Spank Me Again, I've Been Very Bad


What? Seriously? C'mon, are you kidding me? Something he stole from watching Pulp Fiction when Christopher Walken tells Bruce Willis that he has his father's watch and that he kept for him up his ass for years, my teacher has the same, sad story. Only, in the way he told it, I more believed my teacher than I did Christopher Walken when he regaled his tale.

"Sorry, I'm so very sorry. I had no idea. I didn't know that. How could I know that? Assuredly, if I had known your father lived with that pen up his ass for two long years, I never would touched it, never mind taken it," I said.

Suddenly, I felt horrible that I had taken his father's most cherished possession. For his father to hide that Parker pen up his ass for two, long, uncomfortable years, that pen must have meant a lot to him. Moreover, I felt sick to my stomach that I actually held that excrement covered Parker pen in my hand.

"It's been washed, of course, sterilized actually. Do you still have it? Is that why you're here to return my Dad's Parker pen because I'd like to have it again. May I see it? May I have it?" He put out his anxious hand and my look foretold and precluded his disappointment.

"No," I said. "I'm sorry. It's long gone. I was so angry with you that you spanked me that I tossed it in a sewer," I said watching for his reaction.

"You threw my father's Parker pen in the sewer?"

"Yes I did Mr. Martin and I'm so very sorry. I'll buy you a new Parker pen."

"It's okay. A new Parker pen can never replace that specific Parker pen," he said looking at me with sadness. "You had no way of knowing what that pen meant me. Assuredly, if you knew you never would have taken it nor would you have thrown it down the sewer," he said looking as if his father had died in vain.

"My mere apology isn't good enough," I said puffing out my chest enough to pop open two of my blouse buttons. "I deserved to be discipline. I deserved to be punished," I said standing.

As soon as I parted my knees more to stand, no doubt forgetting all about his father and that shitty Parker pen, I really must have flashed him my panties because his eyes bugged out of his head.

"Water under the bridge," he said with sadness. "What's done is done," he said with a wave of his hand. Only, I could tell his was angry.

"I need you to spank me for what I did Paul," I said while watching his eyes widen as if I was sitting there topless.


"Spank me again," I said suddenly showing as much sexually excitement as he was showing. "I've been bad, very bad and I deserve to be spanked."

"I can't spank you," he said with hopefully expectant eyes. "You're a grown woman," he said looking up at me as if waiting for me to give him permission to spank me.

"Spank me," I said walking over to him. I lifted his hand in mine and slapped my ass through my short skirt as he did in his classroom so long ago.

As soon as he slapped my ass through my skirt, my skirt jumped high enough for him to see my panty clad ass cheeks.

"Yes, you were very bad and you need to be disciplined," he said looking up at me before starting at my tits again. "You need to be punished," he said getting himself into the role and into the mood. "You need a good spanking for stealing my father's Parker pen and for throwing it in the sewer," he said raising his voice while pulling me down over his knees.

Putting two and two together, never married and living with his mother, it was then that I realized that my Mr. Martin was a pervert. No matter. I didn't care if he was a pervert or not. Right now, a perverted man is who I needed to spank my ass. As soon as I felt his hand on my ass through my skirt, I was sexually excited. Only, my sexual fantasy come true, I couldn't believe it when he flipped up my skirt all the way to my lower back to expose my sheer, white, bikini panty. Then, pausing to stare at all that I was showing, he spanked me through my panty.

"Mr. Martin. I'm all exposed," I said feebly protesting.

"You're not as exposed as I need you to be," he said.

Then in one, straight pull, he yanked down my panty. I couldn't believe it. Finally, he was seeing and spanking my naked ass. I was so sexually excited. With every slap he spanked me I became even more erotically aroused.


"You've been a bad girl Susan, a very bad girl," he said spanking my ass red.

Finally, when he stopped spanking me. When he allowed me to stand from his lap, slow to pulled up my panty, I gave him a long look at my blonde, trimmed pussy. I was on fire literally and figuratively.

"I need to suck your cock Paul," I said as if he had unleashed the beast in me and, no doubt, he had. I unbuttoned my blouse to expose my cleavage and bra to him as if I was letting my two beasts of breasts out of their bra covered cage.

"I'd love for you to suck my cock Susan while I fondle your big tits and finger your hard nipples," he said lifting up my bra and watching my D cup breasts fall as if they were two bowling balls falling from the ball rack. "I've been thinking about this day for twelve, long years, ever since I spanked your ass through your short skirt. I can't tell you how many times I've masturbating over spanking you."

"Oh, Paul. I've been thinking about that day too," I said. "I've masturbated too over the thoughts of that day."

"Remembering that day as if it was yesterday, I so wanted to pull up your short skirt and spank your ass through your panties. I so wanted to pull down your panty and spank your naked ass. Now that I've finally experienced my sexual fantasy of spanking your naked ass, the only thing left is for me to cum in your pretty mouth," he said unzipping himself.

Then, when he pulled out his stubby, little cock, I stared at it before reaching out my hand to touch him, feel him, hold him, and stroke him. I fell to my knees while stroking him and kissing him before leaning down to take him in my mouth. Oh, my God, I couldn't believe I was blowing my old teacher. Waiting so very long for this moment, I couldn't believe that I was finally living out my sexual fantasy.

I sucked his cock while he played with my tits and fingered my nipples. As soon as he started moaning while humping my mouth, I knew he was on the verge of cumming. Wanting him to cum in my mouth, I stroked him faster and sucked him harder. What I wanted to do twelve years ago, I was doing today. As if he had been saving his cum for years, he exploded a giant load in my mouth, almost too much to swallow. As soon as I released his cock from my mouth, he exploded a second load all over my hair, face, and breasts. I've never seen so much cum.

Now that I've experienced my sexual fantasy, I visit my old teacher regularly, whenever I've been bad and am in need of a good spanking. Only, instead of ending our student and pupil sessions with me blowing him and him cumming in my mouth, I've been allowing him to fuck me in my ass. It seems appropriate that after he's spank my ass that he'd want to fuck my ass too. The only man I've ever allowed to fuck me in the ass, if there was a spanking class, I'd definitely earn and A.


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