tagFetishSpanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 03

Spanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 03


Continued from part 2…..

I have to take a minute and describe the sight before me. Jan was laying on her bed, legs splayed apart, eyes closed and her fingers were in her hairless pussy. A sexual blush had taken over her chest and her tiny breasts almost completely disappeared as she lay back like that. Her nipples had grown hard and long, extending themselves up toward the ceiling. Her whole pubic area was covered with her pussy juice and the sloshy sounds of her wet fingers inside the folds of her vagina had an urgent sound to them.

"Jan, keep doing what you are doing," I began, "I don't want you to stop until you make yourself cum. But, I want you to tell me some of your nasty secrets while you play with yourself, can you do that for me?" Without opening her eyes or slowing her ministrations, she nodded. "Good, then tell me how you like your breasts played with, tell me what really turns you on, what you really like to have done to those little tits. Tell me everything so I know how to pleasure you tonight."

A huge gasp came from her mouth as she answered me saying "Sucking. I like them to be sucked more than anything else. Hold them like they were a baby bottle and suck them like I was nursing you. Oh, yes. I like to feel like milk is being gently squeezed to the nipple and then sucked."

"Does your husband do that for you?" I asked.

"Sometimes… if I ask him he will. But, that's what I like most of all, and some pinching on my nipples, but not too tight, just so there's some pressure on them."

I leaned down and placed my hands on one of her breasts and began to gentle squeeze the tiny mounds toward the nipple as she described. "Like this?" I asked. My mouth captured one of her nipples and I began to suck in rhythm to my gentle squeezing. Another gasp from her lips escaped "Oh, fuck. Oh yes, that's perfect. Ohhhhh…yes."

I hadn't expected to get it right the first time, and I wanted to prolong her anticipation of her orgasm, so I stopped my sucking and squeezing saying "I'll do more of that later for you, and when I do, I want you to let everything else go and enjoy it. We'll show your husband how much you like it, we can give him a lesson in what turns you on. Would you like that?"

She was starting to get close to her limit now, I was sure. Her toes were pointing, her head was thrown way back and her breathing was choppy and shallow. I reached down and laid my hand over her wet fingers to stop her fingering to find her crotch was completely saturated with her pussy juice. Her eyes opened and I told her to relax for a minute.

I went to her dresser and opened her lingerie drawer, looking for a pair of panties she could wear under the school girl skirt. I took my time, with her watching my every move, finding the pair that suited me, and I turned back to her and held them up. "These are the panties you are going to wear for me tonight. Your husband agreed they would be mine when we are done. These are the panties that will cover your pretty little pussy and that nice tight ass. I'm going to have to make sure they are saturated with your pussy juice, Jan. If this is all I'm going to get from you tonight, I'm going to make these one hell of a prize. I plan to save these, too. I'll put them in a air tight bag to keep them fresh. I'll sniff and lick these while I jack off, Jan. I hope you realize that I'm always going to know what you smell like down there, I'll know what you taste like, too."

I proceeded to take the panties in my hand and use them to wipe her fingers off. Then using the gusset of the panty, I wiped her crotch and pussy lips and then folded the gusset lengthwise. Holding the lips of her pussy open with the fingers of one hand, I looked up into her eyes and told her I was going to insert the panties into her pussy and then use my fingers in her to soak up her juices. "Have you ever done that, Jan? Have you ever given your soaking wet panties to anyone?"

"Yes," she told me, "when I was in college, I had a boyfriend that was really interested in my panties." "So, then," I continued, "never for your husband?" She answered softly, "No, he's never been interested like that, at least, not that I know of. I wish he was, though."

"Hmm, too bad. Jan, will you promise me something?" Not waiting for an answer, "if you have a good time tonight, will you think about rewarding me at a later date with another pair of panties? Maybe pushing a pair of your panties inside your pussy and keeping them there while you think about what happened tonight and play with yourself? I'm not going to pressure you to do that, but, it would be a nice gesture and might bring me back if you ever want to do this again."

She smiled at me, "Oh yes, for sure. You've already earned a reward, anyway." That's just what I wanted to hear from her. It was a complete admission that she was already at a frenzy point in her excitement. I love it when a plan comes together.

"Now, while I finger you to get my prize nice and wet, why don't you tell me your favorite fantasy?" I asked. "I want to hear about the one you never tell your husband, the one that you think about when you masturbate and you're all alone. Go ahead, close your eyes again. And, if you want to, I'll let you touch yourself to get the panties wet while you tell me all about it."

Without any delay, her fingers returned to her vagina. She started to poke her finger into the panties that were hanging out of her pussy. I could tell from the way she was wiggling the finger that she was trying hard to make the panties wet for me.

"Sometimes," she started, "I like to think about being made to strip in front of some men while my husband watches me. He makes me stand for a long time with my panties pulled down while they look at me. He makes me do some very lewd things. Like, he will tell them how pink my pussy is inside and then ask if anyone wants to see. Of course they do, so he makes me lay down while he opens me up and shows them. Sometimes I like to think about him telling me to undress in front of his friends when they come over to our house and then having me walk around in front of them like that, or, taking me out somewhere in a short skirt and making me show myself to men. I like to fantasize about exposing myself, especially exposing my pussy, or dressing in some see through clothes when we are away from the house. I would love it if he took me away for a weekend and made me be a real exhibitionist. Oh, fuck, that would be so nice, just to be naked, and open and let people see me. That would be so cool."

I could tell from the wet sound coming from her crotch that the panties were well soaked now. I reached down to pull them out of her vagina, startling her a little bit. Her eyes flew open and I could see she was now very embarrassed at her fantasy confession. I laid her hand back on her pussy and asked her "If you could have your wish, and your husband would do things like that, what exactly would it be?" Waiting for her answer, I held the wet panties up to my nose, put the crotch of them into my mouth and began to suck her heavy juice from the material. I was in heaven.

"I would just tell him," she began "to take control of me and dress me any way he wants, expose me and make me be very nasty. I would love him to fuck me in front of someone, or, let someone with a bigger cock fuck me while he watches. I want to be slutty, too, and let someone else cum in me. Kenny loves to lick my pussy, especially after he cums in there. I would definitely want him to lick me after someone else fucks me. You're not going to tell him any of this, are you?" Well, this is new information I'm learning about Kenny.

I kneeled down between her heavenly legs. As I lowered my head down to her pussy, I asked her "Who would you like to fuck?" Without waiting for an answer, I started to lick around her mons, avoiding her clit and her vaginal opening. My hands spread her open as far as I could and my tongue drew up and down her soft hairless flesh. I looked up and asked again "Jan, you must tell me. Who do you want to fuck? Is it someone special?"

"You. It's you," she said, "I've been thinking about the way you played with yourself in front of me last week. I know this is horrible, but, I haven't been able to stop thinking about your cock. I want YOU to fuck me and cum in me. I want you to use me and make me do nasty things in front of him. I want him to see your cock sliding in and out of my pussy and I want to act like a total whore while he watches. I want to be filled up for a change."

I was stunned to hear her words. In response, I slipped my tongue into her pussy as soon as she was finished with her confession. Still holding her open as wide as I could, her engorged clit poked me in the nose as I pushed deep into her. I justified my actions by reminding myself that I never promised Kenny I wouldn't lick her pussy, so, technically, I hadn't broken my promise.

So, there with her laying spread out before me, I made oral love to her pussy, lapping and sucking until she came, whimpering like a school girl being felt up for the first time. Her legs were bucking and her hips were trying to scoot away from my probing tongue as she moaned. Her hands pushed me away from her mons – a sure sign that she had a strong cum.

I knew she must have a sensitive clit after coming, so I backed away from her so she could calm down. She watched me while I unzipped my jeans, reached into my shorts and pulled out my hard cock. The look in her eyes was a mixture of panic, excitement and hopeful expectation. I knew she was torn between joy and fear that I might stick my cock in her pussy, but, as she lay there, I only rubbed my cock all over her pussy area, up and down her lips, over her clit and finally stopped when my cock head was neatly nestled just outside the inner folds of her pussy. One push straight ahead, and my promise would be broken. I leaned in slightly just for her to realize where my cock was. Her eyes opened wide and then she tried to lurch herself forward into me, but, I pulled back before her lips could engulf my cock. Jan's bold transformation into an exhibitionist little nymph ready to live out her fantasies was starting.

"Oh, no, not tonight, you naughty School Girl," I said, "you need to get permission from your husband before you can take a ride on this cock." My words caused her to smile a small, but knowing smile. Had I not pulled back, her thrust would have sunk my cock into her pussy and I would have had no choice other than to drive it home. Going on what she said about her husband having a smaller cock and her deep, secret fantasy, I completely understood her actions. I didn't blame her one bit.

I reached over to pick up her panties and handed them to her saying "I think you need to wipe yourself off." My cock was aching, so as she wiped her panties over her pussy, I watched her and started to masturbate myself. When she saw me start to stroke it, all her attention turned to watching me. "Tell me when you are going to cum," she said, "I want to suck you."

"You know you can't do that. I promised I wouldn't intentionally put my cock in your mouth, pussy or butt. At least, not without his permission, that is. He's expecting me to keep my promise unless he releases me from it." Even though I would have loved to grant her request, I felt it was more important for her to see me keeping my word rather than just giving into my carnal urges. Besides, it was just a matter of time before they both begged me to fuck her, anyway. There was no doubt in my mind that it was going to be a top priority for them once this evening was over.

"Alright," she answered, "I won't put it in my mouth, but, please tell me when you're ready and let me make you cum. I want to hold your cock and feel it when you cum. He already told me I could stroke you, really, he did." I agreed and watched as she finished wiping up her pussy juice with the panties and then placing her fingers back inside her vagina she said "You gave me a really good cum when you were eating me down there. I can at least do something nice for you. Can you see everything okay?"

Oh yeah, I could. I could see everything. I reached my left hand down and played with her, our fingers mingling together in between her soft lips while I jacked myself with my right hand. I was getting closer and closer and when I knew I was at the point where I could not stop I told her it was time. She jumped up off the bed, kneeled in front of me, and began to jack me. Her hands were so soft and the grip on my cock was light and gentle. "Tell me when" she said.

When I knew I was going to shoot, I told her. She pulled up close to me and brought my cock up to her lips as if to kiss the cock head. Continuing to jack me, she held my cock to the outside of her lips, and as I came, she sucked the very tip of my cock, sucking all my cum into her mouth. The warm hot feeling of her breath as she breathed on me was unbelievable. I almost lost my balance as the sensation was so unexpected. Jan then stood up, and before I knew it, put her arms around me and pressed her lips to mine. I was completely surprised by this, but, we both opened out mouths at the same time to find her tongue searching for mine. We willingly exchanged my hot cum and shared one of the most sensual kisses I've ever experienced.

When the kiss was over, she continued to hold me, but pulled her head back and smiled at me. Her lips, covered with the remnants of my cum, kissed me softly on my check as she said "Oh, that is such a turn on. I've always wanted to do that and never had the chance. Thank you so much." I suddenly realized the whole impact of what she was going through tonight. She was taking every opportunity to live the desires of her fantasies. I had created a monster and let it loose, and, I was elated. I simply answered "It was my pleasure."

Pulling myself together, I looked at her saying "We have to get you dressed and get going. If we don't hurry, your husband is going to come looking for us. It's almost been 45 minutes since we left him." She nodded. I picked up her panties with the now soaked crotch panel and held them down for her to step into. As I did, she asked me "Are you going to be touching me and doing things to me tonight while I get my spanking?" I nodded my head saying "Oh, yes." "Good," she said, "You have my permission to do anything you want to me. Listen, I know for a fact that he won't stop anything you do. You could even fuck me right in front of him and he wouldn't do anything at all to stop you. Not a thing." She added "You think I'm excited to do this, he'll be jacking off all night. This is just as much his fantasy as mine. He's going to be in heaven." I was starting to figure it out by now. Was this really a set up?

"Oh," she asked, "Are you going to let me touch you, too?" I looked at her and saw it was a serious question. "You must ask your husband first, Jan, and if he agrees, then the answer will be yes. I will let you do anything he agrees to, as long as I am sure he's okay with it." She smiled.

Picking up the tiny excuse for a school girl shirt, I helped her slip it on. Her tiny breasts were easily seen through the shirt and she looked more like a school hooker than a school girl. Her nipples, poking out like pencil erasers, were so inviting and erotic.

"Do you want to brush your teeth," I asked, "before we go down?" "Oh, no," she said, "I'm not brushing my teeth for a week. I'm going to savor the taste for a while. I've been waiting 10 years for that. Hell, no!"

I picked up the skirt, which wasn't more than a wrap with Velcro holders, and wrapped it around her waist. I adjusted it until it looked perfect. Taking her by the hand, I led her into the bathroom and had her face into the mirror while I brushed her hair until it was perfect. She was the vision of desirability. I told her how beautiful she was, and how much I regretted promising Kenny I wouldn't try to jump her bones. We both laughed at that, but, for me, it was true. I checked her makeup and asked her to put on his favorite perfume – just a little – behind each ear. Halston……. I can sniff out a woman wearing Halston 5 miles away. She was almost ready.

I led her to the bed, picked up the dildo and put it in her hand. This is my cock. Remember the rules about my cock and don't disappoint me. Lastly, I turned her toward me and gave her a hug. While we were hugging, I spoke softly into her ear saying "Tonight, Jan, you have a unique chance to live out your fantasies with your husband's complete approval in the safety of your own home. No one besides us will ever know what we do, how we act, what we say or how we behave. You have all day tomorrow to reflect on this and rest. But, don't forget, tonight, you are going to be spanked, that is certain. The spanking might only be the vehicle you've chosen to live out your exhibitionist fantasies, but, nevertheless, you are going to be spanked. I'm going to use a cupped hand on your bottom, so, it will sound like you're getting a severe spanking, but, in fact, it will only sting. I'll try to move the swats around so you don't get too sore in any one place. Each little session will last a few minutes of spanking followed by some touching and telling you to do things. I'm not going to try to fool you, you might get a hot tingling feeling on your bottom, and it could bring tears to your eyes. If it does, just indulge the feeling, play along with the embarrassment and humiliation you are feeling and let your tears go. I promise, having a good cry during some of this will add to the realism and fantasy of being spanked. Now, tell me, do you want your husband to touch you, or maybe even fuck you during this?"

She let go of the hug and stepped back just a bit. "Actually," she said, "I think I do want him to do things to me. If I can get him to fuck me in front of you, that would be great, too. I just don't want him to get embarrassed or regret what we are doing, you know?"

"Yes, I understand perfectly. So, I'm going to leave this part up to you. If you want him to do something, I want you to explicitly ask for it. First you will ask me by saying 'CAN MY HUSBAND' and then finish it with what ever you want him to do. If I want him to do it, I'll take it from there."

She nodded and asked "Is it going to be okay for me to kind of 'let loose' and act nasty, you know say nasty things?" "Jan," I said, "This is your night. You can let loose all you like. You can be the demure little school girl, or, you can be the school slut. You can play any part you want to play. Maybe starting out as the demure school girl would be fun, then finish as the school slut. Feel free to enjoy however you like."

"Oh," she said, "I just wanted to be honest with you about something. I really do want the spanking. At first, I didn't want to really admit it, but, I kind of like the idea of being submissive. And, it's okay if it really does hurt a little. I want this to be real for both of us. I don't want to have bruises, or, anything like that, but, it's okay if you spank hard enough to make me cry a little. I cry pretty easily, so, he's used to seeing that. Plus, we've talked about it, and I think he's expecting to see me cry. There's some tissues down stairs."

"Okay, I'll keep that in mind." I said, "One last thing before we go down. Please don't forget your place in this. You must do what I say, regardless of what it is. No matter how embarrassing it is, or how humiliated you feel doing it, and I promise you will feel that way. Don't think about it, let go and just do what I tell you and let me give you a good time."

Again, she nodded. I stepped back and looked her up and down. She was so fucking hot. I lifted her skirt and told her to hold it up. I arranged her panties so they were pulled up against her pussy and then ran my fingers in between her pussy lips to make a crease there. It looked so sexy. "Okay, this is it. You wait 3 minutes after I leave, then come down and stand in front of me and tell me you are ready for your spanking. Then, we'll begin."

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