tagLesbian SexSouthern Nights Ch. 03

Southern Nights Ch. 03


Southern Nights 03. – Going south.

The distant humming of the jet engines was a comfortable and almost dizzying background noise that made Mary feel quite sleepy. Sleepy and very relaxed. Probably because she had been through some very intense days of work and preparations, and the exhaustion hit back on her now. Not too much, but quite unmistakingly.

And she definitely had no reason to be sleepy or tired... or bored... or anything at all. Actually she should be jumping up and down the aisle in sheer joy and ecstasy... tear the door to the cockpit open and yell 'YESSSSS!!' with full lungs. Wouldn't be too smart though, with terrorist alerts and all that, so it was better to settle with an inner feeling of tingling happiness... after all. Anyway that's what life is all about, right?!? Happiness!

And the main reason for her happiness was sitting right there beside her, and had just for the mpht time whispered 'I love you' into her ear. Significant in any random selection!

They had just shared a deep and passionate kiss, and were now sitting back enjoying the very fact that they were there... together. And that they were on their way to the long awaited holiday. Finally! To the southern beach, with the palms, the Margueritas and the warm, salt breeze from the sea.

And to what she hoped would be the most exciting and satisfactory erotic experience of her life! In every sense of the word. If everything would continue the same way as it had so far. From the fantastic start. The start with a bang! Every time her thought went back to it she felt a glowing itch in her groin. A knot in her belly so sweet it was almost painful. But oh-so-powerful in its way of reminding her what was in store for her. If she would be able to continue playing her cards right.

Yawn! The steady buzzing from ventilation and engines really was dizzying, and she felt herself drift into a kind of slumber as her thoughts went back to that fantastic start. That promise of an entirely new life. A life filled with satisfaction. The kind of satisfaction she needed. As much as she would ever want! Something tailor- made for her. For her only. At last.

Although she had been single for so many years, she still felt that she had always had to adjust herself and her life according to other people around her. The job had taken a lot, obviously. Most of it, actually. She had worked very hard on her career for the last ten years... at least. But also family and friends wanted their share. And like a typical woman of her time, she had done her best to meet all obligations – real and imaginary - as good as possible. And she had been happy with it. It was only the past two years that the idea of looking more after herself had taken root. That she really should focus more on her own wishes and needs. And especially try to do something to sate her growing appetite for sexual satisfaction. Feelings that had been more or less asleep for so many years. Or rather just burning under the surface, somehow. Until they kind of broke through, and demanded a fair share of her life. Feelings so strong and enduring they took her by surprise.

Feelings that finally drove her all the way to the decision to try her luck with this ad she had been working on.

And see! Her wishes had come through before she had even been able to put down what they actually were. In the shape of this lovely young girl, this adorable darling who had promised to please her with all her efforts for as long as she could take it! She still found it hard to believe, somehow. Even though she had had som hard evidence, definitely statistically significant! Actually right on the expected value!!

She hadn't had sex with the girl since that one, beautiful night, although she felt that the girl had enjoyed it just as much as herself. She had experienced two heart- shattering orgasms, the last one well after midnight. And the passion had been built more on the heat of the situation than the way the girl had worked her inexperienced tongue. With some training and soothing guidance her technical skills would probably come along in no time. But it was her total commitment to the task of pleasing her that really got her. It was so exciting she could orgasm almost from the mental impact of the whole scene. This lovely girl, down between her spread legs, devouring her pussy, really serving it... serving her... and enjoying doing it possibly even more than she enjoyed receiving it! Yeah! She could feel it in every nerve of her body.

Still... going away with her on a one week trip like this was an entirely different thing. Obviously. She had to remind herself that the girl was still pretty much a child... deep inside. She would need to get used to the thought, and the expectations her adult partner would have. For this she would surely needed some time still.

It was hard, but Mary knew that it was important for her to 'stay away' for the rest of the time up until their trip together. And even leave her alone with her thoughts and feelings. She knew she did the right thing from the simple fact that the girl did nothing to initiate further sexual encounters. Not that she avoided her or something. She just clearly needed this time to think. As simple as that. If she decided not to go with her, there was nothing much she could do to make her change her mind. So she would have to keep the interest up. Work on it on the right level, so to speak, and do nothing to discourage her. Simply play a little hard to get, although they both knew how that was. But if she could do it right, she surely would be amply rewarded.

And she had succeeded! The girl was sitting right next to her. Right here, right now! With exactly the same kind of anticipation as herself. Still shy... still a little insecure. But yet the same wonderful young thing that had pleasured her so intensely back that first night they had been together.

Oh that first night! She felt the sweet itching in her groin every time her thought just touched into it. As soon as they were installed in their room, the girl would have to deal with that immediately! And for a long time!

The thought of everything they would do as soon as they were alone together... It was almost unreal. Still now. Her head was spinning with ideas, one kinkier than the next. And now it was all only a few hours away!

She looked over at her again, wanting to see this deep affection in those wonderful eyes still one more time. Those promises of things to come. She discovered that the sweet darling had just dozed off. Her head was in the process of slipping down at her shoulder. Such a trustful little thing! Definitely her kind of girl!

What seemed to have worked best was to play the role of the modern seductive temptress. Appeal to her senses the same way she would do to a man. Almost. The times they had met in between she had made sure to wear her best suits, set up her hair properly and in general try to look as good as possible. But maintaining her style of the confident lady executive, the well- travelled woman who knew her ways around and could get what she wanted. Mixing her cool sensuality with a kind of professional innocence that could get even the toughest of men onto the hook. If that had been the point. And it certainly worked also in that respect. By showing off more than usual of her erotic sides, she attracted attention to such an extent that she almost felt harassed. Actually it was kind of wonderful to get back home and dress down into her simple robe. But it had worked. The girl seemed to be thoroughly on the hook. Exactly where she wanted her.

Enough so to do anything to be with her. Even to go away with her for a full week. Just somewhere. Which meant giving herself totally over to her, with no real escape, at least not one with any kind of face- saving alternatives.

She had even lied to her mother to get the opportunity. What kind of retreat would that give her if things should go wrong? Non whatsoever. And she knew that just as much as Mary. And it was the decisive point. If she could get the courage to do that, she could do anything. And that was just what Mary needed to know and see. This girl being willing to do anything. Absolutely anything. For her.

She had used several opportunities to show off those small, erotic details that she knew would get the blood boiling on any person who would like her type of a mature lady. Dark silk stockings with broad, dark crisp seams, held up with thin, grey- brownish straps. Straps disappearing up under a tailor-made business skirt with a black, lacy and very sexy underskirt. All seemingly innocent and accidentally, but still combined with those short flashes of seductive eyes back at her, saying clearer than a thousand words that she knew the youngster liked what she saw, and that she would love to let her have the goodies!

Amazing how these things work! So easy with a man. So difficult with a young girl. And still so similar when the girl had the right feeling for an elegant lady.

The girl sighed as her head slipped the last bit down onto her shoulder. She mumbled something and put her arm around her own. Another of these beautiful signals of love. And of total confidence and trust. Again a hot wave of passion flushed trough her, making her shiver lightly on her seat. It was so exciting. So out of this world! And even though they had already had one wonderful love- session, she felt like she was diving into an all unknown paradise once again. Possibly even more so exactly because she had experienced it once already...

Her victory was hard won though. She was quite sure that her clumsiness could have destroyed the whole thing. The worst thing was this nervous chatting she was trying to keep up the morning after their wonderful night together. It felt like waking from a sweet dream and being thrown into the harshest of realities. Linda was still there. Still wonderful... and still sweet and admiring. And she was possibly even more shy and embarrassed than she felt herself. But the girl had the luxury of being allowed to pull back and be the shy, innocent one. Again Mary felt like being the one responsible of keeping up the appearance, create the cosy atmosphere and get the conversation going. And that morning she had failed totally once again. In her own eyes.

Technically she had done everything right. She had been up first to shower and freshen up. Then she had given Linda the opportunity to sneak up and into the showers while she prepared breakfast. It was almost like a shock when their eyes met as she came into the kitchen. Embarrassment beyond compare. Damn!

Everything had gone so slowly that it felt like a great relief when the girl had to leave at noontime. The rest of the day had been a total mess as she was trying to calm down and figure out what to do next. She had even been crying a couple of times as all kind of emotions came and went in a way totally different from what she had ever experienced before. Mary Gardner had been crying! Twice in one day! Over some 18 year old girl!

That night she felt confident that she had messed the whole thing up, and that she would never see the beautiful thing again.

So it had been an enormous relief to see the girl coming walking up to their rendezvous- point at the riverbank the next afternoon. With her usual shy smile she bumped down beside her with a sweet 'hello'. Mary saw the beautiful hair and deep blue eyes glance magically in the warm Sunday sunshine as the girl looked up at her. Different from Friday afternoon she wore a jacket, and it didn't take Mary long to understand that she had it for some reason. As she leaned back on the bench, it slid open to display a dark green tee-shirt with the words 'my kiss your bliss' written in red graffiti- like letters across the chest!

That did it! Mary gasped and felt her cheeks getting glowing red. The girl, who had tried to make a kind of brave pose out of it, lost all her confident appearance and reddened too. As approaching foot- steps were heard behind them, Mary grabbed the sheet of the jacket hurriedly to cover the shirt with a shy 'Linda' whisper on her smiling lips.

For a moment the situation was once again quite embarrassing. But then she straightened her back and was able to pull herself together. The girl's move after all was the best confirmation of good will that she could possibly get!

"You little rascal" she had smiled shyly, patting the closed jacket with a firm hand. "I should put you across my knees!"

The girl's eyes flicked up at her again, saying clearer than a million words that she wouldn't mind that a bit! Not the slightest trace of surprise, uncertainty or irony. Just saying it! With those marvellous, almost worshipping blue eyes of hers. Melting Mary's heart like ice in the desert and making it impossible to even pretend to be offended by such a suggestive display. And how could she pretend to be, keeping in mind what they had already had together? No, just like she had felt as she saw it; it really was the signal she had wished for. The message to tell her that there were absolutely no second thoughts about what they had done – and would be doing.

Still she had needed a few moments to clear her mind before she had been able to move on... to settle it all in plain words.

After chatting a little about some 'safe' topics, she had cleared her throat to get to ask;

"So you really feel that the shirt of yours says what you feel? You really promise to please me with all your efforts all the time when we are together. Really make it good for me? All the time?"

As Linda nodded eagerly, Mary came to think that Linda must have made the shirt before their first session together. With this kind of letters it wasn't made in just one day. Not on a Sunday anyway. Another signal of her sincerity and trust. Another signal that things were definitely going her way...

Back in the office Monday morning she felt like an entirely new person! Things that used to annoy her terribly suddenly weren't important almost at all. Insignificant. Even that asshole Eric almost appeared humane on some occasions. Maybe he sensed the change in her... some way. Maybe mistaking it for a kind of meeker attitude. Possibly even a sign that she adjusted herself to his superior leadership?!?

Whatever. He was suddenly as insignificant as all the rest of it. Of course it was all still important to her career, but it didn't stress her on as it had before. Because it wasn't all she needed any more. There were so many other things to this life, wasn't it? She had herself a devoted little darling slave girl! A partner with whom she could share so much of her dream, desires and fantasies. Just leave all the trivialities of the emptiest part of her life behind. And go for the important things. The really important things! Herself. The two of them. And what they were going to build together.

A few days later they had met in a coffee- bar near the school. The girl was so eager she almost ran in the door. That was when she came up with the perfect cover story for their trip; a one- week guided trip to this place Lievarez at the Sunny Coast. As a scholarship for the best students in her class! There was a huge amusement park there with dolphins, seals and an underwater world section for studying all kinds of subtropical fishes and marine life. Even as a cover it was an ideal place for the girl to stay and learn for a full week. Fun, education and ... fun! All different kinds of fun!

The summer holidays were just tree weeks away at that point, and they immediately began plotting to make the necessary arrangements. Linda arranged things about the trip with her mother. She told her that in order not to loose valuable time, it was decided that the trip should be done immediately after the end of the semester. To ease any worries, Mary arranged a cell phone for the girl. That way it would be easy for her to stay in touch with her family. The phone was explained to be part of the scholarship arrangement as well.

And so... they waited. Until this wonderful day when they could enter the plane that would take them to their new life. Finally!

Mary had felt like in a haze. She had decided not to touch herself at all, just to make sure she would be hot as hell for what was coming. That was a decision that turned out to be very difficult to stand by at times. But she had managed! And now she was on her way to collect her reward!

The girl sighed and nuzzled her head against her shoulder. Mary felt the heat of love and passion run through her body in a light shiver. She lifted her hand to caress the soft cheek and those sweet locks of hair.

"Sleep my little darling" she whispered to herself. Sleep and collect your strength. We're having som very long night ahead of us!

As the plane started its decent, she leaned back and tried to relax too. The sun was slowly getting red over the horizon. She yawned; it was still just late afternoon. Just a few more hours now. Getting over to the flat, unpacking, and then a late dinner somewhere near. And then the world would be only for them. Then they would find out what life was all about. Just the two of them. Down there.... in sunny Alvarez.

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