tagSci-Fi & FantasySpacegirl: Kentauris-7 Ch. 01

Spacegirl: Kentauris-7 Ch. 01


The isolated world of Kentauris-7, an earthlike world in the Pavonis Sector, is located along the border of the Intai Juhen Worlds. The Intai Juhen, a coalition of vile races that had been preying on humanity covertly for decades, possibly longer, opposed only by the valiant efforts of the Alien Defense Directorate. Less than a month ago, scientists had stumbled upon the home worlds of the Intai Juhen, and this silent war erupted into open conflict, bringing the conventional military forces of humanity to bear on the Intai Juhen. Among these forces were the brave women of Aphrodite's Legion. The ADD continued to operate in the shadows, its existence known only to a few. Two days before, a detachment of scouts and scientists discovered something terrifying on Kentauris-7... then contact was lost.

In the darkness of the night side of Kentauris-7, a sleek arrowhead shape of a "Raptor"-class troopship glided silently through the inky blackness. In the upper atmosphere, the air was too thin to make much noise. Aboard the ship, nine Legionaries and one ADD "advisor" named Hitomi Kotani sat in drop capsules, waiting impatiently for the drop siren. Rather than risk a landing, the mission commanders instead opted to use the risky but less noticeable drop capsules to insert a team of elite Legionaries on the surface to locate and rescue the lost detachment of scientists. The ADD sent along it's own advisor, the famous Spacegirl, because of her "intimate" knowledge of the Intai Juhen. No one spoke before drops... the Legionaries were superstitious about such things. In their headsets, all ten women could hear the chatter between the pilot and commander.

"Nearing drop zone <>"

"Ladies, drop in 30 seconds, good luck, and good shooting"

"26... 25... 24..."

"Miller, what the hell is that?"

"21... huh? Oh no... we've been spotted. Hold on!"

Hitomi felt the sudden surge of motion as she was slammed against the side of the drop capsule. The impact hurt despite the thick padding. This was not normal, she thought... and not good. Hitomi never had been in a military drop capsule. The ADD used similar things, but their dropships were stealthier, larger, and more delicate. More comfortable than these coffin sized military capsules, she thought. Another shudder rattled Hitomi around the capsule. Something had gone terribly wrong.

"Shit! Shit! Control that spin! Dammit, I can't bring it back online!"

"Too late. Get them out!"

"...yes sir. Legionaries, ejection in 3... 2... 1..."

An abrupt acceleration knocked the wind out of Hitomi's lungs as magnetics shot the capsules out of the troopship. On the small video display, Hitomi could see the troopship, and the other capsules. Her heart sank. The troopship was in a flat spin, flames pouring from the hole in it's hull, and was plainly doomed. The drop capsules had been ejected randomly, at a shallow angle, and would not come down anywhere near the drop point. They would arrive on an enemy-held world, scattered across 10,000 square kilometers of alien forest. This assumed that Hitomi would even survive the landing... this capsule might be her coffin, she thought. Within seconds, the capsule had fallen far enough that the whistle of the atmosphere became a shriek, even through the armored walls of the drop capsule. A green light turned to red, and the retro rockets fired, braking the capsule to a safe descent speed. The sudden deceleration pushed the walls of the capsule into Hitomi with violent force.


Elsewhere on Kentauris-7...

Sgt. Christina Dubois shook her head, clearing the last fog from her brain. The landing had been rough, but she was alive, and apparently none the worse for wear. All of the systems on the capsule were down... no video, no life support, and the air was getting stuffier by the minute. No way to tell what lie waiting outside the armored confines of the capsule, she thought, but she sure as hell couldn't stay here. Christina reached above her head, and pulled the lever. A hiss and a pop, and red sunlight streamed in, making her squint. She leaped out of the capsule, bringing her rifle up while going prone at the same time. Her Legionary reflexes drove her to cover before she even looked around.

"Oh god... this isn't my drop point."

Christina looked around, taking stock. The air was warm, still, and unpleasantly humid, filled with numerous weird smells. She was in a jungle, thick trees with flat blue-gray leaves, twisting tangles of vines in every direction, and soft gray soil beneath her feet with no grass. Large colonies of a vile-looking fungus grew here and there among the trees, and the air was split by the lusty cries of a myriad of animals, all competing to be heard. Here and there, she could see movement in the brush, but time and again it proved to be some minor animal... nothing to concern her. A Legionary in full array had nothing to fear from any animal. She had her gauss rifle, her vibro bayonet, her armor, and all the grenades and ammunition she could possibly want. Checking her wrist computer, she saw that she was four kilometers from the assembly point. Not far as the crow flies, but in a jungle like this it could take all day. And she was alone. She started walking. An hour later, Christina still hadn't encountered anything dangerous. She removed her stuffy helmet and let her brunette hair fall down her shoulders. She had been moving for the entire hour, but couldn't tell if she'd made any substantial progress. With a heavy sigh, she sat down on a large boulder to rest. Placing her helmet and rifle on the rock beside her, she lay back to rest. The Legionary stretched and took a deep breath, and unzipped the ceramic cuirass she wore. Unrestrained by the heavy armor plates, her full breasts pressed against her sweat soaked t-shirt. Catching her breath at last, she caught the faint scent of something odd, a cinnamon aroma. She sat up, and looked around.

The smell was definitely stronger down the animal trail she was following. Inhaling deeper, Christina stood up and walked down the trail, leaving her helmet and rifle behind. She began to breathe more deeply with each step. Her vest began to feel constricting, so she slid out of it, leaving it on the side of the trail. A few more paces, and the cinnamon aroma was overpowering. Christina was panting now, her light brown skin shone in the light with beads of sweat, her pupils dilated with arousal. Christina could feel moisture trickle down her inside thigh as her arousal grew seemingly from nowhere. Christina's head was swimming. Her skin began to itch. As she rubbed herself unconsciously, she began removing clothing. First the t-shirt and bra, exposing her breasts to the open air, her chocolate colored nipples already painfully erect. The Legionary was having trouble focusing her thoughts... something drove her forward. She stopped to remove her boots and pants, her long muscular thighs slick with sweat. Only her white cotton panties, soaked with the musky secretions, signs of her fierce sexual tension, remained. She stumbled forward, her calves being scratched by small thorn bushes, the blossoms of which turned to follow her progress.

Christina stumbled into a clearing, and saw the source of the scent. In the center sat a large gray sphere, covered with leathery hide, roughly three meters across and a meter and a half high. Towering out of the top was a single thick stalk ending in a pod, which itself seemed to have a multi-lipped mouth of sorts. The Legionary walked slowly up to it, able to see that the powerful cinnamon scent was pouring out of a series of gills along the side of the thing. The pod-like structure slowly swiveled and pointed at her, as if now aware of her presence in the grove. It opened as it turned, revealing several thick tentacles and a mass of cilia. She watched, entranced, as the stalk bent forward hungrily. Suddenly, the stalk snapped forward violently, sending a mass of thin tendrils at her. Startled from her reverie an instant too late, Christina found herself entangled hopelessly in the sticky thrashing mess. She fell backwards as the stalk snapped backwards, and slowly began pulling her in. Christina pulled at the tendrils, but it was like fighting with jelly coated steel wires... useless. "No! Nooooo!" she cried, becoming aware of the futility of her struggle. The adhesive gel that coated the trapping mass of tendrils was also affecting her skin, making it hypersensitive. In spite of her predicament, the Legionary was already aroused nearly to orgasm. Turning her head to face the pod, she saw that three of the tentacles had extended from the mouth of the pod, each one opening like a starfish belly. The underside of each had a number of muscular suction cups and a single thinner pipe in the center. As she was dragged closer and closer to the massive organism, the tentacles slowly and delicately made their way through the entangling fibers. Christina's arms were hopelessly ensnared, but her legs were pulled apart. Christina knew then that this was no normal predator, it was an Intai Juhen construct... eating was not what this thing had in mind. She screamed.

Fear mixed with arousal as the first of the tentacles nudged gently against her cotton panties, seeking access to her wet center. Pushing against her clitoris, the tentacle found purchase and slid around the side of the panty. It violently yanked it off, then returned to her throbbing cunt. The starfish head opened and settled over her crimson lips. Suction cups pulled mercilessly at her swollen clitoris, making Christina arch her back and thrust her breasts upwards, her screams of terror turning slowly into moans of pleasure. The entangling tendrils clung to her breasts, but slid back and forth across the nipples, causing her a brief spasm of pleasure and mingling with the exquisite sensations coming from her vagina. The other petals of the tentacle in her crotch suckled on her labia and on the inside of her thighs. The legionary gasped as the tube extended from the tentacle, penetrating slowly inside the clenching walls of her vagina as the tendrils which held her fast began to turn her on her belly. She barely noticed when the second tentacle settled upon her round, firm buttocks and spread them apart, as she was in the throes of a small orgasm. Though her eyes watered from the pleasure, she did feel when the small tube pushed against the tight rosebud of her anus. Squeezing tightly to prevent penetration proved useless as the tube simply slid in as though without resistance. All the while, the tendrils kept pulling the Legionary closer to the main pod's mouth.

Suddenly both tubes began pumping a thick fluid into her openings, both her anus and her vagina, something terribly hot, almost burning. Christina screamed again in pain. But the pain quickly faded as the heat turned into pleasant warmth, and she felt herself go limp. Totally immobilized but still able to feel everything, she felt a tingling begin in her core, spreading quickly outward. By the time the tingling reached her head and hands, a new sensation appeared. An orgasm, centered on her vagina and rectum, radiated outward as the tingle had. But instead of fading, the orgasm grew in intensity. Eventually it encompassed her whole body. She began to thrash and scream, eventually falling silent as she was unable to breathe, unable to do anything but come. It was then that the third tentacle settled over her face. The tube pushed down her throat, filling her with the same fluid, and the orgasm redoubled. Smaller tendrils pierced her throat, exchanging blood and keeping her conscious despite her inability to breathe. The orgasm just went on and on, slowly increasing in intensity, as Sgt. Christina Dubois began to go mad from the pleasure. She was completely unaware of what happened to her as she was pulled into the pod, which lifted her up and pulled her into the stalk. Still twitching and shaking as she passed down the tube, she was eventually deposited into a slime filled cavity, where she floated in perpetual ecstasy, kept alive by the tentacle that clung to her face. Christina's mind eventually shattered and faded, and she became a mindless battery, generating endless waves of orgasmic energy... feeding the Intai Juhen they had come to Kentauris-7 to kill. The legionary was never aware that she floated next to Pvt. Yukiko Inaba, one of her own troops. The pair experienced more pleasure than anyone could imagine, and it would never end.


Aphrodite's Legion is used in this story with the permission of Stormbringer

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I love these kinds of stories

I love it and plan to read the entire series

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Cinematically potent pheromones, Francis. It's sci-fi wank fiction, not Stephen Ambrose.

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sorry to be the first

I don't know who you're writing for, but I left the story after a supposedly experience trooper left her rifle behind to follow an odor. This is the action of a newbie who won't make it through her firstmore...

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