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Spank My Maid


Lady Clarissa Falkstone was displeased and she was letting Hodges, the butler, know it.

"It is absolutely reprehensible," she stated. "The new maid is undertrained and careless. I am not used to such poor service. I am displeased."

"Yes, My Lady," intoned Hodges.

"You will instruct Mrs. Madels that she is to tighten up her training regime," Lady Falkstone stated.

(If you ever make the acquaintance of Lady Falkstone you will find she never just says something. Her every pronouncement is a statement made in indisputable terms.)

"Yes, My Lady," intoned Hodges. "If I may ask, in what way has the new maid fallen short?"

"You are blind, Hodges," stated Lady Falkstone. "You should have noticed immediately that she has spilt the tea in the saucer when she passed it to me."

"Yes, My Lady. You are correct, My Lady. I should have seen that immediately," agreed Hodges, eyeing the tiny drop of tea in the saucer. "It was extremely careless of her, My Lady."

"I was more than careless," stated Lady Clarissa. "It shows a sloppy attitude and demonstrates that the girl does not appreciate the fact that she has been given a chance to work here."

"Yes, My Lady," agreed Hodges.

"I am a kind and merciful employer," stated Lady Clarissa, "so I will not have the girl discharged without a reference for her first mistake. You will, however, arrange to have her beaten severely so that she learns that there are penalties when you make mistakes."

"Yes, My Lady," assented Hodges.

"Tell Mrs. Madels to arrange for me to have an unspilt cup of tea and go and attend to your duties."

"Yes, My Lady." Hodges departed to seek out Mrs. Madels and the new maid.

- - -

"Mrs. Madels, the old harridan had a spot of tea in her saucer. She wants a fresh cup."

There was a snort from Mrs. Madels.

"The way her hand shakes, it's a wonder the whole cup didn't finish in the saucer. The new girl, Kate, must have given her a cup that was more than half full. I did warn her not to."

"Well, you'll probably get a lecture on your training regime and its shortfalls. I'm also supposed to give the new girl a severe beating. Would you care to find her and explain the situation to her before you send her to me?"

"I can do that. I'll send her over to you about two, shall I?"

Hodges nodded and went on his way.

- - -

"I told you, Kate, that when you give Lady Clarissa a cup of tea, you only half fill it. Her hands tremble and if she gets a full cup she tends to spill some in the saucer and that upsets her no end. She says the maid did it and gets all stroppy."

"I only filled it about three quarters, ma'am," protested Kate. "I thought that would be safe enough."

"Well, it seems it wasn't. She managed to get a drop on the saucer and she's furious about it. She read me the riot act on my training, which I didn't appreciate, and she insists that Hodges gives you a sound beating."

"A what?" exclaimed Kate.

Mrs. Madels laughed.

"Don't worry about it too much. Hodges will have to give you a couple of whacks on the bottom but that's all there is to it. We wouldn't even do that much, but there's always a chance that the old witch will demand you lift your skirt so she can check that your bottom's red. She really likes to make sure her punishments are carried out."

"If I have to get a smack, why can't you do it? Why Hodges?" asked Kate.

"Hand size," said Mrs. Madels. "He'll leave a big handprint on your bottom and that will satisfy Lady Clarissa. Don't worry about it. It'll only smart for a couple of moments. It's better than losing your job."

"Do you mean that I'd get turned out if I don't do this?" protested Kate.

"Not by me or Hodges," Mrs. Madels assured her. "I'm quite happy with your work, but Lady Clarissa would take it to mean that you're insubordinate and unappreciative of your position here and demand you be turned out. I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is."

Kate sighed. "He's not going to give me a real spanking?"

"No, dear. A few light swats and that's it."

"I don't really have much choice, do I? When do I have to see Hodges?"

"Two o'clock, Kate. Just knock on the door to his quarters. He'll be expecting you."

- - -

At two, Kate was nervously knocking at the butler's door. Hodges opened it and invited her in.

"Come in, Kate," he said. "I assume that Mrs. Madels explained everything to you?"

"Yes, Mr. Hodges," Kate said, embarrassed.

Hodges held up a finger.

"You should know better than that," he said. "It's Hodges, at all times. You never use mister when you're talking to a butler. Understand?"

"Yes, Hodges," said Kate. She paused and then added a curious "Why?"

"Tradition," said Hodges. "I don't know how or why it started, but that's the way it is."

Hodges led Kate through to his sitting room and sat on the couch, leaving Kate to stand in front of him.

"As you know, I'm supposed to give you a severe beating," Hodges said, putting finger quotations around the words severe beating. "As Mrs. Madels explained we tend to limit this to a simple spanking. You will probably find it easier to actually take off your dress for the spanking. It makes it awkward when it's all bunched around your waist. So if you don't mind?"

His tone of voice seemed to indicate that it didn't really matter if she minded or not, but Kate felt moved to protest.

Blushing, she explained. "But if I take off my dress, I'll be naked. I've never been naked in front of a man before."

"If you have to bunch your dress up around your waist you'll still be half naked," pointed out Hodges. "What does the extra matter? It's not as though you've got something I've never seen before."

"Not mine, you haven't," thought Kate rebelliously. She sighed. She didn't really have much choice and she'd rather just get it over and done with, no matter how embarrassing.

She quickly undid her buttons, relieved to see that Hodges didn't seem to be ogling her, but just sat there waiting patiently. Draping her dress over a nearby chair, she turned to face Hodges, modesty compelling her to move a hand over her pussy and to toss her arm across the front of her breasts.

Hodges smiled at her.

"Don't be silly," he told her, taking the arm that was hiding her breasts and gently pulling on it, moving it away from her breasts and drawing her to his side.

"Don't worry about these," Hodges said, reaching up and casually stroking her breasts. "I have no intention of paddling such lovely ornaments."

He urged her to bend across his knee, moving her pussy protecting hand away so that she was folded neatly across his lap. Hodges started gently running his hand over Kate's bottom, sliding it back and forth and every so often dipping between her legs to brush against the edges of her pussy.

Kate squirmed slightly on his lap.

"I don't think you're supposed to be touching me like that, Hodges," she protested.

"Oh, I know I'm not," said Hodges cheerfully, "but if I have to do this I think I'm entitled to a bit of fun while I do it. You have a very nice bottom, you know? Very touchable. Same here," he added, sliding his hand back down to cup her pussy.

"Hodges," Kate squeaked in protest.

"I know, I know. The spanking. How many strokes do you think will satisfy the old bat?" Hodges asked.

"I don't know," said poor Kate. "I've never been in this position before. What did you do last time?"

"Last time was Mrs. Madels," said Hodges with a laugh. "And she just lifted her skirt and bent over a chair while I gave a couple of swats. You are a completely different item."

"Just lifted her skirt and bent over the chair for a couple of swats?" thought Kate. "Then why am I naked and lying across your knee?"

"Why couldn't I have done the same?" she asked Hodges indignantly.

"Because you're half her age and a quarter of her size," pointed out Hodges. "If she'd bent over my knee, she'd have broken them. And I can assure you, I have no inclination to view Mrs. Madels naked. Now if you've finished stalling, I think we'd better get this show on the road."

"Me stalling?" thought Kate. "If you could just pry your hand loose from my bottom we'd be finished by now."

Then Kate gave a squeal as Hodges delivered a sharp spank to her bottom.

"I thought that it wasn't going to hurt much?" she protested.

"It won't," said Hodges. "It could be a lot worse, I assure you."

Hodges proceeded with the spanking, quickly turning Kate's bottom a rosy hue, ignoring Kate's squeals and protests.

After a few minutes Kate was relieved to find Hodges had stopped. Her bottom smarted a lot more than she had expected from the way Mrs. Madels had spoken. She waited for Hodges to release her.

Hodges had no intention of releasing this choice morsel for a while yet. His hand started soothing Kate's smarting bottom, once again sliding around her curves to brush against her mound.

Feeling Hodge stroking her mound, Kate started to protest.

"I'd prefer that you don't touch me like that, Hodge," she stated firmly. "If you've finished the spanking can I get up and get dressed now?"

Hodge thoughtfully squeezed her mound before replying.

"Yes, I've finished the spanking and you have a nice rosy bottom that you can show Lady Clarissa if she demands to see it. No, you can't get up and get dressed now because I've decided to reward myself for doing such a good job by having my wicked way with you, as they say in the romantic novels."

"Have his wicked way with me?" though Kate. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

A finger sliding between her lips and stroking inside her while another took hold of her breast brought the answer very quickly.

"Oh, no, no, no," Kate snapped. "No way. Not ever. That's not going to happen."

She tried to scramble up off Hodges lap, and found he was able to hold her down quite easily.

"Actually, Kate, it is going to happen, and very shortly. There's nothing you can really do to stop me, now is there?" said Hodges cheerfully, squeezing her breast again. "The real question is, are you going to co-operate or are we going to wrestle? The final result will be the same but you may find it more fun if you co-operate."

Kate squirmed, trying to get away from that hand that was probing at her delicate flesh. She was also squirming mentally, trying to ignore those delicious little feelings that those touches were causing.

"I'll scream," she threatened.

"Oh, I do hope not," Hodges told her. "If you do a passing footman might hear and come in, and then I'd have to share you with him. Or would you prefer it, if there were two of us?" he asked with interest.

"I don't even want one of you," snapped Kate. "Please. Let me go."

"Not going to happen, love," Hodges said. "Now are you going to co-operate or wrestle?"

"What's the difference? I'm still going to get raped?" Kate said with a wail.

"Tch, tch. Rape is such a nasty word. Just say I'm having my wicked way with you. It sounds so much more fun that way. The difference between co-operate and wrestle? Hmm.

Wrestle, I force you to the floor, pry your legs apart and take you vigorously while you weep and squirm and pretend you don't want it.

Co-operate, I play with your body while it prepares itself for me. You also get a chance to play with my body and feel what my erection is like before I put it in you. Then, when I do put it in you, I take it slowly so you get time to adjust to me as I enter you. Then I take you vigorously, while you squirm and enjoy it.

Just because you co-operate, it doesn't mean you're giving permission, so honour is satisfied."

"What would happen if I told Lady Clarissa about this?" asked Kate, hopeful that this might make Hodges him back off.

"Oh, I wouldn't do that. You'd be turned off immediately, without a reference, as a wanton woman. Mrs. Madels might get turned off also for having hired you in the first place."

"I meant what would happen to you," pointed out Kate.

"Me? Nothing. Lady Clarissa wouldn't dream of raising such a subject with me. She knows what men are like."

Kate groaned.

"So what's it going to be? Co-operation?" asked Hodges.

Resignedly, Kate nodded. Fighting wouldn't help her, she knew. It just meant she'd probably get hurt while getting taken by force. Better to co-operate and try to minimise the impact of what happened.

"You know I'm a virgin?" she whispered.

"I sort of assumed that when you said you'd never been naked in front of a man before," said Hodges. "Don't let it worry you. I know what to do."

Swinging Kate to her feet, Hodges rose from the couch.

"Come along," he told her. "We'll finish this on the bed. You'll find it much more comfortable."

Hodges escorted her out of his living room and into the bedroom, giving her no chance to break away. Kate reluctantly sat on the bed as indicated, and tried not to watch as Hodges stripped off.

Unable to help herself, Kate flicked little looks at Hodges. She had to admit, he had quite a solid body for an old man.

(Please note: to a girl of eighteen, anyone over thirty is old. Hodges, at forty, would have been willing to dispute that.)

When Hodges finally dropped his trousers, Kate gulped. She knew in theory what happened and, if forced, she would admit she'd seen and touched a cock before. But there was a big difference between touching one and pushing it away and seeing one and knowing she wouldn't be able to push it away. Like it or not, that thing was coming to her.

Kate shuddered slightly. Hodges' erection loomed large in her mind, the knowledge of what he intended making it seem to grow while she watched. She turned her head to look away.

Hodges laughed, flattered by Kate's reaction. He sank down onto the bed next to her, coaxing her to lie down. He reached down and hooked one foot over her ankle, using it to move her legs further apart. He could see her darting nervous looks at him, nervous about the size of him.

"Relax, Kate," he said, his voice soft and soothing. "Instead of feeling nervous about it, why don't you just reach over and touch it. Feel what it's like."

Kate looked down at the erection waving gently in the air. It looked awfully big to her. Tentatively, she reached down and touched it.

"It won't break, Kate," said Hodges, "or at least, I fervently hope it won't. Take a hold of it, feel it. Taste it."

"Taste it?" thought Kate. "What does he mean, taste it?"

Her hand closed over Hodges, feeling the heat and strength of his erection. Her hand started moving slowly back and forth along it, testing it, measuring it.

While Kate was getting acquainted with his erection, Hodges was getting acquainted with her body. His mouth closed over a nipple, sucking gently while one hand moved over her other breast while his other hand dived down between her legs for the treasure that was there.

Kate found herself panting slightly, the oddest sensations seemed to be coming from her breasts and mound, together with a feeling that something was missing. Something more was needed.

Hodges found Kate was now holding his cock quite tightly, apparently regarding it as a prize she had won. At the same time she was now twisting under his marauding hands, trying to press herself against them and then trying to pull away from them.

Writhing under Hodges tantalising teasing, Kate ventures to ask, "What did you mean when you said to taste it?"

"How do you taste things, Kate," asked Hodges.

Kate looked at him shocked, and then looked at the prize she was holding.

"Taste it?" she thought.

Leaning down, Kate ran her tongue over the top of Hodges cock. It tasted like flesh to her, a bit salty. From the strangled gasp that Hodges had given though, licking it seemed to do something. She reached down again, this time letting her mouth close over him, rolling her tongue over and around the head.

"Yes," she thought, satisfied, listening to Hodges groan. "That does something to him."

"OK, sweetheart," gasped Hodges. "That's enough of that."

Pulling away from her he moved down until he was kneeling between Kate's thighs, his cock pressing lightly against her slit.

"I'm going to open your lips now and enter you," Hodges said quietly. "You'll be a little tight for the first time and it may hurt a little at the start. Just try to relax and let it come."

Suiting action to words Hodges eased Kate's lips apart and pressed gently between them. Kate bit her lip as she felt Hodges' cock starting to invade her. It felt odd, but in a strange way it also felt right. It was what had been missing.

Pressing forward, Hodges quickly came to Kate's hymen. Pressing firmly against it, Hodges warned Kate.

"This is where you lose your virginity. You may feel a little bit of pain, but that will pass quickly."

Kate tensed, and then gave a short scream as she felt herself tearing, but then Hodges had moved his erection past her hymen and was invading her in earnest. She could feel him slowly making his way into her vagina, taking his time, letting her body adjust and stretch so that she could take him fully into her.

Now that Hodges was fully inside her, Kate found she could relax. That initial sting had gone, and those delicious feelings were creeping back, feeling even more right now that she had a cock inside her.

"What do I do now?" she whispered.

"Now," said Hodges, "you stop thinking and just let your body do what it wants. You'll soon sense what it wants to do."

Kate felt Hodges press against her and then relax, pulling away slightly. Then he did it again. Pressing against her and relaxing. Hodges continued the slow movements, and soon Kate found herself matching his motion, moving against him when he pushed and then away as he relaxed.

Kate smiled. This was easy, and it felt good. If she had known it would feel this good she might have been tempted to do it sooner. She was going to enjoy this and no-one could blame her because he was forcing her. Sort of forcing her, anyway. She moved against that delicious presence within her.

Feeling Kate responding, Hodges slowly increased the pace. He reached up to cup her breasts, squeezing them in a tempo that matched his thrusts into her body.

Katie was gasping, strange sensations were flooding her body, and she found herself straining upward against Hodges, trying to get closer to him. Without Kate realising it her legs came up to wrap themselves around Hodges, trying to pull him deeper into her, while at the same time her arms wrapped around his neck holding him to her.

Hodges was pumping faster now, speeding to his climax. He could hear Kate's muffled shrieking as she goaded him on, desperate for she knew not what, but demanding he give it.

"God," thought Hodges. "She's going to kill me at this rate."

He thrust desperately into Kate, frantically desiring his own climax. He could feel Kate starting to convulse under him, and then he felt her internal muscles clamp down on him, triggering his climax while he desperately clamped a hand over her mouth to stifle her wild scream.

Both of them lay there, shuddering slightly in the aftermath.

"If I ever try to take Kate again," Hodges vowed to himself, "I will render her unconscious first."

"That was . . . interesting," said Kate. "Do you often have your wicked way with the maids? I'm just asking so that I'll know whether I have to keep out of your way."

"No, I don't," said Hodges. "You're the first actually. And what do you mean, interesting?"

"Just that, interesting. I've nothing to compare it to, remember. So if I'm the only one you've had your wicked way with, that should mean I'm safe from your attentions unless Lady Clarissa wants me to be beaten again."

Hodges said nothing, on the principle that what you don't say won't come back and haunt you. He watched as Kate danced off to get her dress and sighed. If she danced around the house like that, Lady Clarissa would assume that she hadn't been beaten and would want to check. It was a good thing that he had given her a decent bottom warming.

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