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Story inspired by Jill N


Billie and Kathy, recently married, had just moved into their new 2 bedroom condo in downtown Dallas. They could have bought the one bedroom next door for less money but Billie preferred the two bedrooms, because he wanted to have children, and he hoped Kathy would too.

Billie was short, only five feet five inches, prematurely going bald and quite shy; but kind of cute in a puppy dog kind of way. What he lacked in physical power he made up for it with brain power. He was very clever and had a good paying job as a systems analyst for HI-TECH COMPUTERS. He was very much in love with his new wife and thrilled that she had agreed to marry him. He treated her like the princess she was.

Kathy was beautiful. She had dazzling green eyes, a gorgeous smile, and full luscious lips. Apart from her luxurious honey brunette hair her best assets were her big breasts, which always got her plenty of attention from the guys, and her very cute ass. She knew she was sexy and before marriage she loved teasing Billie and getting him all excited, then sending him home with a throbbing hard on.

They were newlyweds but the excitement Kathy expected was missing. She had great tits, at least C's and she loved having her nipples sucked and Billie was good at that but when it came to making love he was way, way to quick. Several times her arousal from having Billie suck her tits was wasted because he would cum too quickly, leaving her hornier after sex than before. She took out her sexual frustration on Billie by spending his money on clothes she didn't need or even want. She knew he tried his best but he was way too wimpy. It was like he never had an opinion on anything, but always wanted to do what she wanted. Sometimes it was nice to be in complete control, but other times she wished he was a little more masculine, that he would be a man for a change.

They had only lived there a month when the new owner of the condo next door moved in. About all they knew about him initially, was his name, Jake. They soon found out a lot more. Their master bedroom was next to his bedroom, and when they went to bed, they could make out what was going on next door. One day Billie saw Jake in the parking garage, because his space was right next to theirs. Billie recognized him instantly as the guy that stole and totally corrupted his college sweetheart.

Courtney and Billie were engaged to be married. They were going to tie the knot as soon as they graduated. She wanted to stay a virgin until they were married and Billie was OK with that. They kissed a lot and she let him play with her breasts, but that was all and he often went home with an aching hard-on followed by an unsatisfactory jerk-off. That all changed when at a frat house party she met Jake. She found him charming, masculine and aggressive. In a very short time she was having sex with him.

That's what hurt the most, Billie had known her for over two years, and never had sex with her and she meets Jake and she's screwing him in less than two weeks. She called off the wedding and was Jake's girlfriend for about two months before he dumped her. She came back to Billie saying she was sorry but some things can't be forgiven. When he saw Jake he knew immediately who he was but Billie doubted if Jake even recognized him.

Several days later when Kathy and Billie were lying in bed watching TV, she could tell someone had entered the bedroom next door. She said, "Turn off the TV" and they could make out most of the conversation next door. Sometimes it was kind of muffled coming through the wall, but if they listened carefully, they could make out most of it.

Apparently Courtney, Billie's college girlfriend, now married ran into Jake at the shopping mall, and old passions had flared up.

First they heard Jake's voice. "Get your clothes off."

Courtney thought he was so cocky, so sure of himself that he knew he could have sex with her again. "I thought we were going to talk about old times."

"Now you know what I had in mind. I'm going to stuff your little pussy full of my big cock and give you the best fuck you ever had."

"Jake you know I can't resist you when you talk dirty to me." After a few moments they heard her say, "I love stroking your big cock. "Shut up bitch, I want you to open your mouth and suck it." A few moments later, "Suck it better than that Courtney or I'm going to beat your ass." Kathy wondered what it would be like to be forced to suck a guy off. A bit later they heard, "You're a useless cocksucker; I hope you're a better fuck now than you were before."

"What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to take my cock and squeeze it between your tits." He must have been rocking back and forth between her tits because he said, "I love the feeling of your soft tits against my cock. I can't hold back any longer. I'm going to shoot my cum all over your face."

All was quiet for a while and Kathy wondered what it would be like to let a guy get his rocks off between her tits. All of this was getting her horny and she reached over to stroke Billie's cock and was disappointed to find he was still soft. For Billie this was not erotic at all; all it did was bring back unpleasant memories

After a short quiet period she heard Jake say, "Now I want you on your back with your legs spread." This guy is an arrogant son of a bitch, Kathy thought. All he's doing is treating her like just a piece of ass.

A bit later they could hear Courtney's whimper of lust, "Fuck me harder, I love it. I want to cum on your hard cock while I rub my tits against you." Shortly after, "That was soo good Jake, if only my husband was half as good as you are."

That bitch, Kathy thought, she's married and she's fucking around on her husband.

"Do you like my ass Jake? If I remember right you do. Do you want me to turn over for you and get up on my knees? I can see you're still hard and I want to cum again."

That lucky bitch, Kathy thought. She gets to cum twice in one night and I'm lucky to get it twice a month. He must have done her for twenty minutes the first time and he wants to do it again. She was lucky if Billie could do it for two minutes and then he was finished for the week.

For a while all they could hear was the ohh, ohh, ohh's of Courtney moaning and then her aaah's as she said, "You're big load of cum filling my ass sent me over the top again because it felt soo good. Now I want to go to sleep with you holding me in your arms."

"But don't you have to go home Courtney?"

"No, my husband thinks I'm staying at my mother's place tonight, and I want you to make love to me again in the morning before I go home."

That horny bitch, Kathy thought, she got fucked twice, once in the ass and she still wanted more. Kathy wondered what it would be like to be completely dominated by a man that forced her to submit to whatever he wanted.

Listening to what happened next door made Kathy realise how horny she was. There must be no soundproofing in the walls, she thought. She moved her hand down her body and used a finger to massage her pussy, but that was not enough. Billie was lying right beside her so she reached over to stroke him a little, hoping to get him excited, but was disappointed to feel that he was still soft. "Billie, what's wrong with you, you don't have a hard on; don't they have a pill you can take?' "They do, but I can't take it because of medical reasons."

Kathy went to sleep wishing she could trade Billie for Jake.

Several days later she was getting the mail from the lobby mail boxes, when this man came up to open the adjoining mail box. She was opening unit 323 and when this guy opened unit mailbox 322 she knew this was her neighbor. "You must be Jake, our new neighbor. My name is Kathy." She had built up a mental image of what he would look like; tall that she would have to look up to him; dark, a bronze skin from working outside, and handsome, very good on the eyes. Well two out of three wasn't bad. He was tall and handsome but she had a better tan than he did. She was impressed with his body though, hard and muscular.

"I met your husband once going to work but I never knew he had such a beautiful wife." That was just a corny pickup line so why did she feel so pleased? "I want to get my new place painted and hang some pictures to make it look homey, but I've been told my taste is terrible, that I need a woman's opinion. Would you come and take a look and give me some advice? I would really appreciate it."

That made Kathy feel good. Here was a cocky arrogant male, admitting he knew nothing about home decorating and asking for her opinion. "Sure. I could do that, let's go take a look." Jake enjoyed watching the sexy sway of her ass as she walked to the elevator ahead of him. He showed her into his apartment. "The first thing that strikes me right off is that old worn green carpet. That needs to be replaced. Buy a deep pile neutral shade and make sure you get a good under padding." You could get fucked on the floor in comfort with that Kathy mused. Now where did that thought come from.

"You have a big wall facing the door, so you need a large painting on it. I would suggest, either a rural scene or a village scene; something soothing to look at."

Jake then ushered her into the bedroom. "This is my favorite room." She already knew that from listening to him several days ago. "I was thinking of painting it black and installing moon glow lights."

"You can't do that, you idiot," Kathy giggled. If you're trying to make it some kind of love den, paint 2 walls red and the other 2 should be a quiet dull white color. And, get rid of that horrible picture." It was a picture of a young woman in a bikini lying on her stomach holding a coca cola bottle in her hand, with a slogan, the pause that refreshes. "You really do need help because your taste is horrible." She liked telling him what he should do.

She was still standing inside his bedroom when he came up behind her and wrapped his hands around her waist, allowing both hands to rest on her stomach, close but not touching her pussy. "You sleaze, this was all a scam to get me inhere wasn't it?

"No it wasn't, but you're a very desirable woman." Then he pulled her back tight against him letting his cock press against her ass. This sent little jolts of pleasure coursing through her body. She should have been mad at him, but it felt kind of good.

"Let go of me you horny bastard." She almost said go fuck your slut girlfriend but she didn't want him to know that she could hear him through the bedroom wall. He first kissed and then bit her neck. That didn't hurt; it just sent chills through her body. It was like he was the lion king and he had selected her to be his mate. He raised his hands up to her breasts to squeeze and massage them, then down to her legs, so close but still not touching her pussy.

Then he turned her around and kissed her. His kiss was powerful, forcing his tongue into her mouth. Then he withdrew and gently bit her lower lip sending tingles directly to her pussy. Next he forced his tongue back into her mouth to duel with her tongue with his hands on both sides of her head holding her in his embrace. He scratched her back with his fingernails starting at her shoulders and scratched her back right down to her ass where he dug his fingernails into her forcing her body tight against him. She could feel erotic thrills and she felt her pussy moisten.

Now he was forcing her back on his bed. She supposed she should be fighting him or at least putting up more resistance, because she was a married woman but somehow it just seemed right to submit to him, and she let her legs part as he pushed her onto his bed. She felt a jolt of arousal as his continued kissing electrified her and she sucked his tongue into her mouth. It wasn't just his kissing that was arousing her, it was also his rough treatment of feeling her breasts. She felt another jolt of arousal when she could feel his cock pressed against her panty covered pussy.

He managed to get her panties off and he immediately thrust into her hard. Billie was always so gentle, this guy could care less; he just wanted to fuck her so why was her pussy quivering with lust? He did rip off her T-shirt because he wanted to feel her nude body against him. It stimulated her to rub her tits against his bare chest. Her orgasm built quickly as his hard deep thrusts made her pussy tremble with desire. Her orgasm exploded as she wrapped her ankles around his ass. It felt soo good to lie quietly with his big hard cock still deep inside her.

"Get up on your hands and knees. I want to do you from behind, it's my favorite position." Right now she would deny him nothing so she did it. Fucking into her from this new position was stimulating her clit causing her to build toward her second orgasm. She loved his deep hard thrusts into her. She liked the rough and wild sex she was getting. Her pussy squeezed tightly on his cock and the spasms of her vaginal muscles were trying to draw his dick deeper into her. The spurting of his cum put her over the top and she had her second orgasm. She collapsed down on the bed and his cock withdrew from her still throbbing pussy.

After a few moments she rolled over pushing him off her. "Get off me you bastard. You forced me to have sex with you. I'm so mad at you." This was not her fault. He seduced her.

Three days later she was reading her latest romance novel when she heard a knock on the door. When she opened it she saw Jake standing there. "What the hell do you want," she said in a gruff voice.

"Now don't be mad Kathy, I'm not trying to get you back in my apartment but I need your opinion. Can I come in?"

"OK, come in." She sat on the sofa and he sat on the sofa chair. "Now what do you want to know?"

"You told me to get rid of the picture in my bedroom, and I think I found a good one. It's a picture of a red schoolhouse with a boy and his dog walking up the path. What do you think, should I buy it?"

"No, No, don't buy that, you're soo helpless when it comes to home decorating. Your idea of red is good but it should be a red setting sun over a lake, or a reddish sun shining through the trees in a forest; no buildings or people, just a nature scene. I can see now that I'll have to go with you when you buy a picture because you have no clue"

He was kind of charming in his own way, the big strong male not knowing what to do and asking her for advice. It kind of made her feel good that he needed her. His helpless little boy look was kind of a turn on as well.

"Thank you Kathy," as he came over and sat down beside her to give her a hug. He put his arms around her shoulders and as she turned toward him to push him away he kissed her, her hugged her tighter and kissed her hard on the lips. She wasn't expecting that but it did kind of excite her. He had both hands around her back and he unhooked her bra and pulled it off almost before she realized what he was doing. He did it so easily Kathy thought; this is not the first time he's done that. Kissing her and letting his tongue play along her lips, he started massaging her breasts, and her T shirt was not offering her much protection. Her nipples were already stiffening when he started pinching them.

He pushed her back on the sofa and at the same time shoved her skirt up as well. When he tried to pull down her panties, she was barely aware, she actually lifted her hips a little to help him. In no time she could feel his cock rubbing against her. How does he get it out so fast, she wondered. He was rubbing just the tip of his cock against her pussy lips. He was trying to tease her but she wanted to get fucked so she pushed her hips up against him driving his cock deep in her pussy. Oh, did that feel good. He still did not start fucking her, just held his cock deep inside her and he made it twitch. This was driving her wild and if he didn't start fucking her soon she was going to bite him. They were both so excited that neither of them could last very long. As she came down from her orgasm she opened her eyes and noticed the clock. It was after five o'clock and Billie was usually home by five. "Get out of her, my husband will be home any minute now." She breathed a sigh of relief when Jake got out before Billie got home, but it was close.

The following night they were both settling down to sleep for the night when they heard the bedroom door open next door. First they heard Courtney's voice. "Jake I missed you soo much. Take me now, I can't wait. "That dirty bitch, Kathy though, she wants it again.

Then she heard Jake say, "I missed you too babe. "Now Kathy was mad. That horny bastard, just one day after they made love he's out screwing some other bitch. How could he cheat on her like that? For the next half hour she had to listen to them. She was mad at both of them so why was she secretly wishing that it was her over there?

Friday night when Billie got home he said the company was sending him out to the company's west coast office to fix up a computer problem they were having. He said he would be flying out Tuesday morning and be back home sometime Thursday. "I'll call you Wednesday evening and be able to give you a much better idea of when I'll be home."

The next day Kathy ran into Jake in the lobby. "My husband is going to be out of town for a couple days, so how about coming over for dinner on Tuesday? I make a spaghetti sauce to die for."

"I can't make it Tuesday, I'm going to be away all night, so how about Wednesday?"

All night, Kathy thought, I'll bet he's screwing that sleazy bitch again. "Wednesday would be fine. Come over about seven." She was slightly annoyed because Billie was going to call her then.

That Wednesday she took a bath and put on a little of the perfume Billie had bought her for their honeymoon. You are a bad, bad girl Kathy said to herself. She put on a light summer dress with a scoop neck that showed a lot of her breasts.

Right at seven Jake showed at carrying a bottle of wine. "You look so beautiful. If I were Billie I'd never leave you alone." Him and his corny lines, so why did it make her feel so good?

While they sipped their wine they got to know each other a little better. He had never been married but he was engaged once to a girl he had known ever since high school and she broke off the engagement to marry his best friend. Kathy wondered how a woman could do that to a nice guy like Jake and her heart went out to him.

She told him that right from the time she started secondary school, guys were always hitting on her. She said most didn't even like her; they just wanted to have sex with her. When she met Billie, he was the first one interested in her as a person, not a sex object so she married him. She told Jake that Billie was a good provider and cared for her very much. What she didn't tell him was Billie was a lousy lover that usually left her sexually frustrated.

Over dinner he was making her laugh with his corny stories, and he was telling her what a wonderful cook she was. He was probably shooting her a line but she still liked it. After dinner they settled down on the sofa and he kissed her. It felt good to have hard masculine hands grab her and force her to kiss him back. She kind of liked being dominated and being forced to submit to him. She decided to return the favor by rubbing her hand down the front of his pants. He started undressing her and she only put up token resistance. Once he had her naked he attacked her breasts. They had always been quite stimulated by touch but his rough treatment of rubbing his beard against one breast while massaging her other breast with his rough hand soon had her panting and squirming.

He started kissing his way down her body, kissing and licking his way almost to her pussy before he stopped moving and just kissed and licked her. She tried to push his head down further to her pussy but he resisted. That bastard, she thought; he makes me want it and then won't do it. Had it been Billie all she would have had to say was suck me and he would, but unfortunately Jake was not Billie and he doesn't respond to orders.

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