Southern Belle Gets Hers


Her attacker's demeanour intensified upon seeing her exposed vagina. Unmercifully, he inserted himself in between the poor girl's legs. Susannah wept uncontrollably at having this new sensation in her pussy. She was indeed a virgin and, as such, was extremely tight. The 8 inch shaft did no favours to her pussy walls.

"Stop, stop..." She feebly protested while hitting his muscular chest.

The black cock tore into her and ripped her insides to shreds. At least, it seemed that way to Susannah with every inch that ploughed into her.

"I can't take it all in.....AHHHHHHH!!!!"

Her earlier suspicions as to the potency of his body were certainly confirmed. The slave snarled and barked with every impactful thrust. The whites of his eyes never left Susannah's face. Her own eyelids remained closed through the whole affair while her red lips either gasped for air or uttered more protests.

"Oh my, oh my...I can't take it..." She moaned once again.

This was rape. He manhandled and manipulated her body like one of the fine dolls she played with as a young girl. The weight of his aggression and the burden of revenge were unleashed on her right there on that love seat. Of course, one cannot exclude his lust. Susannah was right in that her beauty was incomparable and irresistible. Now, she was finding that out first hand.

Susannah was also right in her classification of the slaves as sub-human animals. Just like a beast, the slave acted with little care for her own safety. He was incapable of feeling anything greater than lust and anger. He was driven by primal instincts and right now his instincts told him to defile the white cunt.


Minute-like hours passed by as her pussy walls were brought to the brink. The friction between their legs burned at her. She began to perspire under her dress and on her forehead. Needless to say, she was the image of distress.

How had things come to this? Susannah Lynah was an upper class, noble woman. She was never meant to have dealings with the other race beyond the rice fields, and even then her interaction was limited. Yet, here she was suffering the greatest of humiliations: being brutally fucked by her own property. What if she became pregnant? She would be the butt of all the ridicule in Charleston if she was forced to carry a slave baby.

The blonde lost control of her slave and was now losing control of her own inhibitions. Despite the immense pain in her pussy, her body was reacting favourably to his harsh advances. His long, thick member completely filled every corner of her tiny inexperienced love box. After she got over the initial shock of penetration, she lay back and just took it. The hurt became something she just had to deal with as a new, more favourable sensation flooded her body. It was at this point the interplay between pain and pleasure began.

"YES....YESS...YESSSS...." She whimpered. Could it be that she was enjoying this after all? At this point it seemed so. Never in her life did she think she would affirm this wonderful effect on her. After all the abuse she lay into him today, this was the concession in her loss. The fact that she started to like it was the insult to her injury.

Even in his injured state, the rice slave exhibited inhuman stamina. Whereas Susannah's cunt was stretched and broken a while ago, the slave never eased up once.

"Fuck me hard you, you..."

The thought was incomplete, but the message was clear and unprecedented. Susannah was begging her subordinate to fuck her. Or perhaps it was an order? That is, it might have been the mistress's attempt at clinging onto the power she once held. Whichever consideration held true, the slave pounded her body and did not need her to tell him to do so.

"Ohhhhhh yesssss....give your black cock to meeee!!!" Her cries echoed through the entire house. The slave too cried out in conjunction. There was no doubt now that her fears and protests transformed in passion and want.

He was furious in his thrusting now. The love seat screeched back and forth on the wooden table. Every rough push garnered an "oh" or an "ah" from the woman. He was nearing explosion now. With a few more minutes and a few more violent assertions of his power, the cork was ready to be popped.

His animal cum inside her pure body was another sticking point in her humiliation. She was conquered by her own subject. The black man continued to mark his new property but was abruptly cut off by the crash of the door.

At that moment, James Lynah and his company of men stormed into the room.

"What the hell is he doing with my daughter?" chimed Mr. Lynah. "Get him off of her!"

The company rushed over to the mating pair and, for the second time in the day, roughly pried the horny black man off Susannah. Still in the middle of ejaculating, the man's thick cock wildly squirted the remainder of his seed all over the front of Susannah's dress. A droplet flung on her red lips to which she licked with glee. Contrary to her belief, the slave produced something sweet!

"Make him pay again," The owner barked. "This time he does not survive."

With that, the men swarmed the slave's body with punches and kicks. Susannah lay panting on the seat in a state of bliss. She saw the gentlemen dismantle the black man right before her eyes, yet she couldn't attach any feelings to it. She didn't feel sorry for him. She didn't even feel angry. Her mind was far gone. She couldn't even register her father's inquiries on her well-being. She only knew that amongst an act so vile, she had experienced pleasure. Her earlier declarations of her ill fate at the hands of that man were now questionable in her mind.

Susannah Lynah's last memory of that slave was the gang dragging him out of the house and repeatedly calling for "the noose."

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