tagGroup SexSouth East Xavier High School Ch. 2

South East Xavier High School Ch. 2


"I wonder what this could be about" Mrs. Holly said to Buffy as they walked down the hall.

"I'm not sure." said Buffy "but he was naked when he gave me the note to give to you. He made me kiss his cock before I left too."

"I see" Mrs. Holly replied "I guess we'll just have to see when we get there" Mrs. Holly pushed open the door to the office and walked in with Buffy behind her. She walked past Ms. Stevens' desk, the receptionist who wasn't there, around the corner, and up to Mr. Anderson's door. She gave it a few light taps and waited there with Buffy for him to answer.

"Come in." they heard from the other side of the door, so Mrs. Holly complied by turning the knob and stepping into the office. Mr. Anderson was indeed naked. He was up on his desk and sitting on his knees. He, however, was not alone. On the desk in front of him and slightly to his right was Daisy. Daisy had brown hair and brown eyes and was of Spanish descent although you could only tell a little by looking at her. She was completely naked as well and was on all fours as if she was waiting to get it from behind.

"Ah, Mrs. Holly, so nice to see you." Mr. Anderson said from the desk. Mr. Anderson was in his 30s, as was Mrs. Holly, so these sexual acrobatics were not that difficult a feat to pull off. "Have a seat on the couch." he said as he pointed to the couch on the wall perpendicular to the wall with the door.

"All right." said Mrs. Holly as she walked over to the couch and sat down. The black leather couch squeaked when she sat.

"Thank you Buffy" Mr. Anderson said

"You're welcome." Buffy said and turned to go, but before she could leave Mr. Anderson called her back.

"You forgot to give me a kiss goodbye." he said. He turned so that he was facing the door and held out his dick for Buffy to kiss. She walked over, bent down and while tucking her hair behind an ear she gave it a kiss right on the head. She looked up at Mr. Anderson and smiled, as did he, and walked out the door, shutting it behind her. Mr. Anderson turned back to Mrs. Holly, the smile still on his face.

"Thank you for coming" he said. "I was just about to fuck Daisy here and I thought that you might like to watch."

"Well, thank you Mr. Anderson, that was very nice of you to think of me, but I'm a married woman and I'm not supposed to be involved with things like this." Mrs. Holly said mischievously.

Mr. Anderson gave out a short chuckle. "I'll have to remember that the next time I call you down here to suck my cock."

"You might have to." Mrs. Holly smiled back.

"Well, maybe we should start because I know Daisy can't wait for me to stick my dick in her, can you Daisy?" Mr. Anderson said

"No Mr. Anderson" Daisy said "I want it now."

"That didn't sound to convincing Daisy. Are you sure you want me to fuck you." Mr. Anderson said in a teasing manner.

"Oh, yes. I want your big cock in my tight pussy." Daisy said back in a sexier voice.

"Really Daisy?" Mr. Anderson asked back as he two of his fingers in Daisy's pussy and his thumb in her ass. "Do you really want it?"

"Oh" Daisy let out a little moan as Mr. Anderson did this. "Ooooooooh yeah I want it, fuck yeah." Daisy said as she ground up against Mr. Anderson's fingers.

"That sounds a bit more convincing Daisy." Mr. Anderson said as he began to finger Daisy's pussy. "

Mrs. Holly watched as Mr. Anderson fingered Daisy's cunt. Mrs. Holly began to feel her cunt begin to get wet and decided that it needed some attention. She stood up and kicked off her black sandals. She pulled down her pants slowly, as to give to two on the desk something to look at. She sat back down on the couch, only wearing the black, tight shirt that showed off her stomach, as well as matched her pants.

"No panties today I see." Mr. Anderson commented while still fingering Daisy's pussy and ass.

"Nope." Mrs. Holly said as she spread her legs wide and began to rub her own pussy. Her pussy was nicely trimmed with only a thin strip of red hair. She watched Daisy's eyes widen rubbed her own pussy. She could tell she was turning Daisy on by the way that Daisy started grinding harder and harder against Mr. Anderson's fingers.

"Stick your cock in me now" Daisy commanded when she could take no more. "I want you to fuck the shit of me. Fuck me hard. I'm your slut. Fuck me."

"I think the little whore wants it." Mrs. Holly commented from the couch while she spread her pussy with one hand and fingered with the next. She knew that she had driven Daisy over the edge with her little show and was determined to keep up the showmanship.

"As you wish." Mr. Anderson said as he pulled his fingers out and stuck his dick in. It slid in easily because Daisy was so wet.

"Oh yeah." Daisy said as she felt Mr. Anderson's hard cock slide into her cunt.

Mr. Anderson started with a nice slow pace but before long he was fucking her hard with long powerful strokes. Every time that his cock slammed in, it would make Daisy's tits bounce. Daisy was getting a good fucking and she was loving every minute of it. She let out squeals of pleasure every time his cock went in. She would also give him a little dirty talk every once in a while to keep him going.

"Fuck my pussy, fuck it, yeah, fuck me, I'm your slut, I'm your little fuck slut, give me that cock." Daisy called out.

Mrs. Holly was enjoying it too. She was fingering herself very quickly and was well on her way to her second orgasm. "Oooooooh." Mrs. Holly yelled as her second orgasm rushed through her. She loved watching Daisy's tits bounce while she got fucked. It turned her on so much.

Mr. Anderson lifted Daisy up so that they were both sitting up on their knees but he was still fucking her. This gave Mrs. Holly a good view of Mr. Anderson's hard cock sliding in and out of Daisy's pussy. He slowed it down a bit as to give Mrs. Holly a nice show. His hands traveled up to Daisy's tits from her waist. He began to caress the and pull on her nipples. Daisy threw her head back and moaned.

Mrs. Holly had slowed down her pace too. She was playing with her clit while she fingered herself. After a while of this, she two the two fingers out of her pussy and licked and suck all of her juices off. She stared right at he two on the desk while she did this. She loved tasting her pussy. Sometimes when she was fucking her husband she would make him stop fucking her and put his dick in her mouth so that she could taste her wonderful pussy. "Make the slut taste her pussy." Mrs. Holly commanded from the couch.

Mr. Anderson smiled and let go of Daisy so that she could turn around. Daisy did and took Mr. Anderson's cock into her mouth and began to suck. Mr. Anderson watched Daisy with a satisfied look on his face.

"You like that don't you." Mrs. Holly called from the couch.

"Mmmmmmm" was all Daisy could say as she had a mouthful of cock. She really liked this. She had tasted pussy before, including her own, but never had tasted it off of a dick that had just been fucking her. It made her feel so dirty and slutty and that's the way girls liked to feel here in South East Xavier.

"Finger yourself now." Mrs. Holly said. Daisy complied by reaching back with her left had and sticking her middle finger into her soaking cunt. She did it slowly and would pull it out every now and then to rub her clit before she put it back in. Mrs. Holly mimicked her actions with her own finger. She liked doing it slow like this; if only she had a cock to suck on right now.

"Yeah suck me, suck me yeah, you like my cock don't you." Mr. Anderson said as he watched his blow job.

"Ohhh. I wanna see you finish her off." Mrs. Holly said "Make her cum and then I want you to cum all over her."

Daisy stopped sucking and lied down on her back in front of Mr. Anderson. She spread her legs wide and held her pussy open for him. Mr. Anderson got a good view and smiled when he saw it. Then he took his cock in on hand and guided it to Daisy's waiting cunt. When he was right in front her rammed it in. Both Daisy and Mr. Anderson let out a moan as it went in. He began to pump her furiously trying his best to get her off as fast as he could. Daisy was loving every minute and doing as much as she could to get herself off too. Both began moaning loudly as both parties neared their orgasm. Mrs. Holly was busy on the couch fingering her tight slit for all she was worth. Daisy let out a load moan as her orgasm ripped through her body.

The sight of this pretty girl getting off the other end of Mr. Anderson's fuck rod send Mrs. Holly over the edge and gave her her third orgasm of the session. "Ahhhhh fuck." she screamed.

Mr. Anderson continued slamming Daisy's pussy and realized that he could now finish since he had gotten Daisy off. He gave her a few more stroke, felt his cum rise up in his balls and pulled out and began to stroke his cock. "Ahhh." Mr. Anderson said as his cock exploded all over Daisy's stomach. He continued to pump his load all over Daisy's stomach, much to her delight. Daisy rubbed his creamy load all over her body after Mr. Anderson had finished. You could tell that she really loved it by the way that she ran her cum soaked hands up over her tits.

Mrs. Holly pulled on her pants and stepped into her shoes. "Thanks for a wonderful break from class you two." she said as she walked toward the door. When she got next to Daisy she stuck her two fingers in Daisy's mouth to give her a little taste. Daisy happily licked at Mrs. Holly's two sloppy fingers, tasting every bit of her cum. Mrs. Holly then walked over to where Mr. Anderson was perched on the edge of his desk staring at the sight before him. Mrs. Holly grabbed his still semi hard cock and bent over to lick the last remaining bits of cum off of it. After she had done this, she rose and walked out the door just as the bell rang for second period.

* * * * *

To Be Continued...

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