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South East Xavier University


Since coming to South East Xavier University, school has been one adventure after another. Although it is still a chore to get up every morning and drag myself to class, once getting there, it isn't so bad. Every girl that attends SEX University is beautiful. There is not one girl who could remotely be considered ugly. Of course there are some girls who could be considered more attractive than another, but it is undeniably true that every girl who attends SEX University, or ever has for that matter, is a beauty.

Along with every girl's irresistible beauty, they are complete sluts. Some are sluttier than others mind you, but a slut is still a slut. It's not enough just to look at these girls on a day to day basis; you actually get to fuck them too. I'm not exactly sure why; maybe there is something in the water that makes these girls they way they are. For whatever reason, however, it can be a joy, at times, to go to school.

There are also other funny things going on in town as well, as if the previous fact isn't strange enough. Along with the girls being attractive, every man seems to be good looking as well. Coming from a strictly heterosexual point of view mind you, but in my opinion the men are nice looking as well. It seems that in the entire town of South East Xavier, there is not one ugly person.

Everyone in town is also very well off. In every parking lot and driveway in this small town, there seems to be more BMWs and Lexuses than in the entire state. All houses that populate the town are something to marvel at as well as are the furnishings that the people have to put in them. Swimming pools and hot tubs are uniform at every single house you visit and it's not uncommon to find a maid, who is also nice looking, as well.

What adds to the strangeness of everything is the fact that people don't leave town to go to work. Being such as small town, one would find it difficult to prosper in this setting but the people of South East Xavier have no problem in doing so. Doctors and lawyers set up there practices right here in town on Main Street in the heart of downtown South East Xavier. High fashion boutiques, upscale restaurants, and other upper class services are all located right here in town and operated by its citizens alone.

People in general, for that matter, don't leave town at all. Everything that one could possibly want or need is right here in town. People are born, raised, work and die right here in town. It's as if this town is its own little planet.

The town is situated out in the middle of no where among dense forest that surrounds it. The town is not linked to any major freeway or road whatsoever; as series of back roads is needed to reach it and suddenly when you think that you have missed it, it springs upon you.

And this strange and wonderful place has been my home for the last three years. I came from the high school in town, as did most of the students at SEX University, so I knew what to expect. With that knowledge, why would I choose any other college else?

I should probably start by telling you a little bit about my life here at South East Xavier University. My name is Tom Sutcliffe and I'm currently still a sophomore, from an academic credit standpoint because I don't generally have the best attendance in my classes, even though I'm going into my fourth year at this fine institution. When I do go, however, I'm usually distracted by something or someone in the class. It's real easy to do.

For example, the other day when I made it to class, I was sitting there minding my own business trying to get my parents' monies worth when I glance over at the girl sitting to my right and one row back in the lecture pit. I have been hearing wet squishy noises for the last 10 minutes and damned if I didn't find the cause of them. This blond chick, and of course she was hot, was sitting there with her skirt around her waist, cramming three fingers in and out of an obviously wet snatch. She opened her eyes and caught me staring at her. She then brought her three finger to her mouth and tasted them all the while looking into my eyes.

Now South East Xavier is not a large school by any means (I'd say about 4,000 tops), so you end up knowing just about everyone at the school, therefore, this was not a completely random chick banging herself in front of me. However, just knowing her name, Sophie, and the fact that I've seen her drink cum from a shot glass at a party doesn't necessarily make you best friends.

Anyway, after she saw me watching her and after she tasted her self, she gave me the follow me finger motion, got up and left the class room. Not being a complete idiot, I got up and followed her. She was waiting for me in the hall and as soon as the door shut behind me, she planted a big kiss on me. I could taste her pussy.

"Did watching me fuck myself make your cock hard?" Sophie asked.

"Why don't you find out" I replied.

Sophie wasted no time unzipping my pant and pulling out my hard member. "Mmmm" is all she said before she wrapped her lips around my prick. She continued to suck my cock right there in the hallway. It's easy to see the advantages of a school like this when you can get a blow job in the hallway with no fear of getting in trouble.

The sight of this hottie bobbing on my cock quickly brought me to the brink of climax. "I'm gonna cum." I warned her.

"Spray in on my face." Sophie moaned.

I quickly pulled back and began to jack of my cock right in front of her face, sending rope after rope of jizz all over her face. Now, not to brag or anything, but my loads are pretty well known around school and I gave Sophie one of my patented 10 ropers. Needless to say her face was covered with cum. I'm almost like a one man bukkake.

Sophie opened her eyes and smiled at me. Then she got up, with out wiping one drop of cum from her face, grabbed my cock and told me to follow her. We walked down towards the men's room and Sophie opened the door. Once we were inside, she let go of my dick, walked to the middle of the bathroom and turned to face me.

"Do you think I'm a slut?" She asked.

This girl is standing in front of me with a gigantic load of cum clinging to her face, a tiny little skirt and a shirt that ties in the front that shows off her wonderful titties. Not to mention the fact that she practically fisted herself in class and gave me a blowjob in the hallway. Yeah, I'd say she's a slut.

"Yeah, you're a dirty fucking slut." I responded as a stroked my hardening cock.

"I was hoping you'd ay that." Sophie said and began to undress. It didn't take long at all and in no time she was down to wearing her high heels, my cum and a smile.

I walk over to her and start rubbing her pussy, which predictably is extremely, went. Instead of working my way up, I immediately cram three fingers in her soaking snatch. After a while of this I tell Sophie I'm gonna fuck her in her ass. Oddly, instead of Sophie bending over and holding onto the sink, she turns the other way and bends over and holds onto the urinal. I pay no attention to it and go ahead and fuck her in her ass.

So I'm banging Sophie in her ass, and all the time she keeps moaning that she is a filthy slut and worthless whore and wants me to fuck her as such. Then some due walks in to take a pee and finds Sophie "occupying" the only urinal in the bathroom. The dude, who acts only mildly surprised as this type of shit happens all the time, makes a move to go to the stall. Before he gets far, Sophie tells him he can "piss here and watch me get ass fucked". The guy simply changes his direction once again, walks up to the urinal and starts to pee.

Since Sophie is more on one side of the urinal, the dude stands on the other side and tries not to pee all over Sophie. Despite the guy's best efforts, Sophie sticks out her tongue and starts to lick the guy's piss as it run's down the wall of the urinal.

This surprises both me and the dude a little, but we aren't about to stop a dirty South East Xavier coed in mid slutness action. Sophie looks up at the guy to add to the whorish effect.

"Put your cock in my mouth when you're done, I want to clean it off." Sophie said as she noticed the guy finishing up.

The guy did as he was told and after a little piss cleaning from Sophie's tongue, the guy's cock got hard in her mouth. The guy didn't wait for approval, but instead just started fucking her mouth like a pussy. Sophie moaned loudly as both her mouth and ass were slam fucked in a public bathroom.

With the rigorous pace the guy set for himself, he didn't last long as was soon shooting his seed in Sophie's mouth. Sophie, like the experienced cum slut that she is, didn't miss a drop and swallowed this guy's entire load. This set me off and I began pumping another one of my gigantic loads up Sophie's slut ass.

The guy zipped up and left the bathroom, leaving me with my cock buried in Sophie's ass. The guy may be done with this whore but I still have one more thing for her to do for me. I pulled out and backed away from her. I told Sophie to turnaround and squat. Then I told her to push that cum out of her ass because she was going to eat it. Sophie only smiled and I knew she would have no abjection to something like this. As she squatted, the trickle of cum running from her ass turned into a river, making a huge puddle on the bathroom floor. Sophie immediately got down on her hands and knees and began to lap up my second load of the afternoon. She would look up at me from time to time to make sure I knew she was a filthy whore. I knew.

When she was done cleaning up the cummy mess she made on the floor, Sophie got up and followed me out the door into the hallway. Sophie didn't bother to put back on her clothes and instead simply carried them with her. She also still had some cum on her face from the blowjob. You would think this would create quite a scene at most places, especially in a crowded hallway after classes let out, but people paid very little attention to her. People acknowledged that there was a naked hot chick in the hallway with cum on her face, but continued walking to their next class. This was South East Xavier University remember.

"See ya around." Sophie smiled as she walked away.

"Later." I smiled back as I watched her gorgeous ass disappear into the crowd.

See, even when I attempt to make it to class, I can get anything done!

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I love how you write about the sexual encounters as if they're completely normal things

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