tagBDSMSpanked by His Neighbor Ch. 02

Spanked by His Neighbor Ch. 02


I was sitting at home, contemplating what had just happened to me. My ass was stinging and I was excited. I really wanted to just go upstairs and masturbate and was about to when the telephone rang. The caller ID let me see it was Alayne. My heart began to beat hard in my chest ... and had feelings of sexual excitement as well as fear.

"Hello" I said into the mouthpiece

"You know it's me, rickiee ... you have caller ID so I know you know it was me. The response on the phone should have been, Hello Mistress Alayne! I figured by now you probably had your little penis in your hands and relieving yourself of your sexual tensions, right little man?"

"Mistress Alayne ... I knew it was you ... but I didn't know what to say ... I am sorry."

"Oh little rickiee, you are such a pathetic little boy. What will I do with you? Now listen ... you are to address me as Mistress Alayne every time we talk ... do you understand?"

"Every time, Mistress Alayne ... what if I am with Sandy or Carissa ... surely you don't expect ..." I was cut off.

"Yes, you sniveling little worm of a boy ... I said EVERY time. You had just better hope we don't meet up with wifey or daughter ... huh?"

That scared me shitless. How could I ever say that in front of my wife or daughter?

"I guess you will just have to tell them it's a joke or something ... but I expect it every time ... understand? Don't forget, I have a video of our entire session."

Oh fuck, this is more than I expected.

"Mistress Alayne ... I beg you ... please ... I will do anything ... but please." Again I was cut off.

"There is nothing you can do to stop this, let alone try to bargain with me. Now, go upstairs and get a worn pair of Carissa's panties. She has to have a few pairs that were worn, because they left this morning and I'm sure they didn't do any laundry. I want you to put them on and get your pathetic little spanked ass over here. UNDERSTAND?"

"I can't possibly ..." She hung up.

Next thing I know, Alayne comes storming in the house. When she found me in the kitchen, she smacked my across the face.

"Don't you ever dare ... EVER ... say no to me, or can't. You understand me, rickiee?"

She was pissed and I was scared. This young woman had total control of me and I couldn't break that control.

"You get upstairs right now ... I will follow you into Carissa's room ... and I WILL PICK OUT THE worn panties for you" she ordered.

Reluctantly, I headed for the steps. I walked up the steps and Alayne was right behind me. I walked down the hall and into Carissa's bedroom.

Carissa was a bit of a slob. She always had clothes thrown all over the room ... on her bed, on the floor ... on her chair. On her bed, was a pair of yellow nylon panties. They were rolled up as if she just peeled them off and tossed them onto the bed.

"Those yellow panties will do nicely, rickiee. Pick them up and let's see how they smell ... you love to smell worn panties after all ... don't you?"

"Mistress Alayne ... they are my daughters!"


"You are slow to learn for a smart little boy, aren't you rickiee?

Mistress Alayne stared at me ... directly into my eyes. I figured I had no choice so I walked over to the bed and softly touched my daughter's panties.

"Pick them up and smell them, NOW!"

I picked them up and fumbling ... unrolled them. I turned them inside out and looked at the panty crotch. I saw two curly pubic hairs stuck to it and some dried cream. I didn't know if it was ovulation cream or was it her boyfriends cum.

"Rickiee, bring them up to you nose, immediately and smell that crotch ... the crotch that was covering your daughters pussy" she demanded.

I closed my eyes as I brought Carissa's panties to my nose. It was so odd, to be smelling her intimate panties ... smelling my grown daughters panties. They smelled like her ... like the perfume she wears all the time ... Juicy Couture I believe. At the same time, I could smell the faint odor her her pee and the acrid odor of a mature woman's pussy. I was excited and at the same time, sickened by it.

"Lick that cream ... tell me what it tastes like. Maybe it's the dried cum of her boyfriend ... you think maybe they fucked last night ... since she was going to be away?"

Hesitantly, I stuck my tongue out and licked the dried white cream. It didn't really have any taste ... but then I could smell it as it got wet ... it was cum ... sperm. I had tasted mine before, and it was most definitely cum. It was cum that her boyfriend squirt into her young pussy and then it leaked into her panties.

"Get those pubic hairs in your mouth. I want your daughter's pubic hairs in your mouth. Almost like licking her pussy, isn't it ... rickiee?"

I was sick ... as I put the two stringy pubic hairs into my mouth. I felt them on my tongue. Mistress Alayne took the panties and rubbed the now wet crotch on my nose.

"Smell your daughter and her boyfriend ... smell her panties and feel her pubic hairs in your mouth. Is that sick, rickiee ... sick like smelling your neighbors' panties?"

"Yes, Mistress Alayne I mumbled ... it is sick, just like sniffing your panties" I managed to say.

"Put them on ... pull your daughters panties on ... and model them for me ... I want to see what you look like your daughters panties."

I pulled my shorts down, and felt the waistband rub against my sore ass cheeks. I pulled the panties on and stuffed my soft cock into them.

"Turn around for me ... model them like the Victoria Secret models show their panties at their shows. Walk like a girl for me and show me how pretty you look in those little panties."

"Maybe at some point, Carissa would like to see you in my panties ... or her's. What do you think, little boy ... would you like to model panties for your gorgeous daughter?"

I walked around ... trying to walk like a girl, wearing my daughters panties. The whole scene had me excited, because my cock started to get hard in my daughters little panties. I was looking at Mistress Alayne and notice that her nipples hardened and I could see the hard bumps in her tee shirt ... it was evident she was not wearing a bra. Her tiny bikini bottom was in view just below the bottom of her tee shirt. She is so sexy ... so firm ... so beautiful. It was hard to believe she was so brutal, so hard on me. It was a side to her that I never would have suspected. She was a very difficult bitch and so beautiful. So erotic, so exciting. She scared the hell out of me.

"Enough modeling the panties, little rickiee. Let's go down the hall and see what kind of panties your wifey left laying around" she ordered.

My wife is a very physically fit woman. She works out at the gym every day ... sometimes twice. And when she isn't working out at the gym, she is on the treadmill at home, jogging and wearing weights on her ankles and wrists. She perpetually works out and she looks incredible. Her body is tight and firm ... her tits are small too ... smaller than ever ... probably the result of all the running ... she had a runner's body. Small, tight ass ... muscular legs ... always tan ... always made up perfectly.

I walked into my bedroom ahead of Mistress Alayne. I could feel her eyes on my body ... I could feel her looking at my ass in my daughters panties.

"Is her hamper in the closet or the bathroom, rickiee?"

"It's in the closet, Mistress Alayne."

My cock was throbbing in Carissa's panties. I couldn't believe I was wearing her panties ... my daughter's panties ... and I was excited. I was confused. Was my excitement because of Mistress Alayne or because I was wearing my daughters panties ... taboo panties?

"Get your wifey's hamper and dump it out onto the bed. Let's see what she has in there" I was instructed.

I dumped the hamper onto the bed. There was a weeks assortment of panties, bra's, socks, shorts, tee shirts and bedclothes. I contemplated my situation. Here I was, standing in my bedroom wearing my daughters worn and soiled panties with an erection. I was being ordered around by my young and beautiful next door neighbor in me and my wife's bedroom. She and I were examining the contents of my wife's laundry hamper. There was everything wrong with this picture. First of all, being in "our" bedroom with another woman while my wife was away is just wrong. Wearing my daughter's panties, going through my wife's hamper with another woman ... wow ... it was just wrong. But what was I to do? I had no control whatsoever of this situation. Not going along with it, would cause more problems than I could ever deal with.

Mistress Alayne picked up a pair of pink nylon panties. She briefly examined them and handed them to me.

"Sniff the crotch of those panties ... and describe what it smells like to me" she demanded.

I brought the panties up to my face. I closed my eyes as I brought the crotch to my nose. They smelled strong ... strong from sweat and perspiration. A more than faint odor of pee was evident. These panties had been worn during a hard workout session I was sure. They were quite fragrant of my wife's pussy, perfume, pee and sweat. My cock got harder and felt like it was going to burst my daughter's panties.

"Hello, rickiee ... I said I want you to describe what your wife's panties smell like!"

"Yes Mistress Alayne ... they smell like they are panties she wears to exercise. They smell quite strong from sweat, the musky smell of pussy ... I can smell a somewhat strong odor of pee. They smell quite womanly ... quite odorous."

"Do you like the way they smell rickiee? Do you wish mine had smelled like that?"

"Yes Mistress ... I do like the way they smell. I like the ways yours smelled as well. I guess I like the way any worn panties smell, Mistress Alayne" I shamefully admitted.

"Ok, so ... rickiee ... if I were to guess ... I would guess you have smelled your wife's panties before. I would have to guess that you probably had thoughts of smelling your daughters, but didn't have the guts to do it. Am I right, rickiee?"

I stood there holding my wife's panties, my cock twitching in my daughter's panties and not knowing what to answer.

"Rickiee, don't make me force an answer from you."

"Mistress Alayne ... yes ... the truth is that I have smelled my wife's panties before. I have gone so far as to touch my daughter's panties, but never did anything with them. It just felt too taboo" I further admitted shamefully.

"So, then ... little boy rickiee ... girlie-boy rickiee ... you've worn your wife's panties before. You've masturbated in them as well, isn't that true, rickiee?"

I could lie all I want, but the truth is ... she knew me ... she knew what I was ... what I did. She knows who and what I am. It was painful to confront the reality. Through it all, my little clittie shrunk ... just leaving a wet spot as a reminder of my excitement.

"So, do you think I should punish you in my house, or should I punish you here ... in your bedroom ... the place where you fuck your wife. The place of your intimate relationship with your wife?" she asked.

"Uh ... oh god Mistress Alayne ... if I must be punished ... it shouldn't be here" I barely managed to answer.

She looked me straight in the eyes.

"Maybe we should punish you in Carissa's bedroom. How about that rickiee ... being punished in your daughter's bedroom. On her bed ... the place she most likely masturbates thinking about her boyfriend. Punish you, dressed in her clothes ... on her bed ... you little pathetic bad boy?"

"No Mistress Alayne ... the punishment should be in your house." I tried to persuade her, but she saw right through me.

"Ok, then here it is. We will start the punishment in your bedroom ... on top of your wifey's soiled underwear, then we will finish it in Carissa's bedroom" she said it a very mean and cocky voice.

Oh my god, I thought ... I am going to be punished in my wife's room ... in my daughters room ... oh my god ... how humiliating.

"Put your wife's panties over your head and kneel on the floor. I have to run home for a few minutes to bring back some supplies ... some very badly needed supplies. You just kneel here ... smelling your wife's panties ... and contemplate the shame and humiliation you will shortly experience."

With that she left. I felt my cock begin to harden again. Minutes went by; they felt like forever ... but at the same time, like no time had gone by at all. Strange, very ... very strange and disconcerting.

Mistress Alayne came back. I looked at her through the leg openings of my wife's panties. Her nipples were rock hard in her tight tee shirt. She had an overnight back over her shoulder.

"You find me attractive don't you rickiee? You would probably love to have sex with me ... you would undoubtedly love to lick and adore my pussy. Maybe if you're a good little girlie-boy ... maybe ... maybe ... just maybe ... I will let you satisfy me. None of this is about satisfying you ... do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress Alayne ... I understand."

"You may get some pleasure out of your desire to pleasure me, but no sexual release will be allowed unless I specifically order you to ... and only upon my orders will you ever have an orgasm. Understood?"

"Yes Mistress Alayne ... I understand."

"Get up on your bed ... on top of your wife's soiled clothes. I need to inspect your prostate. Little boys like you need to have your prostate gland examined from time to time. By massaging your prostate, I can relieve you of your pent up sperm, without giving you the satisfaction of an orgasm. We must keep your little prostate healthy, after all" she giggled as she said it.

Oh my god, she was going to shove her finger into my ass. Not even my doctor has done that to me.

I got up on the bed, on all fours. I felt Mistress pull Carissa's panties halfway down my thighs.

"I have to put these latex gloves on ... we must do everything very clean. I am going to lubricate my finger so I can easily slide it into your asshole ... so I can massage your prostate" she explained.

She walked behind me and I felt her fingertip press against my asshole. How degrading! How humiliating! My young, sexy next door neighbor is about to penetrate my asshole with her finger. My virgin ass has never been penetrated ...

"Ughhhhh" I moaned as she very unceremoniously invaded my asshole. I felt her wriggle her finger around then I felt it encounter my prostate. She pressed on it ... and it was not a totally unpleasant experience. It was nice, but the feeling of her finger in my asshole was uncomfortable.

She moved around and around. I could feel her finger pressing and moving. It was mortifying. It was humiliating. It was embarrassing. Then I felt something ooze to the tip of my cock. I felt it ooze out of the tip of my cock. I was oozing cum. Oh my god ... I was oozing cum from the finger pressing inside my asshole.

Mistress Alayne grabbed my cock and rubbed her finger around the opening in my cock.

"Haaa haaa haaaaaaa, little boy ... your boy cum is oozing out. Your Mistress is expressing the boy cum from your prostate."

The feeling went from uncomfortable but somewhat pleasing ... to uncomfortable. My prostate was beginning to ache from her ministrations. I looked down and saw a puddle of my cum on my wife's soiled clothes. I could see a string of cum oozing from the tip of my penis down to the pool of cum on the bed. I felt it continuing to ooze out.

"Enjoying this, little boy?"

"No Mistress ... it feels quite uncomfortable."

"GOOD. Some men enjoy it ... others find it unpleasant. I hope you find it unpleasant because that way I can relieve you of your girlie-boy cum, without you getting any enjoyment."

A huge puddle formed as it soaked into my wife's slip and panties that were directly beneath it. It was a very large amount ... it looked like I had cum ... but there was no orgasm.

"Now that I have you somewhat emptied ... and your asshole nicely lubricated, let's go to Carissa's bedroom to finish this session."

I knew better than to argue.

"Let's pull those panties up so that you don't leak all the way down the hall into Carissa's bedroom "she said as she pulled the panties up.

I felt the wetness between my ass cheeks and the wetness that immediately formed in my daughter's panties.

Mistress Alayne grabbed onto the panties that were still on my head, and led me down the hall to Carissa's bedroom.

"Up on the bed, little man ... little boy ... little girl .... Just what the fuck are you?" she mocked.

She stood beside me as she reached into her bag. She pulled out a strap on dildo. Oh my god, I've seen them in porn movies and magazine, but never in person. It was black with a flesh colored cock ... a quite large flesh colored cock.

"Haaa haaaa haaaaa haaaaaaa ... I have a bigger cock than you ... little boy!" she mocked.

She fastened the straps then reached into her bag again. She pulled out a condom.

"Why don't you roll it on my cock, little boy. Surely your wife has unrolled one on your puny little cock ... now you can know what it feels like to be a girl. You want to be a girl ... don't you rickiee" she asked.

She handed me the condom as I opened the packet and pulled out the condom. She brought the rubber cock close so I could unroll the condom on it.

"Pretty soon I'm going to be thrusting that into your asshole. Did you ever have anal sex with a woman, rickiee ... if you did ... soon you will know exactly what it felt like."

She looked at me ... "well, did you?" she asked.

"No Mistress ... I have never had anal sex with a woman." I quietly answered.

"How about a man ... did you ever have anal sex with another man ... or maybe another man dressed in panties ... or both of you in panties?"

"No Mistress Alayne."

"Don't take that tone with my little boy! I'm just trying to figure out what makes you tick, little girlie boy!"

"I find it totally plausible ... that a little boy like you ... prone to wearing and sniffing girls' panties ... probably does fantasize about being with another pantyboy."

She really hit a nerve. How does she know me so well? I have fantasized about being with another man, dressed in panties ... both of us in panties. I certainly have been bi-curious. I never had the nerve to test it, though.

"How about thoughts about being with other pantyboys? You ever wish you could be with another pantyboy?"

I didn't answer. She smacked my ass hard. "Well, little rickiee ... I guess your lack of an answer is, in and of itself, an answer. So, you would love to suck another man's clittie, rickiee? Maybe have him shove his girlie cock up your ass, and you shove yours up his? Maybe a little 69 ... with both of you in panties ... licking each others clitties till they squirt?"

I closed my eyes. I knew I had to answer ... but I couldn't admit it out loud.

"So, that's an affirmative to those questions as well, huh rickiee. Wow, you are really a perverted little boy, aren't you?"

With no preparation, she jammed the rubber dick into my asshole.

I screamed from the pain.

She pushed it all the way in until I could feel her thighs on the back of mine. It felt like that rubber cock was going to come out of my throat. Then she pulled back, as I felt it retreat from the depths of my bowels. Immediately, she thrusted it back in.

"How do you like being fucked on your daughter's bed, rickiee? I wonder if Carissa allows her boyfriend to fuck her anally? How do you like being violated in your little girl's bedroom? I wish I had a picture of you ... your wife's panties on your head, your daughters panties half way down your thighs ... and your Mistress fucking you up the ass with a strap on cock!" she exclaimed.

In and out, in and out ... over and over ... that rubber cock invaded my asshole. I felt my cock dribble my prostate juice again. She laughed and laughed as she rammed that cock deep into my bowels.

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