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Southern Adventure


"Come on, honey. Hurry up or we'll miss the flight," Holly said to her son. Her son Carl stumbled a little as he picked up the pace under the weight of several heavy bags.

Carl and his mother were on the way to the airport. They were hurrying because the trip was planned at the last minute when they found out that Holly's father had passed away.

The old man lived in a trailer in Georgia. Holly had been called by the local sheriff. Her father had died of a heart attack while sitting on a lawn chair and smoking a cigarette outside of his trailer. Holly was no longer close to her father, but that didn't mean she took the news well. It made her sad to think that her father died all alone, and that she hadn't spoken to him in years.

Holly was very glad that she had a helpful son who offered to help her in dealing with her father's affairs. He was just 19 years old and was on spring break from the local university. With his help, she was able to quickly arrange a flight from the midwest to her father's place of death in rural Georgia.

But it had all been a rush. Holly had overpacked because she packed quickly and couldn't decide what clothes she would need. She sighed as she looked at Carl carrying her two large bags which would have to be checked, as well as his carry-on luggage. Thank goodness, she thought, that she had a young strong man along to help her.

They finished trooping through the parking garage and took the elevator to the baggage check. Holly checked her watch and noticed that the flight was in 55 minutes. They were cutting it close.

As they waited in line, Holly noticed that Carl was also tense. The muscles in his forearms rippled as he held the luggage. She looked at him and smiled warmly, but he didn't notice. His brown eyes were busy counting the number of people in line in front of them, and considering whether they would make the flight on time.

Ten minutes later they had shuffled their luggage to the front of the line. The unpleasant old lady behind the counter moved slower than molasses, apparently unconcerned that their flight was due to take off in 45 minutes. Holly was now seriously beginning to worry they wouldn't get through security in time.

Finally they got their boarding passes and rushed through the airport. Holly noticed how precisely Carl moved. His eyes were scanning and making the decisions about the best path through the masses. Even though she wasn't carrying more than her purse, Holly still struggled to keep up with Carl.

Arriving at security they were confronted with yet another line. She looked at her watch and saw they only had 40 minutes, and the line was moving slowly.

Holly removed her lightweight jacket, her bracelets and her sandals and put them on a tray to go through the x-ray. She looked down and noticed that she was only wearing a tanktop and a bra, and cursed herself for not thinking to put on something more substantial for the flight. Oh well, she thought, I have plenty of other clothes in my luggage.

As she looked up she noticed the security worker leering at her. She felt self-conscious as he mentally dressed her down, staring openly at the curves of her bare arms and neck and her breasts. A wave of disgust traveled through her and she wished she had worn something different.

Holly was attractive for a suburban soccer mom. She had shoulder length brown hair, big brown eyes, full lips and small mouth which she often used to smile. She ate right and regularly exercised, so she was in pretty good shape, although she had not been able to avoid putting on ten pounds since her twenties. She still looked good overall, and she was comfortable with catching a few wandering eyes. But the look she got from the man standing by the scanning machine was not a wandering eye. It was an aggressive, challenging stare that made warning bells go off in Holly's mind.

As she approached the machine, the man smiled creepily. Holly felt very uncomfortable as he instructed her to stand with her arms above her head. As she complied with his instructions, she realized that the side of her left breast was revealed to the weasely little man who was inspecting her.

"Ma'am, please come with me," the security worker instructed her as the scan finished.

She caught her son's eye as she followed the security worker to an area with large ten-foot high dividers. She shot her son a worried look as she disappeared behind the dividers.

"Ma'am, the scanners picked up an irregularity in your image. We will need to do an inspection," the security worker said in his reedy voice. He was putting on plastic gloves.

"You can't do the inspection," Holly gasped. "I'm a woman!"

"Ma'am, today we are understaffed. Several of our women security officers were unable to come in. Please don't make a scene or I will be forced to detain you pending further investigation."

Holly's heart skipped a beat. She knew he was lying and had no reason to detain her. But she had heard horror stories about being put on no-fly lists and how the TSA can make someone's life extremely difficult. Plus, she had no idea what they would do if they missed their flight. Just then, Holly heard her son.

"What's going on? Where are you taking my mother." Holly could hear the anger in his voice.

"Sir. This is just a routine inspection. She will be with you in a moment. Please do not make a scene or I will be forced to detain you. Step over to the waiting area now, sir." The voice must be that of a second security worker, Holly thought. She figured the two lecherous men probably worked together as they abused their power over women.

Holly decided she didn't have a choice. She would let this little creep cop a feel, then she would take her son and get out of this place.

"Now then," the little man said as he snapped the end of the latex glove onto his wrist. "The scanner detected that you may be concealing a weapon in the lining of your brassiere. Please turn your back to me and remain still."

She did as he said, and felt the man's hands slide under her shirt and up to her bra. He felt quickly along the side and then groped her breasts with his latex-covered hands. Holly closed her eyes and waited for it to be over. As he kneaded her breasts she felt his hardened crotch press against her butt. Finally, he removed his weird little hands and Holly breathed a sigh of relief.

"Ma'am, I am unable to verify the safety of your bra. Please remove it."

Holly shot him a look that conveyed her feelings.

Staring at him with hatred, she reached behind her and unhooked the bra, and removed it without taking off her shirt. Her C-cup breasts jiggled beneath the light fabric of her tanktop. Her shirt did very little to cover her breasts. She may as well have been naked as her nipples visibly wiggled in front of her tormentor.

He smiled wickedly and took the bra.

"Ah yes. It appears the underwire does not comply with FAA regulations. I will have to confiscate this," he said as he placed the bra on the plastic fold-out table.

"Now please unbutton and unzip your pants and place your hands on the table."

Holly grimaced, but did as she was told.

The man stepped close up behind her and pushed her pants down to her knees. She felt his latex-covered hands squeeze her butt cheeks before spreading them and forcing a finger up her backside. She took in a sharp breath of air as she was penetrated there for the first time in years.

The first finger was quickly joined by another, uncomfortably stretching Holly's hole.

The man pushed his two fingers in as far as his little fingers could go. He then finger-fucked her three times before he thankfully slipped his fingers out to the great relief of Holly.

"Thank you for your cooperation."

Holly's quickly grabbed her pants and pulled them up, glad to be through with the ordeal. As she turned she saw the man tucking her bra away into a cardboard box.

"Please, at least let me keep the bra. You got your jollies and I am flying with my son."

Holly realized she made a mistake. This man obviously got off on her humiliation, and she had just given him an opportunity to further humiliate her.

"That will not be possible ma'am."

"What about my jacket?" Holly asked desperately.

"Please be on your way, ma'am. We have lots of other individuals to clear through security today. Thank you."

The official tone he took drove her mad. But she decided she better not retaliate. She grabbed her purse and shoved her bracelets and watch into it. The pervert stood by watching as her unencumbered breasts swayed and jiggled.

She rushed out from behind the dividers and saw her son arguing with a security worker in the area behind the scanners.

Her son saw her and a huge look of relief passed over him. Then his brow furled somewhat as he looked at her nearly naked breasts, on display for the hundreds of people in the airport.

Holly was simply relieved to get away from the situation and took Carl by the hand, leading him towards the airport gates. She glanced at the clock at saw they still had 5 minutes before their flight was scheduled to leave. Pulling her son behind her she half-walked, half-trotted towards the gate.

"Mom, wait. Wh-what happened in there?" Carl asked as he followed his fleeing mother.

Holly gathered herself and slowed down to answer her son.

"The security guy used his power to cop a feel. It wasn't right, but there wasn't anything I could do about it that wouldn't have made it worse. Trust me, I'm fine. But I really don't want to miss this flight."

As she walked and talked, her son's eyes were drawn to her displayed breasts. The tanktop had a low neckline that left bare several inches of her cleavage. Most of the top and sides of her breasts were bare, and the lightweight fabric did little to cover her nipples and even less to prevent her breasts from swaying tantalizingly as they rushed through the airport. Holly was aware of her situation and did what she could to cover herself with her arm and her purse. But it didn't help much.

"Ok." Carl said distractedly. He realized he had a growing erection, and he felt shame. But he couldn't keep from being aware of his mother's beautiful breasts, exposed to the world in an airport jam packed with other people.

They got to the gate just as the gate agent was shutting the door. They handed the agent their boarding passes and barely made it into the airplane in time.

As they boarded the plane, Carl realized his mother had entered the airplane in front of him, so he was unable to shield her exposed breasts from the views of the very crowded flight.

Carl saw the looks on people's faces as they hurried down the aisle. The men's eyes were drawn straight to his mother's bouncing tits. Carl felt heat rising in him as all of these men saw his mother on display. The women in contrast had looks of disgust on their faces as Holly's beautiful shapely breasts bounced by their faces. Whether they were mad that they didn't have such shapely, big breasts, or whether they were mad at their husband's appreciation, it was clear that they were shooting daggers as Holly moved down the aisle.

Finally they got to their assigned seats, which were in the last row at the back of the plane. Carl thought that maybe their luck was about to change. They were lucky that it was a small plane and they had two seats together without a third. There was nobody sitting in the seat across the aisle, and Carl hoped it would stay that way. At the very least, Carl's mother wouldn't have to sit next to a stranger. He let her enter first and take the window seat.

Once they were sitting down, Holly took a deep breath. She had never been so embarrassed in her life. Her chest and face were flushed from having to prance nearly naked past a full plane of interested observers. And that after being assaulted by the skeezball security officer. What a horrible, horrible day. Thank goodness, she thought, that she had her son with her. It felt good to have such a capable young man to rely on.

She turned to speak with him and realized he was looking away from her and also had the flushed face of recent embarrassment. She attempted to get his attention by patting his thigh and trying to make eye contact. But the moment she touched him, he jumped as if she had touched him with a live electric wire. She saw his expression was overcome with shame as he looked down to where she had placed her hand. Oh my goodness! she thought, as she realized that her hand was resting on the outline of her son's hard penis.

She jerked her hand away quickly and scowled at Carl. How dare he! It was bad enough to be harassed by a security officer, but she never expected to have her son to get off on her public exposure. Furious, she turned towards the window and looked outside as the plane taxied and prepared to take off. She tried to use her arms to cover her breasts.

Soon the plane was in the air and their city was disappearing beneath them. The seatbelt light turned off and one of the stewardesses appeared beside their seats.

Holly turned to her to see what she wanted and saw a pretty older woman, probably also in her mid-40s. The woman had brown hair, a big bust and an even bigger smile. Holly realized how glad she was to see such a nice smile after such a difficult day so far.

"You'd be surprised how many women get on planes at this airport looking like you do right now," the stewardess said sympathetically. "They really need to do something about those pervert security guards."

Holly was so happy the woman understood. She was also grateful when the stewardess bent over and handed her a blanket to cover up.

"This will help preserve some modesty. This must be your son, right?" asked the stewardess and nodded towards Carl.

"Thank you for the blanket. Yes, this is my son Carl." As Holly answered, she glanced again at the sizable erection in Carl's pants.

The stewardess followed Holly's gaze and nodded with a look of recognition.

As Holly watched the shapely stewardess walk back to the front of the plane, she cooled down some, and tried to understand her son's reaction. He probably couldn't help it. He was only 19 and she didn't think he had much experience with women. Seeing his mother's breasts flop all over the place probably was more about seeing naked breasts than seeing his mother's naked breasts, and she couldn't blame him for appreciating her assets. She had always been proud of the shape and perkiness of her tits. Her son was a man, and he was reacting just like many other men had reacted.

Holly felt bad for how embarrassed Carl must be to have such an obvious erection in front of his mother. She wanted to make him feel better but couldn't think of how to do it. He was looking the other way, obviously mortified about not being able to do anything about his erection. Holly wondered how long it would take for his erection to go away.

It was too bad they were stuck on a plane, and Carl couldn't simply go to his room and "relieve" himself of his problem. As with most mothers, Holly knew that Carl masturbated, and recalled how she had once walked in on him as he hurriedly tried to hide his dick and turn the computer monitor off.

Just then, the stewardess returned with another blanket. She unfolded it and laid it over Carl's lap. As she did so, she leaned over the seat to whisper conspiratorially under the roar of the engine.

"Don't worry son. Any man would be turned on by your mother's beautiful tits." The stewardess winked at them and sashayed away again. Carl's eyes were glued to her butt as she walked.

"Were you just checking out that stewardess?" Holly inquired in a soft voice.

Carl muttered something inaudible and looked at the floor, overcome with embarrassment.

Holly inwardly laughed at her son's situation, with two older women with bountiful breasts near him in such close quarters. Maybe his erection would never go down.

As Holly continued to consider her son's predicament, she realized that her nipples were hard. She was sure her pussy was also well-lubricated. The thought of her son's erection had turned her on! And so soon after she herself had become upset at her son for ogling her breasts.

She wished she could relieve her son of his embarrassment. Under these circumstances, it was very understandable for him to be turned on. She didn't want him to beat himself up over his natural reaction.

She decided to address the issue head on. She turned and whispered in his ear.

"It's OK, Carl. We've been through a lot today and I know your reaction is just a normal reaction for a young man with normal sexual urges." As she said that, she placed her hand on Carl's lap and gave him a light pat, as if to say, I know what's there and its ok.

But she quickly realized the effect of patting her son's dick most likely made his problem even worse, even if her words helped ease his embarrassment some. She had probably just made him even more turned on.

The thought sent a thrill through her. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn't help it. She was getting turned on by the thought of her son's engorged penis. Even under the blanket, she could picture its size and shape. And as she pictured it she could imagine she saw it pulsing even through several layers of material.

Poor kid, she thought. His beautiful mother was half naked next to him. And a big-breasted stewardess was apparently intent on teasing him as well. He was probably on the verge of exploding in his pants.

Holly felt her pussy moisten at the naughty thought of her son's big cock exploding sticky cum inside his pants on a plane full of people, and while she sat right next to him. She felt her pussy spasm as she imagined what his penis would look like as it volleyed load after load of pent-up desire.

Holly had always had a thing for cum. She loved to give blowjobs even more than have sex, and the thought of her son cumming in his pants was making her uncomfortably horny, in the tight quarters of the plane.

Apparently the stewardess was having similar wicked thoughts. She was back again, leaning over Carl with her breasts right in front of his face. This time, though, she had unbuttoned the top buttons of her uniform and was exposing a significant amount of cleavage to Carl's view.

"Darling, can I interest you in anything?" she asked seductively.

Carl was literally speechless. His mouth hung open as he stared at the heaving breasts in front of him. Even Holly could smell the perfume the stewardess had evidently dabbed between her breasts.

The stewardess then leaned over and addressed herself to Holly. The eye contact with this highly sexual woman who was brazenly teasing her son sent a delightful chill down her spine.

"And how can I help you?" The question was innocent enough but the look in the stewardess's eyes was wanton.

The stewardess's breasts pressed into Carl's face as she leaned over to speak to Holly.

"White wine please" said Holly. She looked down at the woman's heaving breasts and couldn't believe she was allowing this to happen. This woman was throwing her body at her son while she sat there and watched.

"Coming right up. I've got some chilled. It will help if you're a little hot." Her eyes flashed Holly a knowing look.

The stewardess grabbed two single serving bottles of wine from her cart and gave them to Holly. As Holly reached for the bottles with two hands the blanket slipped off her chest.

Carl saw his mother's breasts emerge and couldn't help but stare. He noticed something different about his mother's nipples, as they pressed against her shirt. He mentally compared the image to what he saw in the airport, and he realized that his mother's nipple was more full and longer than before. He realized then that his mother must be aroused! The realization made his balls tingle.

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