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Southern Comfort


"You look at her again, I'm going to break my foot off in your ass!"

"Oh for God's sake Bill!" says Dixie sitting down the tray of shot glasses.

I look up from my cards. When my eyes meet Bill's they are as cold as his drunken eyes are hot.

"Bill I looked up cause she walked into the room. I would have done the same if it was anyone, even you. Now I've had enough of this shit Bill. Every time you drink you start to accuse me of trying to have an affair with Dixie. Now enough is enough." I set my cards down on the table and grab up my beer. I grab a shot off the tray and kick back the sweet liquor. "I'm gone go Bill. From now on if I come over and your drinking I won't be staying." I look to the others around the card table as I pick up my money. "Goodnight."

The guys begin trying to convince me to stay, but not Bill. He's still looking a dagger at me. Oh when he sobers up he may remember to apologize.

Dixie follows me out onto the porch apologizing for her husband.

"Jim? Jim!"

I stop but, don't look back. Reaching into my pocket I pull out my cigarettes and tap one out. Habit to look for it shows me the little man taking a piss in the camel's from leg.

"Dixie thank you for dinner. It was delicious." I take a long draw on my cigarette and flick off the ash. "As always." I say softly.

"Jim he doesn't mean it. You know that. He's just drunk. He's like this when he drinks." She shakes her head sadly.

"Then he needs to stop fucking drinking cause he can't handle his liquor worth a damn. I'm sick of it Dixie. He's been my friend for fifteen years now. I can't count how many times he's said some shit like that to me."

"I know Jim. I'm sorry." She says looking miserable.

Taking a pull on my cigarette I look off their porch to my bike. It's a 'pieced together' from dozens of different bikes. Bill had helped me chopper out the front end. Thumping my smoke I watch the ash float down to the damp grass.

"Jim don't go." She touches my elbow. "Let me go talk to him. If I have to I'll get a frying pan and beat it into his head that you don't have any interest in me."

The old phrase is 'the straw the broke the camels back'. Must be some truth to it, I snap my cigarette in half as I turn towards her. The pieces fall to the porch floor as my gaze meets her hazel eyes.

How I went from that to kissing her I have no idea. Just suddenly our lips were together. She stood shocked for a second then began to kiss me back hesitantly. After a few moment of this we hear Bill's laughing with some of the others at the card table.

As our lips part Dixie looks at me with a completely befuddled look.

"Goodnight Dixie." I step on the glowing coal at my feet grinding it out.

"Good...goodnight Jim."

She watches me walk out to my bike. It cranks with a throaty grumble.

The night air is cool as it flows past my face. It quickly washes away the slight buzz I had been feeling. Normally after a night of cards and drinking I would have slept it off on Bills couch.

As I ride I think about how tender and sweet Dixie's lips had been against mine. Her mouth had tasted of the peppermint schnapps she drinks.

After about ten miles I pull my bike up onto the gravel road and head off into the woods. My tires throw gravel from the same spot it always does. The rocks ping off my mailbox.

My truck's reflectors appear soon. I pull the bike in under the carport next to it and shut down the grumbling beast. Only the popping of the exhaust as it cools breaks the silence.

I walk up the worn path through the high weeds and climb the stacked cinder blocks steps of my trailer. The trailer is really old, but I've kept it up since I bought the land. The trailer came with the property for free. The previous owner had recommended I get it under insurance and burn it where it sat.

Yea like I would set fire to a trailer in the middle of a wooded area composed mostly of pine trees.

I stripped it down to its outer shell and rebuilt it back up. Even after all that it's not much to look at on the outside. Suites me I guess. I'm not much to look at on the outside either.

My door opens without a key. I don't really keep anything worth stealing.

I look back out into the 'yard', as I like to call it.

The light from my front door illuminates the pieces of my old VW mud monster. A 1960s bug it little resembles what rolled off the assembly lines. It's been cut to pieces and has huge knobby tires on the back, which ride more beside than under the chopped finders. Grass stands three foot high around it. The engine sits on a tree stump covered in a tarp. Another thing on hold.

Going to the fridge I grab out a six pack. I plop my butt down in my grand father's old rocking chair, a massive piece of furniture. I had needed to take out a big double window just to get the thing inside. It was worth the effort though. Like my grandpa and my dad before me I've slept many a night in it.

The remote brings my old TV to life. Hell most people have cell phones with bigger screens now. I've seen the giant flat screen TVs when I go to Wally world, but I don't need all that crap. I only ever watch the news and then really just to see what the weathers going to be like. I don't need a fifty-inch TV to see bad news.

I'm well into my third beer and almost half asleep when I hear a bike motor approaching. The sound a bike makes as it throttles down to turn into my drive is very distinctive. The lights wash across the window, then the throb of the bike dies.

I don't bother to get up, anyone coming to see me knows to just walk in.

When the door opens and I look up I could not be more surprised.

Dixie unzips her jacket and lets it drop to my couch/bed.


She walks over to me without speaking. She leans down and slips off her shoes. The rocking chair goes forwards then back as she straddles my legs. She settles herself down across my thighs. She takes the half-finished beer and drinks down the last of it.

"Jim." She says slowly. "I've never in all our years together even thought about cheating on Bill. Till tonight. Why did you kiss me?"

I look up at Dixie, her freckle nose, hazel eyes, dishwater blond hair. I've seen far more beautiful women in my life, but few as sensual.

My hands come to rest on her hips as my front foot starts to rock the both of us.

"I don't know. I think I just finally had enough of Bill's drunken crap. Then you said what you said, I don't know."

Dixie tilts her head to the side, her long hair falling into her eyes. I reach up and bush it back behind her ear. She leans her head into my hand.

"So you do have an interest in me?" she asks softly.

I drop my eyes to the growing bulge in my jeans. Slowly my gaze moves up across her stomach to her breasts. The splattering of freckles across the top run up to her delicate throat then fade only to reappear across her nose.

Those sexy eyes catch mine demanding an answer to her question.

"Yes. I've always thought you were sexy as hell."

Slowly she nods.

"Were you watching me tonight?" she asks playing with the buttons to my shirt. First one then another are fiddled open.

"Yes and No. I did look up just cause you walked in, but yea I did take a look."

She leans in then till our lips are almost touching.

"I don't think all you wanted to do was look."

As our lips meet my hands run up under her shirt and across her bare back. Her fingers digs into my hair. The violence of our lips sets the chair to rocking faster. I keep it going with my foot.

Her hands come down my neck to my chest. Her fingers catch my shirt and with one hard pull my buttons go flying.

Dixie leans back from me and smiles.

"You really want to do this in a rocking chair?" she asks grinning at me.

I run my hand up her belly till my fingers touch her bra.

"Would be a first."

She looks at me with a raised eyebrow for a second then with a shrug she reaches down and catches the bottom of her T-shirt. It goes over her head revealing a pale blue bra with an edge of darker blue lace.

Leaning forward I place gentle kisses on the freckled tops, my lips flirting with the scratchy lace. I feel her face press into my hair her arms wrapping around my head.

Looking down I see that the clasp to her bra is in the front between her breast. I lean back in my chair and catch the hook. I slowly peal away the blue cloth from her truly beautiful breasts.

Her nipples are a pale pink and rise up from her freckles skin in cones. Each topped with a silver barbell through the tip.

"I like the piercing." I tell her grinning.

She smiles.

"Thank you. Want a taste?" she lifts her breast up a bit in one hand. Her fingers pinch the nipple outwards towards me.

I take the soft morsel into my mouth; my tongue swirls the metal across my teeth. I catch it between my teeth and pull her nipple out taunt from her.

"Oh Jim, yes. Just like that." She whispers as I softly suck at her pink skin.

Her body feels so soft under my hands as they roam from her hips up her bare back and around to her stomach. She holds me by my head and feed a nipple to my mouth.


Turning her lose with reluctance I look up at her face.

"Yea Dixie?"

She slowly brushes my face.

"I told Bill I was going to my Mom's. He called ... he called me a whore after you left. In front of all our friends."

"I'm so sorry for that Dixie." I tell her truly.

"I'm a lot of things, and I'm about to become a new one, an adulteress. I am not a whore!" her eyes blaze.

"I'm sorry he called you that." Reaching up I cup her chin between my thumb and forefinger. "I've never thought of you that way."

She smiles and nods.

"I know. I don't think I love him anymore, Jim."

"Then why are you with him? Y'all don't have any kids together. You bring in the majority of the money. Just pack up your stuff and leave."

She sits silent for a few seconds or so then gives me a tired smile.

"I need to think about it." She then grins. "But not right now."

I nod agreement.

She wiggles her way up off me and getting to her feet starts unbuttoning her pants. As they start to slide off her hips she looks up and stops.

"You're over dressed for what were doing."

Grinning I get up and let my shirt drop to the floor. I kick off my shoes as she's stepping out of her pants. As my jeans hit the floor I see her let her panties fall to her ankles.

The tangle of light blond hair glistens in the light of my small TV.

She gives me a skeptical grin and nods towards the rocking chair. I shrug. Moving over to her I take her naked body into my arms. Our lips meet in a hot wet kiss. My hands caressing her lower back and ass. Her nails rake my back lightly.

Together we half stumble half fall onto my couch, her on top of me. I feel the leather of her jacket dig into me till I move it.

Giggling we explore each other like we're teens, our hands, mouths and tongues teasing each other.

My fingers twist her nipple piercing as I watch her sit up on me. A quick movement from her and I'm buried to the hilt in warm wet flesh. Her body engulfs the length of me in a tight liquid embrace.

I put one foot on the floor and start to trust up into her. Dixie starts to roll her hips on top of me. I feel the slippery folds of her caressing the whole of me as I slip in and out just inches.

"Oh god Jim, I could do this for hours." She tells me as she rides me slowly.

Panting lightly I grin.

"Sounds like a plan to me."

The minutes pass slowly as our passion and lust builds with every thrust. Soon her cries and my moans are ringing off the thin walls of my trailer and out into the night.

The slight distraction of the TV keeps me going right to the edge but not getting past.

The sheets covering the couch are soon soaked in sweat and our breath is going in ragged gasps. Together we manage to turn over and I begin to drive myself into her as hard as I can.

For a moment her leg comes up to rest on the back of the couch, but I catch her behind her knee and bring her leg up to my shoulder. I quickly have her bent like a pretzel up on herself.

"Oh my god Jim! Yes Oh yes! Harder, oh fuck me harder!

My toes dig into the couch cushions as I push against the arm of the couch.

I feel her fingers digging into the skin of my shoulders as sweat falls from me onto her.

With a howl I arch my back and drive myself into her, I feel her lift up to meet me and we slam almost painfully hard together.

Her screaming moans join mine and we rock together till out cries of lust die off in gasps for air. I collapse onto her, our sweaty bodies moving slick against each other. I pump her for a few more thrusts even as I'm softening.

I try to catch my breath in her hair and I feel her doing the same.

She moves over a bit and I slide off her and down beside her. We hold each other as the last shudders of our passion dies out.

"Oh Jim. That was so nice." She whispers against my chest. Holding her against me I just nod unable to talk. I hear her breathing settle into a soft sound as she drifts off to sleep in my arms and I quickly join her.

I wake to the sound of a motorcycle engine cranking. Looking around I don't see her. Sitting up all I see is my scattered clothes not hers. Getting up I lift the shade and look out the window into the night. I see her taillight as it turns out my drive.

Stumbling to my feet I walk to the bathroom and get rid of the beer I drank last night. The head of my cock almost hurts it's so sore.

Staggering back through the living room I go to my fridge and get a glass of cold water. As I sip it I start to listen to the TV. The morning news has started.

"... continuing coverage of the terrible events of last night. As reported earlier tonight sheriffs deputies were summoned to a house in the Woodland Hights distract after neighbors reported the sound of gunfire from the house. Sheriffs deputies reported finding four people apparently murdered in a vicious and brutal homicide."

Looking at the TV the glass slips from my hand to drop and shatter on the tile floor. My bare feet are splattered with cold water and glass, but I do not notice.

"Oh my god." I whisper.

"At this time deputies will not comment on suspects, but they say they are at this moment following up on several leads."

I look towards the window as I hear a car turn into my gravel driveway. Stepping around the broken glass I go look out the window.

Three sheriff's deputies pull their cruisers into the driveway.

"Holy fuck!"

I grab up my pants from the floor. I'm just zipping them up when they knock on my door.

When I open it there is a flashlight in my eyes.

"Jim Pearson? We would like to ask you some questions." Says the one with the light. The two behind him have their hands resting on their holsters.

I nod slowly

"I imagine you do."

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