A/N: This is a segment out of a future novel I intend to be writing hopefully this year.


Flidias - Gaelic goddess of the forest

"Lara the time has come to take your life partner, do you have a man in mind," asked the grand arch druid who is reaching the grand age of eighty but doesn't look a day over thirty.

"Yes Arch-Druid," said Lara.

"Does this man know you, Lara?" asked the druid.

"No he doesn't, but I have been watching him for over a month now and he is more then worthy enough to be my life partner, he has a strong and good spirit," said Lara.

"How have you been watching him? Humans have a way of not being as easily tracked as other species," said the druid.

"With the raven and cat spirits," said Lara.

"Are you sure he hasn't noticed them? Some humans can see the spirits," said the druid.

"Yes I am sure, I asked for Flidias' blessing before sending the spirits," said Lara.

"Good, now we can retrieve him for the binding ritual, where is the best place to take him and what is his name?" asked the druid.

"His name is Craig and after he finishes work he walks along a dirt path near a forested section, the spirits can remain in spirit form until its time to take him," said Lara.

"I see that you have put a lot of thought into this you want this man as your mate don't you?" asked the druid.

"Yes I do," said Lara.

A rather large and strong woman morphed from one of the surrounding trees and addressed Lara "I give you my blessings Lara, I feel an already present connection even though he is yet to meet you," For seeing the goddess of the forest in her true form before a druid is initiated is a very good sign that her future power will be strong.

"Thank you lady of the forest," said Lara.

"It is my pleasure young druid the best of the cat spirits have been called to carry it out you will stay here to prepare for the ritual," said Flidias.


"Craig why don't you come with us to the bar, you deserve a break you've been working way to hard mate," said Michael.

"No thanks Michael after I'm done here I just want to go home and relax," said Craig.

"Alright man, don't work to yourself to hard," said Michael.

'Maybe Michael was right have been working really hard to get my new business up and running, I think I'll just go home and relax and not worry about any of this for awhile,' thought Craig.

When he reached the forest he heard noises coming from the trees and shapes that looked distinctly like big cats he felt the urge to run but something kept him glued to the spot. Then rustling plants brought him back to his senses and he saw 4 beautiful and naked women coming out of the forest, he was too shocked to move.

The lead woman walked up to him and blew a handful of dust into his face before Craig had a chance to react to anything he felt dizzy and moments later he fell on the ground knocked out by the powder.

"Shawna help me carry him to the altar," said one of the druids.

"Yes, Sara. Lara seems to have made a fine choice we can never have too many good looking and strong druids," said another.

When Craig woke up he tried to move but he realised that his legs and arms were bound to a slab of stone. He looked around and saw what looked to be trees that looked more then just alive. Some were moving as if they had feet and not roots.

He started to get worried and began struggling against his bonds when two muscle bound and naked men approached with a large silver dagger which looked to have inscriptions and words on them. Both men laid the knives on Craig's chest and he suddenly could not move or speak.

Then a brilliant flash of light and three of the most beautiful women appeared before him. Two of which were naked the third woman was wearing a dark green dress that blended in with the grassy surroundings and the moss covered trees.

All three women approached him the middle woman who appeared to be the youngest picked up one of the daggers and put it inside the collar of the dress and sliced it off revealing her nakedness.

She then handed the dagger to one of the two other women. As soon as she removed the second dagger from Craig's chest he felt all his senses returning and could move and speak again.

"What's going on here? Who are you?" asked Craig

"My name is Lara, and don't worry Craig you'll find out soon enough," said Lara.

Two more naked women appeared from the curtain of darkness each carrying another of the silver inscripted daggers and took up positions around Craig's arms

Lara lowered the dagger to the collar of Craig's shirt and looked him right in the eyes entrancing him, making him to lie still, she then used the dagger to cut through the collar and then she tore his shirt open.

Now using the dagger to cut through the sleeves she removed his shirt and placed the dagger on the altar he was lying on. She began caressing his chest and strong stomach muscles tracing all the individual lines, making Craig shiver as goosebumps appeared all over his skin.

Lara picked up the dagger and sliced through Craig's belt and trousers, after removing the belt she tore away his pants leaving him in his boxers and shoes.

After removing his shoes and socks she rubbed his defined leg muscles all the way up to his hip brushing his growing erection. Craig's breathing was becoming uneven and heavy, he still doesn't have a clue what is going on.

Craig gives out an involuntary moan after Lara begins massaging the muscles in his other leg. After she reaches his hip she gives his now tented boxers a rub.

She picks up the silver inscripted dagger once again cutting the band of his boxers. She then turns and gives the dagger to the only women without a silver dagger. Lara then returns to the altar and grabs the cut in his boxers and tears them off exposing his hardness. She stares into Craig's eyes as she climbs onto the altar. She covers his legs and arms with her own and grabs hold of his hands.

The strong green skinned goddess of the forest appears in front of the table and starts chanting in an unintelligible language. The four naked women surrounding the altar get closer and start chanting in the same language.

Lara positions her wet pussy over Craig's hardness and pushes right in with a shout of pain as her virginal womanhood is broken through. "Join with me Craig, share with me the pleasure of the binding," she speaks to him in a soft tone as she looks into his golden-brown eyes.

She begins to move up and down over him starting to build pleasurable sensations she has never before felt. After feeling the first pulls of the pleasure building up the spell that was keeping Craig entranced was broken.

He groaned and started moving in time with Lara doubling the sensations and pleasure. All this time the naked women chanting in the strange language were getting closer and were raising the inscripted daggers.

"Craig I can feel it coming, I'm so close! Ahhhh, I've never.. felt anything.. so intense before!" cried Laura.

With a final surge their bodies met and they came like a crashing wave as the apex of their pleasure was achieved the dagger wielding women cut just below their wrists and above their ankles allowing their blood to drip and join together.

Golden and greenish bands of light began wrapping themselves around their wrists and ankles like cuffs. The bands of light then spread down their backs and wrapped their chests close to each other while the pleasure of their climax began to subside and with a blinding flash of light the bands of light vanished and the wounds sealed leaving only blood and their exhausted bodies lying on the altar.

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