tagSci-Fi & FantasySpacegirl: Kentauris-7 Ch. 03

Spacegirl: Kentauris-7 Ch. 03


In dark underground chambers, humid, warm, and pulsing as though inside a living thing, the hive mind of the Intai Juhen colony on Kentauris-7 roused slowly from the dormant dreaming state it occupied when not otherwise engaged. For long periods, only individual organisms were active... guard drones, or the small crustacean-like animals that maintained the health of the colony. Only when something aroused its interest... a threat, a scientific curiosity, or prey... did the larger, more intelligent members of the collective waken from their dreaming state. After the human colony had been destroyed- the males killed, the females harvested, the hive mind drifted off into dreaming, daily routines insufficient to occupy the cold, inhuman intellect. Now, with the arrival of the Aphrodite's Legion, all three criteria were fulfilled. The specimens already captured were intriguing: fierce fighters who knew what they were after, yet young women whose bodies could be used to suit the dark purposes of the Intai Juhen. Deep underground, organisms began to stir.

Hitomi Kotani, known to most as Spacegirl, stumbled out of the dark woods, clutching her stomach. "Nnnngh", she grunted, as her womb spasmed and contracted painfully. Impregnated by some hideous Intai thing hours before, the numerous small nodules she felt in her womb were moving around... periodically she felt a stabbing pain in addition to the dull ache that accompanied her at all times now. A lesser person would have collapsed, but Spacegirl was not an ordinary person. Gritting through her pain, she had walked for hours through the dark alien jungle and had unwittingly found the lost survey outpost. Hitomi heard a scuttling noise to her left, and without a thought threw herself behind a large plastic box, left behind by the human team. From concealment, she peered at the source of the noise. A large dome-shaped concrete building with a hole blasted out of it... a garage or storage area, probably. At the entrance to the breached dome, an insectoid thing, roughly man-sized, lay in a crumpled heap. Hitomi looked more closely. The creature's carapace had been shattered by automatic weapon fire... probably a Legionary's gauss rifle. Several small creatures, shaped like lobsters, crawled around it, snipping pieces off with their formidable claws and carrying the scraps into the darkness of the dome's unlit interior. Hitomi watched for several minutes as the crustaceans reduced the insectoid carcass to a dark stain on the ground.

A painful stabbing sensation in her belly snapped Hitomi from her observation. Unthinkingly, she let out a yelp of pain as she doubled over and fell prone behind the box. Immediately she pushed her fist into her mouth to stifle her cries, but it was too late. Several of the crab creatures had already swarmed over the box, and stared at her with glittering eyes. Unable to fight in her agony, eyes swimming with pain, she felt several of them grab her legs and pull. Rather than shredding her legs, they merely pulled her across the ground to the mouth of the dome... though small, they were deceptively strong, and her balled fists did little to deter them as she pounded on their dark brown carapaces. At the mouth of the dome, they released her. Rising to her feet despite the pain, she turned her back to the dome to face her attackers... the chattering, scuttling crustaceans brandished their pincers menacingly. One hand folded over her belly to fight the pain, she backed slowly away from them, unaware she was being herded into the dome until it was too late. Spacegirl was unaware of the rubbery black tentacles behind her until the first one wrapped cruelly around her throat. She was hoisted up off her feet, and turned around in the air, wrapped up in a webbing cocoon by numerous black tentacles. She saw the black anemone-like thing which hung from the inside roof of the dome, and the wriggling cocooned women who were stuck to the walls. Hitomi's terror at being suspended from the walls and drained outweighed the pain of the alien eggs in her belly. She screamed loudly, until a wad of webbing across her face cut off the scream.

Hanging upside down in darkness, Hitomi could hear the muffled moans of several other women, probably the ones who were suspended from the walls. The moans sounded like a blend of delirious despair and orgasmic bliss, and gave her situation a surreal quality. Strangely, the pains in Spacegirl's womb aided her concentration, allowing her to observe what was happening to her in a strangely clear way. The huge organism on the ceiling held her by her feet, upside down. Another tentacle snatched a small white thing, like a foot long slug, from the ceiling and brought it closer. Lifting it up to Hitomi's inverted feet, the black tentacle roughly thrust the slug into Hitomi's cocoon. Fighting a rising panic, she felt the vile creature slide down between her thighs, unhindered by the thick webbing. In just a few seconds, the hideous slug had made its way to Hitomi's unguarded vulva. Moving around to adjust itself, the thing stretched out to cover her vagina, clitoris, and even her anus. A boneless sucker mouth covered Spacegirl's clitoris, tugging gently but firmly, with a slow, rhythmic pace. The creature rippled and flexed it's muscular body against her labia, gently stroking them and spreading a warm slime... a tingling sensation began to fill her groin, lessening the pain in her uterus to a dull throb. At the other end, a finger-like tail slid gently into her anus, squirming about inside her. Despite her fear, this stimulation combined with her disorientation... Spacegirl was becoming aroused. As she neared orgasm, trapped upside down in a cocoon, being stimulated by a slug, Spacegirl felt herself lowered gently to the floor of the dome. She became aware of a strong, musky aroma, almost vaginal in a way.

The tentacles lowered Hitomi into the pulsing tunnel mouth that lay directly under the anemone-thing. The tunnel walls, formerly flat and smooth, had become puffed and bloated as the Intai Juhen hive mind had awakened. Slick with lubricant, Hitomi was moved by peristaltic waves down the chute. Though she could see the spongy pink tissue, which reminded her of nothing less than an obscene parody of the birth canal, Hitomi was unable to think clearly. The pain in her womb had receded almost completely, but the slug, which lay wedged between her bound thighs, continued it's cunning stimulation. It wriggled and pulsed, it's sensual motions being aided by some aphrodisiacal property to the slime it secreted. The slug felt like a hand on her vulva, hitting every secret place and holding her near orgasm, without allowing her release. The tunnel glowed with a dull pink light, and was very humid... it was like being inside a body. Hitomi could feel her body shuffled along like a package, squeezed through sphincter-like doors, brushed by tentacles, and slid along wet floors. Pacified by the insistent pleasure from the slug and her own over-sexed nervous system, Spacegirl was unable to think clearly enough to formulate a plan, even if she weren't wrapped up so tightly. Eventually, Hitomi sensed that she had stopped moving, and lay on a warm, wet surface that shifted like a gel waterbed. Looking up, she could see that she was in a circular chamber, resting on a fleshy pedestal. The low ceiling was covered with numberless lumps of flesh, which she recognized as coiled tentacles. A dozen puckered orifices, looking much like anuses and varying from small to large enough to pass her, dotted the walls and ceiling. This was an Intai Juhen laboratory, an examination room. Whatever was about to happen, it was going to be good. Spacegirl writhed helplessly, unable to escape, unable even to orgasm, tormented by the devilishly pleasurable sensations emanating from her groin. She could only moan fitfully and await her fate.

The captured female human was passed down into the heart of the awakened Intai Juhen complex, which has recently expanded underneath the ruins of the human scout base. Fundamentally predators, the Intai Juhen always went where the prey was. Nearly a dozen human females had been captured and neutralized over the last cycle of day and night, a startling prize after so many months of inactivity. They were a rich source of the orgasmic energy that the Intai Juhen craved so much. The orgasmic energy was channeled through a vast network of tendrils and nerves, finally coming to rest in underground capacitors for later use. Most of the captives were scattered throughout the area, their desperate cries falling on deaf ears as they were endlessly stimulated, one orgasm after another, until they finally went mad and consciousness faded. Even then, the bliss would continue until the body of the captive gave out under the strain... days for most human females, but these unusually durable females, who the Intai Juhen knew as Legion, might last for weeks, or even months. The entire hive mind felt a thrill of pleasure as this energy was harvested from the shaking, sweating captives... orgasmic energy was so much tastier when mixed with fear or humiliation, thought the hive mind.

A crueler fate still awaited a few victims...the Intai Juhen were not ones to waste the reproductive potential of the human females. Several unfortunates lay cocooned and helpless in steaming chambers, kept paralyzed by waves of pleasure as Intai Juhen creatures gestated in their throbbing wombs. These embryonic creatures feasted on the life force and orgasmic waves, and would grow into the next generation of battle drones, trapper beasts, or the bewildering array of lesser creatures that kept the hive mind healthy and strong. By the time the disgusting things pushed their way out of the wombs of their hosts, the women would be insensate bodies, stripped of all awareness, and fit only for stimulation for energy. Some would not even be fit for that duty.

But there was one among the captives, a small black-haired human who carried the seeds of several trapper beasts in her womb. She possessed an unheard of capacity for orgasm, and unusual amounts of life force. The hive mind poured through it's memories, long-unused recollections of a millennium of collective experiences of the Intai Juhen... then it knew her.


The hated enemy had fallen into its clutches almost accidentally. The Hive Mind knew little about her, only that she had destroyed other Intai Juhen collectives on other worlds, and that whatever organization or human government was sponsoring her knew about the Intai Juhen. "Death!" cried the battle drones, which sensed the danger she posed to the Hive Mind. Best to destroy Spacegirl now, before anything else could happen. If she were here, others would come. "Death! Danger!". But the killing urge could not overcome the mixed drives of lust and inquisitiveness. The Hive Mind had an opportunity here... Spacegirl possessed amazing power in her small, trembling frame. If the Hive Mind could harness that power, it could become more powerful than any Intai Juhen before it. If Spacegirl's talents could be passed on to it's progeny... the battle drones would be unstoppable, the trapper beasts and breeder pits would be irresistible. The Hive Mind would experiment. Spacegirl was helpless and writhing trapped below ground in an experimentation chamber. So much to gain, and so little to lose. Even now, stimulated only slightly by one of the lesser creatures, Spacegirl emanated more orgasmic energy than any three normal women, and she wasn't actually orgasming yet. That power, that potential was addictive. Lust overcame it's better judgment, and the Hive Mind reached hungrily for Hitomi Kotani.

In the dim pink light around Spacegirl, she could hear the throbbing of dozens of heartbeats. Something was in here with her, and sphincter valves were slowly opening. The Intai Juhen were stirring...


Aphrodite's Legion is used in this story with the permission of Stormbringer

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