Sorting Out The Smiths Ch. 03


Worse still he knew, just knew, that the story of how his father had walked in right at the worst possible moment was currently being whispered, murmured and giggled throughout the classrooms. People would nudge each other in the hallways as he passed them, or quickly hide their faces behind bags or textbooks in a bid not to show them cracking up. It was torture.

It was difficult to say the least to ignore all of this, but Jack tried to keep his mind focussed on other things. Yes, other blokes in his class had been more successful in their attempts to fuck Ashley Webb, but how many of them would be going back home to a house currently being occupied by one of the hottest blondes to ever walk the earth?

Throughout the day he returned to that image of Elizabeth, fresh as ever, that book modestly covering her breasts, the green eyes sparkling with innocent mischief. His mouth became dry almost at the very instant he began to remember that scene, and he walked around a little awkwardly, trying not to show off the semi-erection that seemed to have taken permanent residence in his trousers.

The bus home was crowded, hot and sweaty and did nothing to help Jack's horniness. The hotter the weather got, the shorter the dresses or skirts, the smaller the tops on the women of Sechs City, and there were a LOT of good looking women in Sechs City.

But none as hot as Elizabeth, he kept thinking. With a figure like that she could beat Miss Universe with just a smile.

Finally the bus arrived by West Avenue. Jack jumped off the bus and hurried quickly towards home, fumbling inside his pocket for his front door keys as he ran. The house was quiet as he entered. That wasn't too unusual – his mum would probably have gone out with Wanda somewhere. Did that mean that Elizabeth would be here on her own? Or maybe she'd gone with his mother…huh, fat chance of that. He'd seen Lianne's reaction to the family therapist, as well as stumbling upon his father still asleep on the sofa earlier that morning. If things were that bad he wouldn't have been surprised if Lianne had kicked Elizabeth out. This was probably the most likely scenario.

Jack's good mood faded rapidly. It would wrap up a pretty dreadful week if that was the case. He trudged slowly up the stairs to change out of his sweaty uniform. There was no way he was going to try and talk to anyone, least of all a beautiful woman like Elizabeth, without relieving himself of his horniness first of all. He was in the mood for some girl-on-girl action, and already several of his favourite sites were singing their addresses in his mind. Feeling a little better about this he walked into his bedroom and shut the door.

He was surprised to find his computer switched on, and even more surprised to see the screen was displaying a page of one of the websites he had been just thinking about. Had he forgotten to switch it off that morning? No, of course not.

Horrified thoughts of his parents discovering his secret passion threatened to drag him further into despair, until there was a movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned and almost jumped out of his skin to see Elizabeth lying on his bed, naked. She was on her side, resting on her left hand, her right just lying on top of her perfect ass.

"Holy shit!" he breathed, unable to stop himself.

"Oh, there you are, Jack," Elizabeth said, as if she wasn't naked, as if she wasn't lying on his bed, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. "I'm sorry, I couldn't get my laptop to work and I saw your computer was on stand by, so I thought I'd be a little cheeky and use yours."

"Uh…uh huh…" Jack stammered.

"I'm afraid I'm rather good at hacking into other peoples computer systems," she went on, those green eyes looking oh so serious. "It's a part of the company training you see. In your defence you might want to come up with a better password. Yours was one of the easiest I've had to guess in a long time."

Jack didn't care; he was too buys gorging his starving eyes on the feast of flesh in front of him. That gorgeous skin, those silky legs, and the breasts…oh, those beautiful breasts, just as he'd imagined them, perfect.

He began to panic. He'd already mucked up one attempt to screw the girl of his dreams, he wasn't about to do it a second time. "That…er…would you believe me if I told you I'd never seen that site before?"

"Perhaps, though I have to point out that your web browser gave you away pretty quickly. I only needed to type in www.clu...and the rest filled in itself."

Jack swallowed and glanced again at the screen.

It was a scene from an erotic movie. A gorgeous blonde woman with large breasts was sitting on top of her kitchen counter, while her equally stunning blonde friend was eating her out ravenously.

"I think this is one of my favourite sites," said Elizabeth, her hand beginning to slowly stroke up and down her legs. "Isn't that weird how we have that in common, Jack? I think I enjoy lesbian porn more than any other type. I think you do too, don't you?"

Jack's voice had frozen in his dry throat. He couldn't help but stare at that hand as it travelled up and down those legs.

"I think women are beautiful, I really do," Elizabeth went on, her voice starting to get huskier now. "I love the touch of them, the feel of them, their soft lips all over my body…oh, sometimes just the sight of a beautiful woman in a swimsuit is enough to make me so…wet…"

Her hand disappeared between her thighs and she let out a sudden, soft gasp. Jack felt the lump on his trousers hardening more than it ever had done before. He felt like he was about to burst from the pressure, like a kettle about to boil.

Those slender fingers continued to slowly work their way in and out, the other stroking and caressing those mouth-watering breasts, until she looked at him with a purposeful, hard stare and whispered, "Sometimes, though, all you really need is a nice, juicy cock…"

That did it. Jack stepped quickly forward and grabbed her by the neck, pulling her mouth to his own desperately dry lips. Their tongues explored frantically as she ripped his shirt open and rubbed her hands all over his bare chest. Elizabeth kissed it now as her hands began to busy themselves with his trousers, undoing the belt buckle quickly yet almost efficiently, as if she'd done this a hundred times before.

She pulled his trousers down together with his boxers, and he stood there, a little breathlessly with them around his ankles, his erection throbbing massively.

"I'm impressed," Elizabeth said teasingly but truthfully. She was pleased with this part of the plan already. She had known that her libido would have been cooled at some point during the say, but was secretly delighted that Jack was more endowed than she had first suspected. But there was nervousness in his eyes that betrayed his inexperience. She would have to be careful not to give in to her own excitement and treat this as part of the therapy; this was work, not play.

"I must say hello properly," she said now, and before Jack could respond her lips had passed over the shaft and he felt her tongue slide along it. He gripped the top of her blonde hair to steady himself, biting his lip as a pleasure he'd never experienced before jolted through his legs. The pleasure was equal in measure to the thrill of this moment: for the first time ever a woman had his cock in her mouth, and she was enjoying it too. He'd always been so worried, so embarrassed by what may have happened – for all he knew something might have been wrong with the shape, it could have smelled funny – but so far, so good.

Elizabeth licked and sucked as if it was her favourite lollipop, which she knew really it was. The day was getting better and better – it had been a long time since she'd had fresh virginity in her mouth. But the tell tale signs were showing again; it was quivering perhaps a little too much from excitement, and that was like a loud warning siren to her.

She pulled away to Jack's disappointment, kissing it goodbye right on the tip, and breathed, "Jack, I need you. I need you inside me now. Please, Jack?"

Jack knelt onto the bed. This was going too quickly for him, why couldn't she slow down? But if he admitted this was his first proper time, he knew she would take one look at him, then laugh and kick him out the door so she could finish herself off to more lesbian porn. He was resolute that that was not going to happen.

"I…er…it's been a while," he lied finally.

Elizabeth smiled lustfully. "Another thing we have in common," she said. "Don't worry; I'll remind you what you've been missing, what you've been longing for. Lie down on your back."

Lying next to her, a little cramped for space, Jack did as he was told. Elizabeth sat up, running a hand once again through her light golden bush before grabbing Jack's legs and pulling him underneath her. Slowly she brought herself down onto his already dripping cock, ecstasy flashing across her face in sudden quick movements as she felt warm wonderful manhood enter her sex.

Jack clenched the bed sheet with both fists in exasperated pleasure. He was using every ounce of self-control left within his body to stop the flow before it erupted. She felt so wet, so hot around him. It was the most amazing feeling he'd ever experienced in his life. "Oh shit," he said through gritted teeth, "Oh fucking shit!"

Elizabeth laughed naughtily and slowly began to ride him, rising and falling, rising and falling, feeling him pulsing inside of her, rubbing against the insides of her greedy pussy. If she was lucky she might be able to enjoy herself more than she had first thought. She felt herself squeeze against it, better than any dildo or vibrator she'd had to use on occasions when it was required. Already she could feel herself coming, and she let the pleasure sing out of her mouth loudly.

Jack closed his eyes in deepest pleasure as he heard her moaning better than any porn star he'd ever squinted to see on his computer. He was making her feel this way – he, Jack Smith! He wished he could have been taping this, he wished that there was somewhere to record this moment forever in history; that would show all those sniggering, scorning shits at college; that would show Ashley Webb what she'd missed out on; that would cement his status as ultimate stud.

But this ‘ultimate stud' was getting ahead of himself, because the pleasure and excitement was just too much. He felt his body lurch deeper inside of her, forcing an sudden exclamation of passion from her throat before he emptied into her.

Elizabeth thrilled at the feel once more of a man coming inside of her, of it filling her up like essential fuel. She let herself free to her own mini-orgasm, coming and coming until she rested her head on his heaving chest, feeling his thumping heart slowly begin to calm, the last throbs of his deflowered sex sending occasional ripples of pleasure along her spine.

For a moment they both lay there, the hum of the computer and occasional whirs of the processor the only sounds breaking the silence. Then Elizabeth lifted her head slowly and kissed Jack on the lips softly.

"Thank you, Jack," she said sincerely. "I really needed that; so did you by the feel of it."

But Jack only heard half of what she'd said. His head was swimming; he was in a new world now. He felt different, but in a very good way.

Elizabeth smiled and stroked his face, letting his attention fall back to her again. "You'll spend a long time feeling like this," she said. "It's like you're standing on top of a mountain, isn't it? Like you've got your whole life suddenly ahead of you, no need to turn back now, the sky's the limit. Kind of like that?"

"Yeah," he replied. "How did you guess?"

"Because, hopefully, we all have the chance to feel like that at least once in our lifetime. Sometimes I would give anything to feel like that again, just once. There are moments when you do something – anything, anywhere – and you get a similar sort of rush, but nothing can possibly compete really with what you're feeling now. Enjoy it while it lasts."

Elizabeth slowly got up off of his body and stood up off the bed. "You've got a lot to be thankful for, Jack," she said. "Hopefully now you'll realise it."

She switched the computer screen off and walked straight towards the door. Opening it she briefly glanced out to check the coast was clear before walking quickly out onto the landing, feeling the cool air hit her still tingling naked body. As she made her way back towards her guest room, where she knew an inviting shower was waiting for her, she started to feel a strange yet familiar sensation down her thighs.

"The con of this job," she sighed to herself. "Be glad it's one of very few, Elizabeth."


Lianne wondered if she had fallen asleep and was dreaming. Not only had she managed to sneak downstairs and do some much needed gardening that afternoon, she'd walked into the kitchen to find her son, singing brightly, chopping vegetables for dinner. Wanda sat at the table, her feet up on another chair, with a woman's magazine in her hands.

"Stew all right for dinner, mom?" Jack asked her as she stood there, mouth wide open.

"Er…yes…that sounds lovely, darling," she managed to say. She looked over at Wanda who eyed her over the top of the magazine and then shrugged her shoulders.

Lianne left the room shaking her head. Jack never made dinner, ever! Even when he'd been left on his own for a night he'd always get take out. She hadn't even known he could cook.

As she walked up the stairs her eyes were once again drawn to the closed guest room door. Realisation dawned – her son was trying to impress the blonde bimbo; that was why he'd turned into a mini Ramsey. Well, at least some good was coming out of this worthless endeavour of her husband's: if it meant her son was actually bothering to lift a finger around the house it couldn't have been all bad.

Of course, that judgement depended entirely on the results of the meal. To Lianne's shameful surprise it was actually pretty delicious. Jack had obviously taken the time and care to follow the recipe Wanda had given him exactly.

They were all sitting at the dining table, enjoying the stew, including Wanda, who said it was a brilliant but rare treat. And then Lewis placed his fork down and turned to his wife and said, "So…how was your day?"

Lianne nearly dropped her own cutlery onto the plate. It had been months since he'd asked her such a simple question; often she would have told him straight away. "It…it wasn't bad," she said finally.

Elizabeth was watching this, she could tell; she could feel those green eyes scrutinising this small talk carefully.

"We ran out of toilet paper," said Wanda, very matter-of-factly.

"I see," said Lewis, smiling a little. "And how was your day, Elizabeth?"

Now instead of dropping her fork, Lianne felt like stabbing it into her husband. How stupid was she? Of course he was being polite – not only because the ‘family therapist' was here, but the ‘family therapist' was hot! She admitted it with envious jealousy: Elizabeth was a very attractive woman, and had easily wrapped both the men in her life around her little finger in a nice neat bow.

"My day was…very productive, Lewis, thank you for asking," replied the blonde now. "I'll admit to you all now I didn't have very high hopes for today, but I feel like already I've begun to make real progress, though you may not have noticed it yet."

She said this with one eye on Lianne, who swallowed half a glass of wine in silent protest. So she thought she'd made progress, did she? Well not here, not with this woman. She wasn't going to be fooled by Elizabeth's words: the woman had done nothing except charm the two men into drooling idiots. There was nothing scientific or therapeutic about that, Lianne was sure of it.

As soon as the meal was over she made brief excuses and hurried out of the room, ignoring Lewis' calls for her to wait. She was about to climb the stairs when she felt his strong hand on her shoulder and was spun round to face him.

For a moment, a brief moment, an old spark was there again, an old feeling stirring deep within her, that made her want to make passionate love to her wonderful, handsome husband right there and then. But his eyes, as she stared into them, sent out mixed signals. They were confused eyes, undetermined, the exact opposite they should have been. The spark quickly faded away and anger took its place.

"Lianne, please." The tone of his voice wasn't right either; it was authoritative, lacking in any kind of romance. "What can I do to get you to give this a try? You've been avoiding Elizabeth all day, she told me so…"

"Bit of a tattle tale, isn't she?"

"I asked her, she didn't tell me by her own choice…"

"Lewis, you wanna know what you can do? Get rid of her! I don't want her in this house or anywhere near this family, understand?"

Lewis let go of her shoulders. "I can't do that, Lianne. She's helping us, can't you see that?"

Lianne shook her head, exasperated. "No, Lewis, she's helping you"

She stormed up the stairs, not wanting him to see the tears that were beginning to well in her eyes. She waited in the shadows of the landing for him to walk back towards the dining room before, with determination in her heart, she once again made for the guest room. It took her a while of searching but eventually Lianne found what she was looking for; a plain black folder with a white sticker on the top of it and the name SMITH written in purple felt tip.

Kneeling down on the floor, she pulled out official looking forms from it with the logo of Elizabeth's company all over them and then, finally, a clump of individual sheets, each one with a different family name on them.

Lianne flicked through what had already been written about Lewis ("Handsome, hard working, respected member of community) and Jack ("Lively, a few confidence problems, normal teenage desires"), but she was saving the best to last. She couldn't wait to scornfully read what Elizabeth had written about her.

At first she thought she's picked up several other pages by accident, but it wasn't too long before Lianne realised that her individual form was the longest of them all. How was that possible? She hadn't even spent five minutes alone with the ‘family therapist'. She began to read a section closely:

"…and there has never been a more successful theory than this. However, in the case of Lianne Smith, I have already begun to see a case more extraordinary than ever before. She is an incredibly beautiful woman, and while it may strike some as amazing to think of her as such, given she is a mother and will soon be forty in a few years time, to me she has what could be described as an obvious beauty. Hers is the type of beauty one finds very rarely, particularly, I must say, in a place such as Sechs City; for Lianne is beautiful both on the outside and on the inside too.

This may sound a little clichéd, but there is so much love in those eyes for her husband and for her son that she was in danger of melting my own heart with sympathy. Her love is so great that she automatically saw me as a threat, not an unusual reaction, but in her case, instead of me simply being a threat to her marriage, this was as a threat to her family…"

Lianne felt her breathing increase, her heart thumping in her chest. What was this, some sort of joke? How could that blonde bimbo have gotten all of this from one stupid day? She found another passage further down the page and started to read that:

"…issues of sex which have yet to be explored fully in conversation. There is, however, something deeply troubling Lianne, as well as my arrival in the household. She feels trapped and isolated in her marriage, yet at the same instance wants to stay married. I do not believe she has ever been unfaithful, though the thought has no doubt crossed her mind dozens of times.

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