tagNonHumanSouth Mountain Pack Ch. 12

South Mountain Pack Ch. 12


I would like to thank hcsd1719 for his help in editing and offering encouragement. Again, there are no actual sex scenes, since the main characters are underage. All italics indicate communication through the mental bond.

The complete list of Pack members is on the blog, but if anyone would like an excel spreadsheet of the 'cheat sheet' of Pack members, please send me an email and I would be happy to provide one for you. I would like to thank mrtdust1 for his invaluable help in putting the cheat sheet on an excel spread sheet that can be added to as details are revealed.

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Forty minutes later Joe and Victor were pacing frantically back and forth in the waiting room of Doc's clinic while Annie and Alberto were in the examination room with Maria. Joe could feel his agitation rising with every step he took...that was HIS daughter in there and he didn't like the feeling of being replaced, pushed aside, usurped by that...

"Joe, your daughter wants to see you," said Doc motioning for Joe to follow him.

"About fucking time somebody remembered I was here," muttered Joe angrily as he hurried after Doc.

Victor sat in one of the hard-backed chairs and said, "Sal, we don't know anything yet, Doc just came to get Dad, Maria was asking for him. I'm really worried."

"You want me to come there? Everybody else went home, Madame Gina says they'll do the safe room tomorrow, but the family is here," replied Sal. "Mom and Dad were waiting to hear from your parents."

"Maybe Aunt Rose, Uncle Frank and you," said Victor. "I think Dad's about to lose it, when we were here in the waiting room, he was so angry I thought he was going to pop a vessel."

Sal quickly relayed the information to his family and before he finished his mom and dad were running out the door. "We're on our way; see you in a couple of minutes."

"Sit down, Joe," said Doc as they walked into the large examination room. He nodded his head but first hugged his daughter and seeing her holding hands with Alberto, he felt the anger build up in him again as he thought that should be him comforting his daughter. Annie could feel her mates' agitation and gently rubbed his forearm to try and calm him down.

"I took three x-rays and they show Maria has a Class IV Monteggia Fracture and I recommend she have Open Reduction Internal Fixation Surgery," said Doc as he looked at Joe before pointing to her x-rays.

"Doc, I don't understand a fucking thing you just said," said Joe as he started getting upset again.

"Basically, the first break to her ulna wasn't fully healed and when she fell, the stress re-fractured the bone and caused the radius to fracture and dislocate at the elbow. I feel surgery to insert two titanium plates would give the bones extra stability while they healed," said Doc as he pointed at the x-rays. "Once the breaks are fully healed, she would need another surgery to remove the titanium plates."

Joe looked at his daughter who was hooked up to an IV and appeared to be resting and said, "Can you do the surgery here?"

"I could do the surgery Joe, but I've only ever done one like this before and that was in Med School," said Doc as ran his hand through his hair. "I had Carlo contact Alpha Parr, their Pack has one of the best orthopedic surgeons on the East Coast and he's on staff at Johns Hopkins as well as Union Memorial Hospital. They are willing to send the Doctor here, so I can observe to remove the plate later."

"How soon can he get here?" asked Joe as he winced when he saw Maria's face grimace in pain.

"Alpha Parr has a helicopter so they can be here in less then an hour," said Doc as he adjusted the drip on Maria's IV, and then was silent for several moments. "Carlo said they'll be here in less then forty minutes, they left when he contacted them and they are bringing a surgical team with them. If you'll excuse me, I need to finish getting the operating room ready and then I'll come in and finish prepping Maria." He nodded at them and quickly left the room.

Joe continued to stare at his daughter and then abruptly got up and left the room returning minutes later with Frank and Rose. He told them everything Doc had said and the two brothers stared at each other and Frank said, "What do you need us to do? The youngsters are at the house with Ric, Rocco and Luc so they're fine."

"There's nothing to do, my baby's getting operated on and there's not a fucking thing I can do. I've never felt so damn helpless in my entire life," said Joe grabbing his hair as if he was going to pull it out by the root a handful at a time.

"Dad, I hate bothering you, but how's Maria doing?" said Vin and Frank could hear the concern in his voice.

"They're getting ready to take her into surgery, we're waiting for the surgeon to arrive from Parr Ridge Pack and I have no idea how long the surgery is going to take," said Frank to the youngsters. "She's on some pretty strong pain meds so she's pretty much out of it now."

"Do you need us to do anything, Dad?" asked Vin worriedly. "How are Uncle Joe, Aunt Annie and Alberto holding up?"

"Your Aunt is calm, Alberto is holding onto Maria's hand with a death grip and your Uncle is losing his fucking mind," said Frank as he glanced at his brother who sat staring unblinkingly at Maria. "I'll let you know what's going on as soon as we hear anything else."

Seeing Maria grimace again, Joe jumped to his feet and ran to the door shouting, "DOC, GET YOUR FUCKING ASS IN HERE NOW."

Doc hurried in and immediately went to Maria's side and checked the pulse in her broken arm and the monitors before looking around and asking, "What happened?"

"SHE'S IN FUCKING PAIN, DO SOMETHING," shouted Joe as he waved his hands in the air.

Maria exhaled loudly and said with her eyes closed, "Calm down Daddy, you're making me more nervous. I'm okay, it just hurts when I move it when I'm sleeping and it wakes me up."

"Joe, I can't give her any more pain meds. I don't want them to interfere with the anesthesia," explained Doc while he checked the IV line again.

"Well, where the fuck are they? They should have been here by now," Joe said angrily as he waved his arms in the air again.

"It's only been twenty minutes Joe, they'll be here soon. Now I'd like everyone to leave the room, except for Annie and Rose. We need to start prepping her," said Doc in a firm voice.


"Joe, you need to calm down," said Annie in a soothing voice as she rubbed her hands up and down his forearms.

"Fuck calming down, they're trying to take my daughter away from me," Joe said angrily as his claws started to extend.

"Joe, you're losing it baby brother. Nobody is trying to take your daughter away, they need to prepare her for surgery," explained Frank in a calm voice. "She's a teenage girl, she'll be uncomfortable with you in the room when they undress her to put on a hospital gown and I'm sure you'll see her before the surgery."

Before Joe could reply, Carlo walked into the examination room and said in a calm firm voice, "They'll be landing in fifteen minutes, Frank, Joe and Alberto will you accompany me outside? We need to check the helipad quickly to make sure it's safe for them to land." When Joe made no movement to follow Carlo's instructions, Carlo said in a firmer tone, "JOE."

"Huh?" Joe said as he looked at his Alpha, noticing him for the first time.

"He's losing it Carlo, look at his eyes," said Frank as he continued to stare at his brother whose eyes were flickering between green and amber. "Come on baby brother, we need to make sure it's safe for the helicopter. Let Rose and Annie help get Maria ready and by the time we're done she'll be changed into a hospital gown and you can come back in."

"I'll be fine Daddy," whispered Maria as she slowly opened her eyes and nodded her head.

Joe looked at Annie and said, "You promise she'll be here when I get back?"

"I promise Joe, now go," said Annie as she hugged him tightly.

When the men got outside, Carmelo, Angelo and Vinnie were walking around the helipad. Seeing the angry look on Joe's face, the men didn't ask about Maria but glanced at Frank who shrugged his shoulders as he turned his head to look at his brother who was staring off towards the top of South Mountain.

"I'm glad we installed the helipad when we built the Clinic," Carlo said as he glanced at his watch. "Remind me tomorrow to buy a fucking helicopter, we should have one here at all times. Dante can help me pick one out."

Frank looked at Carlo and nodded his head and then said, "Where is he? I just noticed he's not with you."

"He's in the Archive Room, said he needed to look something up," said Carlo with a shrug. "The whole way back from your house, he kept muttering something about myths and legends. I asked him what he was talking about but he said he had to make sure before he said anything."

Frank glanced at Carlo with a questioning look but shook his head as if to clear his thoughts before looking at Carmelo as he asked, "Were the safety checks done?"

Carmelo nodded his head as he glanced at the checklist in his hand and said, "The area has been swept, we checked the surface and there is no debris, Vinnie checked the windsock on the roof to make sure it is free to move around and the perimeter lights are turned on and are all functioning."

The men got quiet as Carlo's phone rang, "Rossi here...five minutes...the helipad is ready for you to land...we will be waiting." He glanced at the men and said, "You heard my part of the conversation, Joe go and see Maria."

Joe spun around running into the building and he noticed Victor and Sal in the waiting room. Seeing the concerned look on their faces he motioned with his head for them to follow him and they ran down the hall to Maria who was now lying on a stretcher, her hair in a surgical cap and she was wearing a hospital gown.

Frank glanced at Alberto and walked over to him saying quietly, "Let Joe have some time with Maria and then you can go in. He's not upset with you; he's worried about his daughter." Alberto nodded his head and Frank looked at him and smiled, "You think you're protective of Maria now? Wait until you find out she's pregnant and when the little one gets here, you'll go nuts worrying about everything. As they get older the worry never goes away, you just get used to it."

"They're coming," said Vinnie as he pointed to the top of South Mountain where a helicopter became visible.

"Doc, they'll be here in a couple of minutes," said Carlo as the men moved into the back door of the Clinic so they would be out of the helicopters rotor wash. Within minutes the helicopter landed and out stepped three men and three women who grabbed bags before ducking and running into the building.

"Where is the patient?" a tall black haired man with light brown eyes asked in an arrogant tone as he glanced at his watch and shook his head.

Seeing the look of anger starting to build on Carlo's face, Frank said, "I'm not sure if you remember me Eric it's been several years, I'm Frank Carlucci and the patient is my niece Ma ..."

"Kindly address me as Dr. Parr and I know who you are and I don't care, now take me to the patient," said Dr. Parr as he interrupted Frank. He sighed loudly before narrowing his eyes as he glanced at his watch again. "I want to get the surgery done as soon as possible and get out of here; I have tickets to the Symphony tonight, this couldn't have come at a worse time."

Frank took several calming breaths and said, "Please follow me and I'll take you to my niece."

As they walked into the room Doc Sullivan came forward and said, "Thank you for coming Dr. Parr, this is Maria Carlucci, she is the daughter of..."

"As I mentioned to the other one, I don't care who she is the daughter of. Let me look at the x-rays then I would like to scrub in," said Dr. Parr before moving to the wall where the x-rays were illuminated. Hearing movement behind him, he turned and saw Carlo, Alberto and Alpha Parr walk into the room and seeing Alberto go to Maria's side and hold her hand, he said, "She's awfully young to have a mate."

Alberto stood up to his full height of 6'5" and said angrily, "I am her intended mate; I made my declaration weeks ago."

Without acknowledging Alberto, Dr. Parr turned to Doc and said, "Is there a history of violence or abuse? The fracture doesn't seem normal; it's almost as if there was a lot of pressure applied to the bone."

Doc and Frank stepped in front of Joe and Alberto who were growling angrily. Carlo strode forward anger apparent in every step until he stood in front of Dr. Parr and he said in a clear commanding tone, "She fell in front of young ones and her family while playing tag. Let me make this clear to you Dr. Parr, there has never been and will never be violence against women in our Pack."

"Cousin, if I were you, I would stop the arrogant condescending attitude and do your fucking job," Alpha Savannah Parr said angrily, her light blue eyes flashing amber as she stood to her full height of 5'9". She turned to Carlo and said quietly, "Carlo, Joe, Frank and Maria's intended mate, I apologize for my cousin and will take his attitude into consideration when we discuss repayment."

Dr. Parr rolled his eyes and looked at Doc before saying, "I need to scrub." Without waiting for a response he walked out of the room, shouting angrily to his colleagues to find out where they were.

"Again, I apologize for my cousin," said Savannah, rubbing the back of her neck as she glanced around the room. "In his defense he is a brilliant surgeon...and I wish I could say he didn't usually act this way, but unfortunately he's like this all the time. My Pack is used to it, and we ignore it...we tell ourselves he's just been in a very bad mood his entire life." As Savannah began to laugh the tension disappeared from the room and they began to relax.

Doc Sullivan came in the room and said quietly, "It's time to move Maria to the operating room now." Annie, Rose, Frank and Joe leaned down and kissed her and then moved back to give Alberto some privacy.

Alberto scented her neck deeply and once he calmed down he leaned back to look deep into her emerald eyes which were fluttering open and closed as she struggled to stay awake. His hand gently tucked stray strands of hair into her surgical cap before moving down to caress her cheek as he whispered, "I love you, Gattina."

"You should, I'm fabulous," she whispered as she fell asleep with a smile on her face. Hearing Maria's response to Alberto's declaration, the four elder Carlucci's started laughing quietly while Victor and Sal rolled their eyes.

As Doc and one of Dr. Parr's assistants rolled the stretcher out of the room, he stopped and looked at the Carlucci's and Alberto before saying, "I'll make sure she's well taken care of."

"Thank you, Doc," said Annie softly as she clung to Joe's arm who continued to stare at his little girl. He stepped out into the hall and watched as they brought her into the surgical suite and terror gripped his heart.

"They're taking her into surgery now," Frank said to the youngsters. "I'm still not sure how long the surgery is going to be. Could you come pick up Victor and Sal? They don't need to be sitting here."

"Okay Dad, Dom is on his way," said Vin as his twin grabbed his keys and hurried out the door. "We're gonna start supper; let us know if you hear anything."

Ric, Rocco and Luc watched as the youngsters finished cleaning the kitchen before Sophia looked at the list on the fridge. Within minutes Vin and Lorenzo were cutting bite size cubes out of several large pieces of venison, while the other youngsters started cleaning, peeling and chopping carrots, celery, potatoes and onions. As Vin and Lorenzo cut the meat, Marcus dusted them in flour and assorted spices before sautéing them and adding them to the vegetables in the two x-large crock pots.

"It says vanilla cake with strawberries and ice cream for dessert, right?" asked Enzo. He saw Sophia nod and got the Kitchen Aid mixer out of the closet as Michael came over with four boxes of cake mix and two large sheet pans. Within thirty minutes the cakes were in the oven, the stew was in the crock pots and the strawberries were cleaned and soaking in syrup.

"Damn, these youngsters can cook," said Ric with a smile on his face which quickly changed to one of concern as he saw the look on Damian's face as he was staring out the back windows. "What's up Damian?"

Damian sighed and shook his head as he said quietly, "It's my fault my baby sister is in the hospital getting operated on. I was supposed to protect her and I failed."

Vin came to stand next to him and said, "Let me ask you a question...If Maria had been running in her wolf form and fell into that dry well, what do you think would have happened to her?"

"She could've been seriously hurt, maybe even killed," said Lorenzo as he stood on the other side of Damian. "We've talked this over before; no one blames you for Maria getting hurt. What you did to save her and Toni was amazing; you took the full brunt of the fall, protected their heads, put Toni on your chest and held tightly to Maria so she landed on you. What more could you have done?"

Damian glanced at Vin then Lorenzo and they saw the gleam of unshed tears as he whispered hoarsely, "But she's my baby sister, I should've done more."

Lorenzo shook his head and said, "It was only bad luck that you were in the front with Maria and Toni, any of us could have gone down that well with disastrous results. What would have happened if Michael had fallen down there with Cal and Brady? They're only six and Michael isn't as strong as you."

"Hey, I may not be as strong, but I am smarter," said Michael good naturedly as his family started to laugh. "Damian's the only one I know of who had to retake his Italian language placement test, and that's pretty bad since he's been speaking Italian since he could talk."

A reluctant smile crossed Damian's face as he said, "I still say my answers weren't wrong, they weren't prepared for my creativity."

Vin started to laugh and said, "When they asked him to translate the line I dolci è meglio mangiare e gustare il sapore (Desserts are better left to eat last and savor the flavor) do you know what this idiot wrote?"

"'Leave the gun. Take the cannoli'," shouted the Clan as they started to laugh.

"Oh, this one was better," said Lorenzo as he continued to laugh. "La famiglia è composta da molte persone che hanno un solo obiettivo che è quello di amare e onorare l'altro. (A family is comprised of many people who have but one objective which is to love and honor each other)."

"This dumb ass wrote, 'Fredo, you're my older brother, and I love you. But don't ever take sides with anyone against the Family again. Ever.' Alpha Carlo was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe, but he still made him retake the test," said Gianni as he held on to the chair because he was laughing so hard.

Ric, Rocco and Luc were laughing and Ric said, "They made you take the test again? I can't believe that."

"I know, I mean the answers weren't textbook, but the sentiment was there," said Damian with a smirk as he looked at Ric and then he smiled at Rocco. "So, when are we gonna have a men's night out, you know go to a couple of clubs and stuff?"

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