tagFetishSpanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 01

Spanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 01


Authors note: This is my first posting on Literotica. I would encourage you to provide some constructive comments and feedback on the story line and the writing. I'll try to answer all email comments, so, just click the link under the story name and then go to the CONTACT tab and tell me what you think.

Well, the whole spanking thing is something I just lucked into. Really, it was a twist of unknowing luck. This will be fun for me to tell you about it.

I play softball at least two or three times a year with some local teams, usually a spring league, then a summer league and a fall league. Some of the guys I play with only play once a year and some more, but, there's a core group of 5 or 6 that play all the time with me on the same team. Kenny is one of them.

I've known him for several years through softball and we've become friends over the years. We joke around on the ball field a lot. He's a good player and we just sort of gravitated to one another.

During the summer of 2002, we had a good team and went the whole season winning every game. When the league playoffs came, we toasted every team and walked away with the championship. To celebrate, we all decided to go over to a local sports bar and have some beers. Can you image 12 dirty and sweaty ball players drinking beer and getting rowdy at a bar? The waitress was becoming frustrated with us and we were getting less and less service. When she did come over, she wasn't the nicest person.

I happened to turn to Kenny and say that the waitress needed a good spanking to change her behavior. Of course, having had a few beers myself, I was just kidding and trying to be witty. I went on to tell him that I would be happy to give her a nice meaningful spanking, being an expert spanker. He told me I was full of bullshit and I proceeded to tell him about my first wife that loved to get a light spanking. He listened to me for 20 minutes telling him all about it and when my little story was over, I had his full attention.

A week or two later, I saw him at the fall softball league meeting (where we sign up our teams for the fall season). After the meeting, we were talking in the parking lot about what a butt-kicking team we had last season and just generally being macho. As I started to leave to get in my car, he stopped me and asked me if we could talk about a private problem he had. He started out asking me if I was serious about what I said about being an expert spanker, and I told him I was definitely serious. And truthfully, that's 100% correct. My ex-wife was a bitch but, she really did like to be spanked and for the years we were married, I learned to spank her exactly the way she wanted and it always made her wet and horny – as well as it excited me a lot, too. I really like to look and touch the female body, especially the vaginal and anal area, and this gave me an excellent opportunity to do a lot of that.

So, we ended up talking for another hour in the parking lot next to his car while he told me that his wife had a fantasy of being spanked. Now, she's a very modest and proper type of woman, you'll never see her looking slobby or un-kept. She always looks fully dressed. In all the times I had seen her previously, I have never seen a bra strap poking out of place, panty lines, shorts too short, or nipples poking through her bra or shirt. This woman is the picture of modesty and beauty.

As we went on, I learned that in her fantasy, she was undressed and exposed, then put in positions where her pussy was embarrassingly displayed, then spanked. Finally, he admitted that she wanted to be embarrassed, humiliated, exposed, fingered, diddled, spanked and made to masturbate. He told me that she didn't want to really be spanked hard and she wouldn't like it to hurt a lot. But, what she wanted was a prolonged session of exposure and humiliation, along with a reason to touch – thus, the spanking fantasy.

At first, I wasn't sure why he was telling me all of that and I was guessing that he wanted some spanking tips - kind of a check list of what to do and how to do it. But, I was wrong. What he wanted was for me to come over to his house and do the spanking.

He told me that he had talked about it with his wife and after some encouragement and setting some rules, she told him it was okay to ask me.

By this time, we had been talking in the parking lot for a long time so he suggested we go somewhere to talk about it where we could sit down. There was a McDonald's hamburger joint close, so we left the parking lot and met up again there.

As we ate French fries and drank chocolate shakes, he went into an amazing amount of detail which has turned out to be the foundation of the "rules" we follow now. Initially, everything he proposed was complicated and seemed contradictory and I knew it would be too hard to follow.

I simply told him that I would agree to be the spanker. I also told him that I would promise not to make any attempt to have any kind of intercourse with her. I promised to be tender and caring. I promised that I wouldn't come any where close to hurting her and that I would definitely satisfy her desire to be exposed and humiliated. I also told him that I wanted to talk with her privately about this before we did it and that I didn't want him to be around when I talked to her.

I think he was concerned about me asking to see her alone. He gave me this big speech that I needed to follow his rules and that it was his wife and I should be thanking him for letting me in on this. I remember seeing his whole expression and attitude change when I told him that this was his wife's fantasy, not his. I assured him that I wasn't trying to plan anything or twist any of it around. I simply wanted to talk to her when he wasn't there to influence her. I wanted to get her to talk about it and find out, in her own words, what she was looking for.

He told me that he didn't think she would go for it, but, was going to ask her. I told him that I could make everything work if he just had some faith and trust. I told him to encourage her to talk with me. I also told him that if she did, he had to promise not to ask questions about our meeting. In short, he had to completely trust me and not ask for details.

Imagine my surprise when he called me that evening on my cell phone and told me that she had agreed. I could come over to talk to her and he promised that he wouldn't badger her, or me, for information about our conversation.

We set it up for the next Saturday afternoon. He was going to take his kids to the movie and that would leave me about two hours to go over there, talk with her and get out before they got home. He made me promise about 100 times that I wouldn't try anything 'weird' with her while I was there. The days leading up to Saturday were filled with excitement for me. My cock was hard a lot, thinking about what I was going to say to her and how all of this might turn out.

When Saturday finally came, I arrived at their house with an erection inside my pants that must have been an hour old. I was very turned on. In fact, I was more than turned on, my cock was throbbing and I had to position it pointing straight up with the head under the waist of my jeans in order to look somewhat presentable.

I knocked on the door and almost immediately, Jan opened the door and invited me in. She opened the door so quickly that she must have been watching for me to arrive.

We sat down in her kitchen and chatted about the ball team, the summer, the school year about to start for our kids – pretty much avoiding the topic of my visit. She offered me a soft drink and while she was pouring it into the glass, I asked if she was ready to talk about her fantasy. I could tell that she was visibly nervous. When she sat back down she didn't say anything, so I started talking.

I told her that I would never repeat what we were going to talk about to anyone, even her husband and I made her promise that she wouldn't tell her husband anything about our visit today. I also told her that I would never violate her trust and confidence if we ever did anything close to what we were talking about and she would have no reason to worry if we ever saw each other in public, or at ball games. I gave my word that this would be strictly between us and that she would never have to be uncomfortable or nervous around me.

This seemed to put her at ease, but, I could tell that she was still in "wait and see" mode.

I told her about how I used to do sensual spanking with my ex-wife. I described how they were designed to be sexual in nature and not really painful, although, they might sting just a bit. I then told her the differences between sensual spankings and punishment spankings, explaining that the punishment spankings were intended to be painful, while sensual spankings were really a warm up to something else, most often a session of full sex. I could see the wheels turning in her head and she looked like she had some questions starting to form. Before she got the courage to ask them, though, I wanted to give her some more information.

I told her that sensual spankings lasted longer and could provide pleasure as well as minor discomfort. I went into detail that sensual spankings would involve exposure, sometimes total nakedness, lewd positions, some touching of private areas and masturbation. I added that the sensual spanking could be a humiliating, but pleasurable event. After talking a while about what a sensual spanking was, I asked her if she understood and she told me she did. I asked her if she had any questions.

She started by telling me how embarrassed and nervous she was talking about this with me. I interrupted her and asked her if she was turned on at this exact moment. She didn't answer me, so, I nicely asked her to answer me. She just nodded her head up and down.

I told her it was okay to be turned on and excited. I told her that we could be adults and talk about it knowing full well it was turning us both on. I followed that up telling her that if she really wanted to live out her fantasy, she needed to be completely honest with me and confide in me. I told her I would help her safely live her fantasy out, but, she needed to trust me.

Then, I asked her again if she was turned on. This time she spoke up and told me she was, and that she had been very turned on and agitated since she woke up that morning. I told her that it was the same with me. I looked her right in the eye and asked her if she wanted to see how turned on I was. She looked away, but, I raised my voice just a little and repeated my question – "do you want to see how turned on I am right now". She didn't answer. I didn't let it go so I repeated my question saying "Jan, give me an answer, yes, or no, do you want to see how turned on I am?"

She looked at me, nodded her head and whispered "yes". I couldn't believe I was about to do this, but, before I could stop myself, I stood up, unbuttoned my jeans, pulled the zipper down, pushed my jeans down and reached inside my underwear and set my cock free for her to see. My cock was hard and sticking up about 3 feet from her. "See," I told her, "it's okay to be turned on talking about this. It's a normal reaction." With that, I put my cock back in my underwear, pulled up my pants and sat back down. The whole exposure of my cock lasted maybe 15 seconds, but, she never took her eyes off of it.

I then apologized for interrupting her and asked her if she wanted to continue to ask her questions. I think she was still in shock from my cock display, but, she managed to speak up.

She asked me first if the spankings would hurt. I told her that I would never hurt her and added that I would give her a 'safe' word she could use if she ever wanted to stop anything. I added that her butt might sting, but, she would never be in any kind of pain.

She asked me if I would touch her in a sexual way. I told her I would touch her tenderly and in a way that would pleasure her. She asked me where I would touch her and I told her that while the spanking session was taking place, I would touch her any where I desired to. She asked if that included her butt, and I told her that it did. She then asked me if that meant "inside" her butt and I nodded. I told her that during the spanking session, she had to give up total control to me and trust me completely. I added that she needed to be completely resolved to the fact that I would touch and feel her in her most intimate places and she would have to submit to it, allow it and endure it.

I went on to explain that the sensual spanking took advantage of the embarrassment and humiliation factors of the episode. I told her that she would be put in positions that exposed her completely and that I would have to be able to have free control to move her around and touch her in any way I thought was best.

She nodded indicating that she understood.

I asked her if she had any more questions.

She asked me how the spankings would be done, more in line with the sequence of things. I told her that we would start with her over my knees and I would caress her ass for a while and then she would get a few swats. I would then caress her a little and lightly rub her to soothe her butt cheeks. Then, there would be some more swats and more caressing. I would likely re-position her and there would be more swats and more caressing. I told her that at some point in time, I would have her touch herself while she received some swats. I added that before the session would be over she must make herself climax while I watched.

She asked me if I would use a paddle or a belt on her. I told her that I preferred to use my hand, but, that if she desired a paddle or a belt, I would do that for her. At this point, she laughed a little and told me "No, that's just fine, I don't want a paddle or a belt. Just your hand."

By now, I knew she was hooked. The words she used told me she was visualizing herself being spanked and, she was visualizing me being the one spanking her.

She asked me how she would be dressed and I told her that when we started the session, she would be fully dressed and when were done, she would probably be completely naked. Then she asked me how I would be dressed. I told her that I would be fully dressed all the time, but, that I might take my cock out from time to time.

She asked me if I would ever "jack off " during the session and I told her that it was likely. I asked her if that would be a problem and she told me it would be okay with her. She even added that it might be okay if I shot my cum on her face or breasts.

I was really surprised now. When we first started talking, she was hesitant and shy, but now she was taking part in the conversation, asking questions and trying to pre-live the whole thing in her mind. I was pleased.

She asked me if she would be expected to touch me or do anything to me. I told her that she would never be ordered to touch me, suck me, or fuck me. I added that I fully expected her husband to be there watching the session. As far as I was concerned, the two of them were free to do anything they wanted to as long as it didn't interfere with the session.

"So," she asked me, "are you saying that you would NEVER try to get me to suck you and you would NEVER try to put your cock in me?" I answered her as completely and simply as I could. I gave her my word that I would never make her do anything she didn't want to do.

She seemed relieved. She told me it was probably her biggest fear that she would be turned into a whore, sucking and fucking in front of her husband.

I asked her if she had any more questions and she told me that she didn't. Hearing that, I told her I had some rules she needed to know and understand. I went through them one by one and gave her a piece of paper with them printed on it:

1)The session would start by her telling me she was "READY".

2)The husband can watch, but, he has to remain silent and not interfere unless he is asked to say or do something by either she or I.

3)She agrees to do exactly what I ask of her, without question, as soon as I ask it. Failure to observe that rule would be reason to terminate the session.

4)She agrees that I was going to be in full and total control of her during the entire session. She is expected to fully comply with everything I asked of her. Other than the safe word, she didn't have a way to back out or say no. If she said the safe word, the session would stop, it would be over and I would leave. In turn, I would never cause pain. Everything I would do would lead to pleasure or toward her sexual gratification.

5)She could take no actions to cover herself or hide herself from view.

6)As payment and thanks for my time and kindness, she agrees to give me her panties, which I could keep as a remembrance of the session.

I asked again if she had any questions and she told me she did. Her first question asked how we would get started during a session – if I was just going to sit down and put her over my knee and start spanking. It was a good question and something I didn't go into detail on.

I told her that once she told me she was "READY" to start, she and I would go to a separate place, or a separate room for about 30 to 45 minutes. There, we would talk about what was going to happen and I would dress her appropriately for her session. She asked me what "appropriately" meant, and I told her that it would be an outfit I would pick out for her – something appropriate with being spanked and exposed. I told her that spending a few minutes with me before her ordeal would be beneficial in case she had any fears or anxiety to talk about. I told her she would have to be naked in front of me so I could inspect her body to make sure she didn't have any injuries, rashes, scratches, scrapes or things I needed to know about before her session started. Then, she would be dressed and taken to wherever the session would be held, and we would begin as soon as we got there. I told her at the end of the session, I would turn her over to her husband and I would leave.

She asked me "What if I start to cry?" I told her that if she started to cry it would be because she felt humiliated or embarrassed, not because she was in pain. I reiterated the fact that I wasn't going to cause pain in any way. She might cry because her butt was lightly stinging or because she was ashamed of her situation, but, she would not cry because she was in pain. I promised her that if she did start to cry, I would handle it with tenderness, caring and concern.

She seemed satisfied with my answers and told she didn't have any more questions.

We were just about done and our time was about up. I needed to get out of there in the next 30 minutes or risk her husband coming home to find me still there. I reached out and took her hand, asking "Has this been too intense or unbearable for you?" She looked at me, smiled and said I had made everything very comfortable for her.

"Great", I said, "Just a few more things then. I need to see your bedroom." She looked at me funny and I told her that if she got her spanking at their house, I would like to use her bedroom as the place where we would talk before her session. I explained that I wanted to see the layout.

She took me upstairs to their bedroom as I requested. I stood in the doorway, looking at the crisp cleanliness and immaculate order of the room. There were two clothes closets and I asked which one was hers. She pointed across the room to her closet and I went to it and opened it. I quickly browsed through the hanging clothes to get an idea of what she had in there.

"Where's your lingerie drawer?" I asked. She went to a large dresser and pulled out a drawer absolutely full of silky looking unmentionables. I just wanted to see if there was enough of a selection of things I could dress her in before her session, and satisfied that there was, I shut the drawer and just turned to her and said "Okay, good. There's enough here to choose from in case I need to dress or change your clothes."

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