tagNonHumanSoulmates Ch. 11

Soulmates Ch. 11


The six vampires stopped a distance away from Maria and Ulisi. Both women began to strip so they wouldn't ruin their clothing. They stood naked in front of the vampires and waited for their first move.

Andre openly gaze over to the two women and smirked. "Once we kill the bear, I will truly enjoy playing with both of your bodies. They look so delicious, I am sure I will enjoying having you both as my toys for a while."

Both women couldn't stop the deep growling from their throats. "You only have one warning. Leave or die. Your choice." Ulisi answered.

The vampires laughed. How could two small women put up any sort of fight against a vampire, let alone against six vampires. "I think you are mistaken girlie. You only have one warning. Bring the bear out and we won't prolong your deaths." Andre said with a hint of amusement in his voice.

* * * * *

Tears were running down Carrie's cheeks. "I had no choice. He placed some sort of bond on me. I had to do what he said or he'd kill me along with the pack."

Dee shook her head. "That is no excuse. You should have spoken up about it before any deaths occurred. They are on your head, along with his."

Carrie, cringed a little as she felt the thump in her head happen again. More tears ran down her cheeks and she shook her head. "I have no choice. I'm sorry." Without any other warning, she shifted into her hybrid form and began to attack the vampires. Not caring about her own life right then. All she hoped to do right then was die and have it over and done with.

* * * * *

Blood soaked into the fur of the hunters as they continued to kill the rouge vampires. They had worked out early in the fight that having the teams instead of going one on one did make the kills faster. The more they killed, the quicker the kills began and they were onto their next vampiric prey. They figured out, with the other hunters with the wolves, what they could do so each time they attacked, they would each use their strengths so within moments of their first attack, they would be on to their next target.

The only ones of the wolves that hadn't shifted were Gabriella, Nikolas and Wyvren. They were still fighting in human form most of the time. The only part of their bodies that had shifted were their hands. Instead of human hands, their hands were a little stumpier with long claws just like a vampires talon but the claws where thicker than a talon and had more of a curve to them.

The three of them were from an ancient bloodline of wolves. Instead of having the regular two forms and only one form being the strongest to fight in, they had three forms. Human, hybrid and wolf. Their human forms were just as strong as the others hybrid, their hybrid and wolf was just as strong as Eric's dire. They were most deadly in the fight. Even though Gabriella and Nikolas looked like they were in their twenties, they were over 900 years old, Wyvren who looked around forty, was a few hundred years older than they were. They were three of the oldest in the were nation.

Each had a different fighting style but each looked like they were in a solo dance when they fought. Compared to the other wolves, their deadly dance was more composed, more elegant. Something you would see a vampire do over a wolf. Their attacks were precise and each landed where it was intended. At times it looked like they were toying with their prey and at times there were. They waited for their enemy to open themselves for the main attack and once they did, their heads would hit the ground to stare back at their decapitated body.

* * * * *

Carrie stood there panting as she finally registered what she had done. Terresa, Dee, Richard and Danny were thrown to different parts of the room. Each bloody from her attacks. Jessie was crying, pushing at Dee's side to try to wake her up.

Looking down at her claws, Carrie had tears running down her cheeks. "I'm sorry, I had no choice." She knew the vampires would heal quickly, her wolf knew she shouldn't kill these vampires so her wolf made sure her attacks were just lethal enough to immobilize them for a while.

She went over and picked Jessie up. His bear came forth when he was picked up and began to claw and bite at her arms. He was growling as deeply as he could and attempted to rip fresh from the arms that held him.

As soon as he shifted and started to attack her. She grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, knowing it wouldn't hurt him as a bear and began to walk towards the door. As soon as she opened the door, she pulled him up to her chest with his back to her. One arm went around his torso so his arms were raised a little so he couldn't claw her again and her other hand was under his bottom so she had him a little more secure in her arms.

Standing just inside the doorway just as the fight outside began.

The five vampires with Andre began to run towards Maria and Ulisi and both women ran towards them, shifting as they passed the half way mark. When the vampires saw they were facing two dire wolves, they hesitated for a moment. But that moment of hesitation was enough for Maria. She dived towards the closest to her, tilting her head and snapping her mouth around his torso, as she continued to run, she bit down hard then shook her head.

The vampire screamed as he felt his body being torn apart. The next moment he was silent as his upper body laid apart from his lower body and his mid section was spat out near his head.

The taste of his blood in Maria mouth made her make a face. The taste was worse than she had expected. First thing she would do after the fight would be to wash her mouth out. But she didn't let those thoughts last long when she saw Ulisi being surrounded by two of the vampires. Using telepathy with her grandmother. "Tag team, one closest to me."

Not giving any signs of hearing her granddaughter. She started to growl at the one furthest from Maria before turning around quickly and darting to the same target as Maria. Maria grabbed the vampire's left arm as Ulisi grabbed his right then without stopping their pace they ripped the vampires arms away from his body. Then spat them out to attack the next vampire in their sights.

Each wolf ended up taking another vampire down each to leave one behind. The last attacking vampire started to back away from them before he turned around and ran back towards the way they entered from. Maria and Ulisi wanted to give chase to him but they both knew Andre was the dangerous one, they needed to be rid of him more than any of his lackeys.

Maria and Ulisi stood between the house and Andre, both growling deeply with their heads lowered and their teeth showing. Nothing was worse than trying to get in between a female wolf and their cub. Even though Jessie wasn't their biologically, he was now part of their pack and no one would take him away, ever. Unless it was over their dead bodies.

Andre had a bored expression across his face. "Bring the bear to me or everyone inside will die." Staring at dire wolves.

They just deepened their growls and began to snarl at him for their answer.

He chuckled at their reactions then looked past them to the house. "Bring the bear to me, pet." Then looked back to the wolves with a satisfied look across his face.

They then heard Jessie's growls behind them. Maria darted her gaze behind them as Ulisi kept her eyes fixed on Andre. Then Maria turned fully around and moving in front of Carrie and deepening her growl even more.

Carrie still had tears running down her cheeks which matted her facial fur. With a growling voice. "I.. have.. no.. choice.. I'm.. sorry.."

Maria blocked her way, taking a step back when Carrie took one forward. Ulisi stepped forward to keep in line with Maria so she could judge when they would be getting to close to the vampire.

Andre was getting tired of the slow pace Carrie was walking at. He looked directly at her and yelled. "Bring the bear to me now or so help me I will kill you and he both at the same time."

That was his downfall. As soon as he made full eye contact with Carrie, she doubled over, using her body to protect the bear as the ache in her head became stronger ten fold. She held her head and cried out in pain as the bond between her and Andre broke.

By the time they were half way across the compound. Richard was standing at the door of the house and watching the scene that was happening in the yard. When he saw Carrie had doubled over in pain, he looked back to Dee and give her a soft smile before running as fast as he could towards Carrie. Pulling her away from Jessie and picking him up roughly before darting back to the house. By the time he had returned to the shadows inside the house, steam was coming from his body and his breathing was hard. He passed Jessie over to Dee before collapsing onto the ground and curling up in pain that the sun kiss had caused.

When Andre saw what Richard was doing, he moved forward quickly but Ulisi ran forward and bowled into him at his side which had him rolling on the ground from the impact. She slowly began to stalk towards him. Her head lowered and the fur on the back of her neck was bristled, the only thing that her eyes showed was hatred and rage of what he was trying to do to their lives. And she was ready to taste his blood.

* * * * *

The fight at the cabin ended just as quickly as it started. The Weres were outside pacing back and forth, the rage that had built up inside them was still peaking and they had to walk it off to return back to normal. The vampires had entered the cabin, and did a quick search before Marcus and Dante raced back outside. "He isn't here, neither are the others Danny said were part of his inner circle."

Eric looked at Thad and at the same time. "The girls." Both turning at the same time and racing back towards the compound. They had blocked their mates from their thoughts during the fight. Neither wanted their mates to feel them fighting or them feeling scared with reactions from their mates.

When the others realized what was going on, they each set off back to the compound, each nervous for what they were going to find.

* * * * *

By the time the hunters and vampires returned to the compound. Maria was sitting on Carrie growling her at her each time she moved. Ulisi and Andre began to circle each other. Andre was hissing at her, showing her his fangs and she was snarling back. Letting him know that hers was bigger than his. The other weres saw what was happening and began to form a circle around the two opponents and into a fighting ring.

Both Thad and Eric were about to step into it but where stopped when Gabriella touched their backs. "This is her fight. This fight will prove to this pack that she is strong and will defend them. So send word to the ones in the shelter to come up but not to interfere."

Thad looked to his betas and they disappeared to get the rest of the pack to come back above ground. And to see what their new alpha bitch could really do.

By the time everyone was out of the shelters. They couldn't help but stare at the large dark gray dire wolf and the vampire circling each other. Word soon got around to the pack that the dire wolf was their new alpha bitch so none of them could break their gaze of what they were going to see.

When Andre saw no one was going to interfere with the fight, he kept his concentration on the female wolf. He chuckled to himself before saying aloud. "You really think you have a chance against me, dog?" His mind ticked over how many times he had killed wolves in the past. This wouldn't be any different. They were slower than vampires so his speed and agility would be the star and just show why vampires were better than the dogs.

He started to move faster around but then he shook his head. Ulisi wasn't meant to be keeping up with him as he increased speed. They were meant to be slower than what she was showing him then.

Because he hasn't fought against a spirit wolf yet, he didn't know the skills that came from being one. Other than different shifting to normal Weres. The spirits also had bonus' of their kind. The cougars had stealth and able to hide their scents. The coyotes, their sense of smell that was ten times stronger than any other of their kinds, along with their dexterity. The eagles had sight and flight. Then the wolves, they had speed and agility which matched the oldest of vampires.

The wolves of the pack had problems keeping up with the speed of the fight, but the vampires, Gabriella, Nik and Wyvren and the other spirit Weres were keeping track of it easily.

When Ulisi and Andre and Ulisi clashed, it felt like a small shockwave hitting the watchers. Ulisi had curled around his body to pull him in her direction instead of his own and latched onto his arm to rip it away. When the hit the dirt, he placed his free hand against her throat to try to add pressure to her airway as he straddled her large frame.

There was a blood lust in her eyes which made him nervous of what the outcome of the fight was going to be.

When he pulled his hand back from her throat and tried to move backwards. She rolled to stand back up but wouldn't release his arm. She bit down hard and turned her head quickly. There was a ripping of flesh and his scream as she bit down completely and tore his arm away from his body then spat it out to the side.

He held the stump of his arm, he looked at her with new sight. His self preservation began to kick in as blood poured from his arm. He looked for a escape but seeing they were in a full ring of people. He started to run towards the gates and jumped to clear the crowd.

But his moves were to slow. Ulisi saw what he was going to do and was just a step behind him and as he jumped, she latched onto his leg and turned her head to yank him back to the middle of the ring.

He felt his hip pop out of the socket along with his knee. He cried out in pain, holding his hip with his hand then stopped when he saw her stalking towards him. He looked around again and laid eyes on Marcus. "I yield" crying out to him.

Ulisi stopped when she was standing at his feet. Then placing her right front paw on his chest and letting her claws dig into his flesh. Leaning her head down just inches away from his face, she started to snarl, letting him see close up how large and sharp her teeth were.

Thad looked at Gabriella once he heard the vampire called yield, then looked back to his mate and began to walk towards her. Making soft murring sounds.

When Ulisi heard her mate, she lifted her head but kept pressure of her paw on the vampires chest. Leaving her claws pressed hard against Andre chest, letting him know if he moved at all, he'd most likely bleed out four times as quickly from the slashes her claws would make.

Thad never stopped the murring even when he stood beside her. He ran his hands through her fur of her cheek and whispered. "This isn't your kill. Bear should do it because it was his people who it was done to."

Ulisi nodded and looked over to Eric who gave her a nod. She remained where she was until Wolf and Bear walked through the crowd to her.

Bear looked down at Andre and growled. "With the number of people you killed in cold blood, you have no right to live." There was a darkness in Bear's eyes but he wasn't one to let anyone have a slow death so he crouched down, placing his hands on either side of Andre's head then twisted the head from one side then the other before ripping it from his shoulders and tossing it to the side. As Bear stood up he bowed his head to Ulisi. "Thank you." He walked back into the forest to finally morn the deaths of his people.

Wolf watched his brother. He wanted to help him but knew nothing could be done until Jessie was of age to rebuild the spirit bears again. He touched Ulisi's cheek before looking over to Maria and giving her a smile. Then turned his attention to Eric and gave him a nod before going into the forest to be there for his brother when he needed him.

* * * * *

Once everything had calmed and people had taken showers to clean themselves up. The vampires went back to the cabin to question the younger ones that were left inside with the sun as their guard.

Dee, Terresa, Richard and Danny each told them what happened and when Thad found out his daughter was involved, he was furious. Calling the council of elders along with all of the pack. What Carrie had done was against the pack so everyone deserved to know her treason.

* * * * *

Thad stood there, in the middle of the compound with the pack in a circle around himself and Carrie. Staring hard at his daughter. Anger boiled in his eyes. How could she of done such a thing, against him, against the pack, against her own people. "You selfish little bitch. How the fuck could you so that to us all. You put us all in danger because of that. Normally exile would be the punishment for this, but that won't give the respect to the lives you killed. Death is the only thing for you now, girl."

Ulisi walked over to him, slipping her arm around her mates arm and pressed herself against Thad. She began to make soft murrs which she knew could normally relax him. And slowly, she could feel the tension leaving his body.

Carrie was furious that the vampires didn't pull through on their side of the bargain but more angry at herself for having to do what was done. She was never one to take full responsibility of things because of her pride had always gotten in the way. She looked over to Andre's body was then shook her head before bringing her gaze back to her fathers. "The pack needs a strong leader, Father. You're even weaker now because of that bitch beside you." Her anger had boiled to breaking point and letting everything out, even if she didn't really mean it. She just wanted it over and done with, she knew she did wrong but wasn't going to admit it.

The pack started to move around her, growling softly at her. Even though they didn't know the wolf Thad had chosen as a mate that well yet, the protection she gave them during the battle, they knew she was one that they could count on and would always stand beside them compared to Carrie.

Thad just stared at his daughter and chuckled a little. He turned to the side and wrapped his arms around his mate's body and took a deep breath of her scent. Her scent of the wild bought automatic calmness to him. The anger in his eyes that he held for his daughter disappeared nearly automatically as he nuzzeled Ulisi's cheek.

She looked into his eyes and brushed her cheek against his before softly touching his other cheek. "You need to tell her. She has always deserved to know the truth. It must be done now so she knows the reason to why she would never be alpha in this pack."

He lent back and looked into the palest of blue eyes which were nearly fully white, an effect of making her wolf sleep for so many years. He rested his forehead against her own and nodded. "No time like the present." Then he turned slowly towards his daughter and sighed. "Your mothers and my mating was polictical and not for any other reason. Everyone from both packs knew what our mating ment. But when you were born, they assumed that we were just fighting the envitable of being mated. But during the ceremony, I caught a very faint scent on her. With that, I looked at her father just before we finished and whispered to her, 'Only blood shall lead the pack'. As soon as I said it, your mother knew what it ment."

Carrie stared at her father and narrowed her eyes. "I am your blood. So I should have been leading well before this ever happened. This wouldn't of had to happen if I was Alpha. Every other past Alpha has retired by your age so their children can lead."

Thad just shook his head. "That faint scent I smelt on her, was you, Carrie. You mother had found her true mate and mated with him to carry you. That is why your mother hated me so much, and why she tried to kill me so many times. She thought with me out of the way, she could mate with him and set him up as Alpha. But her mate ended up challenging me for it, and he died by my hand. She hated me more but the love for her mate was stronger, and she killed herself. Leaving you behind with me to raise. And that is why I have always told you, you would never be Alpha of this pack and by putting us all in danger, you have proven you only care about yourself, and not the pack."

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