tagNonHumanSouth Mountain Pack Ch. 07

South Mountain Pack Ch. 07


I would like to thank hcsd1719 for his help in editing and offering encouragement. Again, there are no actual sex scenes, since the main characters are underage. All italics indicate communication through the mental bond.

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Friday morning was a busy day at Robertson's Sporting Goods Store; it was full of anxious fathers and their youngsters checking the list Frank had emailed against what they needed to buy: family size tent, sleeping bag, hiking boots, swimsuit, towel, shorts, t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, backpack with supplies for the session.

It was hard to tell who was more anxious and excited, the fathers or the youngsters. The youngsters were excited because it was an overnight training session and they were going to be away from home, some for the first time. The men were excited for some male bonding time and had their own mental checklist: alcohol, cigars and money, because when the men got together, Poker topped their agenda, specifically Texas Hold-Em. They knew while the youngsters were training they would be busy, but when the youngsters went to bed, drinking and socializing would commence without their mates to monitor them and it was time to let off some steam.

At noon, Alpha and Madame Alpha Rossi rang the doorbell of the Miller household as the sounds of laughter and girls squealing could be heard from inside the home. The Rossi's looked at each other and laughed, as the door was opened by Todd who welcomed his new Alpha's into the home. Todd brought Holly forward for a formal introduction and she thanked the Alpha's for the stocked refrigerator and cabinets, saying it was completely unexpected but extremely welcome. Todd's mother and father, Nana Ellen and Papa Mike were the next to be formally introduced. As each adult was welcomed and scented by the Alpha's they felt the Alpha Bond grow, like tiny gossamer threads linking them to each other.

The house had gotten eerily quiet and the Alpha's looked up to the second floor landing and saw ten beautiful girls staring down at them. The first thing the Alpha's noticed was their eyes, grey eyes so light in color they appeared silver. They had jet black hair pulled back into ponytails, and it was so dark it appeared to have blue highlights as the sun hit it from the upper foyer window and they were so fair it looked like they hadn't been in the sunlight for years. They were all dressed alike, beige shorts with white t-shirts with 'Miller' written across the left chest pocket. The Alpha's smiled at the girls hoping to ease the anxiety evident in their eyes.

Todd had noticed where the Alpha's were looking and upon seeing his daughters, he smiled and said, "Millers, step forward." The girls came down the stairs and lined up according to age, waiting on their father to introduce them to their new Alpha's.

"Alpha Rossi, Madame Alpha Rossi I would like to introduce you to my daughters Brianna, Morgan, Caitlin, Erin, Kelly, Aislin, Fallon, Shannon, Fiona and Maeve," said Todd with pride in his voice. As each name was announced, each girl stepped forward with her head bowed and let the Alpha's scent her, feeling the bond grow.

Holly asked the Alpha's to join the family in the living room to get more comfortable and refreshments were brought in and served.

"Did you find the directory on the counter? Phillip, who runs the floral shop, put it together when he and his mate Matthew moved here, they wrote everything down they felt was useful and we have expanded on their idea so you can easily navigate your way around. It contains directions and information to The Manor House, training areas, high school, shopping, restaurants and many more businesses. There is also a complete list of Pack members including names, position, addresses, and phone numbers. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to call anyone in the Pack," said Alpha Carlo.

"Tomorrow night you will be formally introduced at the Full Moon Ceremony," said Alpha Carlo. "Up until that time, I would like for you to remain at your home and get settled, as we would like to make your introduction a surprise. Todd, in the discussions we had, I don't believe you mentioned how old your daughters were, just that they were teenagers."

Holly replied, "Brianna and Morgan are 17, Caitlin and Erin are 16, Kelly and Aislin are 15, Fallon and Shannon are 14, and Fiona and Maeve are 13. This will be Kelly and Aislin's first shift. In our old Pack, the youngsters that hadn't shifted were excluded from the ceremony and were sequestered, so this will be new to them."

"We believe all members should be included in the ceremony, no matter how young they are. There are activities for the youngsters and they do s'mores over the bonfire, have a sing-along, play games or just socialize," said Madame Gina.

"When it is time for the Pack Run, each family has their own cabin to change and shift if they want privacy and you will temporarily be assigned the guest cabin until one can be built for you. First time shifters are brought to a clearing to be surrounded by their family while they undergo their change while maintaining privacy," said Alpha Carlo with a smile to the girls.

"Girls, on Sunday you will be given a tour of your new school by Principal Richards. I know not all of you are old enough to attend high school, but I think it best if all of you take the tour. We have one of the highest rated high schools in the State of MD, and our students consistently test in the upper 10% and we expect all of you to maintain those standards," continued Alpha Carlo.

"To welcome you, we have bags for each of the girls containing t-shirts, shorts and sweatshirts with the school logo on them. From Aldo, who is head of school security, there are binders with school rules and emergency procedures. There are also gifts from local Pack businesses," said Madame Gina. "If it's okay with your parents, you are welcome to look at them now." With a nod from Todd, the girls ran out of the room to get the bags from the foyer and came right back opening them and whispering to each other over the contents.

"In the upcoming week, everyone will be assessed by Frank and Joe Carlucci, who are in charge in Pack security, as to your skill levels in defense and combat. We have training sessions weekly for defense and physical combat and we also have training sessions for First Aid, cooking classes for the men, auto mechanics, survival skills, hunting and tracking and we have recently added defensive driving and Urban Camouflage," said Alpha Rossi. "Todd, as a Beta coming from another Pack, if you find we are missing something in our training, please let us know. We are always looking for new ways to improve the safety of our Pack."

"Girls, why don't you go upstairs and finish unpacking, there are things the adults need to talk about regarding Pack policies," said Todd. Each girl grabbed their bag and smiled shyly as they thanked the Alpha's as they left the room.

"Let's go into the study, its sound-proof so we can continue this conversation in private," said Alpha Carlo. "This will also give me a chance to show you how your security system works. There is a hidden camera in the vent system in the hall so we will see the girls if they need you." He showed the Millers where the access button was to open the security panel and powered the system up, lights started flashing and monitors came to life.

Alpha Carlo, Todd and Papa Mike walked around the house and made sure all the windows and doors were securely locked and warned the girls not to open them as they were testing the security system. Todd told the girls they would be in the study if they needed them, but not to need them for a while. All the girls smiled at their Dad, this was another expression of his that he liked to tell them a lot.

"I would like to invite the two of you to join us on Tuesdays at The Manor House for the women's lunch group. Everyone brings their own lunch and we take turns making dessert. It gives us a good opportunity to catch up on Pack gossip and to be quite honest, a good opportunity to get away from our mates," said Madame Gina with a laugh as they waited for the men to rejoin them.

The men went back to the study and Alpha Carlo showed the Millers how to use the security system. He gave them a diagram of the house showing the placement of the hidden cameras and audio systems and also where all the alarm buttons were located. Alpha Carlo said when they were done talking he would show the whole family how to access the safe room which contained dedicated telephone, electrical, plumbing and air systems as well as a backup battery-powered generator.

"Damn, whoever designed these safety features has got to be paranoid and probably psychopathic. There are safety measures backed by more safety measures. I've never seen anything like this before, have you Dad?" asked Todd. His father shook his head no and was staring at the hidden panel where the system was located, still trying to figure out how it had been concealed behind the built in bookcase.

Alpha Carlo started laughing, "You have described my top two Beta's perfectly. As I told you before, Frank and Joe are also your neighbors. I know they are anxious to meet you to get your opinion on the security used in your previous Pack. Now what was it you wished to discuss?"

Todd looked at his wife and parents and they nodded at Todd who took a deep breath and said, "Alpha Rossi, please forgive me for this, but there is something I need to ask to make sure of for the safety of my family. My daughters are my life and I will do anything to protect them. The bonds and commands I had with my previous Alpha have been broken and this is enabling me to speak about this for the first time."

"Alpha, you told me when I first approached you that your Pack doesn't participate in a mate rut, correct? I know a mate rut is normal for most Packs, but not the way our former Pack did theirs," Todd took another deep breath and grabbed Holly's hand as he continued, "All of the unmated females were forced to service the unmated males from our Pack and two others as soon as they turned 18 and this would continue until they were claimed by their mates. The thought of our daughters being raped and forced to participate in this was the reason we wanted to leave our old Pack. I am sorry I couldn't tell you everything when I approached you, but I was desperate and bound by the Alpha command."

Carlo tilted his head back and growled loudly, his fists clenching and unclenching. Gina immediately grabbed his hand to calm him down and it took several minutes before he got his wolf under control. Todd looked at him and misinterpreted his response thinking his Alpha was mad at him and tilted his head in a submissive posture but Carlo waved it away and said, "Todd, I am not mad at you. It makes me furious female Weres are treated this way in your old Pack."

Carlo sat back and thought about the Miller girls, he couldn't imagine the desperation Todd and Holly had felt in trying to protect their daughters, and he didn't even want to think of Frank and Joe's reaction when they heard this news. He asked Todd if it was okay if they came over so they could hear this and Todd nodded his head. He contacted them through the bond and told them to come immediately. His next thought was the Alpha Council; they had to be made aware of this, but he needed all the information before making the call.

Frank and Joe arrived within minutes, introductions were made and Carlo brought them up to date on what Todd had told him. Both men acted as Carlo had predicted, low growls were coming from their throats at the thought of their daughters being forced to have sex with numerous men.

"Let me start off by saying NO ONE is forced to have sexual relations in this Pack and if we find that any male forces a female they are brought before the Tribunal. We teach our males that female Weres are to be protected, respected and cherished and you will find the males are extremely protective of the females in their family and their intended mates," said Alpha Carlo.

"Todd, I have to let the Alpha Council know about this situation, and I will contact them as soon as we leave here. This goes against every edict the Council has initiated to protect females and their safety will be the Councils first priority. The second priority will be finding everyone who is guilty and bring them before the Tribunal for judgement," stated Carlo firmly. "I cannot believe this has been going on and the Council was unaware of this."

"Alpha, we were forbidden from talking about this through the Alpha Command. Also no one attended Council meetings, except the Alpha, his brother and the top Beta. I was only able to attend the last meeting because the top Betas were unable to go and I was asked," said Todd with his head bowed. "All communication in and out of the Pack is also monitored, remember I had to talk on a payphone and I was afraid of being discovered. Very few people are allowed to leave the Pack grounds without security people monitoring their every movement."

"We have been trying for the last three years to make arrangements in secret for us to leave before our daughters came of age. We knew with South Mountain Packs reputation you would be strong enough to protect our family, but if you would not have accepted us before Brianna and Morgan turned 18, we would have left in the middle of the night with nowhere to go," as Todd said this he put his arm around Holly and held her tight.

"Son, you would not have been alone, we would have gone with you anywhere and done anything to protect you, Holly and our granddaughters," Papa Mike said as he looked at his son. Todd looked at his father and nodded his head as tears gathered in both of their eyes.

"You told me on our first meeting there were other families that wanted to leave, correct?" asked Carlo.

"My sister Sage and her family," said Holly with tears in her eyes as Todd continued to hold his mate. "My parents stayed behind to help protect them, their oldest daughters are thirteen. I didn't want to leave them behind, but Sage and her mate convinced us to leave while we had a chance to save our daughters. I promised them if they weren't safe by the time the twins turned seventeen, we would go back and kidnap them if necessary."

"Alpha Rossi, there are other families also," said Papa Miller. "All of the families with daughters are scared, but it is not just the girls who are being harmed by this either. If the girls do not come forward to be presented to the unmated males, then their fathers, brothers even grandfathers are brought into the combat circle with their hands tied behind their back and forced to fight until the girls present themselves. Most of the girls come forward immediately because the males are helpless, and they know from past experience some males have been left crippled and maimed for life and there have even been a few that have died."

"You know about the girls that ran away; we think they were sold to rogues because their parents spoke out. This is how they exert control, they threaten the parents with the children, and they keep the children under control by harming the parents," said Todd as he grimaced. "Our girls didn't even sleep in our quarters; all the children were housed in one large room on bunk beds so they had complete control of them."

"How long has this been going on?" asked Frank who was clenching and unclenching his fists.

"The last five years. Alpha Davis is getting old and I have a suspicion he is being drugged by his brother Charles. Charles is a sadistic lazy arrogant bastard and has pretty much taken over, and is letting two of the surrounding Packs worm their way in. Anyone who tries to protest or leave is sanctioned by Charles' special security force and whole families have even disappeared. The story they present is they moved away, but we know better," said Papa Mike with a helpless look in his eyes.

"I'm still not sure why they allowed us to move away, unless they thought we were already under your protection Alpha Rossi and you would raise questions if we were not allowed to move or something happened to us. I know for a fact Charles and his security force are scared of you and particularly Frank and Joe," said Todd as he looked at the three men.

"Yeah, we know Charles. When we attended sabbaticals years ago, Carlo, Frank and I were chosen to spar against him and eight of his Pack members, nine against three. Frank broke his leg with a sweep, and Carlo broke his arm when he threw him across the room. I didn't get a piece of him, but I took down several of his Pack mates," said Joe with a smirk on his face. "I'd like to get a piece of him now." Carlo and Frank nodded their heads in agreement.

"Until this matter is resolved, we will take extra precautions to ensure your safety and we will go over the increased security requirements with Matt and Phillip tomorrow. I will make sure the Council is discreet, but word may still leak out and I wouldn't put it past Charles to send some of his more zealous security people here to observe you and your family," said Alpha Carlo.

Todd looked at his wife and parents and they nodded their heads, "This sounds fine to us, anything you feel is appropriate we will do. After the stress our girls have been forced to live under for the last five years, we just want them to be normal teenage female Weres. You know what I mean, worry about clothes, boys, makeup, school and whatever it is that makes them giggle so much. We haven't heard them giggle much in the last five years and I could have listened to them for hours this morning. They are good girls, but they've had to mature faster then they should have watching their older friends being forced to..." Todd couldn't finish as he hung his head down and Holly rubbed his shoulder and grasped his hand tightly.

"Todd, those granddaughters of mine are stronger then you think, and they realize everything you and Holly have done to protect them," said Nana Miller firmly. "I can feel the change in them already, it's been a long time since I've heard them laughing and as we sat in the kitchen earlier, it was the most beautiful music I have ever heard." All the adults smiled, knowing exactly what she meant.

"Have you had a chance to check your belongings to see if any listening devices were implanted in them? Knowing how devious Charles is, I wouldn't put it past him to do this," said Frank looking at Joe who nodded in agreement. "Don't worry this room is soundproof, so is your basement rec room and the safe room. The rest of the house being made of concrete, steel and rebar naturally distorts sounds waves."

"You must be the paranoid one," said Papa Miller with a laugh as Todd shook his head no and said, "We never thought of anything like that."

"I'll give you a wireless detector, I have a spare in my truck," said Joe. "Make sure you run it over everything you brought with you and make sure you do your cars. You should check your house when somebody comes over you are unfamiliar with and also do random checks."

"You must be the psychopathic one," said Todd as he smiled. "We've never seen security measures like this before. What we have in the house is more then we had in The Lodge, at least as far as I was aware and I was number four Beta."

"Every family has a wireless detector and Electronic Surveillance is one of the training sessions you will take," said Frank looking at the Millers. "The course is designed to detect and disable listening and tracking devices, and also how to plant them. It is taught by a Pack member who is a former CIA agent."

"We will talk about the training classes tomorrow evening, right now we have to get ready for tonight's training session. We would have had your girls join us if we didn't think it would cause a disturbance," said Joe with a laugh. "Your family is the first we have known that has more then one girl."

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