tagBDSMSpanking Night Ch. 02

Spanking Night Ch. 02


I lay there on my back, wrists handcuffed together beneath me, gazing into my wife's cunt. It seemed very red and swollen; it was oozing a milky white liquid which mixed with her own juices. I had never seen it quite so wet.

It smelled like sex. Not our sex but a different kind of sex. She slowly lowered it to my waiting tongue and lips. I knew then what had happened last night. She had been fucked, a lot.

He sweet pussy reeked of (probably Master Dan's) cum. It tasted musky and thick, much thicker than mine. Copious amounts poured out from the depths of her pussy. It filled my mouth and started to spill out over my lips and run down my cheeks and chin.

"Drink it all up darling," My wife's words echoed in my head. "Drink it up and swallow it like a good boy. Maybe his cum will make you more of a man.

Yes baby, he fucked me all night long. He gave me several loads to bring home to you. He made me put a butt plug in my pussy so it wouldn't leak out. He wanted to make sure you had plenty to drink while I told you what your sweet wife was up to.

I kept gulping a swallowing to prevent from drowning in the cum which kept pouring into my mouth as she told me of her adventures from the night before.

"I could see from the moment our eyes met that she liked me". My wife continued. "Mistress Sheila took me by the hand and led me into one of the play rooms.

She told me to strip and then secured my hands to a metal ring suspended from the ceiling. She pulled the rope so my arms were straight above my head, then attached nipple clamps to each nipple."

"To be a good Dom, one must first learn to submit COMPLETELY," Mistress Sheila told me. "You must know and love pain, to give pain to others. This will be the first part of your training.

Master Dan and I will teach you to love pain and to submit completely. Our will, will be your will. You will live to please us. You will do everything we command without question. Then and only then, you will be ready to give commands.

"I could feel her finger nails caressing my body," My wife continued with her story. "She touched me, not hard enough to scratch or break the skin but hard enough to let me know she could easily hurt me it she wanted to. It felt like an electric current shooting out from her nails into my flesh.

I could feel my nipples harden and throb under the nipple clamps with excitement. My inner thighs were becoming damp from the juices dripping down from my cunt. The smell of my cunt juice filled the room."

Angel was becoming so lost in her story that she was pressing her pussy tightly against my nose and mouth I could not breathe. I squirmed frantically beneath her and she then realized she was smothering me. She quickly raised herself from my face and I gasped for air.

"Sorry darling," she apologized, I guess I got carried away.

I panted for a few seconds and she resumed smearing her juices across my face and continued with her story.

"Mistress Sheila knew just how and where to touch me. She would touched my clit, as only another woman knows how to touch," Angel continued, "and just as I was about to cum, she would quickly pull her fingers away."

She would taunt me, "Is my little slave getting excited? Would you like to cum? Oh no baby, not yet. You haven't earned that privilege yet!"

She then proceeded to whip my ass with a bamboo cane. It stung like hell. At first I didn't cry out but soon I could feel the pain increasing with each methodically placed swing.

I started to cry, then sob, then scream and beg. I told her I was hers and Master Dan's. I would do anything they asked, without hesitation. I really meant it!

"I know you will," was her reply.

Mistress Sheila finally stopped whipping me and untied my hands. I fell to my knees and wrapped my arms around her. She pushed my head down until my mouth was touching her boots.

"Kiss them," she ordered. "Show your mistress how much you love her."

I started kissing a licking her boots frantically. I was hers. She knew it and I knew it. She turned and left the room leaving me lying on the floor, naked and broken.

I just laid there, not knowing what to do, waiting for her next command. I didn't have to wait long. She walked back into the room with Master Dan. He looked magnificent!

He was wearing tight leather pants, knee-high boots, bare-chested with studded black bands around his biceps, wrists and forehead.

His torso was unbelievable. Some men had a six-pack. He had an eight or ten-pack. His pectoral muscles were solid and glistening, both nipples were pierced and a grinning skull dangled from each.

I look at the huge bulge in his pants. It was as if the leather material was about to burst trying to contain his manhood.

I was hypnotized by the sight of him. He then addressed me in a deep, firm but soft voice.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Your slave," I replied in a trembling voice.

"What is your purpose?" he asked again.

"To serve my master and mistress," I replied.

"Excellent!" He answered. "Lick my boot, slave!"

I crawled to him on my hands and knees and started worshiping his boots with my lips and tongue. He then grabbed my hair and pulled my head upward until my eyes were at the same level as his crotch.

"What do you want to do?" He inquired.

"I want to lick and suck you balls and cock!" I replied, breathing heavily.

"Beg for it!" He answered.

I started begging. "Please master; please let me suck your big, beautiful, black cock and balls. I want to be your white married slut. I want you to gag me with your cock and shoot you're cum deep down my throat.

I want you to pull it out of my mouth and cum on my cheeks and forehead and then smear it all over my face with your cock, glazing me, making me you slave bitch!"

"You haven't earned that privilege yet," he remarked.

As I lapped up Master Dan's cum from my wife's pussy listening to her story, I was becoming more turned on by the minute. My cock was throbbing and my balls were aching to cum. "Please honey, let me cum," I begged.

"Shut up wimp, you haven't earned that privilege yet!" She replied.

To be continued.

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