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Spa Treatment


My sister, well my half sister, has been addicted to Korean spas since she studied in Pusan. When I turned 18 the first thing she wanted to do was drag me to a spa.

I didn't really want to go, honestly who wants to see naked old people chilling in flip flops. I was really disappointed when she told me my birthday present was a day at the spa. I felt like she really got a present for herself. What I wanted was a Playstation 3 and what I thought I was getting was naked ahjumas.

The day after my birthday she took me to K-town in Manhattan. The place was nicer than I thought it would be, there were cheerful lighting and despite the narrow hallways it seemed like a nice homey place. It smelled wonderful , like mint and jasmine.

Most of the rooms were segregated by gender, the staff whisked you from room to room doing all kinds of things, wrapping you in leaves in one room, soaking you in mud in another. Between the wonderful smells soothing sound and hot stones on my back I found myself surprisingly having a blast. Around the four hour mark my sister asked me to rest in a small sauna with her.

We sat listening to a rich violin solo when my sister turned to me and asked.

"Every got your boji waxed?"

"No," I said "isn't easier to just shave"

"Its not about the hair." she said smiling knowingly.

"It's not?"

"No" she said with a sigh at my apparent navite.

There was a switch next to the door that was used to call and attendant , my sister flicked it. After a few moments a rosy cheeked girl came to assist us. Most of these places employed newly arrived people so I could see that she was nervous to talk to me, likely assuming I only spoke English. She turned to my sister and after a brief exchange in Korean I was following her out of the room.

"Jaila!," My sister screamed before I could leave, she was tugging on the bottom of my towel. "You're booty didn't feel a draft?"

The attendant didn't bother to try not to snicker it must have been funny for her to see me try to fit my large breasts and bum into the towel made for skinny Korean girls I was provided. After I was somewhat decent I was led down the long narrow hallway to a new room. The attendant told me very slowly and very loudly to wait there.

The room was very small and only had a massage table and various beauty supplies and scented lotions.

I clung to my towel and hopped on the table. I was admiring my wiggling toes when the door opened and I was surprised to see a man standing before me.

He was handsome, very strong angular features. He stood about 6'1, the few grey hairs he had showed despite youthful looks he might be in his early 40s. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

"Are you feeling comfortable?" he asked me in Korean.

I nodded my head.

"Do you speak English?" I asked him in my infantile Korean.

"Sure thing" he reapplied with a South Queens accent. Despite the drawl he voice was deep and sexy.

I could feel all the blood in my cheeks and I knew I must be blushing. I could feel his eyes on my body as he asked.

"What type of wax do you want?"

I shyly pointed at his destination and looked at my wiggling toes again.

"No need to be shy," he said " lie on your back please."

I awkwardly maneuvered myself and my too small towel into the position he desired. It was by some miracle that I didn't expose myself.

"Let's get started" he abruptly yanked my towel to my navel leaving my goodies out in the open.

"How old are you? He asked as he powdered me like a infant.

"18, I said my birthday was 2 days ago."

"Well, happy birthday." He said as he used a wide Popsicle stick to smear hot wax on my Venus mound.


"Did you get what you wanted?" He said as he put a strip of cloth on the patch.

I was about to answer when with no warning at all he sadistically yanked that cloth with all the power he had. I don't know if it was the shock of the experience or the pain , but all I could remember next was smelling a strong scent. Something like tiger balm and Indian food. I jolted back in to consciousness and i was still lying on my back.

"I take it this was your first time? Its all over now."

I didn't answer him and swung my legs over and onto the floor to inspect his handy work. I was clean as a whistle and bare as the day I was born.

"Would you like a massage?" he asked.

"Are you going to do that again?"

"Well, you don't have any hair left so I wouldn't waste the wax."

I rolled my eyes and got back on the table.

"Lay on your back please."

Hi hands wandered down my back working various muscles, most of which were only tense becuase of the abuse my happy patch had previously endured. His hands moved from the small of my back to my hips and curiously over my round behind and the back of my thighs.

I had never had a massage before so I thought nothing of it until he raised my towel giving him a full view of my ass. He slowly massaged my thighs. Color rushed to my face, I was completely embarrassed by how aroused I was by this stranger touching me.

His hands were rubbing my bare hips and my pussy was pulsating with want. I knew I shouldn't be allowing this man, who was most likely old enough to be my father, carry on the way he was. Of course I could see why he couldn't help it. Most of the women he see have to be wrinkly and old, then here I come fresh and barely legal with the thickness. Why not let the poor guy cop a feel, it wasn't like I wasn't enjoying myself.

"Would you like to turn over?" He asked, I complied silently.

He was a big boy, and his khakis weren't doing to good a job of hiding that or his arousal. He began to work the front of my thighs under my towel, my skin tingled with his touch. The terrycloth was torture against my aroused nipples. His hands ventured to my inner thigh and began inching closer and closer to my place. The closer he got the more excited I became.

To my disappointment he withdrew his hands from under my towel and began to massage my lower legs. After working on my feet and toes he began the long journey back to the trunk of my body.

"You're very pretty down there." He said breaking the long silence we shared.

I didn't know what to say, but I found myself saying "Thanks."

I tried not to look at his obvious erection and turned my head to the fake Monet on the wall. I knew he must be enjoying how red my face had become. His strong hands were at the top of my thighs, I tried to hold in a gasp of shock as his finger lightly ran up my wet pussy lips. My whole body reacted as if his finger was made of lightening. He laughed and brought his finger to his mouth.

"Taste good too." He cooed.

This was when I was supposed to be a responsible person and scream bloody murder, but I was 18 and if you can't do stupid shit when you're 18 when can you? Not to mention what was the use of saying No at this point, my body was screaming Yes louder than my mouth ever could. I said nothing he took the silence as consent and returned his hand to my pussy.

He slowly and gently rubbed his fingers along my lips and clit and my hips instinctively moved with his rhythm.

I tried to keep quiet , for all I knew these walls were paper thin. I must have been doing a lousy job becuase I found his hand covering my mouth as his other hand. He removed it and mad the universal "shh" gesture.

I smiled shyly. He took switched his hands, letting me taste myself. He seemed pretty pleased with the image. He withdrew his hand from me and motioned for me to swing my body to the side of the table. I obediently did as told. Still holding my towel in place.

He seemed amused by my shyness. He placed his hand on mine and slowly moved it to the side of my body along with the towel. My bare breasts finally exposed to him. He raised an appreciative eye brow.

"I've never seen any as big as yours"

"I hear that a lot." I said shyly.

He took my breast in hands softly cupping them and began to kiss on suck my already taunt nipples.

I was pretty glad he wasn't making the usual asinine pillow talk, saying something about me tasting like chocolate - or saying how my dark skin against his pale skin was arousing. He was putting his lips to much better use. He began to kiss the valley of my breasts and chest , I giggled as his kissed my neck and nibbled on my ear.

"What's your name?" he whispered.

"Jang, Seon Hee" I purred back. The name was actually that of this stupid cunt that went to high school with me why her name was the first I could think of is beyond me.

He continued to kiss and tease my neck, which drove me wild. I wrapped my long legs around him and rested my arms on his shoulder. I could feel his hardness up against my clit. His mouth almost devoured mine. As his kissed me I ran my fingers through his thick silky hair.

He pulled away from our embrace so his lips could return to my full breasts. He gently guided one of my hands to his cock. He was massively bigger than my ex boyfriend. I started to have second thoughts. What I was doing was crazy. At any moment someone could walk through that door, Hell my SISTER could walk through that door. I was engaging in total insanity.

"You're pretty big, Oppah..." I couldn't finish my sentence, perhaps sensing my uncertainty he bowed his head and softly places his lips on mine. His kiss was intoxicating. I ran my tongue along his full lips and wrapped my arms around him. He kissed me passionately , deeply and hungrily. I was eager to be devoured by him. Every place on my body his mouth touched burned like it was on fire. His lips crept down my body as I rested my elbows on the table my legs still in the air.

"You're so cute here" He said, before I could return the compliment she burred his face in my little love garden breathing in my scent as he flicked his tongue over my opening. I bit my lip in an effort to stop my moans.

I never felt so sensitive and responsive to oral. Perhaps this is what everyone was going on about with waxing.

My thighs had his head in a soft but powerful grip as his powerful hands gripped my hips, which undulated helping his tongue massage my wet pussy. I couldn't even make a sound , I don't even think I was breathing. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. My back arched, and all my blood rushed to the top of my skin. I cupped my own breasts as pleasure his my body in waves, making my every limb pulsate.

I had never actually cum before this, its not that I didn't love having sex, I just didn't know that there was more too it than feeling pretty alright. This was a whole new reality that I'd never experienced. When my body stopped shaking I stared up at the ceiling confused and amazed.

He began to kiss his way up from my boji , past my tummy stopping to pay respect to each breast before he found my lips again.

"Can you do something for me-" To answer him I clumsily lifted myself to face him and began fumbling with his belt. After a small battle with the buckle I unzipped his trousers and eagerly relieved him from his pants. My eyes widened in anticipation. he was indeed a very big boy. I couldn't wait to taste him.

I hopped off the table leaving my towel behind before I could kneel he bent down and placed his lips on mine again. He was a lot taller than I first though. I guess becuase I had on no shoes and he did. I was intoxicated by his sharp and sophisticated cologne

"Can you deep throat Oppah's cock?" he whispered in my ear.

This was something I always liked to hear, obviously not becuase of it's romantic undertones , but I loved to hear the gasp of shock when I actually complete the task.

I knelt before him and took him in my hands. It was think and warm. He was uncut and glorious. It was a treat to hear him moan softly as I wet his cock by licking and kissing his head and shaft.

As I worked his shaft with my left hand and caressed him with my right I looked up at his pleasured expression. I slowly took him into my mouth, widening the back of my throat and letting him slide into me until my nose was resting on his belly.

"Oh shit", I couldn't see his face but I'm sure it was priceless.

I ravished him in my usual energetic and enthusiastic fashion loving the was his cock throbbed and pulsated in my throat.

"Slow down, I don't want to cum"

I didn't want that, at this point I was crazed with arousal. I wanted him to take me, pain or no pain.

I obliged him and slowly worked his cock with my hands as I flicked his kissed and sucked his head. I never had a man of his girth. The thought of him inside me scared me but excited me more. The more excited I became the more I ravished his cock.

He pulled away and took my breasts in his hands, I guess at what he wanted and leaned into his erection. It was amusing to see the head of his cock disappear and reappear between my cleavage with every thrust.

"You like my cock?"

For an answer sucked it into my mouth and felt him throb.

"Turn around and show me your little boji" he commanded.

I gave his cock one last kiss before I bent over the table. He gave my ass a playful pat as I spread my legs a little wider to give him a good view. He spread my glistening wet lips with his thumbs. I wondered if he was admiring me or his own handy work.

He let go and I could hear his pants fall to the floor. The signature sound of a condom being opened. After he put it on he began to rub his stiff cock on my wet pussy. I was nervous but wanted him inside me.

Gently he pushed himself inside me. My body tensed as my boji tried to accept him. His girth felt like he was pushing my limits. I had never felt so full, it hurt...but in the best possible way.

"You're so fucking tight," he growled lustfully "Can you take the rest in?"

THE REST IN, I thought , before I could convey my alarm he was attempting to thrust himself inside me. I let out a pathetic whelp of discomfort.

"Too much?," He asked with his face buried in my soft dark tresses, " Hop on the table."

He withdrew from me so I could honor his request he guided my body into the desired position. I faced him with my legs warped around him again. I felt extremely shy as he looked into my eyes. I hid myself in his chest.I ran my fingers through his salt and pepper hair. He melted into me slowly, we moved in rhythm with each other.

My back arched in pleasure and I found myself on my back with my legs against his body. I could tell he loved my tight young pussy griping his cock.

I was almost at the height of arousal as he pumped his throbbing member as deep as he could inside me, when he abruptly stopped to flip me over. He slammed his hard cock deep inside me, I couldn't even make a rational thought let alone a sound. He grabbed my towel with was still underneath me by both ends making it taunt against my underside forcing all of him inside me. He did this with such force that it raise my entire body with each thrust, making a satisfying "slap".

He grunted with pleasure and effort, I could feel the sweat from his brow falling on my back.

"You like being fucked hard," He said between grunt. I could tell he was saying this more for himself than actually inquiring about my likes and wants , so I let my moans answer.

I could feel another orgasm building up and his tempo quickened. I held my breasts in my hands and lay my head on the table taking his pumps and moaning with pleasure. The first wave hit and my back arched he let go of the towel and ran his hands up my body and firmly gripped my breasts. I felt weak with pleasure and he pressed my body against his still pumping his fat cock in me.

He must have been near his peak as well, I think the sensation of me cumming all over his cock did it for him. I could his body go rigid as he cock pumped his juice into me. He held me close as he rocked with his orgasm. When he let go I floated back onto the table , spent but extremely satisfied. He withdrew slowly making sure not to spill his seed.

"I'll be right back" he said he said stroking my soft hair. he adjusted himself and pulled his pants back on. He held me close to him , brushing my hair back so he could kiss my shoulder.

"Don't go anywhere, okay"

I nodded and wrapped my towel around me. He gave my booty playful slap, before walking out the door.

I waited a moment before peaking my head into the hallway. When I saw he was nowhere to be found I skedaddled my black ass back to the sauna where my sister was. I would have run but the experience left me so sore I was penguin walking by the time I got back to her.

"Shit, took you long enough , you fucking baby. It couldn't possible still hurt." She said sipping some cool water.

"What the hell took you so long?" she asked.

"Nothing," I said as I added more water to the hot stones.

She shrugged and continued to relax. We ended the day with manicures and pedicures. The whole time she was completely unaware as to how awesome her birthday present really was.

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