South Lake Tahoe


It was hotter than I could have ever imagined. I didn't want to make love or have sex, I wanted to be fucked. Fucked hard and repeatedly; I was about to get what I wanted. He had me on my back at the edge of the bed with my silk gown pulled up and my heels hooked into the edge of the bed with my legs spread wide. He gave me his cock good and hard. After a few minutes, Scott came over to the bed and climbed up into the center of that king-sized monster. Tim had me turn over and get onto all fours, so I could suck my husband's cock while he finger fucked me from behind. Tim worked my clit with his fingers with a vengeance, first shoving two then three fingers deep inside of me, then pulling at my pussy lips as he rubbed and fingered me.

I could feel the strength of my orgasm tighten around his fingers, as he fucked my pussy. It was an all body orgasm -- my nipples were on fire, my back arched, and my pussy drenched his hand as it gushed with sweet pussy cum. It was so hard to concentrate on sucking Scott's cock properly with my body shuddering from a massive orgasm, but I did. I felt Tim repositioning himself and readied myself to feel his cock enter me from behind. His dick pushed into me, passed my swollen pussy lips. He fucked me from behind, as I kept my face to Scott's belly -- his hard cock into my throat. Tim kept pounding me harder and harder, it was impossible to breathe with Scott's cock so deep in my mouth.

He took mercy on me for the moment, knowing that I would suck his cock again that night, and let Tim roll me over onto my back and climb onto me to fuck me some more. Scott had a beer and watched me take Tim's cock the old fashioned way. I rolled him over onto his back and started exploring his body with my mouth. I sucked his nipples and worked my way down to his cock. I licked it from the head, down the shaft, and slowly wrapped my mouth over his balls, one at a time. I gently sucked his balls and ran my tongue over and around them as I did. I had my fingers massaging the area between his balls and his ass, pressing my fingertips just into his anus, as I licked and sucked his balls.

His breathing was deep and his body was getting hotter. I put his cock in my mouth and slid my lips down the shaft taking him in to the back of my throat, humming deeply, as I did so he could feel the vibrations run back up through his cock. I fucked him with my mouth while he fucked my pussy with his fingers again. Tim grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me up to him. I straddled him and he slid into me. I was so wet and his cock was so hard. I still had my nightgown on, we stripped it off, and then I started to fuck his cock. At first I pressed against him and slid up and down the length of his cock slowly, so I could feel my nipples rub against his body and feel him pass deep inside of me.

Then I picked up speed and lifted up onto my arms so I could feel the head of his cock press against the back of my pussy. We were fucking so hard, I couldn't stop myself from squirting. My pussy juices were running down his cock and balls and it just made us fuck harder. Tim was sucking my nipples and grabbing my ass. I pulled up off of him so that he wouldn't cum just yet. I slid back down and starting licking my cum from his cock, balls, and ass. Tim reached down and had both of my tits in his hands. It was then that I realized it was Scott that was grabbing my ass. He had come up close behind me, while I was going wild fucking this guy's cock.

He was an up close witness to my pussy drenching Tim's ball sack, and he was ready to get inside of me too. So while Tim laid on his back having his cock sucked, I had my husband pull me up on my hands and knees and suck my clit with another man's cum until I came. Scott climbed up and put his thick hard dick into my throbbing pussy and starting fucking me hard. He fucked me so hard his balls where slapping my clit. He gently put his thumb against my anus. I pushed back on it until his thumb entered my anus. I was on sensory overload. I kept cumming, fucking and sucking. Tim was pinching my nipples hard, and I could hear him telling Scott to keep fucking me. Fuck her harder and don't stop, was what I heard.

I was having another orgasm with one cock in the back of my throat, another ramming hard and fast into my pussy, and Scott fucking my ass with his thumb. Tim moaned and shot a load of sweet cum down my throat. I love to swallow sweet cum, so I did, and sucked his cock to make sure he gave me every drop he had to give. Sucking him through his orgasm made it deeper and he moaned as I released the hold my mouth had on him. Just as Tim let out his moan, my husband's grip on my hips tightened and his cock drove deeper inside of me, as he came in my pussy. I was lying on the bed with a man on either side of me, wet, sweaty, and ready for more.

I had already had more body shaking orgasms that night than most women have in a lifetime, and I felt selfish asking for more -- but I did. Tim moved first. He asked if I wanted to be sucked or fucked. I asked why it couldn't be both. He climbed down between my legs and started running his tongue from the front of my smooth pussy to my ass. He pressed his tongue into my clit, sucked, and nibbled at it as I started to work my husband's cock with my hand. He was eating my pussy in a way that I had never experienced. I was lost in the sensation of his tongue in and on my pussy. He kept eating me and added his fingers inside of me.

I couldn't focus on jacking my husband off. I think he took over for himself. I wasn't sure. All I was sure of was that I was being fucked and I was squirting again. Tim climbed back up to face me. He kissed me with his face wet from my pussy's cum and stuffed his revitalized cock back into my pussy. I grabbed my ankles and pulled them up above my head, so my hips tilted back and his cock went deep into me, hitting my g-spot. I was telling him how good he was fucking me, what I was feeling, it was right there, just right there -- keep it there and feel my pussy orgasm around his cock -- then cum. Cum on me. He pumped me a few more times and his body tensed -- he pulled out and came on my belly and chest, at the same time as my husband came on my chest and face.

As Tim rubbed his cum across my nipples with the head of his cock, my husband got a towel to clean me up. My husband came back to the bed with the towel and the bad news. It was 4:20am, and if Tim didn't leave right then his friends would be gone without him. They were getting up and leaving town at 5:00 am. He would have been fucked in an entirely different way than I had just been fucked. We kissed after he dressed, and in a surreal moment my husband shook his hand, as if thanking a business associate after a successful negotiation. Since Tim's friends were leaving in a caravan of cars, I suggested he call them and give them directions to our condo.

They could gather out front and meet him, and then leave from the parking lot. We brewed some coffee to help him wake up and sat around with me still nude until his friends honked their horns. It was about 5:30 am and just starting to get a little light out. I gave him a big kiss again and thanked him for the great night. As he joined his friends in the parking lot below, I walked out onto the balcony and waved goodbye. I was totally naked and wanted his friends to know he really got some last night! I'm sure he has a great, but true story to tell his buddies on their way home to San Diego.

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