed her nose.

"And," he began then, "I'm going to fuck you in the ass!"


She peeked up at him from her position with her head on his chest and said softly:

"Goody for me!"

Then her face fell.

"What?" he wanted to know.

"What time is it?" she said, and discovered that it was 9 AM.

"Your father said he was coming by at 11 AM to pick up the package that is in the hall way for him," she said, dismayed.

"I'll be here and we'll face him together," James said, "And I have a plan."

"Plan?" she asked.

"Yes, I want you to wear one of those pleated minis that you bought, and a tee shirt and the new heeled sandals. We're going to make you look like walking, talking sex!"

She giggled: "Oh, I like that!"

"We're going to teach that fucking fool just who it is that he has passed over!" he asserted.

"You won't leave me with him?" she asked.

"No, of course not; but I will guarantee you one thing," he said.

"What's that?" she wanted to know.

"He will want to screw you this afternoon!" he said.

"You think so?" she asked.

"I know so," he said, "And we're going to send him away frustrated. His days between your legs are gone!"

"And yours are just beginning!" she said with joy.

"Yes, when I can take the time away from fucking Aunt Carol to get to you!" he said, laughing his way through the end of the statement.

Her squeal was cosmic and she shouted:

"Even if I get more spanks, I'm going to bite your ass!"

She moved into position and gave him a small bite in the ass, finishing it off with a tongue licking on the same spot.

"I bet your Aunt Carol wouldn't do that!" she crowed, and then added: "No, stop, I don't want to hear what you have to say about my lovely sister!"

They ended up both hugging each other and laughing.

"Okay, breakfast, Mom," he said, "Then we get ready."

They were ready for Don's visit in plenty of time. Susan, following James' orders, was dressed in a short black pleated mini and heeled sandals. She wore a small tee shirt that she had, and, though they considered no bra, she had a lacy soft bra on beneath the tee shirt, that showed her nipples pretty plainly.

James produced some fake tattoos and fixed them onto her waist just above the swell of her ass cheeks. They gothic letters "M" and "B".

"M & B?" she asked.

"Yes, 'my bitch!'" he said, setting her off giggling.

She did her hair up and applied makeup and lipstick. She hadn't bothered for the past 3/4 of a year with Don to dress herself up in this fashion.

He was impressed as soon as he walked in the door. He stammered once he saw her about how good she looked.

She didn't bother to thank him. She told him that the package that he wanted was in the hall way but he said that he wanted to talk to her.

James smiled; he knew it was working as they had planned. He went to the doorway of the living room. Don was already trying to get closer to Susan on the couch, when James entered the room.

"Hey, Dad," James said.

"Oh, hi, James," he said, "If you don't mind, your Mom and I need some privacy to talk just a bit. "

James said: "I do mind, Dad! All you want is to fuck Mom and that's not going to happen."

"I beg your pardon, young man," Don said, "Watch your attitude or I'll correct it for you."

"Bring it on, Dad!" James said smiling. He was already bigger and more fit than his Dad ever was. Don made no move at all. Susan suppressed a smile barely.

James had in his hand a folder.

"You know, Dad, if you're horny, I think that you should probably go and fuck her . . ."

He produced the first of the photos that he had showing his father and one of the other women.

"Or her . . .or her . . .or her . . ."

He went on this way producing and dropping into his Dad's lap one photo after another and ended with the photo of Rhonda Seaman, saying:

"Or maybe you should go and fuck Mom's best friend!"

"I'm leaving," Don said.

"About time," Susan said, as she got up and followed Don to the door. When he was gone, she turned and launched herself at James, hugging and kissing him.

"That was fabulous!" she said pressing herself against James, and holding on tightly.

While they were entwined with one another, he said to her softly, whispering into her ear:

"Mom, it's spanking time! A little celebration, I think!"

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" she wailed into his chest.

Then she looked up at him and said a soft: "Yes, James."

She got up and with no hesitation began to undress. First the tee shirt was put aside and then the bra next. Soon she stood there totally naked but blushing.

"I'm nervous, James," she said.

"Easy as pie," he answered and sat in the chair, patting his lap. She moved then and splayed herself over his lap, and he began.

He started by running his hand over the surface of her lovely ass.

"Lovely ass!' he said with a sigh.

"Nice as Carol's?" she quipped.

"Okay," he said,"If that's our attitude then spanking!"

He slapped her ass, and she bucked and cried out, the heat surging through her from her ass cheek where he'd hit her.

"Ohhhh," she cried.

"Different than Carol's," he said confidently, and she hooted but her hoot was cut off by his next spank.

It landed on the other ass cheek and again she reacted semi-violently to the slap, bouncing in his lap. He alternated his slaps with simple rubbing his hand over her ass.

The spanking soon had her writhing in heat instead of pain; it was a result that she never foresaw but that gradually came upon her and transformed the spanking incident into one of increased passion. Before Susan was totally aware of what was happening, and while James' hard hand was still pounding down on her unprotected, naked ass cheeks; she came, loudly, actively, and sensuously she came.

James laughed and said: "That's my girl!" as he grabbed her from his lap and held onto her tightly.

As he held her, he whispered to her:

"Lovely new things soon, Mom."

"Will I like them?" she asked.

"Did you like this?" he responded.

"Oh, yes," he said. "And besides," he continued, "Aunt Carol liked them; so you will."

She hooted at him then and said: "You are so terrible!"

He held her at arms length and grinned at her; then he lowered her to the floor and stood over her and took his own clothes off and joined her there. She was, as usual, fascinated by the sight of his rampant, stiff cock, ready for her.

"For me?" she asked coyly.

"Well, no," he said earnestly, "I'm expecting Aunt Carol any second."

She started to pound his chest with her fist.

"You're terrible!" she wailed.

"Okay, Mom, I'll let it go but you're so much fun to tease!" he said laughing.

"I noticed," she said, "Now come to me; do me!"

"Gladly!" was his answer, as he settled between her legs and grasped her hips with his hands, pulling her up to him, fitting himself into her, while she eagerly wrapped her legs around his waist.

Their day was quiet after that. He had some chores to do and they had a pleasant dinner and a tv movie afterwards. By the end of the day he was tired. They both opted for a shower before bed. She enjoyed the chance to wash him, and was very thorough about it.

"My you do that well," he said, holding his hands up in the air, as she washed him all over.

When they were finished, he went into the bedroom and she stayed to dry herself, put on some body cream and get ready for bed. His had been an active day and he was already asleep when she went into the bedroom. She just looked at him, at his naked beauty, his youth and wondered at her own inhibitions in taking him, her lovely son as a lover.

"It won'd last," is what she said to herself and filed all the rest of the baggage for later thought, if at all.

She did, however, have a purpose tonight. She had a tube of bright red lipstick in her hand and had fetched her digital camera. She couldn't resist a photo of him lying on the bed, his white ass, from where his shorts protected him from the sun, gleaming in the room.

But Susan had plan; she'd decided, with him asleep now to cover those white ass cheeks, his glorious buns with red lipstick lip imprints. She was going to feast on his ass. It was a wild notion, an uncharacteristic one, at least uncharacteristic for her life with Don but right now it seemed like the very best idea that she could have.

He was well and fairly out of it, and didn't wake, when she got onto the bed. She moved to kneel next to him, at about his waist and bent down and kiss his left ass cheek, leaving a huge lipstick imprint.

Susan giggled! She liked this!

Next she decorated his right ass cheek, same luscious lip imprint. Still he didn't stir.

Then she went on from there making a ladder of lips imprints up his ass crack to the top of the swell of his cheeks.

Susan was having a wonderful time.

"Now we get serious," she said, after taking a photo of James' decorated ass.

For her the giggly part was pretty much over, now she was breathing heavily, as she proceeded with her plan. She separated his ass cheeks and just stared at the pinkish rosebud of his ass hole. She began to kiss the inner sides of his ass cheeks, and only gradually came to his ass hole. She forced his ass cheeks apart farther and, with both lips, kissed his ass hole, as though it were his mouth, running an active and lingering tongue around the ass hole rosebud in the process.

"Ohhhh," he moaned finally. "That feels wonderful! Have you done that before? Ever did it to Dad?"

"No," she said, leaning down and whispering in his ear, "But I have done it to your Aunt Carol!" (She bit his ass, after saying that.)

James hooted and said: "Spanking for that, the snottiness and the bite but later; right now I'm going to lie here and let this happen."

"Good!" she said, "And thanks for the anticipated spanking!"

Then she kissed his ass again and moved quickly back to her task of kissing his ass hole. Her tongue became more and more active and finally breached the rosebud entrance and gained a little room inside of his ass hole.

"OOOOOOOOOOO!" he said, raising his hips up so that his growing prick could rise up against his stomach.

She reacted to the opportunity gladly and quickly. She reached around and grabbed his cock and began to stroke it, getting more moans from James.

"That's it, honey," she said, "You fuck Momma's hand, while I continue to play with this lovely ass."

"Oh, yes, you wicked bitch!" he crooned, as he began vigorously to fuck her hand, holding onto his cock tightly.

She buried her face again into his ass crack and pushed with her tongue to gain a little more room inside of his ass hole.

"Oh fuck! What a tongue on the woman!" he said in a loud exhalation of air,.

"Going to cum!" he said in a strained voice.

She pushed on his hip then, extracting her face from his ass and said urgently:

"No, in my mouth!"

Once he was on his back, she continued to jack at his cock and clamped her mouth over his cock, and with a quick movement had a little more of his prick in her mouth and toward her throat than she ever had before, as he spasmed and began to cum.

"Jeez, can you ever get a cock into your mouth! What a mouth on the woman!"

"Better than Aunt Carol?" she asked with a grin, "Remember before answering that I have my teeth on your prick, son!"

"Much better!' he said, and then he said, laughing, "Mom, I will never be able to face Aunt Carol with a straight face again!"

She agreed and they both laughed until they had tears in their eyes. Then she finished the project of cleaning him off and snuggled with him.

"I've got pictures of my lip imprints all over your ass!" she said triumphantly.

"Well aren't you that cat that ate the cream?" he said.

"Top pussy, that's me!" she crowed, and he slapped her ass, and she subsided with a loud 'eeeek'.

"I love you, James," she said, hugging him.

"I love you to, Susan," he answered, and kissed her between her bright and shiny eyes, as she gazed at him.

James called her the next day, while he was out. She picked up the phone and James's voice whispered into the phone: "Hi, slut!"

"Oh, hi," she answered almost breathlessly.

"I need a favor, Mom,"he continued.

"Uh, yes, anything" she said quite willingly.

"I have some friends here and we're going to watch some videos but we would like to have some beer. Can you do that?"

"Yes, of course, love, I can do that," she said.

"We'll be coming home shortly," he said.

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