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Spanking Nicole Kidman


My name is Henry and I am a limousine driver for a livery service in Los Angeles. Our well deserved reputation being discrete and professional makes us a popular choice for celebrities in need of personal transportation. During the time I have been working with the company, I have been fortunate enough on occasion to provide even more personal services. Read on, then, while I make known the tales of the tails I've known.

Let me share the details of one such encounter that occurred when I was assigned to drive actress Nicole Kidman. She had hired a car for transportation to some type of industry function in Sherman Oaks. It was an easy drive from her house and it was a pretty uneventful evening until we arrived at her home later that night. Her driveway was being repaved, so I parked the limousine on the street in front of her house. I had just closed the car door behind her when we heard tires squealing. A sports car loaded with teenagers came around the curve above her house, sideswiped the limo and skidded into a tree on the other side of the road.

It was a pretty nasty accident. Miss Kidman called for help on her cell phone and we did what we could to comfort the passengers, who all had cuts and bruises and at least one broken arm. The driver was crushed behind the wheel and died at the scene. It was over an hour by the time the sports car and my limo were towed away and we had finished giving our statements to the cops.

Soon enough, my passenger and myself were standing alone, the only other people present being the accident scene investigators, who were busy taking measurements and pictures, paying no attention to the two of us.

Miss Kidman invited me into her house to clean up and call a taxi, since I had no car available and naturally I accepted. Once inside, she kicked her shoes off and commented that she needed a drink, offering me one as well. Since I wasn't going to be driving any more that evening, I accepted and we sat on a sofa in the living room, sipping brandy and making small talk.

It was obvious that witnessing the accident had shook her up, and truth be told, I was rattled myself. Spending as much time as I do behind the wheel, I had seen such things before, but it doesn't make it any easier to deal with the nervous, glad to be alive after-effects of such an incident. Talking about it relaxed us both and time passed fairly quickly. As my glass emptied, I began to think that I should be calling a cab when I noticed a sudden change in her tone. She looked at a point across the room and her voice dropped slightly as she spoke.

"Henry, we were both very lucky tonight. Just a few moments either way and we could have been seriously injured or even killed. If that accident served any greater purpose, it's a reminder that life is too short and the end can come at any time." I murmured in agreement as she hesitated briefly and licked her lips before continuing.

"Sometimes you have to just seize the moment. I had an experience when I was still in school back in Australia. My lover wanted to try something different and I agreed. He gave me a spanking before we made love. I have often thought about how exciting that night was for me and I've always hoped it would happen again some day. However, to this moment, it has never repeated itself."

She was looking directly at me now, her voice a little shaky as she shared this part of herself. She took a sip of her drink and continued to speak.

"Life is too short, Henry. I have spent years fantasizing instead of making it happen. Tonight showed me how important it is to seize the day. I want my fantasy to come to life, now, here, with you!"

For a few seconds, my mind couldn't digest what my ears had heard, but she never hesitated. Nicole rose to her feet and moved to stand before me. She slowly reached behind her and the movement of her arms behind her back coincided with the unmistakable sound of a zipper opening. Her gown fell from her shoulders and she pushed it down past her breasts until it pooled on the floor around her ankles. Suddenly she was standing before me, wearing only her jewelry and a pair of lacy black panties. Hooking her thumbs into the waist band of her underwear, she slowly slid them down her legs and used her foot to kick them aside. Without another word, she laid down across my lap, her feet on the floor on one side and her arms supporting her on my left side. I was stunned into silence.

Although I had once been spanked by a lover, I had no experience in doing the spanking. I wasn't even sure it was something I wanted to get into, although I must admit I had enjoyed it when I was the one on the bottom. My head was spinning as I let my hand rest on her ass and squeezed gently.

As anyone who saw "Eyes Wide Shut" can verify, Nicole Kidman has a great ass. However, seeing it up close, touching the smooth taut skin, feeling it beneath my hand, I had to change my opinion from simply great to spectacular. Her cheeks were firm, obviously the result of regular exercise, and to judge from the paleness of that beautiful flesh, she kept it covered when she was outside. In fact, all of her was paler than usual for Southern California, but I guess, like most redheads, she avoids prolonged exposure to the sun. It occurred to me that a spanking was going to bring a nice rosy color to that wonderful butt.

I began to move my hand around on her ass, rubbing and caressing the skin as I wondered how to start. She wiggled under my hand but made no attempt to guide me. I let my thumb run down her the crack of her ass and probed at her pussy with my fingers. I could feel the heat of her pussy and the dampness of her arousal. Leaning over her backside, I planted a kiss on each cheek, then straightened up and let my cupped hand deliver a firm slap to her fanny.

I could hear her sharp inhalation but she didn't move away or say anything. Encouraged, I lifted my hand and again struck her, this time on the other cheek. The skin where my first blow had landed was turning slightly pink when I landed another just to the side of the first. Barely pausing between strokes, I hit each cheek five times in succession, becoming more comfortable with what I was doing with each repetition.

I could hear Nicole's breathing quicken and she shifted slightly in my lap. I was starting to get into the scene now and I gave her a sharper slap than before and hissed at her to keep still. I again slid my fingers to her cunt and felt the increased flow of her juices seeping out onto my hand. Since she hadn't asked me to stop and her pussy was certainly hot from the few slaps I had already delivered, I continued as before, increasing the strength of my blows slightly.

I shifted the target of each slap so that the entire area of each cheek felt the impact of my hand. A bright pink color began to spread across her flesh and I realized that I was getting turned on as well. My cock was stiffening and I wondered if she could feel it poking against her. Pushing aside the thought, I continued to smack her ass, sometimes delivering several blows in succession, at other times pausing between strokes so she had no idea when and where the next blow would land.

Nicole began moaning softly and her legs were opening and closing as she tried to create some friction to stimulate herself. I stopped the spanking for several minutes and probed her cunt deeply with my fingers. Her juices were flowing heavily and it was easy to bury three fingers inside her. I could feel the slick walls of her pussy clutching at my digits as they pumped slowly into her steamy hole.

She cried out in frustration when I pulled them free and delivered yet another slap to those tight buns. I quickly followed with a dozen or so more, each one just a little harder than the last. The final blow was strong enough to make my hand sting and I suddenly wondered if I had gone too far. I let my hand caress her cheeks and I could feel the heat emanating from the rosy flesh.

As I wondered if she had reached her limit, Nicole began to beg me for more. Her ass wiggled invitingly under my hand and my hard prick was straining up against her belly. I raised my hand and began to smack her butt once more. The blows fell with a steady rhythm, varying only in location. They were of medium strength, so that no single blow caused her any great discomfort but the cumulative effect turned her entire backside a bright red.

After perhaps 30 of these firm slaps, she was breathing heavily and giving a small yelp each time my hand struck her now very tender flesh. I was amazed at my own reaction, best indicated by my rock hard cock and the pre-cum I could feel leaking from it. I was slightly embarrassed at my obvious arousal but reminding myself that the objection of my discipline was just as horny helped keep things in perspective.

My left hand was on the back of her neck, holding her down across my lap. My right hand was rubbing her ass, feeling the heat emanating from her burning cheeks. Her right leg had slipped off my lap, leaving her legs spread wide and I moved my hand down to allow my fingers to again slide into her cunt.

For several minutes, I continued to pump my fingers slowly in and out of her dripping wet pussy. She was moaning deeply and moving her hips to force my fingers deeper inside her. When I pulled my hand free and lightly pinched her blood engorged clit, Nicole gave a sobbing cry and in a throaty, desperate voice began to beg me for an orgasm.

"Oh, please, please, do it! Play with my cunt! Rub my fucking clit! Please make me come. Please, I need it so bad, please, please do it."

I was only too happy to oblige. I began to probe her pussy once more, working two fingers in and out while I bent down over her fanny and began to kiss and lick the crimson flesh. She moaned deeply at the contrast of my cool wet saliva against her flaming skin. Her cheeks had spread apart when her leg slipped from my lap and her asshole was exposed to my view. I drank in the sight of her buns. Those beautiful firm globes seemed to cry out for attention and I decided to explore every inch of her wonderful derriere. I was of course familiar with the fact of anal rimming, but had never engaged in that particular activity. Not, that is to say, until now.

I continued fucking her with my fingers as I covered her ass with licks and kisses, occasionally giving her cheeks a firm but tender nibble, holding the flesh between my teeth before releasing it and moving on. Nicole was moaning loudly now and her pussy juice was running down to my wrist. I kissed my way to the base of her spine, just above the crease of her rear end. I began to lick her crack, slowly working my way toward her asshole. She was squirming as she tried to rub her clit against my legs, so I stopped my explorations and delivered two fierce slaps to each cheek.

She cried out in pain and I felt a flash of fear run through me. Had I gone too far? Was I going to be looking for a new job tomorrow? I was seconds away from blurting an apology when she began to tell me she wouldn't move anymore.

"I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry! I won't move again, I promise. Please don't stop, I'll be good. Please, please don't stop!"

Realizing now that she was enjoying this as much if not more than me, I leaned down once again and kissed my way down her butt crack. Nicole held still beneath my questing tongue, panting heavily with arousal. Finally, my tongue brushed across her asshole and she began to encourage my efforts.

"Ooooohhhh, yyyyyeeessss. Oooohhh! Do it, do it! Please, don't stop! Oooohhh, yes. Lick it, please lick it. Tease my asshole. Please do it. It's so nasty but it feels sooooooo goooodddddddd! Please don't stop!"

I ran my tongue around the tight ring of her sphincter. I could feel it open slightly in response, but I continued to run my tongue around it rather than plunging right in. her breathing became even heavier and her cunt began to flow with a steady stream of sticky juices. After several minutes of this, I poised the tip of my tongue against the puckered muscle and pressed firmly against it.

She heaved a sob and, despite her promise of a few minutes before, she began to move her hips in a small circle, creating a steady friction against her clit. I was no longer concerned with her obedience however, and I continued my rim job. Pushing firmly against her asshole, I felt the tip of my tongue penetrate her brown eye and I wiggled the tip back and forth inside her, bringing forth another round of encouragement from Nicole.

"Ooooohhhh, yyyyess, that's it! I can feel your tongue in my ass! It feels so good. Don't stop, please don't stop!"

I, of course, had no intentions of stopping. To this point, I hadn't really been able to taste her ass, but now a tangy flavor burst into my mouth. It wasn't a dirty taste, but rather pleasant. I pushed harder and my tongue drove even deeper into her rectum. This excited her even more and she increased her attempts to keep her clit in contact with my pants leg. I could feel her juices leaking through the fabric and sped up the movement of my fingers in her pussy.

My tongue was now giving her rosebud a fucking of its own and she began to sob in a deep voice that indicated she was approaching orgasm. I let my tongue slide from her asshole to tease the outer rim of her anus before driving it inside her once again. I did this twice more and the second time my tongue entered her, she began to shake as she hit her peak.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oooohhh, ooohhh, yes, yes! Oh god, oh god, yesssss! Oooohhhh, yeeeessss!"

She was crying as she came, gasping and bucking against my leg. Her asshole clenched, trying to hold my tongue inside the tight ring. After several minutes of shaking, bucking and grinding against my leg, she gave a final yell as her orgasm ended.

She lay across my lap, sweating and panting as she recovered. I wiggled my tongue inside her and she shook briefly, as another wave of pleasure shook her. After a few minutes, she slid from my lap into a kneeling position between my legs and grinned up at me.

"Oh, Henry, that was fantastic. I've never had anybody do that to my bumhole before. I had no idea it could feel so good."

I grinned back, not admitting that it was my first time as well. Suddenly Nicole seemed to notice the tent my cock was making in my pants. Her hands moved to my belt and she began to work it free of the buckle. I lifted my hips off the sofa to allow her better access, and when she pulled my boxers down past my cock, it sprang free and slapped against her face, leaving a smear of sticky pre-cum on her cheek. She ignored it and began to plant soft kisses across the head and down the shaft.

Her tongue spread the pre-cum all over my stiff prick and she licked and sucked me. I kicked my shoes off and she helped me work my pants down my legs, leaving me nude from the waist down. I ripped two buttons on my shirt as I tore it free and soon enough, I was as naked as she was. Her mouth began to bob up and down on my cock and her hand tickled my balls as she sucked my cock.

After a few minutes, she stopped and glanced up at me. A stream of pre-cum ran from her lower lip to the head of my cock, and I watched it bob up and down as she told me she wanted my cock in her pussy.

Nicole tugged me down onto the floor as she turned away from me, kneeling on all fours. Her inner thighs were glistening with pussy juice as she wiggled her ass at me. I was quickly in position between her legs and felt her hand reach beneath us to guide my shaft into her twat. She then began to rub her clit as she pushed back against me.

The full length of my cock slid easily inside her and we were soon fucking in a smooth steady rhythm. My balls slapped against her clit as my cock pounded its way inside her. She began to orgasm almost at once, moaning loudly and bucking her head up and down as she moved her ass backward against my crotch. Her voice rose in a passionate wail as she came.

"Ooooooohhhhhhh, yyyyeeeesssss! Ooooooohhhhhhh yyyyyeeeesssss! I'm cummmming. Fuck me, Henry! Fuck me hard! Oooohhhh fuck, I'm cummmming!"

As she reached her peak, Nicole's words turned to grunts and groans, gradually rising into a shriek of passion before dwindling away to silence. She continued to pump her hips back against me even as her orgasm subsided. I was still rock hard and thrusting into her in time with her own movements. Her hand stayed between her legs and I could feel the movement of her fingers as they danced over her clit.

We continued to rock together, my hard cock burrowing into her cunt. She turned her head to gaze up at me and her eyes gleamed as she told me to spank her some more.

I began to slap her already bright red cheeks in time with our fucking. First the left side, then the right, alternating each stroke. I tried to time the blows to coincide with the full penetration of her pussy by my prick. Her butt cheeks jiggled as I spanked her and she began to cry out with each blow.

Nicole continued to manipulate her clit and the flow of her juice increased so much I was sliding almost completely free of her hole. My balls were tight against my prick and I knew I would cum soon. I stopped the spanking and let my right hand rest on her ass, the thumb pressed firmly against her tight sphincter, which was still damp with my saliva. I pushed gently until my thumb popped inside her ass and she began to moan with pleasure.

"Oooohhhh, that feels so good! Make me your little slut. Fuck me good and hard. Drive that cock into me! C'mon, fuck me. Fuck me! Fuck me! Oooohhhh, yyyyeeessss!"

Her head and shoulders had dropped down to the floor and her ass was now high in the air, leaving her completely exposed. She was strumming her clit as she began to climb towards another orgasm and I began to pump my thumb in and out of her ass.

I was grunting with passion myself and we suddenly began to cum, my cock spurting into her pussy while she masturbated herself. My prick spasmed repeatedly, long after my balls had been emptied. It was one of the most powerful orgasms I had ever experienced and I was groaning with pleasure. Our cries were increasingly loud as we bucked together and in another few minutes, we were done.

Nicole fell forward to lie flat on her belly and I collapsed along side her. Both of us were covered with sweat and her ass shone like an apple. Cum and pussy juice leaked from her cunt and pooled on the floor between her legs. My legs were weak from the effort and my balls felt like deflated balloons.

We lay gasping on the floor for at least five minutes before we had caught our breath. Nicole leaned over and kissed me deeply, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. I returned the kiss enthusiastically, exhausted by the evenings events but glad to have participated.

We continued to kiss each other for some time, letting our hands roam across each others bodies, finding we were very comfortable with each other. To my surprise and delight, my cock began to harden again. It usually takes a while before I am ready to go again, but the entire episode had me hornier than I could remember being in a long, long time.

Nicole began to kiss her way down my torso, sucking briefly on my nipples before licking her way across my belly and further down until her mouth found my erection. She began to bathe my entire crotch, licking and sucking our combined juices from my cock and balls. In no time, she had cleaned me thoroughly and began to suck my cock deep into her mouth.

Her head bobbed steadily as she worked on my prick. She occasionally let it slide from her mouth to run her tongue down to my balls and back up again. I simply lay back and let myself enjoy the attention of her talented mouth.

Once my prick was slick with her saliva, Nicole climbed on top of me facing towards my feet and slowly lowered herself down until my full length was inside her, then began to slowly pump her hips up and down. Her back was covered in sweat and her long red hair was plastered to her upper back. The effects of her spanking were still visible on her ass and her asshole winked at me as she rode my cock.

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