South of the Border


In response, she pulled her lower lip between her teeth for maybe the hundredth time, and in doing so, looked like a schoolgirl about to do something naughty. She reached down to my face and touched my lips with a finger. This time I understood exactly what she desired.

"Ahh!" I said in a tone that indicated I had understood. "My sweet little Mexican mama likes having a tongue on her pussy?" I knew she didn't understand a word I was saying but when I repositioned her, scooted her down so that her back and head were flat on the bed and put a pillow under her bottom, she knew perfectly well that I understood. Spreading her legs I crawled between them, until my face approached her promised land. Finding her hips still too low, I motioned for her to give me a second pillow and lifting her legs I positioned the second one so that now her bottom and pussy were readily displayed. This time when I crawled between her legs, her pussy was perfectly positioned so that I could comfortably pleasure her with my tongue and still look into her face. With her legs raised it allowed me to snake my arms underneath them and play with her breasts while my mouth feasted on her most womanly parts. In this position her massive breasts were totally balanced on top of her chest, gravity pulling them flat so they squeezed out in all directions. Her nipples, which I had been sucking on just moments before, were hard, reddish brown ornaments protruding from light brown skin.

This time, I was well past needing a release of my own and decided before I started I was going to continue until she begged me to stop. I don't know how long I went at it, but my tongue was beginning to ache when she finally grabbed my head and with a quavering voice said, "Madre de Dios! No mas! No mas!"

I had teased her mercilessly; she proved to be multi-orgasmic, at least orally. I took her over the top four times, her fourth orgasm being the one where she finally begged me to stop. From where I was between her legs, but looking at her breasts and face, I could see a rosy color on her upper chest that had not been there before. I didn't back off immediately, my lips resting against her pussy, but I withdrew my tongue into my mouth, allowing it to rest.

Maria's eyes closed, I felt her body beginning to relax. Her body contracted away from me in a sharp spasm when I kissed her clit, but I was already rising, sliding off the bed and stepped to the end table for the box of condoms. Her eyes followed me, and watched as I rolled another condom onto my erection. I slid back into place onto the bed between her legs. "Todavía quieres las almohadas?" she asked, her hand reaching for the pillows. I had no idea what that meant.

"Leave them," I answered, shaking my head "no" to her trying to pull the pillows away. I slid forward and using my hand to position my cock slightly downward I slid into her, slowly, pulling in and out a little more each time as her pussy lubricated the rubber of the condom. In this position, my cock was angled down against its normal upward bend. As a result, it put greater pressure against her pussy and her G spot as well as on the top of my cock. Although the physical sensation of skin on skin was muted by the rubber between, it turned out to be a good position for both of us. I knew when I started, this time was for me. I had just given her a tongue lashing she would dream about for years, but this, what I was sure was to be our last fuck before I had to go, was for my pleasure.

I knew I wasn't going to cum again rapidly, but I did want to cum. My hands resting on her knees, I began a steady motion inside her. She lay there watching me fuck her, a smile on her face. I think she understood; this one she was perfectly happy to watch. When I told her to play with her nipples she shook her head not understanding, when I reached an arm towards her chest and then drew back tweaking my own nipple before once again putting my hand onto her knee, she understood. Licking her lips and smiling, her hands came together on her breasts and began playing with them as I had earlier. Pushing them together, pulling her nipples into a point before allowing them to slip from her finger and flop back down to her chest. When she two handed lifted a breast, feeding her nipple to her own mouth, licking and sucking, I groaned. One of my greatest fantasies, seeing a woman suck her own nipple, had come true -- unbidden. Maria was obviously used to playing with her own nipples, for most of the rest of the time that we fucked she continued to play with them, her hard nipples showing that she was enjoying this as much as I was.

I concentrated on what was going to make me cum, but with the angle of my penetration, with the pillows under her hips as they were, I realized that I was doing as much for her as I was for me. As I continued, her breathing changed, becoming ragged panting coming out of her mouth. Her eyes changed to that "Oh my God it's going to happen" look. Despite her pelvis already being angled to me, I could feel her pushing up against me and long before I got there, she came again. Not stopping my thrusting, my own body was showing the exertion. At one time I raised my hand and wiped the sweat from my brow where it was about to run into my eyes, but didn't stop. I felt the gradual expanding, burning sensation from the base of my cock, rising ever higher towards the head until suddenly, gloriously, I exploded into the condom.

Now stopped, unable to move, I held myself upright with her legs. If it hadn't been for her body holding me, my cock locked into her pussy, my elbows locked onto her knees, I could not have held myself up. I was panting from the exertion, sweat rolling down my forehead and chest, dripping onto her naked body.

It was several minutes before I caught my breath and attempted to move. I had felt the shrinkage between my loins and as I pulled out, I nearly pulled out of the condom, almost leaving it between her nether lips. Instead I reached down and saved us from that potential problem, tying a knot into the cum filled vessel before dropping it to the floor.

I knew I could easily have lain back down, cuddled and wrapped my arms around Maria, and fallen asleep; however, I had a flight to catch. Instead, I grabbed her hand, pulled her upright and took her back into the shower. We washed ourselves again, removing the sweat and sex, so we were ready again for the day -- and for me, a long flight home.

We had just stepped back into the bedroom when my cell phone rang. I glanced at it, the displayed number indicating it was from Mexico. I glanced at the clock. It was 8:30. I hadn't realized it was already that late. Answering the phone, I didn't recognize the voice without the shouting of the nightclub, but there was no mistaking when her greeting was, "Where the hell is my mother?"

I said she was right here with me, but that wasn't good enough. She wanted to talk to her. I held the phone to Maria and just said, "Carmen." I don't know what all the exchange was about. Well, actually I do know what the exchange was about, I just didn't know what the words were. Maria for the most part seemed to be assuring Carmen she was okay, nothing had happened that she had not wanted to happen. Eventually she handed the phone back to me.

"Is everything okay?" I asked Carmen.

It was quiet in response, I thought maybe she had hung up, but when I said "Hello?" she answered.

"I'm sorry. I was worried about my mother."

"It's okay, Carmen. It's a daughter's prerogative to be worried about her mother, just as I'm sure your mother worries about you when you are out."

"It's just that... she hasn't... I mean, except for my father, she hasn't actually been on a date in years, and then you took her with you last night..."

"I understand Carmen, but, it looks like your mother is pretty good judge of character. I assure you; nothing happened that she didn't want to happen."

"I know. That's what she said." There was a slight pause. "Are you bringing her home?" I glanced at the clock again, making quick calculations in my head, glancing at Maria, I rubbed my stomach, indicating eating with a pretend fork, and raised an eyebrow questioning. Maria nodded. "We're going to get some breakfast, and then I'll bring her home. I've got an 11:45 flight, so it'll have to be pretty quick."

I began packing everything up and getting clean clothes for the flight home, while Maria went to put her clothes back on in the bathroom and started drying her hair. I had just finished putting everything into my bag and was about to put my shoes on when I saw Maria in my peripheral vision standing in the doorway to the bathroom. Glancing up, I broke into a grin as I saw how she was dressed.

She had her pants back on from the night before and the see-through lacy cover that had been over her clothes, but she did not have her blouse or bra on underneath. Her nipples were not hard, but were slightly perky, underneath the lace. I had no doubt that she was trying to entice me to tear our clothes off again, and told her so, but I also pointed at my watch and shook my head no. Whether she understood me or not she wiggled her shoulders causing her boobs to shake beneath the cover-up. I rose and went to her, and taking her in my arms, bent to her face, and kissed her holding her to me.

I undid the three buttons holding the cover-up together with my hand, slipping it off her shoulders, and caressed the breasts that she was offering me one more time. Seeing her bra on the counter in the bathroom, I tilted her chin up and kissed her. Her arms were around my neck, as I gently moved her away. She understood and let me go. I stepped to the counter and picked up her bra, easily the largest I had ever seen. As I arranged it so that it was upright, I flipped the tag so that I could read it: 34DDD/F. Without a doubt, Maria had the largest breasts I had ever played with.

She started to take the bra from me, but I waved her hands away and put it on her myself. Standing behind her, I fitted her boobs into the cups and clipped the bra strap before fondling her, both of us watching in the mirror as I did. When her nipples were hard one more time, I had her raise her arms and pulled her blouse down over her arms, her nipples pleasingly visible through the silky blue material. I fondled her teasingly one more time, and didn't immediately move away when her hand slipped behind and rubbed my cock in my pants. Just a few seconds, and I pulled away, knowing that if I didn't I really was going to miss my plane.

A continental buffet breakfast at the hotel, followed by a taxi ride to the address that she gave, and we arrived at her home. Carmen must have been waiting. Even before we got out of the taxi she was out to the street, obviously still upset. Carmen and Maria went back and forth in incomprehensible Spanish, Carmen gradually coming off her mad voice to the calming voice of her mother. Finally she turned to me, and then hesitated before she said anything. Maria said something to her, urging her to speak up. Carmen waved a hand to shush her mother.

"I was not happy that mother went with you last night."

I nodded, understandingly. "I kind of gathered that, but it was her choice."

She didn't quite glare at me; however, it wasn't exactly friendly either. Finally, she pursed her lips and nodded at me, resignedly. "You are right, she's a grown woman. It was her choice. She is still my mother." Maria said something to her, questioning. Apparently there was something else she supposed to say. "She wants me to tell you, that was an amazing night."

"Your mother is an amazing woman. I won't soon forget her." I opened my arm, and Maria snuggled up to me one more time. I bent and gave her a kiss as Carmen turned away.

Stepping back into the taxi, I told him "Aeropuerto" and we drove away. I glanced back just before we turned the corner. The last I saw, Maria was standing in the yard watching.

The buzzing of the cell phone and incoming e-mails caught my attention for the first time since the previous evening. I pulled it out and found nothing of importance, but opened the browser and began a search for Spanish words. It took a little work, but eventually I figured out that "embarazada" does not mean "embarrassed" as I had thought. It means "pregnant."


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