tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSounds of the Woods Ch. 03

Sounds of the Woods Ch. 03


The rest of Saturday was bright and sunny. A perfect camping weekend -- warm during the day and cool at night so you could enjoy the fire.

Zack and Liz spent the day at the lake, canoeing and swimming, enjoying each other. That night they had a great dinner of steaks cooked over the fire, baked potatoes cooked right in the coals and Liz made a salad. They polished off several bottles of wine with and after dinner.

They lounged in each others arms by the fire. Dozing off with full bellies and the effect of the wine. The day had been perfect.

Hours later they awakened in the lounge chair, the fire had died, it was a little chilly. Liz yawned and stretched as she looked at Zack.

Zack picked Liz up and carried her to the tent. She unzipped the tent door and he set her inside. She went down on her knees and unzipped his jeans on her way down.

Zack, for once, hadn't even been thinking about sex. But, now that she mentioned it. Zack's cock began to throb as she pulled his cock out of his boxers and immediately sucked it into her mouth, he was still standing outside the tent. Her mouth was warm and wet and she was gobbling his cock like she had never done it before.

He watched her head bobbing up and down and tangled his hands in her long, dark hair. His touch spurred her on faster. He pressed his finger tips into the back of her head, her soft hair like silk.

Her mouth moved up and down his shaft. Her tongue flicking back and forth along the underside of his cock. She sucked the head of his cock, her teeth lightly touching him, her tongue rippling around the head.

She grabbed his thigh to steady herself as she devoured him. Her other hand cupped his balls, her middle finger stroking him slowly.

The night air picked up, blowing her hair across his stomach and along his thighs, tickling his cock and balls. Some of the strands got stuck to him in her saliva.

She took as much of him back in her throat as she could fit. He felt the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat and he interlaced his fingers behind her neck. Pulling and pushing her hot mouth faster and faster up and down his cock.

She moaned and stoked his balls faster as he pumped into her. "Liz, I am going to cum. Where do you want me to cum." He knew what her answer was going to be, and knew what her reaction would be when he asked the question.

She strummed her finger back and forth and sucked his cock deep in her throat, the head of his cock hitting the back of her throat with every stroke. The only thing in Zack's mind was releasing his load down the back of her throat.

He like to watch her swallow him. The thought of her swallowing was what pushed him over the orgasm edge. His legs tensed she grabbed his thighs as she sucked him deep one final time and exactly his thoughts from a few seconds before repeated in reality.

She swallowed every ounce of him. Time slowed and she withdrew him from her mouth, kissed the end of his cock, causing it to jump against her chin. She flung her hair back, rested back on her knees as he watched her throat move. Her tongue snaked between her lips, licking the remaining essence of him.

She climbed in the sleeping bag and closed her eyes. He stepped into the tent and zipped it shut. Climbing in behind her he kissed her head.

"Love you Liz." He murmured against the silk.

"Mmmmm, you too." She softly responded followed by her sleep breathing.


Sunday morning they awoke to an overcast day. Warmer than the previous two days and slightly humid. Liz had wanted to hike to the fire tower before they left.

They got dressed, ate breakfast and broke camp. Liz was wearing shorts and hiking boots with a tank top. Zack admired her ass as she helped him pack the car. He grabbed her from time to time, kissing her long and deep.

The sky had grown more overcast and Liz kissed him and said, "Lets move it or we won't make it to the fire tower."

He kissed her again, reached for her hand and they walked to the back of the campground and started up the trail.

The path was only wide enough for one person to walk comfortably so he encouraged Liz to walk ahead first. He wanted to continue to admire her ass. Just not sure how he would be able to walk the 2 miles with a raging hard-on.

Liz watched the glimpses of the tower through breaks in the trees. A fine mist began about ¾ of the way up the path. She felt Zack's fingers brush against her ass and the backs of her legs as they walked.

They walked in silence. Neither one wanting to go home yet.

By the time they reached the base of the tower the mist had picked up. Zack brushed the water out of his eyes and watched as the mist beaded on Liz's shoulders and ran down the middle of her back.

Her tank top was clingy to her body as was her shorts. He pushed her by the ass towards the opening in the woods at the base of the fire tower. Not able to wait to see her breasts through the wet material.

She turned and faced him, her nipples erect, beads of water on her chest -- he kissed the tip of her nose. Licked the drops of water off her lips.

"Your it!" Liz pushed his chest and began to run up the steps of the tower.

"Hey!!" Zack took off after her.

Liz out raced him and made it to the top. Zack slowed down and walked the remaining ten steps. He stepped into the open top of the tower and looked at Liz staring out over the mountains. The mist, now a gentle rain had scared any remaining hikers and they were alone.

Zack walked up behind Liz, cupped her ass and ran his hands around to the front of her. She was wet all over. He pushed her tank up as he felt her stomach and ribs and cupped her breasts from behind her.

Liz loved to feel his hands on her, his touch made her wet with anticipation. She pushed her ass into him and felt his desire there. She leaned on the railing. "Fuck me here, right here."

He palmed her breasts as he ground his cock against her ass. Kissing the back of her neck he released one breast and pulled her panties to the side. His fingers found her ready, wet hot inside and wet coolness outside.

She moaned and reached behind her, stroking his cock through his jeans. The rain began to come down harder. She raised her face to it.

He unzipped his pants and peeled them down to his knees. Still holding her panties and shorts out of the way, he touched his cock to her heat and pressed forward as she pressed back. He entered her fully.

The cold rain on his thighs and the sensation of her hot core wrapped around his cock was an interesting combination.

She pulled her tank top over her head and cupped her hands over his on her breasts. He placed his hands on her shoulders as he throbbed inside her. She bucked back against him, her head thrown back against his chest.

She rolled her nipples and yelled into the rain as he pumped her.

The harder the rain, the louder she yelled. He joined her noises as he pumped faster and faster. His urge to cum taking over any other thoughts. He raised his face to the sky, feeling the water running down the inside of his shirt, he glanced down and saw her nipples hard and wet between her fingers. She bucked faster and harder against him and he felt her tighten on his cock as she screamed aloud. Pressing back as the orgasm washed over her.

He pumped several more times and with a guttural moan released inside her again. He pumped twice more and gathered her in his arms. She giggled against him and soon they were both laughing, their clothes drenched, hair plastered to their heads.

"Guess I put that fire out!" He laughed as he kissed her.


Cheers to my Editor!! Thanks for the reads and the votes people!!

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