South Wind Ch. 2


By the time she had lowered herself fully onto him, Jenny had her finger working at her swollen clit. Never before had she felt so wildly hot and in control as she moved around slightly, exploring the areas she could make touch his cock. Her fingers moved rapidly over and around her clit, bringing her to her brink in but a few minutes.

With a lusty gasping, she ground her young body hard against his, her juices seemingly exploding from her as her body shuddered from the lusty release.

"Slide up here, wild child," Dave said, guiding her up his chest until her wet opening was maybe an inch from his lips.

Jenny let out a yelp as Dave slid her against his lips, his tongue searching out her wet opening then, as she bent forwards to rest her trembling arms on the headboard, felt him gently sucking at her.

"Oh, God," she moaned out, closing her eyes as she felt her father's oral attentions fanning the lusty fire her body had now become totally wrapped up in. "I want you. God, I want to be owned by you, Daddy. I want the world to see you fucking me."

Dave listened to his to his daughter's confessions of wanton need. He wondered if she would feel the same way once the were done. Yet, in his mind, he knew this was not to be the love making of before, this was wanton, mind opening sex that was, most obviously, opening the darkest corners of her mind.

Jenny took a deep breath as she felt her mind give in to the next onslaught of pure lust. "I want you to own me, daddy," she hissed, her hips bucking as she tried to grind her pussy deeper into his mouth. "I want you... I want you to... God, tie me to the bed and have... Robin watch you breed me. God, I want your baby."

Dave had had enough of her wild talk. Having Robin watch him fuck this wild temptress of a daughter was one thing, her having his baby was totally out of the question. His hands grabbed her at her waist and her turned her onto her back.

"Maybe we can get her and her father to watch us, then we'll watch them. You'd like that, wouldn't you, slave?" Dave growled out, trying to see how far his now demented daughter would go.

"Yes. Oh, God, yes," Jenny hissed, pulling her knees up as her father spread her legs far apart. "I want to see her father fuck her hard."

"Who owns you?" Dave taunted as his cock easily slid into his daughters cum-glistening pussy.

"You do," Jenny sobbed, wrapping her legs around him.

Dave felt her legs tighten around him, pulling him closer to her as her hips now moved against him in an involuntary dance of pure wanton wanting. Bending forward till his hands were on either side of her, he bent his head until his lips were kissing at her firm nipples as he forced himself as deeply into her quivering body as he could.

"Breed me," Jenny whispered, lust now ruling her brain.

"Earn it," Dave mocked back.

"Anything," Jenny hissed as she became her own father's sex slave in her mind.

"That could be a lot," Dave moaned, his own passions now reaching the boiling point.

"Come in me," Jenny begged, sensing Dave drawing nearer his point of release.

"Maybe Bob and I will watch you and Robin enjoying each other," he growled, pushing up on his arms as he started slamming into his daughter's waiting body.

"Anything for you," she replied, knowing full well she would do whatever he demanded of her.

Dave was screaming as his body went rigid. He gasped out trying to catch his breath as his juices pumped into Jenny's body, mixing with her hot juices as he put his head back as his mind created an image of the two young girls exploring each other's body.

"Did you mean what you said." Dave said softly when Jenny had curled up against him.

"You own me?"

"You really want someone to watch us?"

"I don't know. Might be fun. Hell, sin is sin, might as well enjoy it."

"You'd really get it on with Robin?"

"Maybe," Jenny replied with a sly smile. "Would cost ya."


"A baby."

Dave lit a Viceroy, took a deep draw of smoke, watching the tip of the cigarette glow. Would it be worth it to see the two girls together? He closed his eyes and thought about it for a long moment. "What if I want even more?"

"You can have anything you want. A deal?"

"Let me think about it. Okay?"

* * *

Thank you for taken the time to read this part 2 of South Wind. I, also, thank you overlooking the many mistakes that may have been in the text.

As always, feel free to offer your ideas for what will go into part 3, after all, who knows better what you like to read than you?

Your input is vital to this story. Someone to edit them would be nice. :)

Again, thank you and have a nice day.

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