South of Eden, North of Hell


"I trust Eve to do what is best for her husband and for us all. There are a couple little changes I'm going to make as we move forward that I think you'll like. Eve, I'll be giving you a nice pay raise and in return you will be given more responsibilities, taking over some of Di's duties. Adam, I like what you are doing with Maria, keep it up. When Eve can't make it home, I will send Maria over so your bed will be warm and cozy. And the women at our parties, enjoy any your heart desires. Those are my generous terms, take it or leave it. I think you will find it an offer you can't refuse."

"And if I don't take it," Adam said, glaring at Sam.

Sam pulled Adam aside.

"If you don't take it, well apparently you were not listening to carefully. We can arrange a canoeing accident for you. As for your lovely wife, Howard has a brothel where she will live the life of a, mind numbed, drug addicted, prostitute, once I'm done with her. But don't worry. He will start her out with his high end clients and only after her boobs sag a little will he make her service ordinary men. However, when her body starts to wear out will she be forced to suck the weenies of the winos. Do I make myself clear?"

"Why are you doing this to us, just let us go, we won't say anything," Adam groaned. "You have a beautiful wife already, you don't need mine too."

"I don't know," Sam replied. "Maybe I'm just ornery, maybe I like the intrigue and danger. For sure I do like a variety in women, just like you, and Eve has caught my fancy. I like working with her and I love her adventurous spirit. She takes on big tasks with relish, enjoying every minute of it. I'll admit I let things go too far but this is where we are at now so that is what we will have to live with. But don't worry, I'm an honorable man. If I decide to keep Eve, I'll compensate you for her. I gave Howard $200,000 for his wife, Di. That's how he was able to start his brothel and get all the free pussy he wants. I'm told he can bring a different woman home every night for a month and from what Di tells me, they all are excellent lovers."


The distinctive ring told Eve it was Sam calling. Adam knew the ring too and voiced his displeasure, for he had his desires set for Eve too and she knew it. "I'll be back in a couple of hours," she told him as she dabbed Sam's favorite perfume on her breast, "all warmed up and ready for your love." Having removed her cloths, she dabbed some perfume onto her clean shaven pussy as well, then shot some lubricant into her vagina. Donning a light summer dress, she took one last look into the mirror; she kicked her panties and bra to the corner, blew Adam a kiss then headed next door.

Sam and Di, along with their friends Hank and Gloria, were on the back deck. Tiki torches flickered causing shadows to dance about. Their animated conversation continued, as they hardly took notice of Eve when she sat down next to Sam. Sam began slowly running his hand up and down her back before moving it to her knee then up her thigh. Eve accommodated his moves by spreading her legs.

"What do you think," Sam said, as he pulled Eve's dress back so Hank could see some pussy. "I'm sure Eve wouldn't mind if you wiggled around in that for a while."

"Sam tells me she gives a good 'head' too," Di interjected.

"I'd like to see that," Gloria said, echoing Di's suggestion. "It has been a long time since I have seen a woman go down on a man."

Gloria gave Eve that 'better you than me' look, as Eve stood while Sam helped her out of her dress.

"Dam, what a set of nice looking tits," Hank said as Eve approached him. "Here babe, let me get a good look at those beauties." As Eve bent over Hank, undoing his pants, he fondled, then buried his face into her twins.

Sam threw a couple of lounge chair cushions onto the ground. As Eve knelt beside Hank, he put his hands on her head as she began toying with his engorged member. Mindful that Sam was behind her, she purposefully positioned herself so her cunt was prominently displayed, for she knew how much he loved to see pussy. In but a few minutes she had Hank groaning with pleasure. Eve was focused on Hanks body movements, doing those things that caused him to shudder but being careful to keep him from ejaculating too soon; pausing and squeezing the base of his cock, whenever he got close. It wasn't until she felt Sam hands touch her hips and his penis nudge her labia, that Eve's concentration was broken. Sam's vigorous thrusting, caused Eve's to lose control of her finesse cock sucking and soon Hank's sweet nectar fill her mouth. Still she didn't relinquish Hank's cock, instead letting Sam's rocking move her mouth up and down over Hank's purple bulb. Eve scarcely noticed the semen oozing from her mouth and dripping from her chin as her concentration was now drawn to her own sexual pleasures being brought alive by Sam's ramming rod. Laying her cheek against Hanks wet penis, Eve let her cries of delight and moans of passion fill the air. Soon she was oblivious to everything but feel of a penis in her shuddering pussy. Eve wasn't sure when Sam came, but when she stood up she could feel his cum running down her leg.

Sam went to get some pool towels, his half erect cock bobbing with each step. He gave one to Hank and another to Eve.

"That was a sensuous delight to watch," Gloria said, giving a nod to Eve, much better than any porn movie Hank watches.

"Have you ever seen a porn movie being made," Sam asked. "We have one of the best studios in Florida right here; do you want to see it?"

Intrigued, they all followed Sam to the 'Pink room' as they called it. It looked like any other nicely furnished bedroom. "Five thousand dollars each," Sam said as he pointed out the hidden cameras. There are ten of them in here with five separate audio channels as well. We shoot the raw footage here then send it off to be edited and produced. We have some guys in South California who are wonderful at putting it all together and our distributor has been fantastic.

"So you have porn stars coming here to make movies, Hank asked.

"Oh no," Di replied, "We like the amateur look. Our performers, or at least one of them, do not know they are being recorded. It is all done digitally now with computers, so we aren't even around. Walk into the room and everything is recorded from all angles, panorama and close-ups. It is really neat how it works."

The control room was in the basement. Sam turned on the monitors then ran the footage of them going into the 'pink' room. It was pretty impressive.

"How many rooms do you have set up like this," Gloria asked.

"Four," Di said, "Our bedroom, the atrium, the pink room, and in the Maria's bedroom. She is one of the house maids, who is very good at this. We have just released a new movie with her and Eve's husband. Our guys in California took a couple dozen of their fucking escapades, combining them into a movie that is already selling well. It is just amazing how quickly this business goes from fuck to finish."

"I don't think Eve has even seen this yet," Di said, as she played some of Maria's and Adam's movie.

Hank wanted to see a movie being made. Gloria chided him for being too sexed up. Sam thought they could try if Di could find a man since both of them were 'emptied out'. Eve said she should be getting home, as Adam was waiting for her. "That's a good idea, we will use Adam," Sam said. This was the first time Eve had heard about this movie making business and wondered how her husband would react to being a porn star. Sam told Eve to stay put and told Di to call Adam. Her assignment was to seduce Adam into putting his cream into her sugar bowl.

Di took up the challenge and headed to the pink room where they watched as she removed her shorts and massaged her clit while she called Adam. Hank wanted to know how Eve liked watching her husband fuck another woman. She repeated the mantra about it being liberating. Hank wanted to buy a video of Eve in action but Sam said they had plenty of footage but this was Di business so didn't know when she would have it produced.

Di thanked Adam for sharing his wife, as Sam's happiness meant a lot to her. She told him that Eve had decided to spend the night with Sam, and she was alone - her toilet wouldn't stop running - she was afraid it might overflow - would he come help her. Adam tried to explain over the phone how to fix the problem but to no avail.

When Adam got over to the room, the toilet had 'magically' fixed itself. Delilah had put her skimpy shorts and tight top back on, turning on her charm when he arrived. Adam had watched from the upstairs bedroom, hearing and seeing enough to know what Di was talking about when she said, "Two men, three women, and one woman gets them both." "It got me all lathered up but with no man to share it with," Di paused as she eyed Adam, not being subtle at all about her desire.

"You would be disappointed," Adam replied, "I'm not a great lover."

With seductive moves, Di removed her shorts and pulled off her tank top. Like a poll dancer during the shows finale, she tossed her long black hair, turning around, bending over and moving her arms so as to show off her feminine wares. Adam had never doubted her beauty and her little demonstration didn't disappoint. Her bush was black but thin and her swollen genital beckoned. Spreading them open, her inner lips looked moist and inviting as its dark edges contrasted with the pink folds.

"I'm afraid of Sam," Adam blurted out. "Fucking with his wife can get me killed!"

Di gave a little laugh. "I know he can sound gruff at times but he is a pussy cat. If I tell him it is what I wanted, he'll be good with that. Besides, he has Eve tonight and he likes wife swapping."

Adam continued to hesitate, "Do you remember a while back," Di said, "when I told you that you had something I wanted. Well I have Eve's permission now. We'll take it nice and slow. Tonight I will just collect some of your hormones. That will be a nice start and it will do me a world of good."

Di was lifting his tee shirt off over his head as she spoke. She pressed against him as they kissed. After her sloppy kiss, his pants came off rather easily. "I hope you don't mind if I'm on top," she said, pressing in again, her breast flattening against his chest as they kissed once more, while her hand fondled his penis.

Once on a bed, Di wasted no time directing Adam's cock to her vagina. Once settled in she leaned forward, drawing his gaze to her dangling breast. "I like my foreplay to happen when my cunt if full of cock," she cooed. She moved up so he could suck her nipples before leaning in for another kiss. Her hair fell, creating a curtain around their faces. Their kisses were deep and long, with Di passionately sucking Adam's tongue into her mouth, while his cock enjoyed a synchronized vaginal hug. Tossing her hair back as she sat up, Di leaned her head back and closed her eyes. Adam studied her naked beauty, his hands glided over her breast then rested on her hips, as he moved his hips in unison with hers. First shallow then deep, she glided over his shaft, repeating the slow sensuous moves until his ejaculating cream spilled into her sugar bowl. Plunging him in as far as she could, Di leaned forward resting her cheek against his, her cunt shivering in sexual satisfaction.

"I want to do this again sometime soon", she whispered in his ear. "It feels so nice."

Applase broke out in the control room. That was very good they all agreed, with stunning views, even in a darken room and audio so clear they could hear the whispers. Eve did however, have some pangs of guilt knowing this too would probably end up with thousands seeing his husband's boyish face and gleaming cunt soaked cock. She had to remind herself that he belonged to everyone and she must share him if she was to grow.


As full fledge 'friends' of Sam and Di, Adam and Eve were invited and expected to show up at their parties. Beautiful bikini clad women lounged around the pool while the men drank wine and barbequed. Sam came around and give Adam's shoulder a little shake as he said, "There is a lot of natural beauty here tonight; happy hunting." Then he took Eve's hand and led her away, telling her he had a job for her.

By this time, one of Eve's main jobs was one of 'entertaining' his friends. When Sam came out of the house again, Adam wandered inside, looking for his wife.

A bouncer blocked the entrance to the gaming room, so he moved on; describing his wife to the waitresses he'd meet, asking if they had seen her. Finally one said she was in the atrium. A group of old fat men were sitting around an elevated bed, smoking and talking as one of the younger playboys, impaled the playmate. "Come on Tommy, can't you make her moan." There was laughter, followed by clapping when moments later the playmate wisely began to vocalize the sounds of sexual pleasure. Adam felt powerless, numbed, and wondering how things had come to this.

Wearing nothing but a smile, a waitress came around and bending low give Adam a glass of wine. She smelled of perfume and her extra large tits made for fascinating eye candy. She didn't mind showing off while she served, which is exactly what she was there for.

With everyone satisfied for the moment, the waitress came back and sat down next to Adam. "I recognized you from your movie," she said. "Maria and I are friends, so I keep up with her work. Perhaps sometime we can do a threesome."

Adam gave her a funny look, trying to figure out who she had him confused with and what she was talking about.

"She is quite a lover," the waitress continued, nodding toward the bed. "The men seem to really enjoy her. Have you seen any of her movies yet?"

"No," Adam replied, sure this woman was hopelessly confused.

"I'm made some right here in the past," she said with a tone of accomplishment. One of my flicks made it to the top ten, in the big boob's category."

"For real," Adam said, hardly believing what he was hearing, not that her big boobs weren't worthy of a prize.

"Everything inside the blue floor tile is seen and recorded by those cameras," she said pointing to seemingly nothing around the room, "so if you want to be seen watching the gang bang, you'll have to move closer."

Looking around the room Adam could now pick out where some cameras were hiding. This must be one of those 'big tasks she does with relish,' Adam thought, remembering Sam's words. She certainly does seem to be enjoying every minute of it. She was bending over now, resting on the bed, as another fellow moved in behind, taking his turn working her cunt.

"You are serious, aren't you," Adam said, "They really record this and make it into movies."

The waitress laughed at his joke. "The editing was good in your movie. I liked those funny little sounds you make when you cum."

When it was over, the woman got up and Adam realized it wasn't Eve. He felt somewhat relieved but wondered where Eve was.

About then, Eve came down the hall, pushing a food cart, her bikini clad body swaying with each step.

"Let's get out of here," Adam ordered.

"I can't go, Eve said. "I'm still not done serving then Di wants me to spend the night with her friends, Betty and Brad."

"Haven't you had enough," Adam shouted after her, as she continued down the hall.

"Even if I have, they haven't. I think we are going to do some 'girl on girl,' Eve called back, if that helps."

"And Brad, he just going to sit there and watch," a frustrated Adam yelled back.

Eve walked back toward Adam. "Brad is a man and I'm sure he'll do what men do. I'll be home tomorrow night, I promise. We'll go out and do something fun, we'll go dancing, OK."

Then seeing the waitress Eve said, "Say sweetie ..."

"It's Clara."

"Hi Clara, I'm Eve. Thanks for entertaining my husband. The poor guy needs a woman though and I was wondering ..."

"I would love to," Clara interrupted. I know just what you are dealing with. I used to work here all the time too and know what demands they can put on you."

"You are so pretty and thoughtful," Eve said. "I know he will love it. Your breast are so attractive, I bet every guy around would love to milk them."

"And you are OK if I milk your husband's ..."

"It is Adam, and of course he would love that and so would I," Eve said.

Adam stood dumfounded, watching these two women strike a deal over him.

With that Eve turned and left.

"Hey hon," the waitress said as she took Adam's hand. "I know what you are going through, I've been where Eve is, only my boyfriend went 'stupid' on Sam and that was the end of him. I've found it best to go along to get along. If Sam's sees you frustrated and mad then that is not good. But if he sees you buying into the program, enjoying its benefits, then he'll take care of you. I have a pussy and breast and know how to kiss, so let's cross the blue tile to turn on the cameras, and show everyone that we know how to enjoy this lifestyle too.

Clara's voluminous breast smothered Adam with warm softness as she gave him a 'titty' rub from head to toe. When he opened her flower, it blossomed with soft petals that begged to be nuzzled. Her clitoris protruded further than any his lips had kissed before, her body responding with fits and jerks as his tongue caressed it. After pollinating her bouquet, they both agreed to make another movie at the next party. After that, any scruples Adam had left, disappeared at party time.

Di had hired Sandra and Brian to come during the parties and coach couples in Tri-Sum techniques.

Sandra and Brian would demonstrate a concept, and then the couples would have a go at it. Eve would be working elsewhere so Adam would find another partner to copulate with. He soon learned to prolong the lovemaking, but 'aurora,' was proving to be more difficult for everyone.

After all the women had received their dose of semen for the session, Brian would demonstrate it again, reminding everyone that their minds must connect as intimately as their bodies. Taking a volunteer, it was only moments after he penetrated her that she would turn flush as her body responded to his sexual energy. Before long you would think she was ridding down a rutted washboard road, the way her body bounded as Brian massaged the inside of her vagina with his cock. Once consummated, Brian would turn to them saying, "That is the goal, you can do it, the power is already in you, let yourself go and become as one."


With every trip to the airport and each satchel delivery, Eve was racking in the money. Spending more nights at Sam's house then her own; Eve enjoy her new found lifestyle the longer she lived it.

When Eve wasn't home, Maria was sent over to be with Adam. Though both were blackmailed to carry out Sam's wishes, they developed a genuine fondness for each other. She had been one of Sam's mistresses but didn't get any bed time with him anymore. She knew quite a bit about Sam's operation, having been a drug smuggler when she met him and working as an aide for quite some time.

Until she had been sent to Adam's house, Maria hadn't been allowed to leave Sam's place for quite a while. Even now she still wasn't trusted, as Sam would drop by unexpectedly, wanting to "see some cum in her cunt" to prove she had been with Adam. It was bizarre behavior and Maria thought he was going crazy. Her fears grew, believing Sam might harm her and anyone else, because they knew too much. She relayed her fears to Adam who was feeling the same way.

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