tagNonHumanSoulmates Ch. 10

Soulmates Ch. 10


There were six ancient vampires that lived in the area. Marcus had called each of them for their assistance for the fight. They had all decided to meet at the Thad's compound before they began their hunt. An hour before midday, the convoy from the city had arrived and were driving through the gates towards Thad's home.

That was one thing about the vampires. The older they were, the better they were able to handle sunlight. Richard, Dee, Teresa and Danny were still young in vampire years so their tolerance was still weak compared to the ancients. So they were going to remain in the compound with Ulisi, Maria and Jessie and would pass information over to the remaining wolves if any of the enemy were going to enter the compound and give them updates of the fight that was to come.

* * * * *

Just before the car convoy entered the compound, Thad had sent out word for his betas to meet him at his home. By the time the cars stopped outside of the large building, his betas were standing outside waiting for him.

Thad was first to be out of the cars and opened the front door. "Welcome to my home." A moment later, four streaks raced by the betas and through the open door.

The betas caught the scent of vampires and each of the twelve softly growled but looked at their Alpha when he welcomed them. Thad just shook his head and their growling ceased.

A soft breezed passed behind him and the beta's stood up straight and looked at him. Thad knew what they smelt and he nodded. Each of his beta's changed from their serious looks into ones of joy. Their alpha had finally found his mate and quickly looked towards the cars to find who the scent belonged to.

The car Thad had left from, Eric stepped out first then held his hand out and Maria stepped out next. Once she was beside him, he held his hand out again and Ulisi stepped out from the car and looked around. She couldn't help but smile with how she saw the compound was set up. Even though it seemed modern, only memories of her childhood floated into her mind. It reminded her so much of her home village. The evening before, Thad had told her of what the compound looked like but in person, it looked so much better than what he described. She looked over to him with a soft smile and nod. Letting him know silently she couldn't wait to begin her life here with him.

Gabriella, Nik, Marcus and Dante were last to leave the cars. They were quietly talking between themselves and Dante was using telepathy with the other vampires that were in the area. He looked over to Thad, giving him a heads up. "From the north there will be six vampires coming in quickly. We'll wait out here for their arrival and join you inside."

Thad nodded and motioned for his betas to enter, but it took them a while to drag their eyes off of the woman with platinum hair. They knew she was the new alpha bitch. And they knew, she wasn't the typical wolf they were use to seeing around. Once they finally saw the motion to go inside, they each went in and through to the meeting room to see what was going on for their vampiric guests to be there as well.

* * * * *

Carrie was last to join them. She had taken her time to get dress. As soon as she opened her bedroom door, she caught Eric's scent and let out a soft murr but then caught the scent of the other wolves in his pack and that murr turned into a soft growl. After gaining her composure, she walked downstairs to see the vampires making themselves at home in her house and couldn't stop the growl. But then looked stunned when she caught a second scent on her father. She narrowed her eyes at him and stalked towards him. Her growling continued. "How could you fuck with that woman. Don't you have any respect for the pack." Her voice low in it's deadly tone he had heard before.

Thad narrowed his gaze at his daughter and gave her one single warning. "Ulisi is my mate and your new alpha, so you will address her properly from now on."

Hearing he had taken the woman as his mate, she shook her head a little. "She will never be alpha while I'm around. You are the only alpha the pack needs, father."

It was one thing for her to threaten his own life but when it came to Ulisi, it was no holds bar when it came to threats against her. Without warning. He grabbed his daughter by the neck and began to slowly lift her off the ground.

Her hands and legs flailed in the air when the ground under her feet disappeared. Her hands reached up and grabbed his arm, trying to dig her nails into his flesh to get him to release his grasp around her neck.

He walked with her still in the air and pushed her hard against the wall. A deadly look was in his eyes. A look of death to anyone who went against his wishes. Growling deeply, he looked into her eyes. "I don't give a fuck if you are my daughter or not. Ulisi is the new alpha bitch here and if you can't accept it, then leave now. If I have to speak to you again about your attitude towards her, it will be the last words you ever speak." Then he threw her aside as if she was just a piece of garbage.

The pack wolves just stared at the confrontation. They had never seen their Alpha act like that before. They had never seen the look in his eyes ever in all of their years being in the pack. What surprised them more was Ulisi going over to him. She started to softly murr to him. When their alpha looked into his mates eyes. The look of rage disappeared within a moment and his eyes went back to how they normally looked and the feel of him went back to his relaxed self.

Thad looked deeply into his mates eyes and felt the calmness she could cause in his body. He rested his head on her forehead, letting her scent fill his sences. She was his anchor in the drifting sea. She would be the only one ever to beable to control the wolf inside him completely. After all these years, after everything that had happened. He had found peace in this spirit wolf. Something he never thought that would be possible to feel. He softly kissed her forehead before looking over to his betas. "I apologise for my outburst just then." Chuckling a little. "I will never tease any newly mated males again."

His betas joined in the chuckle and most knew what he was speaking of. Each of them had found their mates and when their wolf was uncontrollable, they knew what their mates could do for them. The only thing that could sooth their wolves would be their mates. Their mates always knew when they needed them most and they always knew what to do to sooth their rage. And with that little touch that the platinum haired wolf did on their Alpha, they knew from that point onwards they would defend their Alpha bitch until their dieing breath. The wolf, Ulisi, she was their new alpha female.

* * * * *

By midday, the invited ancients had arrived. The betas had been informed of what was going on and what needed to be done. They had left to call in their experienced warriors to aid with the hunt. The pack liked Eric a lot. He had done so much for them in the past and now it was their turn to finally give him aid. So none of them complained with the task he had set for them. Even though it wasn't something for him directly, it was for the child that was in his care. Each wolf of Thad's pack was like any other Were that was living. Children were precious and treasures no matter what race of Were they were.

What wasn't seen above ground, below ground was a bomb settler which was the size of the compound. Each home and building had a entrance to it. So anywhere in the compound, people would beable to get to safety quickly. They had already moved the elderly and children down into the shelter before the final meeting, before the hunt began. And after sending the younger wolves down into the shelter. They were told that if any vampires got past Maria, Ulisi and the younger vampires, they would be the only defences left until the older wolves could return. It would be harder for the vampires to fight in close proxcimity to each other so they would have a better chance to defend until help was there.

Thad looked at his pack and nodded at the faces that stared up at him. "As each of you have probably already heard, I have my true mate by my side now. She will be remaining behind along with her granddaughter and the younger vampires to protect the compound with the younger warriors who haven't had the experience to fight vampires yet." Motioning to the ancients that stood beside him. "Take in the scents here, these are our allies in this hunt. If you scent their blood on the air, go to their aid. There will also be other were's with us so just go after any of the vampires that you don't know."

The pack nodded and did as he said. Taking in the scents of the vampires in front of them so they would register it when the rage within them took hold. They wouldn't attack any allies.

Marcus then stepped forward. "We will work in teams of five since there are the numbers for it. It is only the older vampires we need to handle. The younger ones will still be to weak to come out to fight, so no one enter the cabin until the fight is finished. Also, I know the vampire bite is deadly to you, so stick with the vampire you are teamed with. Since we are ancients we have ways of removing the venon so no one will die via bite in this fight. But please, no one get bitten just to prove the point. If you are bitten, get one of us to notice and we'll be at your side."

The wolves nodded. The older hunters knew that Marcus was one to trust with his word. They had fought beside him a few times in the past though the younger ones were a little mistrusting of his words. But when the younger saw the acceptance from the older, the young accepted as well.

Thad gave the hand signal to shift and each of the males undressed and began to shift into their hybrid forms. Eric and Thad both gave their mates a last kiss before undressing, passing their closes to Maria and Ulisi before shifting themselves. Thad shifted into his hybrid form and Eric went to the base of the steps and began to shift into his dire form.

When the wolves saw Eric's shift. They understood straight away, that if anyone got in his way of his kill, no one would survive it. But unlike the last time they had seen his dire form, he seemed more relaxed and himself. The first time they had seen that form, he went on a blood rage, killing everything and anyone that got in his way.

Eric lifted his massive head towards Maria and she stepped forward. Scratching his snout before giving him a soft kiss. "I will see you after the hunt."

He let out a deep growl before turning around and darting into the forest, followed by the pack and the vampires.

* * * * *

Maria sighed once they were out of sight and headed back inside the building. She looked at Ulisi and grinned. "He'll be back soon so you can cover yourself in his scent again."

Ulisi blushed deeply. She didn't think her granddaughter would notice as she had lifted Thad's clothing up to take in his scent on them. "Like he said, newly mated couples are hard to get along with. Though, my wolf isn't as bad as she was. She's more calmed down now that we've claimed each other."

Richard, Dee and Terresa were sitting cross legged on the chairs in the lounge. Each seemed in a meditative state until Dee turned her head but still with her eyes closed. "You don't need to be quiet around us. Keep talking so it will help us keep focus of where we actually are."

Ulisi nodded to Dee, sitting down on one of the sofas. "In that case then." Looking over to Maria. "I have to say, this place reminds me so much of home, how the village I grew up in was set up like."

Maria went and sat down next to Ulisi and Jessie scampered up to them. Picking him up, she set him down between them. "Tell us a story of your childhood."

Ulisi smiled and nodded as she got comfortable on the sofa. Then she began her story of what it was like during her childhood.

* * * * *

It didn't take the hunters long before arriving on the outskirts of the cabin. They divided themselves up into teams of five and began circling the cabin. The cougars arrived a few minutes later and the coyotes arrived with them and began to seperate to join a team as well.

The eagles above began to fly in circles around area, just like their smaller relatives if they saw something dead before going down to feed. The eagles knew what their jobs were. If they saw any enemy dart into the treetops, that was when they would make their moves. To make sure the fight remained on solid ground.

Once everyone was in position. The cloaks that had surrounded the hunters were dropped and watched as vampires darted out of the cabin and to see their expressions when the first thing they saw was the dire wolf in front of them.

* * * * *

Terresa softly spoke and said. "It had begun."

Ulisi and Maria looked towards her and nodded. They both knew it would soon begin. They looked at each other and gave the other reassuring smiles. They both knew their mates would return to them. Both being strong alphas. Their concern was for the hunters with them. They hoped that everyone that had gone with them, would return to the compound safely.

* * * * *

Andre had kept his five strongest fighters with him when the fight began. They were pacing back and forth, questioning why they weren't fighting with their people. "Our fight hasn't begun yet." Was his answer each time.

His phone beeped when he watched one of his warriors fighting for is life against a cougar and one of the hybrid wolves. He looked down just as his fighter was torn apart. He grinned at the message. "Now it is time for us to fight. Douglas, place the cloak up around us. It is time for us to make our kills."

Douglas was an assassin before becoming a vampire so his skills with stealth had given him abilities to cloak himself along with whoever was with him completely along with their scents. He and the five others moved through the fighting quickly. No one seemed to have noticed their departure as they headed towards the compound.

* * * * *

Terresa was first to dart her eyes open and look towards the door, then a moment later, Richard and Dee were staring at the door as well. "Six are coming that aren't our own." They said nearly in unison.

Maria and Ulisi had guessed they would be dragged into the fight so each gave the other a smile. Maria looked over to Dee. "Look after him for me, alright." Leaning down she gave Jessie a soft kiss on the forehead. "You be good for aunty Dee now."

Ulisi then gave the child a hug and kiss on the cheek before walking with Maria outside of the building, letting their sences reach out and tracked the vampires in their mind. Looking in their direction as they walked into the compound.

Danny stared at the two wolves as they left and closed the door behind them. He looked over to Richard and was about to ask what was going on until he felt Andre was close by. He started to shake his head. "I didn't contact him. I didn't contact anyone from the clan." He hugged the bottle he was carrying against his chest and began to back up until he felt the wall behind him and slide down to sit on the floor.

Terresa looked over to him and gave him a half smile. "We know you didn't." Then she looked over towards the doorframe to the office and motioned to the figure standing inside of it. "They did." Which had Dee, Richard and Danny staring at the figure. Each had their fangs extended and hissing at them. Each moved into position between the figure and Jessie, each crouched and each ready to attack. They would let the enemy make the first move.

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