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Macy Morgan and Allison Rogers were inseparable since birth. They went to grade school, middle school, and high school together. They were the closest of best friends. They had seen each other through very hard times and very good times. Macy was there for Allison when her Dad died in a plane crash when she was twelve. Allison was there for Macy when her mom died of cancer when she was sixteen. They helped each other through their first periods.

On the happier side of things, they spent more times hanging out with each other than they did anyone else. They went everywhere together. They spent the night over at each others houses. During these times, they taught each other how to masturbate. Soon they were seniors in high school. They both dreaded the end of their Senior year due to the fact that they would both be attending different colleges that were far away from each other.

The Senior Prom was soon upon them. Both girls had dates. There was a problem. Allison was shy about kissing boys. She told Macy about it, and Macy said she would help her get over it.

It was the night before the prom. Macy helped Allison get over her shyness of kissing. Something happened to Allison during the kiss: She really enjoyed it. Macy never had a second thought about the situation, she was just helping out her best friend, but Allison did, and when they practiced the French kiss, Allison was starting to fall for her best friend. When the girls stopped, Allison said she had to get to her house. Macy was confused, they were supposed to spend the night! Allison went home, and she couldn’t get her best friend out of her mind. She masturbated herself to sleep with thoughts of Macy in her head.

Allison didn’t go to the prom. When Macy called to ask her why, she told her she had the flu. Allison tried to avoid her friend a little, she was afraid of the sexual feelings she was having for her. Then one day, Macy insisted that they spend the night at her house. Allison did not want to offend, so she agreed. It was the night before graduation day.

Allison sat on Macy’s bed waiting for her to get out of the shower. Macy got out of the shower in her birthday suit. Allison, seeing her friend nude, almost came in her panties.

Macy said she forgot anyone was here, laughed it off, and ran back in to get a towel. Allison was loosing control.

The next day, the girls graduated high school. They spent very little time together during the summer. Allison was afraid to be around Macy, because if she told her she had feelings for her, it might scare her off as a friend, and she did not want to loose her friend. The day before they left for college, Allison called Macy on the phone, and said she was sorry they didn’t spend a lot of time together. Macy said it was cool, and when they both saw each other again, they could talk about all the cute college men! Allison laughed and said goodbye.

That was about two and a half years ago. In the time since then, Allison has been out with several girls, to try and ease her lesbian appetite. None of them measured up to Macy, so she never got very far passed kissing any of them. On the other side of the state, Macy had been out with several guys, but she never went very far with them either, something was always stopping her.

Both girls decided that they were getting burnt out with college, and decided to take sometime off during the Winter/Spring semester. Allison came in for the holidays, and stayed after the new year. May went back and forth, and finally settled down back home at the first of December. Macy and Allison hung out just like they used to. One day Macy told Allison that she had a date for Valentines’ Day. For her part, Allison was unimpressed. Macy asked Allison if she wanted to double date with them, and Allison declined saying that she would probably just stay home and watch tv.

Valentine’s Night Allison was sitting at home watching tv, staring at the box of chocolates she bought for herself. Her mom was out o town, so se was all alone. The sound of the rain on the roof was making her drowsy. She heard a loud banging on the door that woke her up. She ran to the door, it was Macy. Her clothes were torn, she was crying, and she was soaked and wet from the rain.

“Macy what’s wrong?”

“M-My date tried to rape me.”

“Oh my God did her-?”

“N-no I kicked him in the balls and ran away.”

“You re drenched, let me get you a change of clothes.

Allison got her friend some shorts and a top and a towel to dry herself. When Macy got herself cleaned up, she told Allison the horrible story about how her boyfriend showed up drunk, tried the old “run out of gas trick,” and made a lunge for her, and how she escaped from him.

“Oh Alli it was so awful.”

Macy started crying again. Allison took her into her arms and held her. She told her that she was safe with her. Macy was safe with Alli she felt it. She also felt something else as she was being held in her friends arms. She didn’t understand it. The girls looked into each others eyes. Their lips met. Gone away was the friend barrier as the girls fell deeper into the kiss. Allison broke the kiss.

“Macy, I-”

“Shh. Don’t stop take me make me feel you.”

Allison took Macy by the hand, and lead her to her bedroom. The girls sat down on the bed and began to make out. Soon they shed each other of their clothes. They started kissing again rubbing their naked bodies against each other. Allison began to kiss her way down Macy’s body. She had wanted to know what this body felt like, tasted like for nearly three years. It was delicious. She nibbled and sucked and licked every inch of Macy womanly body. Macy was in Heaven. Allison kissed her way down to Macy’s pussy. She ate it out like a pro! She made Macy cum at least seven times. She kissed her way back up to Macy’s lips. Macy smiled as she tasted her own girl cum off of Macy’s lips.

“Oh Alli, I want to make you feel that good.”

Macy pushed her way down to Alli’s breasts. She nibbled and sucked them for the longest time, making her nipples become painfully erect. When she was satisfied there, Macy began to make out with her bellybutton, sending Alli into wild screams of passion that begged her to make her cum. Macy obliged, as she kissed her way down to Allison’s sweet pussy. She dived in, and ate her friend out. At first, she wasn’t sure if she was doing it right, but her lover’s moans reassured her. Alli was soon cumming by the gallons it seemed like. What Macy would ask next would even shock her.

“Alli? Can you make me a woman?”

“What do you mean?”

“I am still a virgin.”

“Me too!”



“Then we can make each other women. But how? We haven’t got the right equipment.”

Alli grabbed Macy’s index and middle finger on her right hand. She stuck her friend’s fingers up her pussy. She did the same with her own fingers, and stuck them up Macy’s pussy.

“If we jam them up far enough, we can bust our cherries.”

The girls finger fucked each other. It took a few minutes, but just as Alli predicted, the busted each other’s cherries.

The girls took a steamy shower together. They made love under the hot shower until it became cold. The dried each other off, and laid together on Alli’s bed cuddled up. They talked about how they were going to tell their parents. They also decided they would go apartment hunting soon. For now they laid together, kissing and loving each other. They had found out, on Valentine’s Day of all days, what was there all along: They were soulmates.

Feedback is appreciated Happy Valentine’s Day!

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