tagLesbian SexSouthern Nights Ch. 02

Southern Nights Ch. 02


Southern Nights 02. – A fresh start

"What do you think, Mary?"

For a split second Mary felt the chilling flush of panic numbing through her body. She tore her eyes from the notepad in front of her, and met Eric's eyes across the table.

She had been listening... carefully. All the time. Well... almost all the time! It was a matter of a few seconds that her mind had kind of drifted off a bit. And that bastard boss of hers had noticed immediately. He'd probably been watching her... looking for a possibility to strike at the first suitable moment. When her guard was low.

Jim Mallory was fat, clumsy and extremely boring. He'd been lecturing on with his monotonous voice for more than half an hour, and there was nothing to indicate that he intended to conclude anything very soon.

He wasn't all bad, just extremely unattractive. And he positively loved his own voice. Didn't guys like him have a mirror in their house? As he stood with his side against them, longwindedly addressing each bulleted point he was eventually getting to at the board - belly protruding, suit wrinkled and head shiny bald - he was a terrific example of what a man should not look like! Eric, her boss, sitting opposite to her at the table, was at least reasonably fit, and had quite some positive sides about him.

Now he and the others were looking at her with stinging eyes - like they were all silently saying 'gotcha!'

They got her in an awkward moment, all right. No doubt about that! Mary knew she had to stay focused in this hostile pack of wolves, and so far she had managed... somehow. But not without a generous portion of self- discipline. Her mind kept creeping off to the upcoming appointment with the secret little sweetheart of hers, the wonderful little darling that had spellbounded her totally from the first moment they met. And it simply refused to stay with the plan for statistical evaluation of the latest corporate market analyses. Even if she knew perfectly well that that was important to her life too.

"Well, I fully agree with Mr. Mallory's conclusions except for case 3 and 7. In those cases I think that...."

Hah! No problem at all. She hit back with full force, enjoying her boss' slightly sheepish expression when he realised she elegantly slipped out of his grip... again. Not that she had heard the latest remarks, but she had done what probably none of the others had... she had red the minutes!

Mr. Mallory eventually continued his lecture, sweating and breathing like a trotting rhino in the hot conference room. Mary's thoughts were soon back again at that mall cafeteria and her first meeting with little Linda. Back to those last few minutes... when they had stopped taking, and just sat there. Overwhelmed by the fact that they had just told each other what they wanted to do together. And that they both really wanted sex! The image of that tiny figure with those dark, deep- blue, completely wonderful eyes made her body tingle with excitement. She felt her nipples grow rock hard in her bra, and knew that her panties would be completely wet through within the next twenty seconds!

Even though the two of them had been bothered by the noise around them, the magic moment they had together seemed to last a small eternity. They held hands tightly and Mary had managed to come up with what she hoped would be her final stupid remark. Something like 'now I know you're really real' or whatever it was.
The girl's eyes were completely hypnotizing, and she felt affected in a way she never thought she would be. And as close to total happiness as she ever thought she would be.

When their time ran out, she managed to make an arrangement to see her again the next evening at one of her favourite downtown restaurant. She regretted it afterwards, as she came to think of the fact that someone might recognize her there. But then again there could be a lot of 'logical' explanations why she would be there with a young girl. She could be her daughter as far as they were concerned!

She felt the wetness break through her panties, and knew she would have to improvise to somehow get to avoid that it stained her skirt. Faking a kind of sudden discomfort she adjusted her position on her chair, expertly using the index finger of her well hidden hand under the table to slip the back side of her skirt exactly high enough for her panties to rest against the cushion of the seat. After a few seconds she used her handkerchief to dry her neck and forehead, putting it down at her side instead of back into her purse. The next moment it was smuggled in between her legs to discretely wipe away the wet spot from her seat and then stay in position to absorb any addition amount of passion juices she might produce from her lazy dreams of things to come.

In just a few hours she'd be off for the next meeting with her little darling.

The restaurant was quiet. It really was one of the best ones in town, and her favourite place to go, also when she brought along business associates, or just wanted a quiet evening with friends. Or simply just some time for herself.

Or - like now - to meet a young girl that could make a major difference to her life. That would almost surely make a major difference. Young Linda Verdale. This shy, but actually quite confident little darling who had said she would do anything to make her happy. Anything!

Mary had the same conservative suit she had been wearing yesterday, only with a different scarf. This one was striped with a light green colour matching the darker one of her blouse.

The girl arrived almost exactly on time. 1904, to be precise. Statistically insignificant deviation!

Another sign that she was quite serious about this.

She saw her immediately, and came over with that shy smile on her pretty face. Shy, but direct at the same time. Were all girls of that younger generation like this? If she tried to imagine herself in a situation like this at that age, she knew for sure she would feel like she was facing the electrical chair! But then again, she would never even think of getting herself involved in something like this.

Mary had been thinking about their possible relationship all the time these last days, and felt her old self-confidence and balance recover and build again for each passing hour. She was still nervous, but she had a feeling of control! More like a trickling in her stomach similar to those she had when she addressed some important audience.

Linda had the same jeans as yesterday, but a different, light yellow tee shirt with some kind of football team logo on it.

She bent forward and put her hands over Linda's on the green- clothed table as she looked at her with smiling eyes.

"Hi, how are you? How do you feel?"
"Fine", came the soft answer. Voice shy, but eyes and body language confident.

Fluttering eyelids.

Short silence.

"Mmmmm... how do you feel about our plans? What we've been talking about trying? Do you still feel good and hot about it?"

"Yes.... Oh yes I do" came the meek answer. The girl slowly got red, and again struggled to meet her eyes.

"Oh Linda... I'm so glad. You don't know how happy you've made me. So thrilled. Just by being you!

Do you even have the slightest idea what you have promised? How you're going to please me? I can hardly believe it until I feel it! It's just too unimaginable! Just too fantastic!"

Mary felt her hands shaking over the girl's. She just couldn't help it! She was in control in a whole new and different way tonight, but still. Now it was more like plain arousal than nervousness. Just the thought of what they would be getting up to...... if it wasn't all an impossible dream.

Again they sat for a long moment without saying a word. But now it felt quite OK. It didn't matter. They already knew so much about each other.

Mary knew she should be very careful about some of her questions, but there were a few things she just had to know.

"Linda dear... what about your parents? What do you say to them? What do they know about tonight?"

The girl shuddered almost unnoticeably, but then met her eyes with her own innocent blue ones again.

"I... I told my mother I'll be with a friend of mine. I have a friend from my class... Her name is Elisabeth. I just call her Liz. We often sleep over at each other."

"But what if your parents ask her? Call her? Talk to her parents?"

The girl looked uncertain again.

"They won't."

"How can you know for sure?"

"I just know. She never does."

Just like that! It was quite obvious to Mary that the girl didn't want to talk about this. And she kept referring to 'she' instead of 'them'. She figured they probably were divorced, and she was living with her mother....

She decided to leave that for the time, but for sure she had to find out more later on. Could there be some other family problems she should know about? She certainly didn't want to end up in a situation where she could get the feeling that she had been taking advantages of somebody with personal problems. That was not what she wanted. Not what she needed. The whole point about their affair was the very fact that it was something both of them wanted, just from the bottom of their hearts! From the deepest and hottest sides of their fantasies. More than anything! The realisation of a crazy dream.

No no. Anything else but that would be a major turn- off, no matter how you looked at it.

She definitely had to find out what that was all about. But she had to make her moves carefully.

"You know; it's so odd! Me being almost forty, and you being so incredible young!"

The girl again avoided her gaze until she shook her hands lightly with hers. Then those wonderful blue eyes came up to face her again.

"You must tell me honestly how you feel about it! Really!!"

Again the girl's response was a faint, unrecognisable whisper, and Mary decided to leave also that for later.

New strategy;

"Now, Linda; I was thinking... do you think it would be possible for you to join me on a holiday trip to the south? I happen to own a flat down in Lievarez at the Sunny Coast together with a person that once used to be my husband.

I can promise a lot of fun, sun and bathing if you go.... And those special things that we will do together. What do you say? I understand you cannot answer that here and now, but do you think you can find out in the next few days? That would be the best time for me, you see!"

The girl listened in silence. Then those wonderful eyes looking right into hers again.

"I don't know. I suppose I could go for a few days, but I don't know what I should tell my mom."

"Well, what about some kind of organised excursion? Or a girl- guide trip to the forests? Try to think of something! Anything?"

Again the girl didn't answer much, and Mary decided she would give her the days she needed to think of something. If she really wanted it as much as she had said, she would find a way. For sure....

They had received an ice cream desert each, and enjoyed the flavoured taste in silence. Then Mary made a decision;

"Tell you what, little nugget; I suggest you find an evening really soon, when you can come back to my place. Then we will find out how much you really want me, and what we can think of in order to arrange things, Okay?"

That obviously was what the youngster needed. She quickly batted her eyes at her and gave her a much more confidant nod.

Mary was totally breathless from her own courage. Now she was in complete control of the situation, and the move felt like a natural next step on the way. But just the thought about what they had just agreed on! That young little thing with her in her own flat! Just the two of them together! Oh that sweet pleasure of hope and desire!

And the girl oh-so-clearly wanted it too. And what else did she want? Could there be something already at that first evening?!?

The girl looked down again, and Mary realized she had been staring shamelessly at her. She immediately moved to put a gentle hand over the girl's, and stroke her silky locks lovingly. She mustn't let her boiling passion scare her off. Play your cards right, and it will encourage her instead!

The next afternoon was Friday. They met in Lightfield, right at Linda's school. Mary saw the little beauty coming wandering along with her bag under her arm in the direction of her bench out by the riverbank. The light breeze played gently with her hair as she came running the last meters up to sit down beside her. She appeared read- cheeked and slightly breathless.... And beaming with enthusiasm.

"I – I told my mother I ran into a girlfriend from last summer, and that I was invited to stay over tonight! She said Okay!" Then her expression changed from joy to concern.

"Would that be suitable for you?!? I mean.... tonight..... already??

Now Mary was the one to get breathless... completely! Her head spun with heated passion, and she had to resist the urge to jump up and yell an ecstatic 'yessssss' all over the place!

Tonight! She would have the adoring little creature in her flat tonight! And wasn't she saying she could even sleep over until tomorrow?!?

"Linda dear, I am overjoyed!" Of course you can come and stay the night with me! Of course! No problem at all!! I had some other arrangements, but I'll handle that. Nothing that can't wait till later!"

She almost tore up her cell phone to cancel her long planned rendezvous with an old girlfriend one hour later, blaming it on unexpected circumstances. Verna would be in town for several days. Time enough for her tomorrow!

As she put down the phone, she had to take a few deep breaths to calm down a little. The little angel sat beside her, looking up at her with those spellbinding, incredible blue eyes. Watching her expressions with a heart- warming admiration. Like she herself should be some kind of a queen.

She turned and met her eyes, and gave her a smile that for the first time felt almost completely natural.

"I suppose you need to go home and get yourself ready, little angel. Then I will go home and make my own preparations."

She took a few locks of her silky brown hair and caressed them between her fingers.

"You remember how to find my flat now, don't you? Up to Clearing, and then across the street to no. 23b. Or do you want me to pick you up somewhere?"

"No, it's fine. I've been there many times already. Oh, I can't wait!" The girl let her cheek caress the woman's hand, and Mary felt the wetness from a single tear of blissful joy.

That did it! She threw away the rest of her adult inhibition and put her arms warmly around her as she continued to whisper sweet nothings into her ear. For a long while they sat like that, just feeling each other's nearness and excitement... and that extraordinary unity of understanding that was created purely by the language of love and passion rather than the spoken word.

Mary opened the window even in the kitchen. The flat was unbearably warm, even though she was wearing just a light cotton skirt and a bare- shouldered blouse. She had worked feverously to get everything ready. Washed the entire place from floor to ceiling, sweating and cursing as she collected dust flakes that had piled up everywhere for at least two weeks. She could need a real slave girl, that's for sure!

Now everything was as ready as could be, and she was fresh from her second shower within the last hour.

Even though she felt reasonably prepared, she jumped involuntarily as the doorbell finally rang.

The girl was ravishing. That was the plain word for it... even with her young age. A yellow top hanging loosely around her shoulders, showing off the sweetest of navels. A pair of black bicycle pants with a dark red stripe in the side stretching from waste to knees. Brown sandals on bare feet. Quite the little princess charming.

Mary more or less hauled her inside, and pushed her in front of her into the living room. She planted her on the black leather couch with sandals and everything. Then she almost spilled the lemon soda drink she had prepared as she rushed to pick it up from the kitchen.

When she let herself bounce down on her right hand side with her own glass, she was exactly as breathless as she had decided not to be. Just from a few steps back and forth! It made her appear more nervous, and now she really needed to show off her calm and confident side... more than ever! She knew perfectly well that she would have to be the one to take things in the direction she wanted. The girl was ready for action, but she definitely needed a woman who knew what she wanted.

And she knew what she wanted, all right! The clue was to get them there without scaring the little darling off. To make it a fantastic experience not only for herself, but for both of them. She knew that was essential for their relationship to last. And she certainly wanted it to last... to last forever and ever!

But still she couldn't avoid another of those short, embarrassing moments of silence, as she roamed through her mind for a way to start the whole thing off. The line that would melt the ice once and for all.

She put her arm around the tiny shoulder. Pushed herself a little closer to her. Felt her tit press against her upper arm. Did she notice that she wasn't wearing a bra? That her arm was in contact with the real thing? Only covered by a thin piece of fabric?

She pulled her even closer. Let her tit press firmly against her. Letting it bulge up from under the cutting of her blouse. Her hand playing lightly with the locks of her hair.

That took the edge off. Some of it, at least. Suddenly there was no need to talk. Silence was almost like a natural part of their first real contact. Her heart jumped as she saw the girl's eyes flash over and dive down into the opening of her blouse. Just a flash, but she had noticed!

"Linda dear. Dear, dear girl of mine... Do you feel good? As good as me? Do you?"

She had to draw her breath deeply after just those few words. Her heart was already racing! She was in the process of loosing control of her body. Totally! Just after touching that wonderful little thing! Holding her shoulder. Feeling her close to her body.

And now a small shiver ran through that young body too. The girl lifted her eyes and met hers for the first time in several minutes. Those crystal clear eyes. Looking right at her. Frank and honest and open... and amazingly full of confidence!

"Yes... yes I do. Oh yes!" She blinked a few times, and took a deep, shaky breath. "I feel soo good... with you. I knew I would from the first time I saw you! It's just... just..."

"What dear? What?! You can tell me everything... you know!"

The girl looked down for a moment. Then those eyes came up at her again... melting her heart... and mind...

"Just... just... that I feel a little frightened! A little... afraid. What we will do... I mean... you understand?

Heat flushed through Mary's body as she saw those beautiful eyes get moist and almost overflow by emotions. Now it was her time to draw a deep, shaky breath.

"Of course I do. Of course... of course!" She finally put her still stroking hand behind the silky neck and went down on her lips for their first, deep kiss. Her tit squeezed even harder against the little shoulder, and she felt her nipple slip all up the inside of her blouse... almost to the edge. It was hard like a nut, and so sensitive that she felt her hormones almost bubble over as it rubbed firmly against the soft texture. And the shoulder.

Another wave of passion shivered through her as she felt the girl's almost frenetic response. Lips opening wide to welcome her, Tongue meeting her with a playful firmness that almost caught her unprepared. Twirling around her own in joyful twists before sliding along the edge of her front teeth. Cheeks rubbing against the tip of her nose. Practically sucking her into its own world of wonderful sensations. That marvellous mouth. That playful tongue...

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