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Spank My Old Ass


My wife of five years is the hottest babe in our condo complex. Though she is pushing seventy, she pushes it with a huge pair of soft-luscious tits and an large ass that begs to be slapped and poked with my hard shaft. She is divorced from an asshole of a jerk who let her go, and I caught her on the rebound. But he did teach her the insatiable joys of spanking that tush until her longing pussy weeps it's juice down her leg. In public she is assertive, and even a bit aggressive and rude. But get her naked in bed, with fucking on her mind, and she becomes the epitome of submissive wifely flesh. I am twenty years her junior, and have never before had the sex life I now enjoy. She desires my hands roaming her body, and worships my cock and balls.

Jane, even at her age, has a beautiful set of 40D knockers that hang down just nicely in my face when she rides my cock from on top. I love to suck those boobies and make her nipples stick out a half-inch into my mouth. But before we get to that wonderful position she has to beg me to spank those globe round buttocks until they are a nice reddish pink, and she is moaning with girlish pleasure.

"I think I need to be punished," she confesses one evening. "I was such a bad little slut today. I flashed my titties at the bank this morning, and the manager couldn't take his eyes off me." She likes to go out in low cut tight tee tops, with tight white slacks revealing more than covering her ample bottom.

"So, you're up to your old slutty tricks, are you? You want to get every man in the town hard in their pants because of you, don't you? You want them to lust after your old lady body?"

"And I 'forgot' to wear my panties when I went out. I'm such a bad old mama, aren't I? Those young men at the gas station just get me so wet thinking about their hard smooth young dicks. They are all horny mother-fucking wanabes, I know! You want to be a mother-fucker, don't you Sonny? I know you want to get into my wet pussy."

She has changed into a silky robe, with black lingerie underneath. She slides up against me as I sit on the sofa, running her fingers through my hair and wiggling every curvy inch of her sensuous flesh. And I can smell here womanly scent wafting up from her dampening crotch. "You've been a bad mommy today, Jane. It's time you learned your lesson. You want to be a slut? Then you will be a slut right here. Stand up in front of the picture window."

I move to sit in my easy chair, with my back to the window, as she eases her trembling body upright.

"What are you making me do?" she queries me with fearful eyes.

"Strip right there. Strip nice and slow, you old whore, and if anyone walks by just keep it up." I love to humiliate this dignified woman, and it makes her pussy so wet!

"You don't mean that!" Jane protests.

"Oh, yes I do...now STRIP you horny old bitch. Show the world your big fleshy tits and that round naked ass!"

With a sly grin but trembling hands she begins to slide her paper thin robe off her shoulders, revealing the milky white skin beneath. She is nicely plump, with beautifully smooth skin all over. The black bra and panties contrast with her voluptuous flesh, getting me very excited. She wears a tight push-up bra that is a size or two too small, so that her big jugs pop out the top, threatening to explode the silky material. Her panties just cover her dark hairy pussy, and encase her significant derriere. I undue my jeans, easing them off and allowing my growing cock to poke up through my boxers.

Jane undulates back and forth in a slow striptease, with her eyes glued to my hardening rod. She reaches up and unsnaps the front-closure bra, allowing those massive mammaries to spill forth, bouncing down and jiggling all about. "Pick up those saggy tits, woman, and pinch your nipples till you moan," I demand. Wide-eyed with lust, she does as I command, rolling her hardening nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She closes her eyes as she begins to feel the connection between her tits and her pussy. I see the damp spot on her thin black panties getting bigger and bigger. "Oh, please let me touch myself," she pleads. "Take off those smelly wet panties," I say, "and rub your finger into that slutty cunny till you cum, you horny old bitch."

She quickly sheds the underwear, and rams her fingers into her waiting sex tunnel. Almost immediately she stands before me moaning and groaning and trembling with a low level organism, the first of several for the day. There she is before me, naked to the world, fearful...but excited... that someone will walk by out front and see her...but no one does this evening.

"Now, get your nasty old ass over here, and lay across my lap, you slut. It's time for your punishment." Jane almost races across the room and lands across my legs, wiggling her slimy pussy against my pleasure rod. Without warning I bring my hand down on here upturned tush, with the snap of that spank ringing through the quiet room.

"OH, you're spanking me hard! More, more, I need to be punished." I comply, with swat after swat, Jane yelping with pleasure and pain, both shoving her big white ass upward in desire and downward onto my lap in fearful lust. Her cunt rubs against my rock hard cock, causing me to slap and spank her ass with my own desire. Her ass cheeks are becoming red with my hand prints, as I stop and jam my hand between her spreading thick thighs and into her soaked swamp of sexual desire. "OHHHHHH," she moans and follows with an impassioned yell, "FUCKKKKKK MEEEEE, OH, Fuck me now. Please, Oh, please. Fuck your mama, be the mother fucking bastard that you are. I need to feel that cock in my cunny, I need to be filled with your mother fucking man spunk."

Our wild and passionate desire is too much for either of us. Pushing her knees to the floor and bending her over the sofa, I kneel behind that red glowing ass and ram my hot man rod into her molten wet, willing and waiting pussy. "Beg me to take you, old woman. Beg me to ram my cock into that sloppy old cunt."

"Oh, you're so BIG! I need that cock. Oh please, sonny, please fuck your mama. Stick it in me now... Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she croons in rhythm with my thrusts of lust. I rub my dick around inside her stretched-out old lady pussy, reveling in the sloppy feel of her womanly treasure. Within minutes I am shouting, "I'm cummmmiiingg, you old bitch. Take me, take my cum into your cunt."

"Fill me, you bastard, fill my cunny with that squirting jism," she yells back. And so I do, growling like a bear as I fill her quim with my ball juice, her quim that I own and possess, as she owns and possesses my now softening dick.

"Oh, Babe, you are such a wonderful fucking mama slut!" I praise her. "Just slap this old ass and you'll have more than you ever need of my puss!" she promises.

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