tagNonHumanSouth Mountain Pack Ch. 14

South Mountain Pack Ch. 14


I would like to thank hcsd1719 for his help in editing and offering encouragement. Again, there are no actual sex scenes, since the main characters are underage. All italics indicate communication through the mental bond.

The complete list of Pack members is on the blog, but if anyone would like an excel spreadsheet of the 'cheat sheet' of Pack members, please send me an email and I would be happy to provide one for you. I would like to thank mrtdust1 for his invaluable help in putting the cheat sheet on an excel spread sheet that can be added to as details are revealed.

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The training room was filled with anxious Pack members at 7:50 AM, none of them wanting to be late. The youngsters under the age of fifteen were in the observation room with the sound turned off so they were unable to hear and when The Tribunal commenced the curtains would be drawn. In the middle of the training room, sitting at three tables were the Martin, Hammond and Mendez families, facing them was a table with four chairs and off to the side The Elders sat in chairs. Dante and the Italians were sitting on the bleachers off to the side, so they could observe but wouldn't disrupt the proceedings.

At 7:58, Carlo, Gina, Anthony, Sophia, Frank and Joe walked out of one of the smaller training rooms without glancing at the assembled Pack members. Frank walked to the observation room speaking quietly before drawing the curtains and pulling the door closed. Carlo, Gina, Anthony and Sophia took their seats at the head table with Carlo and Anthony taking the center seats, their mates at their sides; Frank stood on the right and Joe on the left.

At exactly 8 AM, Carlo stood and said, "I call for this Tribunal to come to order. The charges brought against Victoria Martin, Daisy Hammond and Jade Mendez are as follows: betraying the future Madame Alpha, betraying the Alpha-Heir and betraying the Pack. According to South Mountain Pack law, the evidence will be brought forth and presented then you will be given a chance to defend yourself. After listening to the testimony The Elders will decide on your innocence or guilt; if found guilty, I will decide punishment which may range from loss of privileges to banishment from the Pack. We will start now with the evidence against you."

Daisy and Jade started to cry while Victoria looked defiant as Paulo came forward and after hitting a few buttons on his laptop, the phone calls from Victoria to the TV station were shown on a projection screen followed by the emails sent from Daisy and Jade which confirmed Anthony's relationship with Victoria. Hearing gasps from the Pack members, Carlo shouted, "QUIET." Paulo then showed the emails from Victoria which said she and Anthony had been romantically involved for months, how happy they were and how thrilled their families were. Next, the attachments to the emails were shown: pictures of her fifteenth birthday with her and Anthony standing close; Anthony and her brothers laughing together at football practice; her and Gina together at a Pack function; and the last set of pictures were labeled 'Please use these pictures when discussing me or my family on air.' They were professional photographs that Senator Martin had recently done for his newest campaign showing the family in various 'casual' and 'official' settings.

The next piece of evidence was provided by Anthony as he projected to those assembled Victoria's behavior in the cafeteria from the time she first approached him until CJ apologized. After he was finished, he looked to Sophia and held her hand tightly before projecting the next image...one in which Victoria had tried to kiss him at Rossi's Grocery store and it showed him pushing her away, telling her that Sophia was his mate and he would never betray her, Victoria telling him that as a Senator's daughter she was a much better mate than Sophia and that as soon as she turned eighteen she would be able to take care of his needs. More gasps were heard but were quickly masked as Carlo looked at the Pack members.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier, but I didn't want you to have anything to worry about. I was wrong and should have told you," Anthony said to Sophia as he squeezed her hand.

"I forgive you, but how would you feel if somebody tried to take me away from you?" Sophia asked gently as Anthony's eyes turned amber and he let out a growl. "From now on, we have to be open and honest with each other, no more secrets." Anthony nodded and returned to his seat.

"You have heard the evidence against them, now we will hear the defense of their actions. Jade, you will go first," Carlo said in a firm tone.

Jade, her parents Jeff and Jody and her brothers slowly stood up and tears were streaming down Jade's face as she opened and closed her mouth several times. Jeff leaned down and whispered, "Tell them the truth and tell them everything, just like we talked about last night and this morning Sweetheart." She nodded and took a deep breath as she felt her parents reach out and hold her hands.

"Alpha Carlo, Madame Alpha Gina, Alpha-Heir Anthony and future Madame Alpha Sophia, the first thing I would like to say is I'm sorry for the part I played in betraying you. I have no excuse and should have known better, I know what I did was wrong and hope you can forgive me," she said in a low quivering voice. "I really have no defense because I was thinking of myself and not my Pack or my family so I take full responsibility for my actions and I will accept any punishment that you deem appropriate Alpha Carlo."

"Jade, your father said you were pressured into doing this. Can you project the conversations you had to me, so I can send them to the other Pack members?" Carlo asked in a gentle yet firm voice.

Jade lowered her head, closing her eyes as she projected the conversations she had with Daisy and Victoria. Her thoughts were disjointed and the images jumped around and Carlo said, "Relax and concentrate Jade." She took a deep breath and felt her fathers strong arm around her shoulders, her mother squeeze her hand and her older brothers Jack, Josh, Jake and Joel put their hands on her back to calm her down even more. She concentrated harder and the images became clearer.

Victoria telling Jade and Daisy if they didn't help her that she would start rumors about them; that they were having relations with human boys, that they were disobeying their parents and Alpha by going out without protectors, and that she had found Jade and Daisy in a compromising position together. After taking a deep breath she then projected the last conversation with the three girls; Her and Daisy begging Victoria not to interfere in Anthony and Sophia's relationship, crying as Victoria wrote emails on their accounts and telling them to hit 'send' so she could say they had sent them and not her, and her threatening them again that she would disclose the rumors if they told on her. After she was finished Jade let out a strangled sob as her father engulfed her in a hug, her brothers glaring angrily at Victoria who rolled her eyes and let out a big sigh.

Frank drew in a deep breath and shifted his gaze to Clay Martin who had his head bowed and was staring at the table. Sophia reached out for her father's hand, needing the support of not only her mate, but also her father. As soon as he felt her small hand touch his, he opened his clenched fist and held her hand, squeezing it reassuringly like he had done thousands of time since she was born.

Carlo stared at Jade and her father Jeff and said in a gentle tone, "Is there anything else you would like to say?"

Jody handed her daughter a Kleenex and she blew her nose before nodding her head. "I...I...just want to say how sorry I am, I knew it was wrong and I should have stood up to her. The only excuse I have is I didn't want my mate to think bad things about me, but I should have known he would believe me and not gossip."

"Do you know who your mate is Jade?" asked Gina, closing the bond off to everyone but Jade and her mother.

"Yes, Madame Gina, its Reggie Benedetto," Jade said quietly before she started to cry again. "He hasn't said more than hello to me in a year and after today I'm not sure he ever will."

"Thank you for your honesty Jade, you may sit down," said Carlo as his gaze shifted to the second table. Daisy was crying silently into her father's chest as he hugged her, her mother was quietly crying and her older brothers Jay, Thomas, Nicholas and Scott were standing behind her chair glaring angrily at Victoria.

"Daisy, do you have any additional information you would like to present?" Carlo asked gently.

Daisy stood up holding tightly to her parent's hands, "I would like to say how sorry I am for allowing this to happen Alpha Carlo. She had us convinced our lives would be ruined if we didn't do what she wanted. I admit I betrayed my future Madame Alpha, my future Alpha, you, Madame Gina, my Pack and my family but most of all I betrayed myself and my wolf." She took several deep breaths before continuing, "I will accept whatever punishment you decide for me Alpha Carlo."

Her father George whispered in her ear and she nodded, "The only additional information I have to present is what happened after Anthony was interviewed by the reporter." She then projected Victoria's reaction to Carlo and gasps were once again heard from the Pack members.

"Thank you Daisy, you may sit down," Carlo said in a gentle voice as he watched George settle his daughter on his lap as he rocked her back and forth while she cried. Her brothers were on their knees as they tried to soothe their sister and their mother Laura was gently clearing the tears from her face.

All eyes moved to the third table where the Martin family sat. CJ, Jeff and Greg were staring off into space, Clay was still staring at the table, Allison looked like she was about to cry and Victoria was examining her nails. Carlo narrowed his eyes and said in a commanding voice, "Victoria, it is now your turn."

Victoria sighed loudly and stood up, shrugging her shoulders as she said, "Yeah, I did it." She glared at Daisy and Jade before turning to Carlo and saying in a defiant tone, "Luna had to have made a mistake... obviously I'd make a better mate for Anthony than HER. I have the social connections and status that an Alpha of this Pack needs, not HER. I am the daughter of a Senator, and she is the daughter of a cabinet maker for Luna's sake. What does she bring to this mating that will benefit Anthony? Absolutely nothing. I will bring political influence and untold benefits."

Sophia could feel her temper starting to boil, and felt both her mate and her father squeeze her hands. She remembered her father's words not to let her temper get the better of her and took a deep breath to maintain control. "She's wrong Arachide, with you I have everything," Anthony said in a soothing voice.


Gina placed her hand on top of Carlo's and he instantly felt her calming influence through her touch and the mate bond. He acknowledged the submission from his Pack and sat down staring at Victoria and seeing no remorse in her expression, he sighed loudly before saying, "Is there anything else you'd like to say?"

"No," she said in a tone devoid of all emotion as a pout crossed her face. As she went to sit, she suddenly stood straight and said, "Yes, there is...I want extra guards posted for my protection. If those people are supposedly coming for us, what makes you think the Millers and the Carlucci's are the top targets? Anybody with a brain would realize I'd be the top target because of who I am." With that announcement she flopped in her seat, crossed her arms over her chest and started to pout. Her mother was crying quietly and reached out to hold her hand, but Victoria snatched it away while her father and brothers continued to stare off into space.

Carlo stared at her before shaking his head, "I'm not even going to respond to that except to say no member of this Pack is better than another. We are a Pack, a family who watches over and protects each other, if anybody feels differently please stand and tell me why you feel that way." He leaned back and studied his Pack members who sat silently staring at the floor in front of the head table.

"Before The Elders pass judgement, is there anything the three of you would like to say?" Carlo asked as he looked at Jade, Daisy and Victoria. Jade and Daisy shook their heads while Victoria was pulling at a thread on her sweater.

Carlo stood and turned to the twenty-seven Elders and said, "Please go to the smaller training room for your deliberations." After they filed out of the room, he turned to the assembled Pack and said, "Those of you who need to check on their youngsters please do so now." As the door to the observation room opened, everyone started smiling as they heard the young ones singing 'The Wheels on the bus go round and round'. Carlo leaned back in his chair with his eyes closed, wishing he were at the lake and fishing with his two best friends.

Less than five minutes passed when Elder Arturo Pinelli said, "We've reached a decision Alpha."

"The Elders have reached their decision," Carlo announced and moments later everyone was in their seats. Their was complete silence as The Elders filed into the room and Elder Arturo walked to Carlo handing him three folded slips of paper before bowing and returning to his seat. Carlo unfolded the slips labeled Daisy and Jade and looked at them before showing them to Gina, Anthony and Sophia. He stood and said in a commanding tone, "Jade and Daisy, please stand."

The girls and their families slowly stood and Carlo said, "You have both been found guilty of all three charges." Daisy started crying loudly and slumped against her father while Jade's knees buckled and she was held up by her father's arm around her waist. "After watching everything that transpired, I now have a better understanding of your subsequent actions. After listening to your apologies I feel you both show true remorse and realize your actions were detrimental to your future Alpha's, your Pack but most of all to yourselves." He paused for a moment and glanced at Victoria who continued to pull a thread on her sweater. "Your sentence is as follows: a one game suspension from cheerleading and you will write an essay about what being a member of South Mountain Pack means to you." Daisy and Jade were still crying silently but nodded as Carlo paused and looked at them. "In the future you will be faced with difficult decisions and I want you to remember that doing the right thing isn't always the easy thing to do. We are judged not only by the words we say but by our actions and I hope from this day forward your words and actions reflect the loyalty I know you have for this Pack."

Daisy bowed her head and said in a quiet voice, "Thank you Alpha Carlo for believing in me when you didn't have too."

Jade wiped the tears from her eyes and said, "Thank you Alpha Carlo for believing in me too."

Carlo looked at both girls and said quietly, "I believe in both of you and I know how upset this has made you and your families. Since you don't have a game to go to this weekend, take the time to reflect and learn to believe in yourself again." Their families hugged them and sat back down, relief evident on their faces. Carlo watched them for several moments before picking up the slip of paper with Victoria's name on it; he read it then passed it to Gina, Anthony and Sophia.

"Victoria, please stand," said Carlo as he turned towards her. She stood with her arms still crossed over her chest and her family stood beside her, though they looked like they wanted to be anywhere but standing with her. "You have been found guilty of all three charges, in addition The Elders found you guilty of an additional charge of betraying your fellow Pack members." Allison began crying, Clay took a deep breath and her brothers looked at the floor while Victoria tossed her long blonde hair over her shoulder and sighed deeply. "Your sentence is as follows: you are forbidden from participating in all Pack functions including the Halloween Dance and The Winter Festival, you will be required to attend these functions but you will sit in a room by yourself; you will be required to attend Full Moon Ceremonies, but you will not be allowed to participate in the Pack run or any Pack activities, you will stay in a cabin by yourself; you are stripped of your spot on the cheerleading squad and you are not allowed to attend any school activities including the Homecoming Dance and any games. In January we will have a meeting and if we determine you are feeling remorse and can once again become a productive member of this Pack then some of your privileges may be restored."

"THAT'S NOT FAIR, YOU CAN'T DO THAT," Victoria shouted as Clay grabbed a hold of her arm and told her to shut up.

"DO NOT TELL ME WHAT I CAN OR CANNOT DO," Carlo's voice thundered throughout the training room and the assembled Pack members recoiled and submitted their necks instantly. "IF YOU RAISE YOUR VOICE OR TALK TO ME IN THAT TONE AGAIN, I WILL BANISH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY I WAS LENIENT IN MY PUNISHMENT, IF YOU DO ANYTHING LIKE THIS AGAIN, YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WILL BE BANISHED BEFORE YOU EVEN REALIZE WHAT IS GOING ON." Gina again slid her hand onto his and Carlo took a deep breath looking at his Pack who still had their necks in a submissive pose. Seeing this he waved a hand at them and they started to relax.

Clay, Allison and the boys bowed their heads and Victoria took a deep breath and nodded. She was afraid if she spoke, she would shout at her stupid Alpha again; she couldn't believe this was happening to her...she was Victoria Martin, daughter of Senator Clay Martin, not some stupid no-body.

"Since you won't be at the game, I suggest you take the time to reflect on how you are going to make amends to the Pack, and to the future Alpha's," said Carlo in a firm commanding tone. She glanced over and looked at her mate in disdain; that's what Luna paired her with? She was disgusted by his subservient attitude and his fawning over his stupid sister. She deserved an Alpha, not some lowly Beta and she was going to make sure it happened. As she thought about what her Alpha said she decided if she couldn't have Anthony then she would have to find another Alpha. To do that she had to be able to leave the territory and plans started to formulate in her head as she thought of how she could accomplish this.

"Since the entire Pack is here, we're going to have a meeting." Carlo motioned for the Hammond, Mendez and Martin family to sit on the bleachers and when he saw Victoria following her family, he said, "Victoria, this is a Pack function, you will go and sit in the smallest training room by yourself."

Joe said quietly, "Victoria, follow me." When they got to the room, Joe made sure the room was completely empty and he said quietly, "Empty your pockets, give me your cell phone and your pocketbook. You will sit here and do what Alpha Carlo said, you will reflect on how you are going to make amends." Without waiting for a response he gathered everything she gave him and quietly left the room, making sure the door was firmly closed.

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