Southern Nights Ch. 09


Although she wasn't able to reciprocate in the ways her wonderful slave girl did, she still enjoyed having her body close to her, letting her hands or her cheek caress soft hips and smooth-skinned thighs as they enjoyed a kind of 69- position where the girl devoured her pussy with unstoppable hunger. Although it was a stronger experience of nearness, which brought on very intense orgasms, she still preferred to be on her back and let the girl eat her gently and slowly up to controlled but insanely convulsive explosions that normally made her pass out for a little while before the girl's nursing tongue brought her back to consciousness again. Somehow the extra feeling of power of that position got to her even stronger, definitely adding to the intensity of the orgasms. And she sensed that this was her young worshipper's preference too. She could tell by the way she moaned, by the way her nose buried in her pubic bush, the way her hands kept sliding and caressing her buttocks, belly and tits as she started shuddering in the upswing to yet another gut-tearing outburst.

Linda hardly ever let herself be driven over the edge along with her. She could tell because the few times it happened, she screamed through her nose into her pubic bush as the climax impacted, although she tried to bury it so hard it could hardly be heard. A woman knows immediately, and there was no way she could hide it from her. It even intensified her own orgasms, making her squirt some exhausted jets of thin juice into her throat as she laboured insanely against the incredible mouth. The girl let herself go only when she felt sure Mary could take no more, and normally she was right. There came a time when even her strength ran out, and they simply passed out as they lay and slept like tops far into the next day. Luckily there was no further problems with the conditioner, so they could wake up reasonably fit, although mostly one our later for each passing day.

So it was two overly happy and exhausted persons who entered the flight back home the next afternoon. Alvarez lay bathed in sunshine like ever before. A beautiful day to finally make a few pictures that Linda could use as a cover for her stay back home. The fortress, the marina and the pearl-fisher's museum, the sulphur lake and all those other known things she had to know as a potential future guide.

On the plane they fell asleep immediately, and didn't wake up until dinner was served. That was when they finally had some time for some real serous talking about their life together. How they were imagining things to be in the near future. The girl was surprisingly relaxed about it. Obviously she anticipated few problems from the side of her mother, something that again revoke Mary's curiosity about what she actually could be like. She made a mental note about remembering to check this out more closely when they got back. Something she hadn't found time to do yet, by the way.

They found they were able to speak completely naturally about their feelings now. None of this obstructive shyness that made it so hard in the past. Mary remembered how she felt the need to pour her heart out to the young girl as they ate; just as though she was an old girlfriend in need.

"You don't know how much this has done to me! When we first met I felt an uncertainty I hadn't experienced since early in my working career. I felt awkward and clumsy to the degree of sheer helplessness. And if you ever know how much I have worked on getting away from this... how much I have trained and practiced to keep up a confident and elegant appearance at all times – Then you'd know what I mean."

She sighed and adjusted the pillow behind her neck to find a more comfortable position in her seat, sending a languorous wave of perfumed musk over into Linda's convivial senses.

"Did it show? I mean... could you see how confused I was? Easily?!

Linda was silent for a moment, her mouth full from a generous fork of chicken chest. After a moment of intense chewing and thinking, she looked over at her and nodded. Then she smiled a bit shyly.

"Really?" Mary smiled back almost sadly, prompting the girl to quickly wipe her mouth with the napkin and gulp down her mouthful.

"You shouldn't feel bad about it Mary... It was pretty tough for me too. I tell you! We never did anything like this before. None of us. And we didn't know what to expect..."

The well-chosen words almost left Mary agape. Linda turned more towards her and put a hand on her sensual shoulder.

"The important thing is how we are now, right? I feel so good as I never did before in my life!" She stopped and looked at her lady for a split second. "Don't you?"

"Oh yes... Yes! Of course I do. You wouldn't even know!" She smiled and turned over to stroke her lover's cheek with gentle fingertips. Then she looked her deeply into the eyes. "Linda... I think I'm desperately in love with you!" She paused a moment. "I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to a life without you!"

Linda looked back bravely, noticing that it was Mary who almost had tears in her eyes this time. But as she prepared to answer, she felt them coming to her too.

"Mary... you don't have to! Honest!" Then those wonderful words came; "I'll serve you the rest of your life. I promise!"

Before they knew it they were in each other's arms, sobbing gently as they made a pact that felt as important as a marriage, almost. They both knew it was nothing like that, but it underscored their mutual will to be there for each other whenever possible. After all Linda vas a teenager and she was 38, almost 39. She wouldn't even want the youngster to spend the best years with her only. But she was hoping that they could find a way to make things good and happy for both of them as they went their natural paths of life.

"I'm so glad Linda darling... I'll be there for you. And you'll always be welcome... Always!"

Mary felt so happy just thinking back on that wonderful conversation... and so horny she was ready to burst! All those mind-boggering images almost drove her crazy. Her hand had found its way to her pussy, and she was overly attempted to take it off to a thunderous orgasm right there and then. Otherwise she would never be able to fall asleep. The she managed to get hold of herself.

Her young darling would be with her again tomorrow night, looking after all her desperate needs with the adorable attention that she loved and craved so much. Holding through until then would just make things even better. And her orgasms belonged in the girl's mouth now. Nowhere else! Although the first one was bound to blow off within a few seconds of skilled tongue stimulation! But what the hell. There would be all the rest of the evening and the night for the more composed and controlled build-ups.

If she could only calm down enough to fall asleep now, everything would be ready for another mind-bending rapture the next evening.

After a while of restless twisting about on the bed, she found the only solution that would bring peace to her mind. Jim Mallory's last report about the Wilcoxon- method on the clinical impact of Maracydine on the Teloco-databasis of RFT & Lexter Venture draft...

- - -

"So, you really made out after all, didn't you?" Angela looked triumphantly into her eyes, the effect of her third stiff drink showing in her highly eloquent eyes. They had fond a table a little bit to the side, and had enjoyed the mollifying music and a few stiff drinks for quite a while already. And as the conversation inevitably returned to the centre interest, they quickly forgot about everything but the signals they sent each other. Angela clearly needed to find out more about this, and now she was well on the way, seeing how the alcohol slowly blurred even her faithful friend's solicitous vision.

"Angela, I told you; I don't like those kinds of expressions."

"So in what way do you want me to put it, for heavens sake!? I'm being extraordinary modest already. You know that."

"Yes, I know." Mary muttered, taking a deep breath to finally open up to her close friend. Now she felt much more prepared. The long night of thinking and masturbation had brought things in order in a way, at least so that she had found a way to convey her feelings about the affair, even to a person as close as Angie.

"Yes, we made... love. A whole lifetime worth. It was unbelievable!"

There was a moment of silence as the words sank in. The first real confirmation of what they both knew.


"Well... she was adorable. Such a sweet little darling. I really couldn't get enough of her!"

"So you guys went down to some kind of... you know... 69? You know... where they pleasure each other mutually?"

Mary frowned again, then decided to simply ignore her friend's way of putting things. At least for now.

"Uh... not exactly..."

"What do you mean not exactly? What did you do then? Mary, don't be cruel. You started it, no you tell me, you hear!" Angela grabbed her arm so impatiently that Mary almost spilled some of her drink. She understood this was something special; more than just another roll in the hay, even if it was with a girl. Special even for that!

Mary was a bit giddy for a moment, then put her drink down and smiled, reddening slightly as she got ready to set off the really big bomb.

"She, uh... she was serving me..."

"She what?" Angela gasped and her jaw dropped.

"Serving me. I mean... she did it to me. Pleasured me. Made me feel good."

Angela stared open-mouthed for another moment.

"The whole week?!?" she finally blurted out.

Mary got redder. "Uh... yes."

Angela closed her mouth and swallowed. Her eyes had got an almost tangible glow that threatened to burn through her skin. She raised her glass with a shaky hand and drained the rest of her drink. Her eyes went from one side to the other, as though she was looking for something. Then down on her hands and deep into her empty glass. Then, all of a sudden, they drilled almost brutally into hers again.

"The whole week?!?" She suddenly burst out laughing, again grabbing her arm with her strong hand. "Mary, you're incredible. I don't believe a word of this!" Then her eyes got this sudden touch of profoundness that clearly revealed how her mind worked on it. She let go again and leaned back as she folded her fingers under her cheek. She was silent for another moment as she looked her friend all over.

"It's really true, isn't it? I can see it all over you! And I knew this had to be something really extraordinary. I could read you like an open book!" Again a shining smile; a little more reluctant this time.

Even under this scrutinizing attack Mary felt she was getting more and more on top of the situation. She could still feel her cheeks glowing, but her breathing and pulse gradually returned to normal. Her friend's unhidden excitement over what she had heard made her feel that it wasn't such a hilarious thing after all. Not in Angela's world, that is.

Only the repeated crossing of her knees back and forth revealed her on-the-edge excitement over the whole thing.

"This girl - what was her name again? – Linda... this Linda..." She put her folded hands down over her skirt-covered knee. She... pleasured you all the time. Like with the tongue? On your... your...?"


"The whole week?"


"I don't believe you!" Again those intense eyes protruding her mind like a spear. "How... how could you... I mean... that must be a helluvalot of orgasms... right?"


She got silent. Mary could see on her lips that she once again repeated the 'the whole week'- sentence to herself. And then again. Then silence for a moment.

"Mary, now when you've told me this, I hope you're going to let me see her! I mean... a girl like that... Well... uh... they just don't happen to grow around on trees."

Mary chuckled. "I should think not" she mused guilefully. The nervousness she had felt was completely gone. Totally replaced by a feeling of utter supremacy. As being in charge in an entirely new and wonderfully exciting way. Quite a new situation in her relationship to Angie.

Angela leaned forward almost abruptly; "You are going to introduce us, aren't you?!?" Her voice was thin and her eyes now revealed something near sheer desperation.

"I think so..."


"How soon would you like?"

"As soon as you can make it." Her eyes – her entire body – radiated sheer and blatant arousal. Again Mary had to strive to stop herself from laughing condescendingly.

"Mmmmm. I'll see what I can do, okay?"

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