tagSci-Fi & FantasySpace Babe: Docking Maneuvers

Space Babe: Docking Maneuvers


Sybil hurried to the space cruiser Pacifica's control room as instructed. The need for a pilot was urgent. She passed all her quick physical exams and received several shots of different neural active chemicals in preparation for her merging with the space cruiser's biocomputer. The young and attractive red headed woman wore a black nano-link pilot's suit that hugged her body tightly like latex.

As Sybil stepped in she observed two medical technicians swiftly carry out another pilot, a catatonic man dressed in the same type of black suit. The other pilot's eyes were dilated and his limp tongue hung out of his mouth. Steam was visibly rising out of his body. She began to wonder if volunteering for this assignment had been a good idea.

Inside the darkly illuminated control room was a tall blond haired man wearing the white uniform of a computer technician. The computer tech looked hurried and annoyed. He was busily making adjustments on a computer screen as Sybil approached him and he noticed her.

"Flight Lieutenant 1st Class, Sybil Jackson?" Asked the computer tech.

"Affirmative, sir. Reporting for duty, sir." Sybil said as she offered a salute.

"I'm Capt. Bernard Holmes, Command Computer Technician, duty officer. We don't have time to waste, please take your seat on the command chair, Lieutenant Jackson." Bernard said.

"Sir," Sybil nodded and stepped up to command chair.

In the center of the room was the space cruiser's command chair. A large black and silver chair of robotic arms, wires and cables. Attached to the head rest of the chair was a helmet closely resembling a bug's head which housed electrodes that would connect brain into the chair. Sybil climbed into the seat that buzzed electronically and reacted to her presence by attempting to tighten around her body. Once she settled into a comfortable position, Sybil felt the chair padding press against her as robotic arms quickly attached cables and wires to the suit around her body. The helmet descended on her head and began connecting electrodes and wires to her.

"You're a beta class rated pilot, correct?"

"Affirmative, sir."

"In the command room we may dispense with the formalities," said Capt. Bernard. "Have you been fully briefed on our mission?"

"Yes. Flight Command has reported that a refugee transport carrier, the Alabama Summer, ferrying passengers from the planet New Ottawa is experiencing massive and imminent system failure. Space Cruiser Pacifica has been assigned to rendezvous with the Alabama Summer and evacuate all passengers. Unfortunately there are no Alpha Class pilots currently in condition for assuming control of the Pacifica so Flight Command requested volunteers among the Beta Class pilots."

"Precisely, you have briefed about the danger to your health? Do you fully acknowledge and accept the risk?" Capt. Bernard asked.

"I do, sir." Sybil replied. "I am confident I can get the job done."

"Excellent. I will be here to monitor you and guide you through the process. Our time is limited so if you are prepared I will begin the process immediately." Capt. Bernard said as he finished adjustments to the controls on the command chair.

"I'm ready to proceed," Sybil said.

Capt. Bernard manipulated his computer control console and activated the first state of the brainwave synchronization process that would put Sybil in control of space cruiser Pacifica. The first stage of coupling between Sybil and the space cruiser's biocomputer began with Sybil experiencing a sensation of energy building up around her. The vibrations of the chair and the gentle massaging of energy pulsating from electrodes in her pilot suit gave Sybil pleasurable chills.

"Oh wow that's nice," Sybil sighed.

Sybil gazed contentedly at Capt. Bernard as her mind began to be cybernetically mated to space cruiser's mainframe biocomputer. "They didn't tell me it would feel this stimulating."

"Some first timers have reported feeling a buzz." Capt. Bernard replied. "Just go easy okay? Your only a star fighter pilot and not fully qualified for this but since all our cruiser pilots are sick with Martian Ice Flu we have to go with you."

"Don't you worry, I'm a professional" Sybil said after a quick glance to see if Capt. Bernard was looking and spread her legs open and rubbed her hand against her aching crotch.

"Gawd, this biocomputer is getting me hot." Sybil whispered as she gave herself to the electronics.

Sybil was seated in the pilot's command chair on board the space cruiser Pacifica. Thick cables snaked all along her body connecting her and the suit to the command chair. Her every nerve ending on her skin was nano-linked to the ship's computer.

"Brainwave synchronization commencing now," Capt. Bernard said as he typed keys on the computer display. "You might find it disturbing."

"Yes. Give it to me." Sybil murmured.

Sybil experienced a sensation very much like her brain was being sucked through a straw. What a thrill it was to be disembodied by the machine. The space cruiser's biologically based supercomputer contained a massive amount of computing power, greater then anything silicon could produce of similar size and weight. The biocomputer sat like a giant pink potato in another part of the cruiser, safely housed in a sweet smelling bath of nutrients and neural stimulants. No one felt safe giving the gigantic brains who operated most everything in this future society free will so all the biocomputers required the guiding presence of a trained human mind. Sybil was more familiar with the smaller sized biocomputers such as you found on a star fighter and this was a computer brain of an entirely different magnitude.

"Oh my," Sybil cooed as the biocomputer attempted to synchronize brainwave patterns with her. The biocomputer, accustomed to pilots with more supple brains, tugged aggressively at her psyche–sending waves of signals through her brain. "Its rough, I like it."

"Brainwave patterns synchronizing. Good job." Capt. Bernard said taking little notice of Sybil's intoxication as he gazed at a computer display.

The feeling of being abused was exquisite to Sybil. The space cruiser computer roughly pulled her mind out of her body. It violated her sense of self within her own body. What terrestrial could screw her brains out like the mindless biocomputer that acted out of pure instinct? Sybil felt her consciousness being first penetrated then stretched and pulled by the biocomputer trying to mate with her mind and become one. The biocomputer was merciless in stretching her consciousness, she could almost hear it saying: "I'm taking what I want from you now bitch. Your brain is mine." An alarming quantity of labia fluid came gushing out of her vagina.

"Ahhhh," Sysbil whimpered.

"Good thing these suits absorb fluids," thought Sybil.

"Are you okay?" Capt. Bernard glanced back at Sybil.

"I'm fine, don't stop." Sybil said with authority.

"Okay, but if you feel any pain or discomfort you let me know so I can slow things down. This isn't a shuttle sized biocomputer, this is a heavy space cruiser biocomputer were talking about, the biggest Earth makes." Said Capt. Bernard.

"I'm fine--I don't mind a little pain," replied Sybil while she licked her lips in anticipation. "Just don't stop."

Capt. Bernard eyed Sybil warily.

Slowly but progressively Sybil's body was becoming the space cruiser. The great pink brain in the center of the space cruiser seized Sybil's mind and made her part of it. Nothing could prepare her for the extent of her violation and penetration. Every cell in her body was touched and scanned by the biocomputer, her every sense caressed down to the tips of every last synapse. Sybil's world shook from the cataclysmic euphoria she never thought possible. Sybil clenched her teeth. Her body convulsed and tightened violently at the extent of her pleasure and she lost focus and the feeling of oneness with the space cruiser slipped away.

"Damn it," Capt. Bernard cursed. "Your vital signs are moving into the red zone. Are you planning to give yourself a stroke? Do you want to die? You were instructed to go easy."

"Sorry," Sybil wheezed. "I've got everything under control now."

"You damn well better," Capt. Bernard went back to his console. "I don't have time for another pilot to be wheeled down to the infirmary like the guy who last volunteered to do this."

"Just do your job and I'll do mine," Sybil said as she focused her thoughts on synchronization with the biocomputer.

Reaching for the biocomputer with her mind like a lover on a bed, Sybil invited the biocomputer to invade herself, to take possession of her. The biocomputer brain, more primeval then a human brain, consumed her with savage intensity. Immediately Sybil felt disembodied by the biocomputer again. Her consciousness floated in empty space, liberated and free.

"Do me," Sybil whispered to the biocomputer while she focused on enticing it to her. "Come on big boy, enter me, take me, make me yours--I'm here."

The biocomputer engulfed Sybil's consciousness and penetrated her more fully then anything she ever wildly imagined. She felt every cell in her body was being fucked, as if a million dicks were reaming her at light speed. To Sybil it was sweet violation. The biocomputer mated with Sybil's brain, becoming one with her. Sybil thought that surely there could be no more complete union than this.

Slowly again she felt herself being spread out on to the space cruiser. It felt exhilarating to her beyond what she thought possible. Sybil exalted in the feeling of power from of the great nuclear fission drives exploding in her bosom. She became attuned to the feeling of gravity and light around her like waves of an ocean. And Sybil grew aware of the many human life forms, the crew of the Pacifica, living inside her and pulsating pleasurably in her body.

It was almost too much for Sybil who reveled in the experience. She was completely unaware of Capt. Bernard the computer tech as he shouted out warnings of her being dangerously close to cardiac arrest. Sybil was preoccupied with being absorbed by the biocomputer. Sybil and the space cruiser were merging, closer then any lover could and Sybil found it a truly euphoric experience. The million systems and sub-systems of the space cruiser became apparent to her. She could feel the heave of the automatic life support systems in her lungs. The biocomputer was automatically matching the space cruiser's functions to the approximately similar bodily functions Sybil possessed.

At first it was all too daunting to comprehend the myriad of controls but Sybil's mind was assisted by the biocomputer and it became easier and easier. Most delightful was her rising awareness of the space cruiser's sensor arrays. She saw things across the many spectrums of sound, light and gravity in unimaginable clarity. The stars did not shine white, they were actually a rainbow of colors she was completely unaware of and they bombarded her with sensationally silky waves of radiation.

"I am complete," said Sybil who was now the space cruiser.

"Good gawd, Sybil. I was about to pull the plug," Capt. Bernard said with exasperation.

"Not Sybil anymore, I am Pacifica." Said the conjoined Sybil-Space Cruiser.

"Oh right," Bernard stuttered. "Sorry Pacifica."

"No need to worry, Capt. Bernard." Sybil said calmly. "Let us proceed with the rescue operation."

"Yes, of course." Capt. Bernard replied as he turned back to his computer screen.

Sybil smiled. In a instant she had reviewed Capt. Bernard's entire file that was stored within the biocomputer's memory. She knew all about his failure to pass the pilot training and why he ended up regulated to merely assisting pilots. She detected it was inability to completely surrender himself to the biocomputer that prevented his success. There was much she knew about him instantly. With the ship's sensors she could read his biorhythms as if they were text. He was jealous of her, turned on by her, scared of her, proud of her, intimated by her sexuality and desirous of her.

Sybil's mind had expanded enough that part of her could entertain itself exploring the life of Capt. Bernard while another part focused on propelling the space cruiser Pacifica forward through space in the direction of the rendezvous.

The Pacifica, which Sybil felt she had become, was a gigantic space cruiser shaped very much like a watermelon. It rolled and pitched forward through space at Sybil's command and she reveled in the amazing feeling of freedom in space.

"You will not be able to plot the course on your own because of your inexperience with usage of the star charts and course projection algorithms." Capt. Bernard told Pacifica. "The processing power of the biocomputer won't help you there, so I will be linking to you using Sybil as an intermediary."

"Affirmative, Capt. Bernard." Sybil said.

Capt. Bernard took his seat at a lesser command chair by the main command chair and linked himself in a way similar to how Sybil had earlier. Once connected, Capt. Bernard typed in key commands and began linking himself to the Sybil aspect of Pacifica's consciousness.

While floating in space Sybil became aware of the growing aura of another presence . A ghostly imagine of Capt. Bernard seeped slowly out into the stars. His body appeared naked before, pure consciousness having no need of clothes. Capt. Bernard's body glowed silver and shined like a star. The Sybil aspect of Pacifica's mind wondered if Capt. Bernard really had the olympian body she saw in real life under his uniform. Capt. Bernard cyberspace persona started gliding through space in circles around Sybil, coaxing her to follow him. As Sybil spun so to did the space cruiser.

Sybil felt an awesome attraction to the masculine consciousness of Capt. Bernard. Sybil understood it was only a side-effect of the programing activating the linkage between their minds, but she could not shake the feelings of intimacy it conjured up. Sybil and Capt. Bernard's minds were dancing through space, coordinating their movements to match each and dancing closer and closer into one another. Though it may merely have been visualization of a course projection algorithm, to Sybil whose mind grabbed hold and danced close to Capt Bernard, it seemed so much more sexual then mathematical. Sybil wrapped her mind around Capt. Bernard who activated her responsiveness in a way that seemed more like the caress of a lover. Their minds united, the programing was completed. Sybil felt copulated by Capt. Bernard and she stared into his eyes. Within Capt. Bernard's eyes Sybil could see the stars and telemetry, there were the coordinates to the Alabama Summer. She reached for it with her mind and entered Capt. Bernard's eyes, flying instinctively along the plotted course faster then light speed to reach the Alabama Summer. She exalted in the feeling. Pure power boiled in her innards from the faster then light engines. Speeding through space felt like an eternal orgasm to Sybil who kept pushing and pushing through the intervening stars.

"We have now intercepted the refugee ship Alabama Summer." Capt. Bernard said breaking Sybil out of her revelry.

Sybil became aware of the ponderous bulk of the disabled Alabama Summer. The refugee carrier ship already had its docking bridge extended for coupling with the Pacifica. Without any further urging from Capt. Bernard, Sybil felt a instinctive urge to mate with the Alabama Summer, to join with the motionless starship. In control of Pacifica's movements, Sybil reached for the Alabama Summer and automatically the space cruiser's tractors beams extended like her hands seizing hold of the refugee ship.

The Pacifica and Alabama Summer danced and pirouetted through space, spinning and circling closer together, matching each other's movements and rotation precisely. At this speed, the two large star ships would shatter each other to fragments should an accidental collision occur. Sybil did not concern herself with such thoughts, however; her only concern was impaling herself as Pacifica on the extended docking bridge. As the drew closer, Sybil moaned slightly as her airlock opened up to meet the docking bridge of the Alabama Summer. At last the two ships were side by side, the docking bridge of the Alabama Summer connected eagerly with the airlock of the Pacifica. Sybil felt an erotic high from the experience of feeling the joining of the two ships. She felt everything as the docking bridge locked itself into place within her and the pressure between the two ships came into balance. When the doors finally opened and spacemen from the Alabama Summer began walking through into the Pacifica she groaned with delight as her sensors analyzed the warm life forms entering her.

"Oh yes, give me your seed." Sybil moaned.

"Lt. Jackson?" Capt. Bernard said suddenly.

At once Sybil felt a lessening of her connection with the Pacifica. As if a hypnotist had snapped his fingers and broke the spell. Sybil felt the draining away of all the amazing memories of the experience, slipping away as if a dream.

She came to her senses on the command chair. Sybil felt considerably lighter and extremely wet. The helmet on her head came off and she noticed her body was steaming on the chair. Standing close by was Capt. Bernard with a concerned look his face. By the time Sybil blinked a few times and turned to face Capt. Bernard, she had forgotten most of her experience on the command chair.

"That was intense, sir." Sybil said with exhaustion. "But why am I having trouble remembering the experience."

"That's a safety feature of the neural active chemicals you were injected with before you started." Capt. Bernard said as he began helping Sybil unplug from the chair. "Merger with the ship's computer is a little too much for most brains to handle so the drugs help eliminate that problem."

"I must be five pounds lighter." Sybil said as large amounts of sweat poured off her as she stood up off the chair.

"The computer says you lost six pounds," Capt. Bernard said helping Sybil off the chair.

"I feel so sleepy," Sybil said as she hopped off the chair and fell into Capt. Bernard's arms.

Instinctively, Sybil's hands ran along Capt. Bernard's chest and felt with familiarity the body beneath the uniform. For a moment she stood in his arms gazing into his face and looking searchingly into the odd twinkle of his eyes.

"You had better get some rest," Capt. Bernard said with a cough as he released Sybil.

"Affirmative, sir." Sybil said as she saluted Capt. Bernard with a smile and headed for the command room exit. "Perhaps you can stop by to check on me in a few hours after I've had some rest and show me how to plot a course."

Capt. Bernard looked nervously at Sybil who winked at him as she stood by the door. He returned a knowing grin.

The End

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