tagErotic CouplingsSounds of the Woods

Sounds of the Woods


The cool night air blew the hair that had pulled free of her ponytail across her eyes. The fire had died down low enough that it was just smoldering embers glowing in the dark. She felt his thighs pressed against the outsides of her legs. The cups of warm, strawberry wine had her relaxed against him.

This was their second night in the woods. They had arrived at the campground after work on Friday night. After two failed attempts to upright the tent, they finally read the directions and pitched the tent. Being so tired after the work week and the drive they threw their sleeping bags and pillows into the tent and climbed in after it.

Liz had started to pull her clothes off to change into something more comfortable and Zack had moved behind her, his movements throwing shadows around the tent. He tugged her clothes off and pushed her back onto the soft sleeping bags.

It had been a long time since they had had uninterrupted time to spend alone with nothing to do tomorrow but whatever they wanted to fill that vacancy with. They had talked in the car about taking hikes and lying by the river on the rocks in the warmth of the early October sun, playing gin rummy and cooking over the fire.

He parted her legs with his chin as he crawled towards her. His shadow crawling with him as he moved and placed his mouth on her panties and pushed his hot breathe over her.

"Zack, cut the light. We didn't even look to see how close the neighbors are!" She gasped loudly as he shut off the lantern.

"Now, where was I?" He laughed as he hooked his thumbs into the lace of her panties and pulled them off her smooth, tanned legs.

He could smell her and it was all he could do not to press the lace to his face and inhale her scent, he needed to taste her. She made this animal instinct take over him at times. Made him unable to think about anything but getting lost in her femaleness; her smell when she was aroused and ready for him, or the sounds she made as he moved inside her. How her normal tone dropped several levels and the almost guttural moans that escaped her lips made him think his heart would stop in those moments.

He snaked his tongue between her lips, tasting her, her thighs pressed against his face as she moaned and pushed against his mouth. He licked to the top and flicked her clit, moving and kissing her belly, her hips and the lower ribs.

She squirmed and giggled as he tickled her, moving up each rib and nipping at her with his teeth and sucking on her creaming skin. He tasted something sweet on her skin. Watermelon? He wasn't sure and could not think past that as he paused, letting his finger glide over the spot on her throat where her neck and shoulders melded.

He watched her chest rising and falling faster as he traced her collar bone. Her head arched back, the clouds dancing past the moon as his finger found her lips and she opened her mouth, sucking his fingertip, holding it between her teeth and her tongue flicked back and forth in time with her beating heart.

He watched her face as she held his finger captive in her hot mouth as he moved his hand inches from her skin and touched her knee. She inhaled as he swiftly moved his hand down her thigh and slid a finger as far inside her as he could.

She moaned again and he pulled his finger free and replaced it with his mouth as he began to slide his finger in and out of her knowing he could rapidly bring her to orgasm with just his finger in her and his lips on hers.

She caught up with the rhythm of his fingering and her hips rose off the sleeping bag. His kisses caught her moans and softened them. He pumped faster as he felt her climax building. She was always amazed how he knew her body's responses better than she knew her own. She pushed her hips high, holding his finger in her clenching muscles and he could feel her heartbeat inside her as she orgasmed.

He didn't give her time to rebound from her first orgasm as he rolled over her and kissing her positioned himself just outside her moist opening. Watching her face, he caressed her cheeks with his thumbs as he slowly entered her. Her eyes opened wider as she took him into her. Her breath washed over his face, she gasped as he began to thrust faster and she moved to catch up to his new pace.

His mind was filled with his impending orgasm and his lips brushed her ear as he urged her on. "Cum with me Liz."

"Yes, yes I am." She said rather loudly as she bucked into him and their hips remained as one as he climaxed and felt her at that same place moments later.

She sighed as he collapsed next to her. They listened to the sounds of the woods at night as they slowed their breathing. The smell of other camper's campfires inviting and the faint noises of the campground in the background.

She brushed his cheek with her finger. "I love you, Mr. Happy Camper."

He kissed her. "Yes I am. Oh, and I do love you too my Nymph of the Woods."

She laughed as she pulled her sweats and nightshirt out of her duffel bag. He pulled on pajama bottoms as he ran out to the truck and grabbed dinner from the cooler. They ate their dinner of hoagies and chips washed it all down with several beers by the light of the lantern.

She fell asleep spooned against his shape. The crickets and rustle of leaves as animals in the night moved around outside their tent. She thought of the hours of love making they had time for tomorrow.

He cuddled her to him. Her head on his arm as he fell asleep smelling her hair, feeling her ass fitted nicely against him. He wondered if he should track how many times he could bring her to orgasm during the next two days.


Big thanks to my readers! Thank you to my editor!

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