Finally after 5 years of Internet and phone contact, Marcus and I were meeting. Our bicoastal sexy friend/Net-ship had been going on far too long and we were both in a position to finally meet and consummate this fiery, insane passion that we had built and grown since the first time we orgasmed together over that phone five years ago.

We decided to meet for New Year's. I flew back East to Boston and decided to take the plunge and a chance on this man. I had craved and ached for him for the past five years and it was about damn time we were finally together.

The plane trip was a blur and as he met me at the airport I wasn't sure if I was ready for him. My heart was beating furiously in my chest and I had to take a few deep "yoga" breaths to cleanse my mind and get myself back on track. I felt like I was going to pass out as I saw him approaching me. His face was still fuzzy in my mind as I only had seen a few pictures. I felt his energy even before I saw his sexy face.

His chocolate-brown, velvety skin took my breath away as he stood towering above me. His husky, 6'2 frame stood over my petite, curvy body and I felt instantly nervous and excited at the same time. I didn't say one word as I gazed into his dark brown eyes. I was mesmerized and captivated. I couldn't take my eyes off him. He gave off pure, sensual heat and there was something raw and beautiful about his energy. I felt like I could just melt into this man and float away with him.

I felt my body shaking slightly as I held out my hand to formally introduce myself. I heard his deep, familiar chuckle as he engulfed me in a warm, tender hug and held me against his strong body. I could smell his sexy cologne and breathed deeply into the leather of his jacket wanting to take in all of his sexy scents. I was lost in this man and I felt dizzy and nervous and part of me wanted to run away from his grasp. He overwhelmed the hell out of me. This is how it had been from the very beginning. Our energy and our sensual spirits seemed to float and mingle and explode together, even when words weren't spoken. We just knew each other's souls.

He pushed me slightly back and could feel his eyes sweeping my body from head to toe.

"Your eyes are so damn amazing. The windows to your soul, sexy woman." He whispered huskily as he took my hands in his.

I hadn't found my voice yet. I could only smile shyly which surprised me. I am not known for my shyness and every sexy line that I wanted to reel back at him escaped me at that second.

"Thanks," I mumbled shyly.

"Shit, girl, you aren't the tough ass you appear to be are you honey?" he teased me as I slung my bag over my shoulder.

I laughed and relaxed and found my voice again and my sarcasm returned ten-fold.

"Baby, I'm all smoke and mirrors, you know that. I am just pretending to be sweet and innocent. I may look the part but I don't play the part very well." I shot back more aggressively now.

"Ah, now there's the sassy girl who I've heard scream wildly over the phone so many times," he winked sexily at me. His eyes sparkled and flirted with me.

"And there's that shameless flirt who I know so well. Honey, you're making me look bad and I'm the world's best flirt. I guess you'll be giving me a run for my money." I winked back at him.

We both laughed at the same time and the tension eased. This man took my breath away and was one thousand times more captivating and sensual than I'd had imagined even in my wildest and sexiest of dreams. There was something raw and edgy about him--a tough-talking city man but with gentle curves and smooth edges. He was beautiful and the air between us literally buzzed and crackled. We left the airport and hailed a taxi to my hotel. I felt like I was dreaming.

Later that evening...Part 2 After a whirlwind of dinner, drinks, and hitting a few kick ass jazz clubs and feeling more than a little buzzed, we went back to my hotel. We had been flirting and stealing kisses all night long and I was on the verge of orgasm everytime he pressed his sexy, full lips to mine. The heat and sexual tension between us was driving me wild and we were purposely teasing the hell out of each other. We both knew we'd be fucking each other's brains out for the rest of the weekend. We wanted to test the waters and he knew how much I loved to be teased and how much I loved to tease. Although, the game was wearing thin for both of us, and I knew where we were going next.

As I slid the key card to get into my room, I felt my heart pounding loudly and knew he could hear it. I was nervously biting my lower lip as I kept trying to open the door.

"Damn it, I hate these stupid keys. I'm so lame at anything electronic!" I muttered.

He took the key from me and gently slid it down and slowly turned the handle. I laughed at how lame I was and he pushed me inside.

I gasped when I saw the room. There were a million little candles all over the room with soft, sexy instrumental jazz floating through the musky scented room.

"Holy shit!" not the most romantic thing to be uttered from me but I was taken aback by this amazingly romantic sight.

"Come here, sweet sexy girl," he whispered huskily into my ear, "tonight it's all about you and me and we're going to make that magic that we've wanted to make for so very long. God, I want you so much that I can't stand it. I ache for you, crave for you, and need you and think about you all the time that I think I'm going insane. I can't wait anymore. God, I've wanted you for so long."

In response, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to his crushing my tits hard against his broad chest. I couldn't wait to see the contrast of our bodies together--his chocolate brown skin against my creamy complexion.

"Please, Marcus, I need this with you. I need to experience it all with you tonight. If this is the only chance we get, then I want it all tonight with you, honey. I just want you. I want to fuck you and make love to you and then fuck you all over again. Take me there with you, honey. God, I crave you, baby." I moaned and whimpered as I crushed my body harder against him and felt his strong, sexy hands roam down my back and over my full ass.

The next few minutes became a blur as we ripped each other's clothes in a chaotic frenzy. Our animalistic heat took over and we became the lovers we knew we had to be with each other--raw, passionate, hungry, and aggressive. We couldn't be gentle this first time. We needed to take each other furiously. We needed to come so badly for each other and needed it now--after so many years, we needed to consummate our lust and hunger in one hard, fast fuck.

My black lacy panties were practically ripped off me as he pushed me back onto the bed, spreading my legs wide for him. I was so ready for him as he dove his fingers inside my gushing, warm hole. His fingers felt magical inside me, as if they had been inside me many times before. They fit like a glove inside my steaming cunt. He finger fucked me hard and fast, stopping every now and then to rub my swelling clit between fingertips.

"Ohhh baby, that feels so fucking good. Don't stop--don't ever stop love!" I whimpered as I spread my legs even wider for his ministrations.

I reached up and played with my rock-hard, jutting pink nipples. I pinched and pulled at them making them grow harder with each touch. My body was liquid heat as he drove his fingers deeper inside me and I felt him just barely grazing my g-spot with each thrust.

"Shit baby, oh my God, it's never been this way before...never...oh my God, never with anyone...oh take me...there...ahhh....," my words trailed off and my head lolled back into the pillow as he pulled his fingers out of me and slid them in and around my juicy pussy folds. My pussy was a rushing river of sticky nectar. I knew what was coming next and needed to feel his tongue.

"Brand me, honey. Shit, bury your tongue inside me babe. God, make me come right now!! Use your tongue," I commanded. My breathing was shallow and staccato. I spread my lips wide for him and felt his hot breath against my flowing cunt. He wasn't gentle and I needed it exactly like that. I needed his tongue to be rough and hot and crazy. I needed his lips to be wrapped tightly around my engorged, flaming clit. I needed his tongue fucking the shit out of me and needed him to take me to that edge--that edge he brought me to so many times with his mind, his heart, and his soul.

"Fuck me baby. Fuck me in the way you only know how to fuck me. Drink my energy, honey. Take me. Take all of me. God, that's it!!" I screamed wildly and bucked hard against his face as I exploded and squirted my sticky juice all over his sexy brown face and full mouth. I could hear him moaning against my pussy as he slurped up all of my sticky, hot cunt juices. I knew his cock was rock hard granite and knew I needed to taste him at that moment.

"Give me your cock now! Oh Marcus, come in my mouth. I want that hard cock in my mouth--I want it all to myself. Give it to me--please, please!" I begged him as I groaned greedily reaching my hand down to pull him up to me.

He straddled my face and he pressed his raging, hard 9-inch brown cock against my smooth, creamy soft cheeks. I brought my pouty, pink lips to his tip and licked his tasty pre-cum. It was pure sweetness and as he scooted closer to my mouth, I wrapped my lips around his hot cock and slurped him into my mouth. He didn't waste any time and as I looked at the raw, lusty hunger in his eyes I knew it wouldn't take him long to explode into my eager, wet mouth.

"Fuck me, oh fuck my cock baby. I've gotten off so many times thinking about you taking me like this. God, I wanted you to taste me and suck me like this for too damn long, baby. Fucking make me COME!!" he bellowed as he shoved his beautiful cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. He fucked my mouth harder and harder as I reached around and grabbed his full, sexy ass between my hands and squeezed his full, rounded, lovely cheeks hard between my small hands. He groaned wildly as he bucked hard and shot a huge load of his sticky, hot come deeply into my throat. I almost choked on his hot load--he couldn't stop coming and I swallowed all that he gave me. He tasted delicious. My mind and body were reeling as I swallowed every last drop he gave me.

He pushed himself off my mouth and I could see the beads of sweat running down his fine chest. His eyes were blazing with fiery passion and I knew this was just the beginning of our soulmating.

To be continued...

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