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Spank a Waitress Wednesday


Anyone who has spent over six months searching for a job that pays enough to cover all of their expenses, without conflicting with other commitments, can understand the frustration that led Denise Byers to apply as a waitress at Joe Bambino's.

Joe Bambino's was a men's interest restaurant themed on Las Vegas cocktail bars- men's interest being- that the waitresses were thin, young, and attractive, and were required to wear extremely revealing uniforms.

Denise was qualified for the job. Not only was she thin, young, and attractive, but she had six years of experience waitressing at other restaurants, though none that were modeled after Las Vegas cocktail bars.

So Denise wasn't concerned she wouldn't get the job. In fact, she was fairly certain she could edge out any of the competition. Denise was concerned that her life situation had cornered her into this option.

She turned in applications all over. She was waiting for a callback from Charley Muir's, and she even applied as a receptionist at SBH Unlimited- a very successful computer company.

Yet, it was only Joe Bambino's that had offered her an interview, even after persistent calls to every other restaurant in town.

Denise dressed up for the interview. Why shouldn't she? Just because it was a sleazy joint for infidelious husbands or lowlife jerks who could never be with any woman they weren't paying to be with didn't mean she shouldn't treat the occasion with the respect she showed to all of her prospective employers.

She might have to work half-naked if she got the job, but damn it; she was going to look as refined as she could while applying for it.

The interviewer, a tall, scruffy haired man who went by the name of Jake Russier, looked over Denise's resume with a look of complete boredom on his unshaven face.

He set her resume aside and stared at her blankly.

"So," he began. "You got a lot of experience waiting tables?"

Wondering if he was asking that as a question, or mentioning it rhetorically after reading her resume, Denise deducted he hadn't really read her resume at all.

"I worked at Coney Island for three years, and Alfoncino's for two years after that," Denise said. "I also have one year of experience working at a Pub at Great Oaks Mall."

Jake nodded.

"Good, good," he said.

Denise waited for him to ask another question, but he just sat there, as if he had just awoken from three days of sleeping. Denise was about to elaborate on her past jobs when Jake finally spoke again.

"Given what you've seen at this restaurant, just walking through it to my office- does it look like something you want to do?"

Denise took a breath. This was one of those parts in every job interview- the part where you have to BS it. She needed this job; there was no doubt about that.

"I think it seems like an exciting place," Denise said.

It was like an out-of-body experience, hearing herself lie to land the job. Denise continued, painting the rosiest picture of herself she could to get Jake- whatever his last name was- to like her enough to hire her.

"I like the atmosphere, and the people here seem nice. I'm sure I'll have a great time working for you, Mr. Russier," Denise said.

Jake nodded again.

"Good," he said. "I just got to make sure, you know. I got to make sure that you're aware of what kind of place this is, and the kind of expectations I have of all my ladies here."

"I am aware," Denise said.

"I don't know how many girls who've quit cause they couldn't take the pressure, or didn't like the way the customers talked to them, or the other expectations we have of them."

"I can assure you that will not happen with me, Mr. Russier," Denise said. "I plan to stay here on a long-term basis and I always grant my employer's two weeks notice before departures."

"That's good," Jake said. "I'm glad to hear that. Now I should go over, just to make sure you're aware of all the expectations at this restaurant."

Jake coughed, and held up a fist, and extended his index finger.

"Number one- you got to wear the outfit. It's small, it doesn't cover much, but its what the customers want and you got to give it to them," Jake said.

"Not a problem," Denise said.

Jake continued to hold up his index finger, and then extended his middle finger as well.

"Number two- you got to be able to put up with the comments. The guys here are going to talk like- well guys. They're going to talk about your body, and they're going to ask you for your phone number and all that shit. Whether or not you want to give them that information is up to you, but you got to take it with a smile. You got to flirt with them. It's part of the job," Jake said.

Denise was apprehensive about this, but decided it was worth it if it helped her pay her rent.

Jake raised his ring finger.

"Number three- and this is the one the girls hate. I've lost a lot of waitresses because of this one, but it's an important one, to our business," Jake said.

Denise wondered what Jake was talking about.

"About a year and a half ago, we enacted this new event, every Wednesday night. We called it, Spank a Waitress Wednesday," Jake said.

"I beg your pardon?" Denise asked. She was certain she'd heard him correctly, but this couldn't be real.

"Spank a Waitress Wednesday," Jake repeated. "The way it works is, every Wednesday night, the customers can buy a ticket and throw it into a bowl. We draw a name out of the bowl, and the winner gets to spank a waitress."

Denise blinked.

"You actually do this?" she asked.

"It has done- amazing- things for out business. Wednesdays used to be really slow, and now, they are- our busiest day of the week. The place is packed, every Wednesday night."

Denise didn't know how to respond.

"So anyway, every waitress on the clock that night has to put her nametag in a bowl. The winner gets to draw one tag from that bowl, and the waitress he picks gets spanked," Jake said.

Denise tried to imagine this happening, but couldn't.

"So, does she have to bend over his lap or something?" Denise asked.

"No, no, she goes on stage. She bends over a table, and the winner is given a Joe Bambino's paddle. The waitress has to lift her skirt above her waist, and the winner gives her twenty swats. The audience gets to watch and everybody cheers afterwards."

"Wow," Denise said. "I did not know about this."

"Well, that's why I'm telling you now," Jake said. "If you accept this job, Wednesday nights, this is an official job requirement. So before I hire you, I got to know if you're okay with this." Thoughts poured through Denise's head. Her rent, her car payments, her college classes. Denise took a breath and responded.

"I am totally okay with that," Denise said.

Jake smiled.

"Good," he said.

Denise set her car keys on the kitchen counter of her apartment. The red light on her answering machine was blinking. Denise set down her purse and pressed the button.

"Ms. Byers? This is Chris from Charley Muir's," the answering message said.

Denise perked up and listened more intently.

"We read over your resume and we thought you'd be an excellent employee. Unfortunately, were a bit full on waitresses with now and were cutting back hours. I'm sorry, but we'll call you in a few months if we need the help."

Denise kicked off her shoes and they slammed into the wall.

"What's the matter?" Ally, her roommate said, wandering into the room.

"Charley Muir's doesn't need me," Denise sulked.

The answering machine beeped, and another message played.

"This is Joan Everson from SBH Unlimited, calling for Denise Byers. We'd like to tell you we've accepted you for an interview," the message said.

"Oh my God!" Ally shouted.

"If you call back, we can arrange an interview time. Our pay begins at $7.50 an hour, though raises will be given for good performance at regular intervals. If you have any other questions, you can call us back at 396-555-0982."

Ally smiled with excitement.

"You go the interview! Way to go!" Ally said.

Denise did not smile.

"What's the matter?" Ally asked.

"$7.50," Ally said.

Ally's smile drooped into a comical frown.

"Not enough?" Ally asked.

"I have to make at least $8.50, remember we calculated?" Denise said.

"Oh, that's right," Ally said. "Well, you did get that job at Joe Bambino's right?"

"Yeah," Denise said. "Unfortunately."

Ally skipped into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator.

"So what's the matter with Joe's? Don't you get to wear the cute uniforms?"

"The uniforms look like stripper outfits!" Denise said. "Look at them!"

Denise opened her handbag and pulled out the official uniform that Jake had given her at the end of the interview. The uniform consisted of a black low-cut halter-top that was tied to a frilled miniskirt. The outfit left a bare mid-rift, and included a black hair tie with the words "Joe Bambino's" written in gold cursive across the front. The outfit also included two pairs of black thong panties to be worn underneath.

Ally sucked on a Popsicle and looked at the outfit.

"It's cute!" she said.

"You think everything's cute," Denise said.

"Put it on! I bet you'll look gorgeous!" Ally said.

Denise rolled her eyes. After picking it up, Denise took the uniform into her bathroom and slipped in on. It fit right, but as intended, it left her very uncovered.

"Denise!" Ally shouted from outside the bathroom door. "Let me see!"

Denise opened the door and stood before Ally.

"Sexy!" Ally said. "I want to wear it!"

"I can't believe you," Denise said.

She walked across the room. A draft from the window made her skirt fly up, exposing her even more.

"You see that?" Denise said. "They design these outfits to expose us! How am I going to be taken seriously if I do this for a living?"

Ally walked over and gave Denise a hug.

"Come on dear," Ally said. "It's all about attitude."

"The hell it is," Denise said.

"Listen to me," Ally said. "On your first day there, you walk in and tell yourself you'll enjoy this job. If you mean it, you will. Trust me."

Ally rocked Denise back and forth in her arms.

"I'll try," Denise said.

It was a Monday when Denise began her first shift at Joe Bambino's. Denise opened the side door and entered the dimly lit, smoke-filled restaurant. She was already dressed in her uniform, and she hoped to find Jake before any of the diners saw her.

She made her way into the backroom, walking briskly past several patrons who were enjoying their drinks and making passes at the waitresses.

The diners were mostly middle-aged men, many of them truckers, who smoked cigars or cigarettes and while they waited for their drinks.

Old-fashioned paintings of beautiful women wearing lingerie or nothing at all adorned the walls the establishment. A bar sat at one end of the restaurants, and a stage at the other.

Round tables were arranged about the restaurant.

Denise found a door near the bar that led to the backroom, where she first interviewed with Jake.

In the backroom, two waitresses stood and smoked cigarettes. Denise smiled and said hi.

"Hey," one of the waitresses replied. "Are you Denise?"

"Yes," Denise said.

"Hi, I'm Marissa," the waitress said. "This is Candace. Jake's not here right now, but he told us to get you situated here."

Denise smiled. Marissa seemed to be nice.

After a brief explanation of the job requirements, Denise made her way to the floor. She didn't need much explanation, as she had done this for many years, but Marissa's explanation of how the restaurant worked helped Denise get started.

Denise came to a table of four semi-formally dressed gentlemen.

"Can I help you?" Denise asked.

The man to her left looked at her.

"You're new here, aren't you?" the man said.

"Yes, I just started today," Denise said.

The man smiled.

"You're a fine-looking woman," the man said. He had a necklace with a silver eagle head on it, and he had a gray bushy beard that hung down to his chest.

"Thank you," Denise said.

My colleagues and I will have a gin and tonic each," the man said.

"Four gin and tonics," Denise said, not bothering to write it down.

"Thanks baby," the man said.

"You're welcome," Denise said. Denise tuned and walked back to the bar. She heard the men behind her whistling and she walked away.

"Why did I come here?" Denise asked herself.

She passed another table, where she saw Candace serving food to a table of two young men. As she leaned over, a man at the table behind her watched her from behind.

Due to the shortness of the skirts on the waitresses' uniforms, leaning over caused the waitresses' thong-covered bottoms to be exposed. One of the men behind her lifted Candace's skirt up and admired her uncovered rear.

"Still red from last week, eh Candace?" the man said.

"Thanks to you," Candace said, looking over her shoulder at them man, still holding her skirt above her waist.

The man gave her a smack on the bottom, and Candace winced in discomfort.

"Ow, it's still sore, Rick!" Candace said.

"I know sugar, that's why you like it," the man said.

Candace walked away, rubbing the spot on her bottom where she was smacked.

Denise followed Candace into the kitchen. After ordering the drinks for her table, Denise turned to Candace.

"So you got spanked last Wednesday?" Denise said.

"Yeah, I got picked," Candace said. "Third time in two months. What are the odds?"

"Can't you get Wednesday's off?" Denise asked.

"Everybody's got to work Wednesdays, it's our busiest night," Candace said.

"Great," Denise thought to herself. She read on the posted schedule that she was assigned the following Wednesday, but she was hoping to get them off in the following weeks.

Denise brought the four gin and tonics out to the floor on a round platter, and took them to the table occupied by the four esteemed gentlemen she was serving.

Denise set each beverage in front of the men, as they stole glimpses down the front of Denise's low-cut uniform. Denise served the drinks as fast as she could so she could stand erect, but she only had three drinks on the table before she felt a hand pulling up the back of her skirt.

"Now that's a nice ass," a voice behind her said.

Denise turned around indignantly, nearly dropping the last drink onto the lap of the eagle-necklace man.

"Do you mind?" Denise asked.

The man facing her was in his early thirties, had dark hair and a clean-shaven face.

"You haven't gotten the paddle yet, have you?" the man said.

"No, it's my first day," Denise said.

The man grinned.

"You're working Wednesday, right?" he said.

"I suppose you're thrilled about that?" Denise said unenthusiastically.

"You bet I am," the man said. He looked at Denise's nametag carefully.

"Well Denise B., I hope I'll be seeing that name tag again soon," the man laughed.

Denise turned around and set the last gin and tonic in front of the eagle necklace man.

"Let me know if you gentlemen need anything else," Denise said, and walked away.

"Jerks," she cursed to herself as she walked back to the kitchen.

Denise's shift ended at 10:30, and she finally made it back to her apartment at 11:00.

As she walked into her kitchen, she could hear Ally's voice coming from the bedroom.

"Seventeen! Eighteen! Nineteen! Twenty!" Ally shouted, as a smacking sound came after each number she shouted.

Denise noticed a familiar leather jacket lying over the couch, and recognized it as Ally's boyfriend's.

Denise groaned, knowing this meant she might have to listen to the two of them fooling around all night.

Denise dropped her keys onto the kitchen counter and the counting in the bedroom stopped.

"Oh, sorry baby, Denise is home," Ally said. "Call me tomorrow, and you can give me the rest of my punishment some other time."

"She wants him to punish her?" Denise thought to herself. "That lady is something."

Ally walked into the kitchen, wearing only a t-shirt and panties.

"Hey, how was your shift?" Ally said in her usual bubbly voice.

"Hellerific," Denise said. "Men are pigs. Swines."

"Not if you find the right one," Ally said dreamily. Her boyfriend, Derik, strutted into the room. Derik was a strong, handsome man in his mid-twenties, who worked as a runway model. Derik was only wearing underwear, and made no effort to cover up despite Denise being in the room.

"I'll call you tomorrow, babe," Derik said, and gave Ally a slap on her bottom. Ally giggled.

"Can't wait," Ally said. She wrapped her arms around Derik's neck and slowly kissed his lips. Denise turned away and went into the bathroom and peeled off her skimpy uniform, which was now drenched in her own sweat. After changing into her nightclothes, Denise emerged from the bathroom and found Derik was now dressed and leaving out the front door.

"Bye!" Ally said. " I love you!"

"I love you too!" Derik said, and closed the door behind him.

"He's sweet," Denise said.

"I know," Ally said lovingly. "Guess what?"

"What?" Denise asked.

"We did it!" Ally said.

"You did it?" Denise said.

"Yes, finally!" Ally said. "I've been waiting for months!"

Denise was confused.

"I thought you two had sex on the second date," Denise said.

"No, I don't mean sex!" Ally said. "Tonight, Derik spanked me!"

"You're excited about that?" Denise asked.

"Yes!" Ally said. "For months I've been trying to tell him how much I wanted it, but I couldn't get the words out. But you helped me!"

"I helped you?"

"Yes!" Ally said. "I told him how you had that spank a waitress day and that got him on the subject. I was finally able to tell him how much I enjoy being spanked, and he went for it!"

"Whatever floats your boat," Denise said.

"You don't understand!" Ally said. "It was so sensual! He took me over his knee and caressed my butt with his hand, and he slowly pulled my panties off. And then, with my bare bottom exposed he smacked me right on the butt!"

Ally smacked her hands together for emphasis.

"And then he made me count off each one! It was so sensual!" Ally said. "I am not going to have sex with him ever again unless he spanks me beforehand like he did tonight!"

"Well," Denise said. "I'm glad my difficult time at work has helped you live your sexual fantasies."

Ally walked over to Denise and put her hands on Denise's arms.

"Sweetie, don't worry about Wednesdays," Ally said. "If your name gets picked, just go along with it."

"Like I have a choice?" Denise said.

"You have a choice about what attitude to have about it," ally said. "You know, there's a chance you might actually enjoy it."

Denise brushed Ally's hand off her.

"I don't think so," Denise said.

Ally smiled at Denise.

"You might be surprised," Ally said.

Denise remembered Ally's words, but that did not make the next day of working at Joe Bambino's much easier. Denise suffered through another eight-hour shift serving drinks and occasional food, listening to lewd comments, and getting her bottom pinched as she made her way between the tables carrying large platters of food and drinks. Denise was finally starting to get used to the regimen of this restaurant when she finally arrived to work for her first Wednesday shift.

She arrived in the early afternoon, and the day started out like any other.

Waitresses were gathered around, and some of them were whispering how they didn't think they should have to get picked this week.

Jake was here today, and he informed Denise that she should offer every table she served a chance to buy tickets for the Spank a Waitress raffle. Denise kept a roll of tickets in her apron, so she could offer them to any diners who were interested.

"Can I interest any of you gentlemen in tickets for the Spank A Waitress raffle?" Denise asked a table of three men in their early thirties.

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