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South Padre Island Vacation


This is my submission for the Summertime Contest. I really hope you enjoy the story. It's loosely based on a summer vacation I took with my wife. If there are any errors regarding the military or air force para-rescue operations, please accept my apologies. Enjoy


DeShawn felt his pace slow and he pushed himself harder, as he neared the end of his run. The sand was firm under his feet this close to the surf, so he had plenty of traction and his stride lengthened as he leaned into the final sprint. His breath was coming in big gulps and he felt the familiar light-headedness that came at the end; but he didn't let up. He wasn't built that way. He pushed himself in everything he did and he wasn't going to start slacking off now. His hip was almost 100% and it only pained him a little as his feet pounded the sand. He put on one last burst of speed, pumping his arms hard, he flashed by the pier that marked the end of his run.

The waves rolled up on to the beach and he could hear the soothing sound of the ocean, as he slowed to walk. His hands rested on the top of his head and he enjoyed the sweet taste of oxygen as it filled his lungs. He was still breathing heavy, but he was recovering fast. A smiled creased his face as he acknowledged that he was close to 100%. He wasn't quite there yet, but he was close and that felt damn good. Soon, he thought, soon I'll be ready to go back. His mind drifted back to his last assignment in Afghanistan, where he was injured and also where he lost his best friend. He shook his head and forced his mind to focus on the beach. Those memories were still too fresh and raw, still too painful to examine today.

He walked slowly back to his hotel, enjoying the morning. It was summertime and he was at the beach. Life was good. He made it to the hotel on South Padre Island late last night and promptly fell asleep. A run on the beach in the morning was exactly what he needed. The sun had come up, waves were gently rolling into the beach and it was just starting to get warm. The daily invasion had begun, as tourists started to stake out territory on the beach. DeShawn maneuvered his way around a few clusters of tourists and finally reached the hotel property. He was oblivious to the stares and whispers he received from the females he passed. A few of them fanned their faces, as if they were suddenly hot and laughed.

He made it back to his room to find the message light flashing on the phone. Grabbing the phone he punched the necessary code to retrieve the messages. Excitement was visible on his face as he started to listen, but it didn't last. Excitement was replaced by concern and then anger as he slammed the phone down. Emotions flooded through him as he thought about the message.

His friends, the people that were supposed to meet him here, were being deployed again on short notice. Their wives and girlfriends were obviously staying put, so he was stranded. His concern about his friends and their families clearly outweighed his own situation. There was really only one reason for a rapid deployment and it certainly wasn't a training mission. Guilt washed over him so strongly he sat down on the bed. I should be there with them; he thought and stared out the window. I should be there with them.

It wasn't until several minutes later that he picked up the second message. It was something about a welcome package at the front desk. He'd get it later he thought has he stepped into the shower.

John stuffed the last suitcase into the truck and slammed it shut. Sweat poured down his forehead, he took a breath and wiped the sweat before it reached his eyes. The summer heat and humidity in San Antonio combined to suck the moisture out of body like a raisin. They were only going to be vacationing on South Padre Island for a week, but Becca had packed as though it was going to be a month. He didn't mind though, they both needed the vacation pretty badly. Their relationship had been under a lot of stress the last few months and this vacation was their chance at a fresh start. They both needed large amounts of sun, sand, surf, and drinks; lots and lots of drinks. Summer time at the beach! A smile lit Johns face as he remembered the bikini's Becca had packed. Sex, lots of sex, was definitely on the menu as well.

Their little compact car fired up as soon as John turned the key in the ignition. They bought it used, but it never failed to start and it was a very dependable model. He started the air conditioning on full blast, so their car would be cool when they left. John left the car running and jogged inside.

"Becca, we're all set out here. How's it coming for you?"

John's voice echoed in their small living quarters. John and Becca had just celebrated four years of marriage in their tiny little house on base. Since they were junior enlisted personnel, they were assigned a fairly small home on the base. It was actually pretty cool, because they were surrounded by other junior enlisted folks, so they had lots of friends nearby. There was always a BBQ, potluck or some other get-together, going on all the time. Even though money was tight for folks in their pay grade, no one minded drinking cheap beer and eating hot dogs and hamburgers.

"I'm ready Johnny-baby. Let's get out of here!"

Becca emerged from their bathroom, adjusting the straps to her tank top, as she walked towards John. The tank top covered her breasts, just barely. It wouldn't get her arrested, but it definitely allowed for the maximum amount of cleavage. She pinched John's ass as she passed by him and skipped out the door. John took the opportunity to admire her ass as she made her way to the car. Her yoga pants left nothing to the imagination and her ass looked amazing as usual. She had pulled her long, blonde hair back into a ponytail. A baseball cap and sunglasses completed her outfit. He thought it was sexy, when she wore a baseball cap and pulled her ponytail through the back.

John made one last visual inspection of the house and followed Becca out the door. Stopping briefly to lock the door, John jumped in the driver's seat and backed out of the driveway. He got a kiss from Becca and they were on their way.

The drive to South Padre Island was fairly uneventful; unless you count Becca flashing her C-cup breasts for several truck drivers along the way. Normally it was a five hour drive from San Antonio, but they made it in four, thanks to John's heavy foot. Traffic was surprisingly light, because it was after spring break. So they missed the drunken spring breakers and hopefully missed the families with screaming kids. The summer weather was supposed to be great on the island. No hurricanes, no torrential rains, just solid sunshine for the entire week according to the weather guys on base.

John pulled into their hotel and popped the trunk. He got another kiss on the cheek from Becca and smiled in response. That cheek was getting a lot of action.

"Woo Hoo. We're finally here Becca."

John cut off the engine and grabbed Becca's hand.

"Let's have some fun this week, baby. It's just you and me, so let's throw limits out the window and get crazy. I want to wake up every morning with a hangover and a smile. Sound good?"

Becca gave a short laugh. "You have no idea how good that sounds John. Just remember you said that Mister, because I'm holding you every word. I hope you brought you're A-game with you, because I fully expect you to get me pregnant this week!"

"Bring it on, Becca. Now I'll get the luggage, if you'll get us checked in. Text me with the room number and I'll meet you there with the luggage."

Becca nodded, left the car and John started unloading the luggage. The hotel was pretty big and John had reserved a room on the ground floor with access to the pool and the beach. It had been a lot of money for their small salaries, but they both thought it was worth it.

John's phone buzzed as he pulled the last suitcase out of the car. Checking his phone, he realized he had parked on the opposite side of the hotel, from where their room would be located. When he viewed the hotel online, he was sure they would be staying near where he parked, but it looked like the hotel had switched them to the other side.

John surveyed the three suitcases before him and swore under his breath. Two suitcases belonged to Becca and they were the heaviest. John's suitcase was the light one, because it basically held a bunch of shorts and t-shirts. John and Becca had received the luggage as a hand-me-down gift from John's parents. It was great that the luggage was free, but it also meant that the luggage was old. None of the suitcases had any wheels, so John was stuck carrying all three suitcases to the room.

Stuffing his phone in his pocket, John slid his light suitcase under his arm and then grabbed Becca's suitcases, one in each hand and started hiking. Unfortunately, for John, the path he had to walk took him all the way around the hotel. There wasn't an easy way to cut through the hotel. When he finally arrived at his hotel room, his face was flushed, he was breathing heavy and his shirt was plastered to his skin. He knocked on the door and Becca opened it and started laughing.

"Holy shit John. What the heck happened to you? You're drenched in sweat!"

She continued to giggle as she grabbed a hand towel from the bathroom. John struggled inside the room, dropped the luggage and collapsed on the bed.

"I thought our room would be on the other side of the hotel. When I got your text, I realized I parked on the wrong side. I thought about re-parking, but the car is already at the entrance and we have to go back that way anytime we leave the hotel grounds. Needless to say, I just carried everything over here."

Becca leaned over him and patted his face dry. She kissed him softly.

"Well, I'm glad you made it. Why don't you take a quick shower and then we can hit the pool?"

"Sounds great, want to join me?"

Becca smiled at him and shook her head.

"I'm going to go down to the front desk. They had a welcome package for us and some other free gifts, since we're both military members. It wasn't ready when I checked in, but they called just before you got here and said it was ready."

"Ahh. Ok, cool. That was really nice of them."

"I thought so too. So I'll be right back."

John nodded, pulled himself erect and started for the bathroom. He heard the door close behind him and got the shower going. Adjusting the water temperature, he got in the shower and put his head under the shower head. It felt good to let the cool water run over his neck. Becca and the state of their marriage, consumed his thoughts. Their marriage was at a pretty stressful point and this vacation could help put that behind them. He desperately wanted this vacation to go well for both of them.

John remembered the first time he saw her in technical training school. She looked amazing in her uniform and her smile lit up the room. They had some of the same courses together, even though they had different jobs. He still couldn't believe she had chosen to date him, because she literally had her pick of men. The ratio of men to women in technical training school was horrible, for the men. There were approximately 25 guys for every 1 woman. This meant it was virtually impossible to actually get a date with one of the single women.

John was naturally shy so he hadn't even considered initiating a conversation with Becca. He simply considered her out of his league and focused on his studies. They ended up getting paired up in several exercises and they worked well together. It was after class one day when Becca took the initiative and struck up a conversation him. They sat next to each other in class each day after that and started dating shortly thereafter.

Becca had gone to college for a few years, before joining the military and it was clear she was more experienced than John, especially sexually. They had been dating for a few months when John finally got the courage to ask her about the tattoo on her hip. It a simple black spade about the size of a playing card and it was surrounded by a wreath. It was nicely done and looked very sexy. Becca explained to John, that while she was in college, she dated black men exclusively and one of her boyfriends asked her to get that tattoo. John was immediately concerned that he wasn't her type. He had heard the saying about black men and he had seen enough black guys in the showers and locker rooms to know it was more true than not. Becca assured him though, that he didn't have anything to worry about and that she loved him dearly. John proposed to her the next day.

John smiled and shook his head, bringing himself back to the present. He finished his shower and got dressed. Shorts, a T-shirt and flip flops and he was ready. He was just about to text Becca, when he thought he heard her laughing outside the door. Slipping the curtains aside, John peeked out the window and saw Becca laughing and talking with someone. He pulled the door open and Becca turned her head when he opened the door and motioned him to come over

"Hey Baby, come over here, I want you to meet someone."

"Oh, Ok, sure thing." John nodded, stepped outside and saw Becca's new friend.

"Hi. I'm John and you've obviously met my wife Becca."

He looked up and extended his hand to the gentleman. He was an older gentleman and John guessed he was in his early to mid-30's. He looked like he just stepped out of a muscle magazine.

"Hi. I'm DeShawn and yes, I've met you're lovely wife Becca. I met her down at the front desk, where we were both collecting our welcome packages. It turns out that I'm staying in the room next to you, so we got a chance to talk on our way back over here."

His voice was confident and so was his smile as he dropped John's hand looked down at Becca again. DeShawn was tall, probably 6'2" and he was obviously in great shape. He was bare-chested and only wearing a swim suit and flip flops. If he had any body fat on him, John couldn't see it. His entire upper body was sculpted and cut. His chest was huge and sat on top of abs that made a washboard jealous. Veins stood out on his arms, especially his biceps and his shoulders were completed the package. His hair was cut very close to his scalp, in a classic military cut.

John felt lucky to have his hand back, because DeShawn's grip was very firm.

"Cool. So you're in the military as well?"

"Yes, I'm in the air force and my job is Para-rescue." That definitely explained the muscles, because Para-rescue was one of the most demanding and dangerous jobs in the Air Force. "I've been in for almost 13 years now. I'm down here on vacation and I was supposed to meet some friends down here; but they were deployed unexpectedly."

"Ahh man, that sucks."

DeShawn shrugged his shoulders. "It happens, especially in our career field and you get used to it after a while. It's the families that really suffer, because in most cases they're helpless and simply have to wait." Concern was etched on his face. He was clearly thinking about his friends and their families.

Becca nodded and smiled at him with sympathy in her eyes. "Yea, we have friends that have deployed overseas and we know what it's like for the families that stay behind. Fortunately, there is a lot of support available and the other families really pitch in to help them."

DeShawn and I nodded our agreement with Becca. The military was a tight knit community and it was an even closer for those folks who were in combat roles.

"Well DeShawn, you are more than welcome to hang out with us." Becca looked at me and I could tell she had been thinking the same thing. We couldn't leave DeShawn all by himself and he was staying right next to us, so it was perfect. "We're going to be here all week and we'd enjoy the company. I gotta warn you though, Becca can get pretty wild."

Becca laughed, blushed a little and punched me in the arm. "John, you are so full of shit. Don't believe a word he says DeShawn. I'm an angel, and if you look closely, you'll see my halo and wings."

"I'll keep a close eye out for them Becca." DeShawn's reply was light and he laughed as he said it, but the look in his eyes made it clear he was going keep his eyes on her.

Becca definitely noticed his look and smiled back at him. "Seriously though DeShawn, you're with us this week and we won't take no for an answer. We also know where you're staying, so don't try and hide from us."

He smiled and raised his hands in mock surrender. "I wouldn't dream of it ma'am."

John broke the moment and suggested that they both put the welcome packages away and then hit the beach. A few minutes later they were staking out their own territory on the beach and as luck would have it, they were near the bar. They were able to rent some lounge chairs, order drinks and enjoy the sandy beaches. South Padre Island is as close to Mexico as you can get and still stay north of the border. While the water wasn't the crystalline blue color you see in the Bahamas, it was blue/green and the beaches were very nice. The sound of the surf and view of the waves as the rolled up on shore was very soothing. The view of the ocean, combined with the drinks, relaxed everyone and before long, they were talking like old friends. Becca had picked the chair in between the guys and was on her third margarita. She was wearing one of her micro bikini's that really showed off her figure. She added a small wrap around her waist and the effect was pretty stunning. Based on the looks DeShawn was giving Becca, it was clear that he also approved of the bikini. John saw him sneaking regular glances at Becca.

Eventually Becca got hot and went to cool off in the ocean. DeShawn followed her, while John went to use the restroom. Becca and DeShawn were playing around in the surf and splashing each other, when John got back. He ordered them another round and lay back on his lounge chair. He saw Becca stumble in the surf; she apparently stepped on something and started to fall. DeShawn was close and managed to catch her, before she went under the water. He picked her up easily and carried her out of the surf and back towards our chairs.

Becca had her arm around DeShawn's neck and leaned her head against his chest. John thought they looked amazing together and the contrast in their skin tones was beautiful. He felt himself start to get aroused and immediately sat up. John couldn't help but notice that several women seated near them, watched DeShawn and Becca with envious eyes.

DeShawn lowered Becca carefully onto her chair and then his mouth dropped open. John smiled to himself, because he knew that DeShawn had just seen how transparent Becca's suit got when it was wet. Becca had purchased the suit, just for this vacation and it was made of a light material that turned almost sheer, when wet. It looked fantastic on Becca and DeShawn clearly loved it as well. DeShawn's eyes were also locked on Becca's hip, as he noticed her tattoo. His eyes slowly traveled up her body and finally met her eyes.

Becca's eyes met his and she smiled at him. It was a sexy smile that let him know that she saw him admiring her and she was fine with it. "See something you like, Mr. Para-rescue man? You rescued me out there, so I guess that makes you my hero." She leaned forward, toward DeShawn and softly kissed his lips.

"Consider that a 'Thank You' kiss DeShawn." She said, before reclining back on her lounge chair.

DeShawn finally found his voice. "You're welcome Becca. Anytime, anytime at all." He made it back to his lounge chair and took a long pull of his drink.

John watched this entire interlude with some amusement and some lust. Simply put, he was used to the effect Becca had on men and sometimes women. Becca was beautiful and there was no denying it. Early in their relationship it had made him nervous and then he would get mad, when guys would stare at her or worse, hit on Becca. Finally, he realized there was a price to pay for marrying a beautiful woman. Becca didn't encourage it, but she couldn't stop it either.

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