tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSounds Good To Me

Sounds Good To Me


It was a morning where neither of us HAD to be anywhere. A day to relax was in order. We had both been so busy with work and well, life, that we had not just taken a day to relax and enjoy a day together. Luckily neither of us required sleep because we had still been able to pleasure one another at odd hours of the day. That is something we would never miss regardless of how busy we were.

We decided that we would travel to the river for the day. It was a beautiful day out and we had packed snacks, a radio and some sun lotion. Nothing else was in our bags, no cell phones, no beepers. We found a nice secluded place and lay down our blanket ready to enjoy the quiet. We were close to the water so as it got warm; we could walk in and cool off. The day was perfect. We were enjoying the sun, the breeze and each other, catching up with the details of things.

I reach over and run my hand across your chest as we talk. We have this connection that just pulls me to you when you are near and I enjoy the feel of you. We continue to talk as my hand begins to move over your body. You know that my thoughts are wandering because of the way I am touching you. I am listening yet I have naughty thoughts going through my mind and you know this just by the look in my eyes. You enjoy teasing me, so you pretend not to notice that I am preoccupied and continue talking. You wonder if I will stop and allow you to talk or become more aggressive. After teasing me for a few minutes, you decide to put me out of my misery.

You put your hand on top of mine and guide me down to your cock. I feel through your shorts that it is not completely hard, but not completely soft either. You know how much I enjoy the feel of your cock hardening in my mouth. Without taking a moment to contemplate, I move my face down to put your cock in my mouth. I quickly pull down your shorts and then slowly slide your semi-erect cock into my mouth, looking up at you as I do so. You see the look of enjoyment on my face as you begin to pull my head into you. You enjoy the feel of my mouth wrapped around your cock.

We are both engrossed in one another and barely notice that we are out in the open. Luckily we are in a fairly secluded area and have pretty much been alone since we arrived. The excitement of the fact that we are out in the open makes it even more intense. I look up into your eyes and notice that your expression changes slightly. I pull my head back and stroke your cock with my hand while I turn to see what you appear to be looking at. You grab my head and pull it back into you quickly and look back down at me.

Before you pull me back, I catch a glimpse of someone out of the corner of my eye. I look up in your face and you give me a look that lets me know it is okay. You turn slightly so I can see who is approaching and I see a very attractive bikini clad woman, soaking wet slowly walking toward us. The look on her face is amazing. She is watching us closely as she walks toward us, almost mesmerized. I continue to suck your cock, not allowing her presence to distract me.

I look up and see that you are watching her, letting her know that it is okay for her to move closer to us. You periodically steal a glance down at me watching your cock slide between my lips. I feel your head begin to throb in my mouth and know that in moments; you will squirt cum right in my mouth. I use my hand, massaging your balls, almost begging them to release and I feel your hands pull me very close to your body. I look up just as you start to cum and you look away from our guest and directly at me as you unload in my mouth. I could catch every drop of it in my mouth, but decide that I should be a little sloppy for the benefit of the woman that is watching.

I pull my head back and continue to stroke you, as you squirt more cum onto my face. I turn slightly and see that she is watching us completely. She is very attractive. Has intense blue eyes and a very pretty face framed by wet blonde hair. Her nipples are very erect through her dark blue bikini and I see her switching around trying to use her body to rub her pussy that I know is quite wet at this moment.

You bend down and kiss me softly and then lean back up, extending your hand out to the woman. She looks as if for a moment, she realizes what she is doing and almost walks away. Your expression is so inviting, however, she can tell that she is safe. She takes one step forward and then notices that your cock is still hard. I enjoy watching her stare directly at your erect cock as she moves to take your hand. The only thing she says is "Sounds good to me" as she continues to approach our blanket. She kneels down to reach us, and does so as you pull her toward you. You lean up and in one motion, pull her bikini top up to reveal her very beautiful breasts. Your face goes forward and you lick her nipple, enjoying how her body reacts to your tongue.

You see her hand move over and turn your head to see that she is massaging my neck with her hands as you lick her. She is letting us both know that she is comfortable with us both being there and pulling me into the touching. You reach your right hand down and slide your fingers inside her bikini, while your left hand slides inside mine. The feel of your hand is awesome and I cum almost instantaneously. I move back and let you position yourself so she can straddle your face. She pulls off her bikini and does just that.

I am right next to the two of you, watching this very attractive woman ride your tongue. Her nipples are so hard, your cock is straight up and I am soaked at this scene. It is my own personal porno movie and I love every moment of it. I decide to slide onto your cock, because the view is driving me crazy. I face her and watch the expression on her face as your tongue explores her. I fuck you intensely as I can see her cum over and over again riding your face. She moves away quickly, and I know this is her version of 'uncle', she just can't take anymore. She sits back and watches me ride your cock, bending down to kiss you and taste her pussy on your face.

You grab my hips and fuck up into me, the sound of slapping bodies LOUD with each stroke. You tell me you are going to cum and I pull up, looking at the blonde inviting her to join me. She moves down just as you start to cum and your hot cum shoots all over both of us this time. You look down to see this scene, which only makes you hornier. She leans forward and kisses me, as we exchange your cum in our kiss. You hear me purr as I feel her soft lips on mine and you can barely stand watching this.

All of a sudden, the blonde stands up, adjusts her bathing suit and begins to walk back into the water. She looks back a final time before she swims away, and smiles at both of us with an evil grin. No names are exchanged, little talking has occurred; she merely joined in and then decided she needed to move along. I am a bit puzzled, but you decide that continuing is what you want to do and I feel your fingers slide into my pussy.

Just then, I hear the dog bark. This is quite strange, since we didn't bring the dog with us to the river. I still feel your fingers in my pussy and at the same time wonder why the dog is barking. I quickly wake up and realize that the entire river scene was a dream. The dog is barking at the paper delivery person on Sunday morning and we are both still in bed. Luck for me though, your fingers are in my pussy just like in the dream. I open my eyes and you are smiling as you touch me, noticing how soaking wet I am. I roll toward you and snuggle up close to you. As I do so, I whisper in your ear "I have an idea, honey." You look at me with a question on your face, inquiring what my idea could be. "Let's go to the beach today" I say, "I have a great feeling about the day ahead." I tell you.

You smile at me and simply say, "Sounds good to me, baby."

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