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Space Nymphs


"Eagle Man calling Hawk's Station," Kayman yelled into his helmet's microphone. "My engine is starting to malfunction and I'm making an emergency landing on the nearest habitable planet."

The pilot flipped on the repeating tracking beacon that would signal the base to his current whereabouts. He took control of the ship manually and guided it towards a blue and white sphere. The dark-haired man eased the ship's acceleration slightly as the ship entered the planet's atmosphere. The engine failed completely at exactly twenty thousand feet above the surface. He held the controls tightly and tried to pull the nose of the ship up slightly. The pilot clenched his teeth and knew that the ship was heading for a rocky cliff. He pushed the emergency eject button and the top part of the ship covering the cockpit opened up. Seconds later, he and the seat he was sitting in was pushed up and out of the ship.

The seat's parachutes opened on cue and he swore never to test another experimental space ship again. The pilot watched as the ship collided into the rocky cliff a mile from his present position. He was glad that he insisted on wearing a tracking device himself instead of relying on the one in the ship. The pilot landed on a sandy bank of a large river. He was glad that he did not land in the water since he was not the best swimmer in the galaxy.

The pilot unbuckled the seat belts that strapped him to the seat. He took off his helmet and placed it on the seat. The pilot took off his silver space suit and found himself wearing only his orange jumpsuit and black boots.

The pilot stood up and looked around. He found nothing but the beach, the large river and lots of strange-looking trees. The pilot dreaded venturing too far from his landing spot.

"You really done it this time, Ed," he told himself before he went to the river's edge to get a drink of the water.

The water was crystal clear and tasted sweet. He could see strange fish swimming in the river. One looked like it had the wrinkled face of an old man. Ed knew that it would be a matter of a few days before Hawk's Station would send a rescue ship. He had pushed the experimental ship to it's limits and was several light years away from the space station.

Ed looked around and thought the beach clearing would be a good place to set up camp. He didn't wish to get lost in the jungle of trees. The pilot also didn't like the looks of the reddish-green spikes that served as leaves for the trees. He did venture to the edge of the jungle to look for fallen branches. Ed managed to gather an armload of limbs and made a small fire on the beach with his laser pistol.

He looked at the river and wished he had a fishing pole. Ed reached into a pocket of his jumpsuit and brought out a package of beef jerky. He tore the package open and began eating a strip of the salty jerky. The red sun grew dimmer in a matter of minutes and Ed figured that night would soon fall. He hoped that not very many creatures ventured into the clearing at night. The pilot decided to keep his laser pistol ready on his hip holster at all times.

Ed thought about getting some much needed shut-eye since his eyelids were getting heavier. He almost nodded off when he suddenly heard giggling. The pilot remained calm but he grew alert as he strained to ear more of the giggling. He heard it again at he figured it was coming from the jungle to his left. Ed listened a few moments more and he could distinguish two distinct creatures making the giggling sound. A few moments more and the pilot noticed that the giggling sounded closer.

The pilot sat motionless until he knew that the giggling sound was very close. He quickly looked up and his mouth fell open. Before Ed stood two naked women not more than five feet tall. They were slender in build and devoid of any body hair. Fully developed breasts marked them as very feminine and mature. One of them had long red hair while the other had long black hair. Both of them had long round ears that their long hair could not completely cover.

They smiled at Ed and he smiled back at them. The redhead muttered something to him but he could not make out the words. The pilot spoke his name and pointed to himself. The redhead pointed to herself and muttered another unrecognizable word.

"Great," he said with a sigh. "I'm stuck here on a strange planet with two beautiful space nymphs and we can't understand each other."

"G-g-great," the redhead muttered clearly. "nea ya."

The fact that she spoke one word of what Ed said gave him an idea. He slowly rattled off several sentences talking about general stuff from the sky to the fire. The pilot pointed to himself and repeated his name.

"E-E-Ed," the redhead finally said while pointing to him. "The sky will turn cool without the fire to warm you."

He laughed and pointed to her. Ed asked what her name was.

"Ninya," she replied before pointing to the raven-haired space nymph beside her. "She is my mate, Yana. May we share your warmth."

The pilot figured that she meant the camp fire and he nodded. Instead of approaching the flames, the space nymphs sat down next to him and began hugging him. Yana barely said a word and decided to let her hands to her talking for her. She unfastened Ed's jumpsuit and ran her fingers through his chest hair. Ninya unbuckled his holster and took it off him. The space nymphs took a boot each and pulled them off.. They soon had the pilot out of his orange jumpsuit. They giggled at Ed's flaccid penis before they planted small kisses all over it.

His cock slowly grew to life and Ninya wrapped her moist mouth around the swelling glands. She began sucking his cock head and felt like he was getting his first blow job from his first girlfriend so many years ago. Yana watched her mate take more of the pilot's sex organ into her mouth before she began licking his hairless nutsack.

Ed leaned back and enjoyed the treatment his cock and balls were receiving. Nanya stopped sucking and lowered herself down his fully erect pole. She was tight and took Ed's cock inside inch by inch. Yana positioned herself so her tight twat was over the pilot's face. Ed began licking the smooth snatch while Nanya began bouncing up and down his shaft.

The pilot still couldn't believe his luck as his tongue continued to lick the raven-haired space nymph's sweet snatch. Her juices were much sweeter than most women Ed had tasted. His tongue began to rub the hood of her clitoris. Yana's little bundle of nerves grew hard and worked itself out of it's hiding place. Much to the surprise of the pilot, the clitoris grew thicker and longer than any earth woman's clitoris had ever grown.

Ed began sucking the growing clitoris and found it that it soon reached at least three inches in length and about an inch in diameter. He had heard of earth women with big clits but this was more extreme than that. Ed felt Yana tense up and a shudder went through her entire body. His mouth was soon filled with a thick liquid that tasted much like chocolate pudding. Ed swallowed it until his mouth was empty. He noticed that Yana's long clitoris return to normal size and quickly went back into it's sheath.

The redhead moaned as she increased the speed of her bouncing. Ninya soon started to tense up and the muscles of her vagina grabbed him harder than ever before. The pilot's balls boiled with pent up sperm and they yearned for release. When he felt a shudder go through Ninya, he lost control and spilled his semen deep inside her tight cavern. The space nymph didn't jump off Ed's cock like most earth women would have. She seemed to squeeze every drop from his cock. When the pilot's pecker went soft again, Ninya climbed off him.

"Whew," Ed said as he sat up. "Looks the next few days should be very interesting. I might not want to leave when the rescue ship comes for me."

"My turn," Yana finally spoke her first words as she pointed towards the pilot's flaccid cock.

"Let me rest a moment more, honey," Ed said with a chuckle.

Looking at the naked space nymphs, he was soon growing hard again. The pilot wondered what Ninya's wet cunt tasted like. He knew he wouldn't get much sleep that night but he knew he would stay warm. Ed was going to make sure he never forgot the location of this planet and planned on returning to the space nymphs at a later date. In the meantime, he was going to enjoy both of the space nymphs until the rescue ship came.

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