Spanked Mom Ch. 3


"We really should not be doing this. So here are the rules. I won't take off all my clothes." She then smiled as she bent forward showing him a nice view of her cleavage down her low cut shirt.

"Don't worry you'll get a great show baby. But it will be short today. Maybe some other time auntie Glenda will give you the full treatment." She licked her lips seductively.

"Also, Rob tonight you're not allowed to touch when I'm dancing." She placed a foot on the couch near his hip. She hitched her skirt up until her thigh was completely exposed. Slowly she unbuttoned her shirt and threw it aside.

"But, I am allowed to touch you." She gently scratched his thigh with her long red nails and watched his erection grow. It never ceased to amaze her how much of a charge she got from seeing her effect on men. She placed her foot back on the floor. Bending down toward him her breasts were thrust inches from his face. She removed her bra and gave Rob a close up view of her ample breasts. She shook her body and her tits jiggled inches from his face. She felt his breath warming her nipples as they became hard.

Reluctantly, she stepped back dancing to the music. With her back turned to him she unzipped her short skirt. Shaking her ass with music she slowly slipped her skirt off her bottom gradually exposing her cheeks. Her skirt fell to the floor and Glenda danced and twirled around the floor in her thong.. She was intoxicated with the effect she knew she was having on Rob. She wished she could complete the dance properly and partake fully in this forbidden fruit, her best friend's son. She had her back turned him wiggling her ass and moving sinuously to the music. Suddenly, she heard Alice yelling at her and her whole universe seemed to come crashing on top of her.

"Glenda! Just what the hell is going on here?" Alice almost shrieked at her friend.

"Oh shit. No, this can't be happening. Alice, I'm …" Glenda was reaching for her discarded clothes in a panic, "Alice, I'm so sorry."

"Just what the hell are you doing with my son." Alice moved into the room.

"Alice please I can explain," Glenda gathered her clothes and moved towards a corner. She faced the wall as she tried frantically to put them back on. "Alice it was innocent really."

"I wouldn't call this innocent Glenda," Alice was standing behind her. She grabbed Glenda's clothes from her and threw them across the room, "Dancing half naked in front of my son is hardly innocent. Look at him Glenda."

"I'm so sorry. Please don't hate me Alice." Glenda put her face in her hands and started to cry.

"I said look at Rob." With a resounding crack Alice slapped Glenda's ass.

"Ouch…Alice?" One hand instinctively reached back to protect her stinging ass.

"I said look at Rob, Glenda." Pushing away Glenda's protecting hand, Alice grabbed her friend by the waist and delivered a set of stinging blows onto her friends protruding ass.

Her flesh turned red with Alice's assault as Glenda squirmed under Alice's firm grip.

"Ouch…Ok…Ok Ouch!" Teary-eyed Glenda looked back towards Rob who still sitting on the couch. His erection was obvious through his shorts. Alice momentarily stopped.

"Look how excited you've made him. What were you going to do about that?" Alice gave her some time to respond.

"Nothing Ali, I told you it was innocent." Glenda rubbed her burning bottom.

"You mean to tell me you got him all hot and bothered and you were going to leave him that way." Alice resumed her attack on her friend's bottom with renewed vigor.

"Ouch… Ali please stop…Ouch." Glenda's struggles had the appearance of a dance as she gyrated in vain attempts to dodge her friend's blows. Her ass was red and burning.

"You dirty little tease!" Alice moved her blows downward on to the tops of Glenda thighs.

"Ouch…please stop…ok, ok…owww…I was going to help him Ali…Ouch …honestly I was going to help him come…I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Glenda stood in the corner rubbing her behind. Though she was tearful she also felt the warmth spreading through her pelvis. Her heavy breathing and her fading sob marred the silence in the room. She noticed that Alice was no longer standing beside her. After what seemed like an eternity, she heard her speak from across the room.

"How were you going to help him Glenda?" Alice's voice had lost its anger.

Glenda dared not turn. She was afraid that Alice would notice her excitement. She stood facing the wall, her breast heaving under her covering arm. Tears streaked her face. Her tender bottom was still streaked with the red marks left by Alice's hand. The warm glow on her bottom was making her wet.

"Glenda how were you going to help him? Look at him he's so excited."

Glenda slowly dared to look. Alice was standing beside her son, her hand resting on his shoulder. She had taken her dress off and was wearing a set of high- heeled pumps, fish net stockings and a garter belt. Alice's naked tits were inches from Rob's face. She wore no panties. Rob shorts where in a pile on the floor beside where he sat on the couch his hard cock pointing to the ceiling. It took several seconds for Glenda to register the implications of the scene before her.

"Where you going to jerk him off Glenda?" Alice reached for her son's cock and gently stroked it.

Glenda was mesmerized. She could not manage a response. Slowly she turned; her hand unconsciously pinched her nipple beneath it.

"Or were you going to suck him off?" Alice bent down and licked the tip of Rob's cock, her eyes fixed on her friend. "Doesn't he have a big beautiful cock?"

"My God Alice, you and Rob are…" Glenda's voice registered excitement and surprise but there was no hint of revulsion, "are…"

"Yes darling we're lovers," Alice kneeled beside her son and cupped his balls, his hands groped her naked breast, "Incest excites you doesn't it, you wicked tramp? Come over here and help me."

"Alice that's so naughty. God I'm so wet." Glenda proclaimed as she moved towards them, shedding her thong. Her blonde bush was neatly trimmed.

She knelt beside her friend. Alice and Glenda looked into each other's eyes with an intimacy never before experienced between them. They both stroked Rob's cock and passionately kissed each other. Their tits rubbed as their tongues intertwined.

"Alice I've always wanted to do this to you," Glenda's voice was shaky. She looked at Rob and said, "I've always wanted to do this to you, Rob."

She placed her mouth him and licked his shaft. She then took all of him in her mouth and bobbed her head expertly. Alice positioned her face before her friend's butt and began licking her juicy pussy. She licked her wet pussy lips. Alice's finger found its way into Glenda slick cunt as her tongue tickled her clit. She slowly inserted her wet finger in Glenda's tight anus.

"That's it Glenda suck my cock while mom eats you," Rob thrust his hips as Glenda swallowed his cock, "It feels so good."

"Yes lick my pussy and finger my ass…AHH… Ali baby, your son's cock is so beautiful. I want to feel him inside me now."

"MMM…Glenda you taste so good…Ok baby climb on top of him and let my son fuck you."

Glenda withdrew her face from Rob's cock. She climbed on his lab and Alice guided his cock into her wet hole. She rode his member, her large tits bouncing. Alice kissed Rob. He could taste Glenda's sweet musky juice on his mother's lips. Alice took Rob hand and inserted his finger in Glenda's asshole. Glenda squealed with pleasure as Rob kissed her.

"Ali this so hot. Rob's cock feels so good in my burning pussy. His fingers in my tight ass."

"Mother spank her hot ass while I fuck her." Rob buried his face in Glenda's tits and sucked on her hard nipples.

"Yes fuck my son you horny bitch." Alice slapped Glenda's ass as she bucked on Rob's lap.

"YES ALI…slap my ass…I'm cumming…OHHH…YES…FUCK IT FEELS SO GOOD!" Glenda's muscles contracted around Rob's hard cock, as she came forcefully.

Glenda collapsed on top of Rob. All three of them kissed and laughed as Glenda recovered.

"I want to see you fuck your mom, Rob. That would be so nasty."

Rob guided himself into his mother's waiting pussy. Alice was on her back and her son drove his cock in to her wet pussy. Mother and son kissed passionately. Glenda was lying on the couch, her hand stroking her pussy. Alice was the first to come and she wailed wildly. Her nails raked across Rob's back. Her legs wrapped tightly around him.

"Yes baby you're fucking mommy so good…I'm coming son. I'm coming…yes…yes!" Ali screamed.

"You guys look so nasty fucking like that. Fuck your mom harder Rob." Glenda egged him on, "Cum on her tits let me lick it up."

With a grunt Rob withdrew his cock. He showered his mother's heaving breasts with hot strings of cum. Glenda joined them on the floor and licked Rob's still warm seed off his mother's chest. They cuddled on the floor, kissing and fondling each other as they recovered.

"Alice you set me up didn't you? This whole story about Rob having a date was a sham wasn't it?"

"Got ya!" Alice laughed. "Obviously, you little slut, you loved every minute of it."

"You two are wonderful," Glenda hugged them both, " And you're so wicked."

"Welcome to our family auntie Glenda," Rob's cock was beginning to stir again. He stroked both naked women sensuously, "My naughty mom lied to you and she's going to get spanked for it."

"Yes my sweet son," Alice climbed on to the couch on her knees. Her garters outlined her ass beautifully. "Spank your mommy's ass hard."

"Me too Rob. Spank me too." Glenda climbed on the couch beside Alice and kissed her on her lips. Two lovely asses were protruding, wiggling and waiting.

Rob stood behind the two older women. He admired how beautiful they looked as they kissed and fondled each other's breasts. Slowly he rubbed their bottoms and stroked the cracks of their butts. He began spanking them. He alternated his blows equally between each of them. Their continued kissing was occasionally interrupted by yelps and squeals of pleasure as their bottoms turned a bright shade of crimson. He ordered his mother to lie on the couch and her friend to eat her pussy. He lubricated his cock and plunged it into Glenda's tight ass as she ate his mother sweet cunt.

"Fuck my ass hard Rob. Fuck my spanked ass."

"Eat me Glenda make me come."

"Both of you are so fucking hot. I'm the luckiest guy alive."

The End


Note: This story is purely fantasy and intended to be used as such. All characters are 18 years old or older. The characters, situations and places are fictitious and are figments of the writer's twisted imagination. Any resemblance to real life people or places is purely coincidental.

The writer wishes to thank all those that have voted on this series and especially thank those that took the time to send feedback, suggestions and critique. Alice and Rob may continue this adventure at some later time but for now the writer has other naughty ideas he'd like to pursue. Suggestions are welcome. Look me up in chat…I'd like that.


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