tagLesbian SexSouthern Nights Ch. 08

Southern Nights Ch. 08


Southern Nights 08. – Lounging.

Yet another beautiful day saw the sun spreading its intense rays down over the village of Alvarez and the rocky coastline around. Only deep down in the horizon a few cumulus clouds could bee seen hovering faithfully over the sleeping volcano of Maracolar. The tiny draft from last night had grown into a refreshing morning breeze that played with the two women's hair as they lounged languidly on the terrace overlooking the endless horizon out there. The saline, humid ocean air felt wonderfully refreshing compared to the unnatural aridness created by the conditioner inside.

Again Linda had overslept. Not too much, but just enough not to be able to please her beautiful lady with breakfast in bed. So they ended up preparing it together, working swiftly as the most perfectly timed team to have it nice and ready on the broad terrace-table. Both of them were quite hungry. Last night's dinner wasn't finished properly either, in spite of their very best intention. For the second time the sexual urge had got the better of them, so it was about time they picked up a bit on the physical nutrition part as well.

Now it was 11 AM and really about time to get up. When she was younger, Mary could enjoy sleeping almost all day when she had the chance, but nowadays it felt like a loss if she wasn't up and running at least by 9. Too little daytime left. A typical thing coming with mature age and sense of responsibility? Or was it simply lower demand for sleep? She was almost surprised to see young Linda so active at the same time as her. Even that was different from what she had seen from other girls her age.

It wasn't possible to get totally away from work either, of course, and Mary had received several files to go through from that asshole boss of hers. Something that just couldn't wait until she was back again. Anyway it was good to be somewhat updated, and she had seen enough already to know that Jim Mallory had messed things up again. Nothing irreversible, but still so much that it certainly would mean some extra work for her when she'd be back in office. How could he ever think they could get away with a simple Wilcoxon- test on such a material? Good thing she agreed to be accessible during her stay.

As usual she felt a short surge of anger shooting up in her chest, but then she had one gaze over at the sweet girl opposite to her, eagerly munching away on a huge ham sandwich; and everything was forgotten. The mild breeze made her almost golden brown locks dance around her cheeks in movements of eternal grace and beauty. A beauty only matched by the magic twinkle in those deep-blue eyes gazing back at her. Those spellbinding eyes; so filled with love and adoration. What a contrast to the way things were that time back at the Sandy Bay Mall. That first time they met. Now it was hard to imagine that she hadn't even had the nerve to look in the little darling's direction when she had entered the cafeteria. And how about it now! Things had gone exactly the way they should. They had moved from completely wrong to perfectly right in just a few weeks. And most of it had been done just the last few days. Although she had made a complete fool of herself in the beginning, because of her nervousness - at least that's how she felt about it – the girl seemingly never had any problems accepting her as a lady worthy of her worship. On the contrary, in fact. Sometimes she felt her admiration so intensely that she almost got nervous to do something that would dethronize her from the superior position she clearly had in her life. If she got used to this unconditional worship, how should she ever be able to do without it? A horrendous notion...

Today was a day of lounging and tanning on the terrace, as they had planned the first evening. And it suited both of them quite well. Mary had to admit she felt a bit exhausted from last night's excesses. As they snuggled together under the refreshing spray of the shower, it all came back to her again. And so did the heat! And that seemed to be the case with her young admirer too as she clung tightly to her and started breathing noticeably harder. In no time at all a pair of silky sweet lips had captured a nipple and started an adoringly gentle sucking, drastically adding more fuel to the smouldering fire within. The exhaustion she felt as she woke up was completely gone. Just as though they never had had a full night of wild lovemaking behind them. It was simply incredible what this youngster could do to her!

Suddenly the little minx let the nipple out of her mouth and looked up at Mary through the foggy spray of water, a new kind of fire fluttering in her eyes.

"Mary, could you please let me be of service? I mean... help you?"

The question was adorable, but slightly confusing. "What – what do you mean?"

"You know... be of service. Let me do things for you..."

"But you are doing things for me. You are being lovely, wonderful... making me happy!"

"That's not what I mean. Let me show you..."

With that the girl grabbed the piece of soap and started rubbing it all over Mary's body. Starting with her neck, she gently worked herself down her back, then over her chest and tits before continuing down the belly to her crotch and butt. In no time at all she was soaped all over. And in no time at all she was horny like trickling hell once again. Those magic fingers could make her mind-splitting crazy!

Then she was rinsed and humbly guided out from the warm spray with a gallantly supporting hand. The girl grabbed the largest, fluffiest towel and started rubbing her with even more gentle and loving care. As the sensual material massaged her butt and thighs, she couldn't help spreading her legs instinctively to the head that kept moving in coordination with the rhythmic rubbing right in front of her pubic bone.

The girl finished the task at hand with full focus though, and then opened the door slightly to reach for her mistress' robe which she had left on a chair right outside to keep it comfortably cool. This token of consideration added even more energy to Mary's emotional heat, making her tremble lightly in intense excitement. There was nothing in this world like this incredible girl!

All dried up and dressed in her cool robe, Mary crossed the room with a huge lemon drink in her hand and swept through the fluttering curtains out onto the terrace. Linda had stayed inside to finish drying her own hair and rubbing the suntan lotion into her skin. Then she rushed to the kitchen corner to grab the coffee can and pour the content over into a classy china pot on a shiny silver tray before she finally put the fluffy isolation hood over it.

All stark naked except for a light t-shirt, she carried the tray with the bottle of lotion out on the terrace and placed it on the small table under the broad parasol. In the cool shade underneath her wonderful lady was already reclining on the comfortable deck chair, her robe opened and wrapped to the side, her naked, tanned beauty gleaming against the young girl as she faced her with the lotion in her hand.

"Oh, hurry up little precious, I'm just dying for your tongue," the woman sighed, pushing her prominent sunglasses properly up on her nose with a lazy finger. Her nipples were enormous, almost bursting with desire for some caring stimulation, and her belly jerked convulsively as the first cold drops of white lotion fell down on the glowing skin.

Even though thighs slipped widely apart and horny pussy lips opened lewdly in anticipation right in front of her, Linda breathlessly took her time to rub the lotion properly in. This would be their first day of full sun exposure, and a proper layer of factor 20 was essential to avoid any discomfort after several hours on this terrace. Even if they stayed in the shadow of the parasol, like now. And it was a wonderful way to drive the heat all the way up to a fever pitch as they prepared for their lazy hours of lounging!

Her rubbing hands kneaded belly, thighs and full tits till it was all deliciously moist and shiny. And her mistress' nipples literarily throbbed and her hips started making small bucking movements as the girls hands passed by, leaving the fat pussy lips gaping hungrily for worshipping attention.

When the arms were finished, she had to turn around for the treatment of her backside though.

As the girl worked herself from the heels upwards, the buttocks continued the shameless motion, flexing and relaxing to the sensation and rhythm of the massaging hands, readily welcoming anything prepared to do a good servicing of the dark crack in between.

Linda felt her heart beating like a hammer. The movement of the soft, voluptuous body under her fingertips almost drove her crazy. The way those muscles and rounded curves of silky thighs and buttocks responded to her caresses! Unbelievable! She felt her own patience run out and leave her in a state of completely unbearable heat.

Knowing that the back side would not be as critical as the front, she resisted the urge to dive head on into that tempting dark crack, and let her oily hand move down on her lady's hips to signal that she wanted her to turn over again.

Mary did so with a deep sigh, and again her legs slipped apart almost automatically, ready to receive the loving attention she was waiting so impatiently for.

Now time was definitely up! Resting her weight on trembling hands, Linda gently got down to find a good position in between the indolently spread thighs. When she crouched down on her knees, Mary could allow the girl's upper body between the awesome thighs and still keep her lower legs firmly up on the chair. Linda got a better idea though, and suddenly jumped up to run for some towels in the bathroom. As she returned with a huge pile, her mistress still lay as she had left her, with a slightly confused look on her face. But as Linda proceeded to put several layers of towels over the plastic armrests, her expression again transferred to one of soothing appreciation.

"This will make it more comfortable to rest your legs to the side," Linda murmured as she straightened the white texture over the crummy rests. Then their eyes met in another adorable smile as the youngster gentled the thighs out to the sides, deferentially opening her gorgeous lady to her feverish gaze.

Once again she got on her knees and let her upper body slide down in between the welcoming legs. The warm pussy felt almost magnetic, drawing her against it as she painstakingly slowly started kissing her way up the inside of a hot thigh. Mary sighed deeply and her hips kind of gyrated slowly in anxious urges. As the sweet lips came up close, the pubic bone made an impatient little jab up against them, as though it was trying to jump up and grab her.

Oh, no! There was absolutely no way she could contain herself any longer. With a thin strand of saliva suddenly seeping out of the corner of her mouth, she let her cheek brush up along the last inches of silky skin until her lips sank down onto the lips of the exorable centre of pleasure. That released a trembling sigh from both of them, unisonily substantiating their mutual ardour.

As she sank in deep, immersing in gratifying relish, Linda felt tears press on to once again blur her dim-witted eyes. She thought she had gotten a bit more in control of her emotions after last night, but this situation was again different; a setting more explicitly acknowledging her role as a humble worshipper docilely serving her indolently demanding mistress. An undisputable classic. And a beauty of unparalleled proportions, impeccably reflecting the deepest void of her secret dreams. Reaching into the depth of her soul, and pulling it right out in the open. And placing it right at her mouth!

She made a meek attempt to pull herself together, but then the feelings overwhelmed her for a moment, and the sudden attack of sobs made her whole body shake. Mary's elated moans momentarily shut out any sounds from down there, but she noticed the almost imperceptible movement, and was torn out of her state of lustrous bliss. Her voracious pubic mound stopped amid its ravenous upward thrust and she worked herself up on her elbows to check on her little precious. Linda sobbed convulsively, tears running down her nose and moistening her mistress' pubic bush. Mary looked down at her with glowing compassion as she let a hand stoke her head caressively.

"Dear girl" she murmured with a slightly concerned voice, "you must tell me if I'm too demanding... if I'm too selfish... you hear!"

Linda released her grip around her lady's hips for a moment to dry off some of the tears. Then she sighed deeply through her nose before she let her tongue sink back in deep, accompanied by an elated "Mmmmmm..."

Mary continued stroking the beautiful girl until the feelings got too intense for her again. Feeling confident about this being another of her little darling's emotional outburst - simply caused by her intense submissive passion - she let herself sink back to fully enjoy the skilfully working tongue. That had proved to be the best way to comfort her anyway.

Soon the girl was completely calm, and a kind of placid silence descended. The two of them just lay there, dwelling in the sensation of perfectness, happiness and burning passion; waves of emotion and compassion undulating back and forth between them. An exceptional kind of love, shown by their exceptional kind of contact. Lips upon lips – tongue between lips... a mouth working skilfully and patiently with the ultimate goal of providing maximum pleasure for both of them. A pleasure to signify the bond that now tied them inexorably together.

Even though Mary had high expectations to the girl's progress, she was still amazed how she managed to read all her bodily signals. Linda had learned to control her mistress' orgasmic build just last night, and still she was already finding the right level from the very beginning of their love-session. No instructions necessary. She couldn't have done it better if she could have worked on herself! Something that should make it easy to lay back and just enjoy immensely, without a single thought unsettling her numbed mind. Only that the simple recognition of this extraordinary progress made her so raging horny that her sensitivity mounted uncontrollably every time the very fact of it passed through her mind, making the girl's task a difficult case of aiming at a moving target!

Mary had decided to stay put for quite a while still, but the mental heat produced by all of this just made the whole situation unbearable. She urgently needed a release that could bring her emotional havoc a bit under control.

"Linda... dear... I... could you bring up the first one please? I – I'll need that to be able to enjoy our day properly. This – this is just too much." She sighed deeply before she continued. "You know... you have learned it all. In just one full night of training. It's amazing. You're just perfect already. And I'm so happy and proud that I'm ready to explode! If you take us up, it will be better... afterward... ooooohhhh!"


The sweet tongue changed its movement almost unobtrusively, searching out some slightly different spots to incite additional erogenic sensations; without homing closer in on her clit at all. This was something Mary never actually tried to teach her. It clearly must have been an idea she had developed herself, figuring out how to keep up the intensity as she slowly started the build to ecstasy. And it definitely worked! Mary felt intense waves of heat flush through her belly as the new stimulation took effect. It made the upwards spiral an entirely different experience, bringing a kind of unpredictability to it that was entirely different. And it was her own bodily responses that got unpredictable. Her ability to absorb and consummate the different sensation. Something that felt as though it came from the inside out rather than the normal clitoral build towards the point of no return.

And even if she had felt prepared, the orgasm rushed in all over her before she even knew it. Starting deep within, then finally rushing down to the eagerly lapping tongue devotedly massaging her clitoral base before radiating on out. It set all her belly on fire before it spread out throughout her thighs and up along her spine all the way into her fervent brain, making the deck chair creak as her body started trashing all over it. It was an orgasm possibly even harder than the one she had at the end of the perfect lecture last night, making her bite her knuckles almost painfully to avoid screaming her pleasure out all over the apartment complex. Her pelvis lifted itself all off the chair, and she felt her buttocks being grabbed by craving hands as the wonderful girl continued feeding ferociously on her blatantly convulsing slit. Her pussy juices literarily gushed into the hard working mouth as she worked herself sturdily through the furious peak of climax and over into the lingering stages of satiation and finally a kind of shattered exhaustion.

Even though it was the first orgasm of the day, Mary felt almost completely drained, more so than she had actually expected. Much more intense than planned. But, come to think of it, it was quite logical, since it actually was her first orgasm enjoyed from start to a shattering end in perfect physical and mental relaxation, with full focus on her pleasure only. And with the full capacity of the girl's skills. Something quite different from the lecture-like sessions they had had up until now; although they had been most satisfactory too.

And for the first time she didn't really feel like having the wonderful mouth between her legs for a while; a situation she'd hardly been able to imagine in the earliest days of their lovemaking. After a short period of sighing recovery, as her wonderful pupil nursed her down ever so gently with the light tip of her playful tongue, she started to feel a bit restless.

"Linda, dear..."


"Enough. My lovely little strumpet... oh... enough..."

"Uh... what?" The girl raised her head with a confused expression on her face. That was the last thing she had expected to hear from her adorable mistress at that point. Mentally she had already planned the path through her recovery to the last detail, and was ready to see it through with every single nerve of her body; until her lady would be ready for some more wonderful hours of burning hot lovemaking.

"Come and sit up a little while, won't you?" Mary had to smile at the obvious disappointment on the girl's face. "Just a little while. You can stand that, can't you?"

Linda smiled back, a bit sheepishly. She even blushed ever so lightly from the blatant passion and voracious hunger with which she went to feed on the wonderful source of their mutual pleasure. As she moved to get up and over to her own deck chair, another shiny strand of pussy juice seeped out between her lips, making her light embarrassment a bit heavier. Mary noticed, although she was busy adjusting the back of her chair, and her smile broadened as she saw the girl quickly wiping it away with the napkin at her plate.

"You're a picture of eternal youth and beauty" Mary purred as she raised her glass to enjoy the last mouthful of her lemon drink. That suddenly reminded Linda of the coffee she had prepared and she hurriedly got the hood off the coffeepot and poured the cups for both of them. Lifting it elegantly by the fragile plate, she used the spoon to stir in a few drops of milk before she reached out to hand it over to her beautiful mistress. The woman accepted it with an almost unnoticeably shaky hand and immediately took a few deep sips. A sigh of approval told the hopeful girl that she had done well, also with this part of her service.

They enjoyed their coffee in silence. Mary almost upright now with her legs crossed, her shoulders and tits still shining moistly from the fresh lotion. Her breathing was calm and content and her entire body had an aura of satisfaction that was almost tangible. An entirely satisfied lady; the thing that had become the prominent – the only – goal in Linda's life. Still, somewhere in that aura, in that serene haven of consolation, there was this imperceptible hint of new energy; a distant dawn of obscure erotic ardour.

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