"Yes," Felicia cried out. "Give it to me."

It took tremendous amounts of willpower, but Kevin stroked her slowly at first. Her clinging walls caressed every inch of him, awakening a primal urge to pound her with every ounce of power he could muster.

"God, that pussy's good," he grunted through clenched teeth, still struggling with the animal instincts growling within him.

"Oh — and I love your cock," she responded. "It's so hard. So big."

Kevin pumped his hips a little faster, unable to resist any longer. He was pleased and surprised when he didn't feel the itch already starting. Though she felt incredible, there was a sort of odd numbness in his cock that he recognized. It happened whenever he jerked off again not long after coming, and it always took longer to get there the second time. Encouraged, he added even more power to his thrusts.

Felicia looked up into his eyes, the words tumbling from her lips. "Yes. Like that. So good. Oh yes."

Pulling on her thighs every time he thrust, Kevin slammed his cock home with increasing speed. Claps sounded every time their bodies collided, and Felicia's breasts jiggled from the shockwaves. Her sounds of pleasure grew louder, her features tightening as she gripped the edge of the mattress with one hand and moved the other between her legs.

Felicia's fingers blurred over her clit as she rubbed them back and forth at a furious pace. A series of long whimpers escaped her, rising in both pitch and volume by the second. Then, the last ended in a croak as her walls contracted around him. Her fingers froze in place and she half sat up, a squeaking scream pushing through her tight throat as she came.

Kevin tried to keep thrusting, beginning to feel the first tingles of his own orgasm, but her wild thrashing made it virtually impossible. Only his grip on her thighs and the tight squeeze of her pussy kept him from slipping free. He'd never seen anything like it — not even in porn.

Her face turned bright red as she screamed and lashed her head on the pillow. The hand she'd used to rub her clit slapped to the mattress, fingers curling into claws. On and on it went, until she at last let out a pained-sounding groan and her head thumped to the pillow.

Kevin leaned over her, and she screamed again, her socked feet thumping into his back as she wrapped her legs around him. Her forehead was dewed with sweat despite the chill of the air conditioning, and she gasped desperately for breath.

Felicia rolled her head toward the nightstand and fumbled with a trembling hand for the bottle of water there. Kevin grabbed it and then slid a hand behind her shoulders when she lifted her head to drink. The first sip made her cough, but she managed to swallow a few mouthfuls before holding out the bottle to him.

"That was fuckin'... Wow," Kevin said, and then chuckled.

Felicia nodded her head and grinned, "Uh huh." Her pussy tightened around his still buried cock and she let out a long moan.

Kevin's cock throbbed angrily, and he had to assuage it with a rock of his hips. Felicia yelped, her eyes going wide, but then she wrapped both her arms and legs around him, pulling him close.

"Yes. More," she moaned.

It took a couple of attempts before he found the sinuous rhythm that would let him stroke his cock into her hot pussy again. Felicia used her arms and legs to shift him ever so slightly forward, and then screamed as he slid into her. "Right there. Faster," she pleaded.

It didn't take long for Kevin to feel the wicked itch. He grunted, clenching his teeth and fought to stay in control. His body was demanding release, but he wanted to last long enough for her to get there as well. Closing his eyes to shut out the sight of her flushed, pleasure-filled face, he concentrated on the humping of his hips.

Hope surged within him a couple of agonizing minutes later. Felicia's nails dug into his back and she whimpered, "Yes. Yes. Oh. Oh god. I'm gonna come. Come again. Don't stop. Yes. Yes. Ye-ahh!"

Kevin grunted, his breath blasting between his teeth. She pulled him against her, climax-fueled strength holding him in place as she came. Kevin's hips bucked against her as his seed surged up.

Felicia suddenly gasped, recognizing the intensity of his grunts. "Wait, don't come inside me," she said in a rush.

It was too late.

Kevin roared as he exploded inside her.

"Oh no," Felicia moaned, feeling him pulse in her depths. Then her tone changed and she locked her ankles in the small of his back. "Just give it to me. Fill me up."

Not having any real choice in the matter, Kevin twitched and gasped as he filled her full of cum. He collapsed atop her as the last weak spurt concluded, panting hard. Once he finally had enough breath to do so, he apologized, "S-sorry. Shit. Couldn't..."

Felicia let out a languid moan. "Don't worry about it. That's what the morning after pill is for. It felt good." She moaned again. "Really good. It was worth it. You ever done it before?"

Kevin shook his head and grunted as her pussy contracted around him. His sensitive cock protested mightily from the stimulation.

His scrunched up expression made her laugh, and she kissed him. "I like being the first. I should probably go tinkle though."

Kevin took several deep breaths, preparing for what he knew was coming. He still let out a loud, inarticulate cry as he pulled his half-hard cock free, and then collapsed on the bed next to her.

His eyelids were heavy as she swung her legs out of the bed and stutter stepped to the bathroom with a hand between her legs. The next thing he knew, she was handing him a warm washcloth to clean up with, followed by snuggling up next to him. He drifted off to sleep with a silly grin on his face.


Kevin started awake the next morning to see Felicia grinning mischievously, her hand pumping up and down his morning erection. As soon as she saw that he was awake, her grin widened.

"Good morning," she said, and took him in her mouth.

Half expecting it to have all been a dream, he grunted in surprised delight. "Uh huh."

Felicia moaned around him, her hair bouncing as she bobbed her head over his lap. She wasn't playing around, and her talented mouth soon had him edging toward climax.

The phone rang.

Letting him slip from her lips, Felicia nodded toward the phone. She kept her hand wrapped around him, slowly pumping over the slick shaft.

Trying to keep his voice under control, he picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Are you up?" His mother asked.

"Yeah, I'm up," he answered, looking down at Felicia, who nodded her head and stroked him a little faster. A little groan escaped him before he could contain it.

"Are you okay?" his mother asked.

"Just a little kink. I'll go get in the shower and get ready."

"Well, don't dally. Meet us in the lobby."

"Okay, Mom. I'm coming. Bye."

"Not yet, but I'll fix that," Felicia teased as she wrapped her lips around him again.

A minute or so later, he was shooting a few weak spurts into Felicia's incredible mouth. She gave the tip a final kiss when she let him go, and then slapped his bottom.

"Go, before your Mom decides to come see what's keeping you."

The thought of his mother knocking on the door with Felicia lying naked on the bed beside him spurred him out of the post-come lethargy. "Shit. Yeah."

Felicia was dressed when he came back out after a quick shower. It only occurred to him that he'd filled her mouth full of cum after she kissed him, and the feeling of her soft lips actually chased away that disquieting thought almost as quickly as it arose.

Nodding toward the door, Felicia said, "Go make sure the coast is clear. I need to go get cleaned up and find a doctor."

She walked with him as he peeked out, finding the hall empty. "Nobody out there."

"Call me as soon as you get in this evening?" Felicia asked, fluttering her eyelashes.

"Oh yeah."

"I can't wait," she responded, gave his cock a squeeze, and hurried out the door.

Kevin waited a minute for her to get down the hall a little ways, and then started toward the lobby, whistling as he walked.


Though he was a bit bleary-eyed for the rest of the week, Kevin endured the trials of the family vacation with a grin that wouldn't go away. His mother was a bit concerned about the dark circles under his eyes and weary posture, but accepted it in light of his cheery disposition.

On the last day, Felicia had to leave before daybreak, as she had an early flight home. She hadn't left him empty-handed, though. His cell now had her home number, cell number, work number, address, and email all programmed in.

Since they had a late afternoon flight, Kevin was sitting at Sea World watching the Orca show with the family when his cell buzzed in his pocket. He pulled it out and angled the screen so he could see the text.

The first thing he saw made his eyes pop wide open. It was a picture of Felicia lying on a bed, wearing nothing but Mickey Mouse ears, a pair of her little ankle socks, and a sultry expression. He quickly scrolled down before one of his brothers looked over his shoulder and chuckled as he read the text.

Home again. Had a wonderful trip ;) Hurry home with my souvenir. I know just where I want to mount it.

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Second RR story I’ve read. Impressive short yarns, strong female characters and my only complaint is that the stories aren’t long enough.

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I really enjoyed reading this story. It was fun and although I'm sure there isn't a planned sequel it really would be great if there was and it turned out she was one of his professors and they pickedmore...

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