Jane and Jon (not their real names) are a married couple in their late forties. Married twenty-two years. They had finished dinner and Jane was just cleaning up the last of the dishes. Jon was sitting at the kitchen table reading the sports section of the paper when Jane finished up and said, "I'm going up and take my shower."

After taking her shower, she dried herself, slipped on her nightgown and straightened her hair in the mirror. Then she walked over to the top of the stairs and called down to Jon. "Jon, will you please come up here?"

"In a minute J"

Slightly annoyed, she thought to herself, God, I go through this every four or five months, Then she called, "I need you now."

"Okay, okay, I'm coming."

He climbed the stairs and as he entered the bedroom, she came out of the walk-in closet and said,"Close the door."

He closed the bedroom door and as he turned back to her, he saw that she was holding her barber's leather shaving strap. About fifteen years earlier when they had been on vacation, they were browsing through an antique shop when she discovered the strap and purchased it.

Jon knew what was about to transpire and he could feel his penis getting hard. Not a word was said between them as he began undressing.

Standing naked before her with an erection, he felt ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated and aroused. Still not saying a word, he stepped to the bed and lay across it on his stomach with his legs on the floor so that his body draped over the edge, exposing his buttocks to her.

She stood over him watching as he slightly parted his legs, reaching down between them, he cupped his testicles in his hand and pulled them up and away to protect them from the furry of her lashes.

In her long, white, shear gown, her breasts and nipples were outlined by the shear material as she moved around to the foot of the bed. She lowered the leather strap to her husband's mouth and as if in a ceremony, he kissed the hard leather.

She then shifted back behind him. There was a brief moment of silence and then a swish of air followed by the loud crack of leather on flesh, stinging across his bare buttocks.

"Six, your getting six," she grunted the words as she used all of her strength to apply another lash. Easy at first but each lash getting progressively more forceful, more painful. His eyes began tearing and his erection dribbled semen as he tried to endure the pain.

Swish! Crack! Another searing smack of pain inflected across his buttocks. Another, then another then he moaned, "Please! No more."

Swish! Crack! "O God, it hurts."

Finally the last and most painful lash was administered. It was over. He lay there trying to catch his breath. His buttocks, bright red and raw with burning pain. Then his wife's voice, so gentle, soft, tender and sensual, "There my baby. You brought this on yourself. Didn't you? You made me punish you. Now I think that my baby will be more attentive to me. Won't you? Now let me get the lotion and I'll sooth your sore behind."

She slipped off her gown and then retrieved the hand lotion from the bathroom. She began smoothing the cool lotion over his painful, fire red buttocks and soon her sensual hands led to intense, passionate love making.

They had been married for six years when it all began. One night while they were making love, Jon admitted to Jane that he had a fantasy of her spanking him. He had a desire to lay across her lap and have her spank him like she would do to a little naughty boy.

She had no interest in fulfilling his fantasy but he was persistent so she gave in. She sat on the edge of the bed and he laid across her lap. They were both nude and she could feel his erection pressing down between her legs. She slapped his buttocks with her hand as hard as she could for about twenty slaps. When she finished, his buttocks were a bright red. Then they made love and it was the most intense lovemaking in all of the years they had been married.

What Jane noticed in the following two weeks after Jon's spanking was that he was overly attentive to her. Not like the other times where he is very attentive to her because he is looking for sex. Then once he has had it, like all men, they lose interest in their wives until they want sex again.

After two to three weeks, Jon fell back into his old pattern of not being attentive to her. By the fourth week, he was again taking her for granted and she was falling into the boring routine of being a house wife. She felt that she was being taken advantage of.

It was on a Saturday morning when they awoke and Jon was feeling amorous. They started to make love when Jane said that she wanted to spank him again. He was more than willing to submit to her. He was nude and she had him drape his body over the edge of the bed exposing his buttocks to her. She took his leather belt and beat his buttocks till they were red and raw. While she was beating him, she noticed that he was dribbling semen copiously.

Once again for the next four to five weeks, Jon was very attentive to her. What every married woman wants is a husband who is attentive to her, not just when he is looking for sex but attentive to her all of the time. It always seemed so elusive but now it seemed that she had found the key.

Up until this point, whenever she saw her husband in the nude, she would think to herself, that he has a cute butt. But now, after that second spanking, just the sight of his bare buttocks, gives her these feelings of power and dominance over him. He submits to her and endures the pain and humiliation she inflicts upon him. She can't believe that he is so grateful to be her submissive.

Jane always suspected that her husband's mother had really screwed him up but now she was reaping the benefits of those screw ups. Every four or five months, when she feels that Jon has become inattentive to her, she takes out her leather strap and administers a session of discipline. Then once again, for the next three or four months, she takes great pride in the fact that she has a very attentive husband.

Author's note;

When I was a young boy, my friend's mother was an alcoholic. She sometimes would go into a rage and beat my friend, (Mel) with a leather belt until he was screaming and he had black and blue welts all over his body.

After she finished beating him, she would be filled with remorse and she would take him into her arms and try to soothe him, saying that she was so sorry and that she loved him. This went on through out his childhood. He would get a beating and then his mother would become remorseful and try to show how much she loved him.

When Mel became a young man he fell in love and married. The only way that Mel could copulate with his bride was if she beat him with a belt first. She stayed married to him for a year and then she filed for a divorce.

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