South of Eden, North of Hell


On another occasion while watching Sam exercise, Eve wanted to know if Di had her asked husband's permission before she took another lover.

"No," Di assured her. "To many men hold women in bondage, so in order to grow you must act on your own. Later on you can tell him but it is a mistake to ask when it is your own body and your journey."

One day Eve was sitting on the sofa in the sun room. Sam had just finished working on something and was leaning back in his chair. "I've been studying Tri-Sum for almost a year," Eve volunteered. "Have you studied it too?"

"Just what Di has taught me," Sam replied. "She is a pretty good teacher though."

"So do you believe in what they say about the solaces, the hormones and the journeys?"

"Di is a wonderful lover," Sam smiled. "Whatever she says, I'll believe."

"Sandra told me last night that on this, the summer solace, I need to add some different male hormones if I am to progress in my journey. They need to come from someone I am attracted to. She had me write out a list of names and you are number one."

"I'm flattered," Sam said. "I would love to add to your hormone pool but is Adam ok with me kissing you."

"If it were just a kiss, I suppose he would say fine. But I haven't tried to explain this part of Tri-Sum to him. It takes time to come to this point and I'm there and he isn't so I'll tell him later when he can understand."

"Truth be known," Sam said, "I've been looking forward to this day since I laid eyes on you."

Eve blushed, remembering the first time Sam saw her braless. "I've come a long ways since then too, haven't I?"

Sam smiled. Between 'Sugar Leaf' and Tri-Sum amorous teachings, Eve had finally been won over. A seductive massage followed as Eve surrendered to his touch.

Eve's raised legs rested on Sam's shoulders as, with closed eyes, she concentrated on the ultimate feelings of male female bonding, when the tip of his penis spread her vulva then nuzzled her vaginal opening. This was the first time since being married that she had been intimate with another man. Eve felt an instant impassioned connection with him, something Tri-Sum had said would happen. Surprised by her own boldness, Eve felt very naked and vulnerable, yet invigorated, desiring this stud of a man to possess her.

Sam gently let the head of his caressing penis open her up, then ease out again, doing this until his bulb glistened with Eve's vaginal juices. Then, deeper and deeper he probed her irresistible chamber, until Eve had the satisfaction of taking him in, all the way. Having contemplated this for quite some time, it surpassed her dreamy imaginations, her whole body quivering in nervous excitement. She was really doing it, having sexual intercourse with another man; exploring new frontiers, her awakened curiosity was indulging its aroused emotions.

He paused as they both enjoyed the titillating feel of his dangling sac caressing her bottom. Continuing with long deep strokes, Sam began to gallop, his testicles slapping against her butt. For Eve it had a delightful feel, made all the more enchanting knowing she was indulging in something naughty, even forbidden, were it not for Tri-Sum command to explore the outer limits.

Eve kept expecting Sam to ejaculate but when he didn't, she relaxed more, indulging even more in the delightful sensations. When she quit thinking and just let the feelings take over, the ramming cock and banging scrotum blended, evoking one grand emotion. Eve felt loved and wanted, desirable and beautiful. She wanted to give more and take more. It started as indulgence then enjoyment, morphing into delight, then pleasure, and now she was consumed with the raw hunger of sexual gratification. Enraptured, every fiber of her body was alive as her quivering vagina clutched at the magnificent penis it held, ecstasy rippling out from around it. Finally her cries were replaced with deep sighs, as contentment encompassed her being.

That sense of happiness and fulfillment was further heightened, knowing she had taken his semen, giving him the best kind of sexual pleasure a woman could give a man. She envisioned his nectar soaking into her body, extracting those hormones and blending them with hers. Tri-Sum had brought Eve quintessential happiness, ushering her into the world of unity, where her power could be express as giving and receiving.

Under Sandra's influence and with Di's permission, Eve became Sam's frequent lover, obsessed with the clandestine empowering love she shared with Sam. Under the guise of making late night deliveries, Eve kept her affair from Adam.


Sam knew that one day Adam would find out about his year long affair with Eve, so thought it best to snare Adam into an affair of his own.

Sam directed Maria, one of his aides who he referred to as a 'house keeper,' to take an interest in Adam. Sam mentioned to Adam that she didn't have a boyfriend, giving him a little wink. Every time Adam came over, Marie was there to serve drinks or fetch items for Sam and flirt with Adam.

'Maria wanted me to tell you, she is quite enchanted with you," Di told Adam, some time later as they swam in the pool. "The backdoor is always unlocked," she added with a knowing smile. "Sam thinks a woman needs a good fucking now and then, so she can release her pent up sexual energy. Otherwise it becomes toxic and she gets bitchy." Di paused, looking for a reaction.

Then continuing, Di added, "I prefer to think, a good dose of semen gives us some male hormones that helps keep our emotions in balance. Mix that with the quintessence released during a woman's orgasm and you'll have the epitome of female wholeness and harmony. Think of it either way, you'll be doing her and all of us a favor if you give her some attention."

Adam listened but didn't say anything.

"I have another belief I hope you'll find intriguing," Di said as she moved closer, letting her hand provocatively brush his bulge. "A woman is attracted to a man when she can sense she needs something from him. It may be emotional, it may be physical, it could be spiritual, or just a desire for social interaction, a friend if you will. Maria is calling out to you, needing a friend and lover. I too, need your friendship and love for spiritual reasons. You are connected to captivating parts of the universe that I have not experienced. By connecting to you, I can explore new frontiers and expand my universe. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Adam thought for a while before shaking his head no. "You are talking a strange babble, like I've started to hear from Eve," Adam said with a confused look on his face.

"Men," Di said shaking her head. "Let me put it this way. You have something I want. In order to get as much of it as I can, we must unite in the most intimate and affectionate of ways. It is a spiritual quest which I can achieve, only when you and I are physically and emotionally united.

Adam smiled. "Eve will have to give her permission first, so I wouldn't hold your breath."

"I'll wait," Di smiled back.

Di was quite persuasive, and Adam did begin to wonder if Eve chatter about Tri-Sum and supernatural powers were true. If Di was using them on him, then they were working, as the idea of sharing a bed with a pretty Latina woman seemed quite enticing now.

When his wife started making weekend deliveries to South Florida, Adam found Maria's willingness, persistence and even bold insistence, too hard to resist. So he gave in to what he already desired. She was an enthusiastic, passionate lover and though she knew English, she spoke in Spanish when they made love, letting her tones clearly communicated her intense emotions. They indulged in a love fest until Eve returned home, but even then, he found his way to her bed at least once a week.


"How about we go play a game of golf," Adam ask Eve as she hurried into the house.

"Can't right now," she replied, "I got a delivery to make, but first I need to use the restroom."

Setting the satchel down, she hurried off. Picking up the satchel, it was much heavier than he had anticipated. Setting it back down, he noticed the latch hadn't snapped in place. Curious about the content, Adam took a peek expecting to find a mountain of paperwork documenting some case Sam was working on. As expected documents of some kind were on top, but when Adam took them out to look, he saw money, lots of money, carefully bundled and labeled filling the rest of the case. One hundred bills to a bundle, with each bill being a hundred dollars. Adam figured there must be around two hundred thousand dollars in that satchel. Adam hurriedly replaced the contents and snapped the case closed when he heard Eve coming.

"Where are you taking this too?"

"Carlos Pizzeria," Eve said. "It is about an hour drive from here. Why don't you come with me?"

On the way Adam asked Eve what she knew about her deliveries. She didn't know much but said sometimes it got a little weird. Adam agreed the whole thing was weird. Eve made the delivery and they stayed to have a pizza.

"I've heard one of Sam's house maids has the 'hots' for you," Eve said in a rather nonchalant way. Are you 'doing' her?"

Adam froze as his face turned red and he just starred at Eve. Eve starred back as she took another bite and continued chewing as though they were talking about the weather.

After finishing her bite she continued. "That is part of the weirdness, isn't it? You are having an affair; I know about it and I am OK with it."

"I'll quit, I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me."

"I know what came over you. You are a man she is a woman. The two go together. Hey, it's just sex. If it feels good, do it. If you want it, take it."

"It was wrong of me to do it," Adam repeated. "I don't need another woman, just you."

"Let's stop pretending," Eve countered. "There is that ideal world that people talk about but no one lives in. Then there is the real world, where we eat pizza even though we are told it is not that good for us. However, we like it so we do it. We are married, we like each other, but another woman sees you and wants you, and you want her, go ahead, what is the big deal with affairs."

"I don't want you to have an affair. I want you for myself."

"It's too late for that," Eve said with a matter-of-fact tone. "Sam has been playing with my pussy for a while now. It felt liberating to get past my old hang ups. I wanted you to break free too and was happy when you started fucking Maria."

"I don't love Maria, I love you! I'll stop and you need to stop too," Adam said with a pleading voice. "I don't want to lose you!"

"You are not losing me but I don't want to stop, at least not yet," Eve replied.

Adam groaned, obviously in emotional pain. "I can't stand the thoughts of you having sex with another man.

"It is not man but men and is not just 'sex' but great sex, fantastic sex. Admittedly, I have some warm feelings towards the men who I am intimate with. If I am to be really honest with myself, my love for you has gone down as I've given it to others. My emotional bank is only so large you know, but I don't plan to marry anyone else," she gave a long pause, "though I am carrying another man's baby."

Adam's mind raced; shocked by this news; his wife is having an affairs; she is losing her love for him; and now someone else has got her pregnant.

"How long have you known," Adam asked, as he tried to make sense out of what was happening.

"The nurse called me this morning and gave me the 'good' news. You are the first person I've told. Carol kind of knows because I told her I was feeling sick, with headaches, nausea, feeling tired, even my breast were getting tender. You told me it was the flu, but she told me I might be pregnant and I should get it checked out. I kept thinking I would get better but then I missed another period and the area around my nipple was getting darker, so I finally went to see a doctor."

"But it could be me, how do you know it is not me?"

"Well I was hoping it was you but in talking to the doctor, he was doing the calculations: when was my last period, how long had I been feeling this way, how often did I have intercourse. He figures I'm ten weeks along."

"Two months ago," Adam tried to think back. "Wasn't that when we went to Disney World?"

"No," Eve said, "that was four months ago. You know, it was when Sam took me with him to Newark for a couple of days to help him take care of some business up there. Then there was this mess up with the paper work at the courthouse, so I had to call and tell you we would be gone a week."

"I remember all to well," Adam said, "and when that week was up you called and told me it looked like it would be another week, then it was still another week. And I told you to just come home but you said he really needed your help so you stayed away for over three weeks."

Eve nodded in agreement. "Well, while I was away, that is when it happened, so I know who the father is." Eve paused again as she debated if she should say more. "Sam has been 'fixed' so it wasn't him, but we stayed with friends of Di's. David and his wife, they are Tri-Sum practitioners and so they taught me some new things."

"We really did have some major frustrations getting the paperwork all figured out. But of course at night we'd have a good time, and I figured they couldn't wear out my pussy, it still would be there for you when I got back, so there was a lot of intimacy going on."

There was a period of silence then Eve continued. "I told Sam that you couldn't help but know what we were doing and I was feeling guilty knowing I was liberated but you weren't. That is when Sam told me that you and Maria were having an affair while I was in Miami with him on those long weekends. "

Adam sat silent. "Kind of ironic isn't it," Eve said. "I'm having an affair and I leave town so you can have one too. Now that is what I call a good wife, looking out after her husband like that. The only glitch was I got pregnant and I still don't know how that happened."

"Implausible as it might sound," Adam said, "it might have something to do with letting a man put his penis in your vagina and you squeezing it until his sperm comes out."

"Don't be ridiculous," Eve said, picking up on his sarcasm. I've done that countless times before and never had a problem. Anyway, I am curious when you first knew I was fucking someone else?"

"I didn't really know, OK, I suspected but I feared more than knew. I didn't want it to be so. So, was it on that trip, was that the first time?"

Eve looked incredulous. "You got to be joking. It was over a year before you started with Maria. You don't mean to tell me, you believed that those 'late night' delivers I made were real. Hell, my pussy was still swollen from the fervent fucking I had just received when I got home and you started sucking my clit. You had to see that!"

"Of course I saw it, but call me naive or stupid; I thought you were just eager to make love. It was good too; you are a wonderful lover, the way you responded."

"It was good and I love you, but sometimes you just don't seem to get it. It even takes Wonder Woman some time for her pussy to get that puffed up. But even though you were the second fuck on those nights, the orgasms you gave me were sweet, making me happy that you were my first love."

"I wish I were the first in both categories."

"My world has expanded and so has yours," Eve responded. "Don't try to make me feel guilty. Our journey has led us here, so here is where we are."

"Did you like it," Adam questioned, "letting David impregnate you?"

"Of course I liked it," Eve said. "Making love is a beautiful thing. I found David to be handsome and charming. I couldn't help but find him appealing. The truth be known, I was looking forward to staying at their place knowing we would be doing Tri-Sum. Foreplay with him was fun and delightful. Then the way he would stretch over me, his cock would not only fill my cunt but rub my clit at the same time. It was the very definition of fuck, it felt so dam good. You have got to learn how to do that! Every day the bonds us became stronger, mystical really. He widened my universe; we traveled to fascinating places, places I could never visit were it not for the magnificent, intimate connections we made."

"What sort of places," Adam asked.

"It is hard to describe. It was bewitching, with an angelic choir. I felt ravishingly beautiful, elegant and gorgeous. I felt keenly connected to universe, but could only focus on the lavish love that flowed between us. Intoxicated with intimate bonding, we were floating on a sea of love, as waves of euphoric ecstasy ravished my body, crossing into his and his coming into me. Magnificent is too small a word to describe what it was like when we consummated our love. It was as if our spirits had merged, just as our bodies had. I was keen to his every quivering spurt, his orgasm blending with mine and mine with his. Splendid, sumptuous, superb, were but forerunners to the sublime, exquisite, transcendent love, that we encountered."

"I guess I really couldn't help but get pregnant, could I."

"Are you going to keep the baby?"

"Of course; I love this love child already."

"So will we tell him I am his father?"

"We could but even though it's real father's semen is white, his skin is black, so I'm sure we made a chocolate baby. As talented as you are, I doubt that you can do that!"


Eve's curiosity eventually got the best of her, so after delivering a car one sunny afternoon, she drove the other car a short distance then stopped to watch what happened. Within an hour, a man got off the airport shuttle and drove off in the car. Eve followed him until he came to a crematory and drove in. She was shocked.

When Eve confronted Sam, he had that surprised but 'I knew this day was coming' look. Eve was distraught. She had called Adam and told him what she saw. Sam told her to calm down while he made some phone calls. One went to Adam, another to Howard, a policeman who helped him out. When they had arrived, Sam played a DVD for them. The first few minutes showed Eve making her satchel deliveries. In one instance, the police arrived just after Eve drove off. The recipient was arrested by Howard and in the satchel they found cocaine.

The next part of the DVD showed Adam fucking Maria. A pleading voice, speaking broken English begged: "PLEASE DON'T RAPE ME! PLEASE OH PLEASE DON'T HURT ME! " The video ends with Maria at a hospital being treated for rape.

"Rape, drug trafficking, accomplices to murders," Howard said. "You'll never see the outside of a prison again if you persist."

"We will take you down with us," Adam snapped.

"All the evidence is against you," Howard retorted. As far as Sam knew, he was loaning his car out so Eve could deliver 'meals on wheels.' As for you, the police have your semen sample, and are waiting to catch you and I will see to that. Now, if you really think there are dead people in the trunk of that car, then that might be another reason to reconsider going stupid."

"What about the baby," Adam blurted out.

"Eve has already taken care of that," Sam said calmly. "We wouldn't want to bring a 'love child' into such an evil world. It just doesn't seem right."

Adam looked at Eve, but she just stared straight ahead.

"Now on the other hand," Sam continued, "we all have a nice little life going on here. The living is easy, the money is good, the parties are fun, the women are sexy," Sam gave a little wink toward Adam. "As the saying goes, 'keep your friends close and your enemy's closer.' I want us to stay as friends but that is up to you too. Regardless, we will stay close, 'til death do us part,' as another saying goes.

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