tagNonHumanSouth Mountain Pack Ch. 02

South Mountain Pack Ch. 02


I would like to thank hcsd1719 for his help in editing and offering encouragement. Again, there are no actual sex scenes, since the main characters are underage. All italics indicate communication through the mental bond.

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While the men were all gathering food and refreshments, Carlo asked his son through their bond, "Son, are you ok? I know things are happening very quickly and I am afraid that I didn't prepare you enough, thinking that we had more time."

Anthony replied, "I'm just scared Dad, I mean what the hell? One minute I'm throwing a football back and forth, talking to my buds about practice and girls, and the next second I'm mated? Is it supposed to be like this, this all consuming urge? I can't even think about anything else, my brain is like mush right now, and I have football and schoolwork, not to mention my work at the store. Most of all I'm just scared of royally fucking this up; I have no clue what I'm supposed to be doing. And what the hell was that with Scott, I couldn't control myself, I wanted to hurt him and all he was doing was holding Sophia's hand. I feel the need to protect Sophia so bad that its making my stomach hurt, will it always like that?"

Carlo said to his son. "We will be talking about a lot of these issues in the basement, but don't worry about your intended mate, the house has been secured and she is with her mother, aunt and your mom, so she is safe. Just get something to eat, whatever you feel isn't discussed in the basement, we will talk about at home. "

Twenty minutes later all the men were assembled down in Frank's man cave. It was one of his favorite Christmas presents to himself. The 60" plasma was every man's dream, with the soundproofing insulation even the surround sound system couldn't penetrate outside the walls. There were three leather couches, recliners, bean bag chairs and along the back wall was a wet bar complete with a soda fountain machine.

Like all new homes that Carlucci Construction Company built for pack members, the interior and exterior walls and floors were built of a combination of steel, rebar and concrete. With a push of a button steel doors would enclose all of the windows from hidden pockets, even the sliding glass doors leading to the patios. All doors, interior and exterior were manufactured from steel and painted to look like wood. Each house also contained a safe room, with enough supplies to last several weeks and separate telephone, air and water filtration systems. There hadn't been any wars or skirmishes lately, but South Mountain Pack wasn't taking any chances with their pack members lives.

Frank made sure that the door to the man cave was securely shut and entered the access code so that it would beep if anyone attempted to enter the room. What was going to be discussed tonight was for the men only. Things would be said concerning the male psyche that their loving wives and daughters may not understand and Frank didn't want to sleep out on that damn lonely sofa.

"In case some of you didn't understand what was going on tonight, apparently Sophia is the intended mate of Anthony. I know that they are both young for this to happen; females are usually at least 17 and males 18 when this happens, but Luna works in mysterious ways and she must have a reason for this. I must emphasize that regardless of her reason, pack law MUST be obeyed. There can be no carnal knowledge of Sophia until she reaches her age of majority at 18, no kissing until she is 16. I cannot emphasize this enough Anthony. To disobey this law means banishment from the pack and it doesn't matter if you are my son or not," Alpha Rossi stated emphatically. "You cannot be alone with her for any reason, believe me I know the temptation is immense. What we need to do for both of your protection is to ensure that you are never alone. I'm not sure if any of you are aware of this or not, but every morning of a female weres birthday, from the age of 15 until she turns 18, she is brought to a Doctor who ensures that she has remained pure. If she is found to have been breached, there are harsh consequences for her and her partner. I do not want that to happen to either of you."

"These laws were put in place over 50 years ago to protect underage female weres from overzealous mates and predators and have protected them from unwanted attention not to mention rape. Not to make any one individual suffer Anthony. Believe me when I tell you that when I was dating your mother before she reached her age of majority, I thought my balls were going to fall off they were so blue. It got to the point that every time I looked at her, I got a chub and had to run to the bathroom and rub one out. Not to mention the times that she hugged me & I shot off in my pants. I got to the point that I had to carry extra clothes just to be safe."

"Ewww Dad, that is so disgusting and disturbing, I don't think I'll ever get those mental images out of my head. Thanks," said Anthony while he pretended to fake vomit. All the rest of the Carlucci boys had their hands over their mouths trying to keep the laughter inside, but failing miserably.

The Alpha looked at the Franks boys and smiled devilishly at them and said, "Don't laugh; it happens to all of us. Once we meet our mate, our only thought is to be with them physically. Your dad was in the middle of a football game once standing in the huddle right in the middle of the stadium and was watching your mom cheer on the sidelines and got so hard that he could barely move. He limped off the field and told Coach that he had a cramp but couldn't take his eyes off your mom and ended up shooting a load in his cup." At this pronouncement, everyone started laughing, including Frank. He hung his head down, before he raised it to his Alpha and best friend and said, "Yeah, but I ran for 150 yards that game." This brought even more laughter from the assembled men.

The Alpha next looked at Joe's sons and said, "Don't worry; your father wasn't any better. One of his moments occurred during a basketball game, we were standing courtside right at the doorway thankfully, waiting for the cheerleaders to finish up their half-time routine. I look over at your dad and nudged Frank and we quickly moved in front of him to block him from the crowds view. Your dad was sporting this huge erection while he stared at your mom. As soon as we did that, he doubled over and came right there in front of a crowd of hundreds, Frank and I almost fell over laughing, while your dad waddled back down the hall to the locker room to change." Joe looked at Frank and his best friend and mirrored Frank's response, "Yeah, but I scored 32 points that game." By now all of the boys were doubled over in laughter.

"Anthony, we are telling you these stories to show you that we understand what you are going through and to show our love and support. The main difference is you have to wait three years before you fully claim Sophia, while we only had to wait a year or so. This is going to be difficult for you, but with planning and family help we hope to make things easier on you," said Frank.

"You will be allowed over to our house anytime, as long as at least two of her brothers are home and they will never leave you alone with her. This shouldn't be a problem since Sophia was never left alone with less then four of her brothers before if her mother or I wasn't home. Also you are NOT allowed upstairs for any reason, you must remain in the main floor family room, kitchen area and dining area. When you are in the game room, if you are here with the boys', that is ok, if you are with Sophia, you must again have at least two of her brothers with you. Any questions so far?" Frank asked.

"You may pick her up and drive her to school, again as long as two of her brothers accompany you. After school you generally have football or basketball practice and she has cheerleader practice which ends about an hour before yours does. Her mother or Aunt Annie always took turns picking the girls up, which will continue like always. You will be allowed to hold her hand during school hours and basically whenever you feel like it, remember during school hours there will be twelve boys keeping an eye on you plus Maria. Also the faculty at school will be made aware that you are mates and will be observing the two of you to make sure that you are following the rules. Behave yourself and we won't have to take any of these privileges away. I feel like your father and I have been pretty generous with all of this so far," Frank stated firmly.

"Do you have any questions or comments so far son," Carlo asked his son.

"Yeah dad, I want to start driving Sophia to school but according to the rules, I can't because my sports car is only a two seater," Anthony looked at Gianni and Marcus and asked them if they could come over and pick him up this way they would already have Sophia in their truck.

"Don't worry about that son, I'll call Vinnie at the Ford dealership tomorrow and arrange for you to get a new truck, one of the 4 x 4, extended cab F-150's. Since you will be driving Sophia around, her father and I will feel much better if it is a reliable all weather vehicle. We should be able to pick it up by Monday afternoon. You'll work out the payments by putting in a couple of extra hours every week in the store," stated Carlo.

"Before I forget," Frank said, "Your grades must stay at the grade point average that they are right now. I do not want either of you to fall behind in your school work, if your teachers notify us that your grades are slipping, privileges will be suspended until your grades come up. Your dad tells me that you are planning on attending the University of Maryland to study Business Administration after you graduate from South Mountain High School. I hope that you don't change your mind, you will need to keep those stores profitable to be able to afford my daughter and her shoe and pocketbook obsession." At the mention of Sophia and her shopping habits, all the men started laughing hysterically, except for Anthony who just looked bewildered.

"I hope that you like shopping Ant, Sophia spends every Saturday morning with Maria at the local malls and boutiques, and if you want to spend time with her, she'll expect you to be with her as well. Dad and Uncle Joe always made six of us accompany them and it is my least favorite thing to do, but with you there and being tortured along with the rest of us, it may not be so bad," Gianni started laughing and the rest of the boys laughed too.

"Be prepared to answer her questions too and help her pick out outfits," Gino said.

"Do these pants make my butt look big, are these shorts too short, is this shirt too tight across my chest, do these shoes make my ankles look fat, do these pants match this blouse," Sal volunteered in a high falsetto.

"Should I get this pocketbook or that one, which headband should I get, would these shorts look better with my KEDS or should I look for another pair, can you see my bra strap through the back," Vincent answered in a matching falsetto.

At the mention of lingerie Anthony wondered if he would be helping her pick out those outfits too. With that thought his cock got even harder if possible. With a glance at her father, he looked at her brothers and asked with a croak in his voice, "Does she, umm, do any lingerie shopping?"

"Not with you around she won't," roared Frank. The boys, Carlo and Joe roared out their laughter at the crestfallen look on Anthony's face. Even Frank had to laugh.

"Your protection and combat skills will be put to use carrying her bags and holding her pocketbook while her and Maria browse row upon row of things they just have to look at and try on," supplied Michael.

"I'll do whatever she wants me to, except hold her pocketbook, I'm NOT holding her pocketbook," Anthony declared and then was silent for several moments, then blurted out, "Well, if she asked me to do that, I would even do that."

Hanging his head down, he looked up at her brothers and cousins and pleaded, "Damn, we haven't even been on an official date and I'm already whipped, please don't let her know that I just said that. I'll do anything that she wants. I am in so much trouble aren't I?" He asked this question of no one in particular, but all of the men just started laughing even harder to the point that Frank was wiping tears from his eyes.

Anthony glared at the Carlucci Clan and said, "Just wait until this happens to you, and then see how much sympathy I give you." He leaned back in his chair and pulled the pillow up against his chest and started moaning, "God, I can smell her on this chair and this pillow, all I want to do is cuddle with it. What the hell is the matter with me????"

"You want us to give you some alone time with the pillow, you perv?" questioned Dominic. Anthony threw the pillow at him, then realizing that he threw the Sophia scented pillow away, he sprinted after it revealing his fully engorged cock tenting out his board shorts and the room erupted in ear splitting laughter. Anthony didn't care at this point; he just wanted his Sophia scented pillow back and he wondered if he could sneak it home with him tonight.

"Let my poor son be," said Alpha Rossi though he was laughing as hard as everybody else. "Frank, should I tell Anthony a story that will make him feel better?"

Frank just looked at him and said, "I'm sorry Carlo but I have no idea what you are referring to, and if you want me to put that addition onto your greenhouse within the next decade, I think you will forget it too."

At this Joe laughed and said, "Don't worry about it Carlo, I'll tell the story, my brother and I have a mutual understanding and I owe him for ratting me out to Annie that I sneaked a cigar at last months poker game."

The room waited anxiously as Joe got up and got three more beers and handed one each to the Alpha and Frank and then popped his open. "Boys, your father is a rather twisted individual. He wanted your mom so bad and it was still months until her 18th birthday that he was basically a walking erection. He noticed she had left her hat inside his truck and he took advantage of it using it for nefarious purposes in his bedroom, if you know what I mean. Thinking that he could just clean it up, he brought it downstairs not realizing that she had come over because she needed it for cheerleading practice that evening. Your mom was standing there talking with our dad as he walked into the kitchen on the way to the laundry room with the hat in his hand. She smiled sweetly to him, grabbed it out of his hand, leaned in and kissed him. He was so shocked that he couldn't move or say anything, then as she was putting it on her head, a long strand of cum fell out of it and landed right on her face. We heard her scream and then saw her run out of the house. She didn't talk to your dad for almost a week and he followed her around school and town like a little lost puppy and she made him buy her a new hat. It was wonderful to watch him grovel."

The boys were on the floor laughing at this point and could barely breathe. Enzo asked his father, "Is that why mom always looks inside her hat before she puts it on and looks at you?" which brought out even more bouts of laughter. Even Frank had to laugh at that because Rose would always look inside her hats and then glance at him before she put it on, and this was 20 years later.

"What can I say? That woman turns me inside out even 20 years later, I look at her and still get hard every time that I see her, how do you think the eight of you got here?" Frank emphatically stated.

"Ewww", "Gross", "That's disgusting", "Damn Dad, that's mom that you're talking about", "My ears, my ears" were only some of the comments that the older men heard and laughed about.

"Well Carlo, for bringing up that mortifying memory, I'll provide the children with one of your tales," Frank stated with a gleam in his eyes.

"Anthony, did your dad ever tell the story of how he figured out your mom was his mate? Or did he give you the cleaned up decent version?" asked Frank.

"He always told me that he was on mandatory sabbatical with you and Mr. JC for two months the summer between junior and senior years and the three of you had come back home for the start of football practice. If I remember the story correctly he was driving down Main Street and noticed mom walking with Mrs. C and Mrs. JC and was instantly in love," said Anthony.

"Ahh, that would be the cleaned up decent version," said Joe. He wished that those mandatory sabbaticals still occurred, they had been tons of fun and he wished that his kids could experience something like that.

"Well, parts of that are true; we were driving down Main Street on the way to Fred's to get some ice cream and he did see your mom walking with Rose and Annie. The rest of the story he seems to have neglected to tell you," Frank said with a smirk directed at Carlo. Carlo just hunched down in his chair and wished that he was somewhere else, anywhere else.

"As we were driving down Main Street, we had the windows down and were joking about starting football practice, discussing girls and my and Joe's frustration in keeping our hormones under control regarding our mates. Your dad was laughing at us and said that nothing like that would ever happen to him that he had more control over himself then we did. All of a sudden he slammed on the brakes, causing us to get rear-ended from the car behind us; we rammed into two parked cars side-swiping them and he ran his pick-up on the curb almost hitting two people who were walking down the sidewalk," Frank was laughing so hard he couldn't continue talking. The boys just looked at their Alpha and couldn't imagine him losing control like that, but laughing at him just the same.

"After the truck came to a stop, he leapt out and ran over to your mom and tackled her to the ground. Now you have to remember that we had all grown up together and he had never shown any interest or desire in your mom to get the correct mental image of this, but while we attended sabbatical she had turned 17. She lay there on the ground with her mouth opened in shock then started screaming. Carlo kept sniffing her neck and hair and started shouting "MINE" at the top of his voice, then he started dry-humping her. Right in the middle of Main Street in front of a crowd of people," Joe said as he had tears pouring out of his eyes he was laughing so hard. Carlo at this point had his hands over his face refusing to look at anyone, but thinking back to that day and smiling with satisfaction at the thought of his Gina.

"Gina kept screaming, Carlo kept screaming "MINE" and sniffing her neck and hair and then all of a sudden he came. Right in the middle of Main Street with a crowd of people looking at them and laughing. Gina was mortified and started hitting him on his back. Several older pack members tried separating them and Carlo was growling at everybody to stay away from her. He finally stood up still holding Gina, with this huge wet spot on his shorts and turned around and there was Gina's dad and four brothers. Her dad had this smile on his face and said, "Boy is there something you need to tell me or ask me", Carlo just looked right back at him and replied, "I think Gina may be my mate" to which her dad replied, "After that little show, she better be your mate." He came up and slapped him on his back and welcomed him to the family. That's the story of how the two Alphas' found out they were mates," Frank said as he finished the story. The boys at this point were gasping for breath because they were laughing so hard.

Frank got up and got the three adults another beer. He was happy that Anthony had chosen Sophia as his mate and he wondered if Maria would soon be claimed, he looked at Joe and asked through the family bond, making sure to include Carlos, "Do you think it will happen to Maria next?"

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