tagBDSMSpanking Night Ch. 03

Spanking Night Ch. 03


So here I was. Flat on my back, hands cuffed behind me, my wife straddling my face force feeding me her black master's cum and telling me of the past night's adventures.

Angel continued with her story, "The next couple of hours were spent being instructed by Mistress Sheila on the fine art of spanking, where to spank, how hard, the use of various whips, paddles and canes, safe-words, verbal humiliation and termination of the spanking session. I never realized it was so complicated and involved.

After being thoroughly instructed, Mistress Sheila told me that I would need to practice and you, my dear husband, will be my practice partner. You can expect to be spanked many times in the next few days so I will be confident on spanking night, that I will do a good job.

Master Dan came back into the room and handed me his cell phone and told me to call you and tell you I was going to a party and would be late. After that he attached a collar and leash to my neck, threw a robe around me and led me to his car where he, Mistress Sheila and I drove to a party in the Hollywood Hills.

When we arrived, he took the robe away, leaving me completely naked and led me on my hands and knees, into the main room where the party was going on. Some of the doms and subs were having drinks and refreshments. They glanced my way with mild interest."

"May I please have your attention," Master Dan began. "This is my new slut-in-training, Angel. She has been begging me to suck my cock but I am not sure she is worthy of that privilege. Is there a cock in here she can suck so I can see if she has the skill and experience to suck mine?"

A dozen hands were raised.

"Well now, let me see," Master Dan said,

"Inny minny miny mo,

Pick a big cock for my ho,

If she swallows, give her more,

And fuck her until her cunt is sore.

My momma told me to choose this very big one."

Master Dan's hand pointed to a large black man sitting at a table with his dick out. "I guess you're the one!" He said with a big grin and tugged on my leash.

"I crawled between the man's legs and took his 10 inch cock in both hands," Angel explained. "His cock was as big around as a Coke bottle but I finally got the head and a couple of inches in my mouth. I was drooling all down his cock and on to the floor. My lips were stretched to the maximum. I continued to stroke his huge cock while holding the head in my mouth!"

I could hear others in the room chanting, "Suck it, suck it, suck it!"

"My mouth," Angel explained, "was starting to cramp up. Then it happened. He came, and came and came. I had to swallow continuously to keep from drowning in cum. Finally I could feel his cock shrink and slip slowly from my mouth. His cum dribbled down my chin and on to my breasts. The whole room was applauding me."

"Not bad," Master Dan chided, "This bitch seems to have a natural talent and what she lacks in experience, she make up for in enthusiasm!" Everyone in the room laughed and hooted.

By this time, my cock and balls were aching for an orgasm. My face was a gooey mess. I was nauseated from ingesting all his cum from my wife's pussy.

Angel continued with her sorted tail. "Master Dan then picked me up and carried me to an upstairs bedroom accompanied by Mistress Sheila. He threw me on the bed and presented me with the biggest cock I had ever seen.

I kissed it and licked the pre-cum from the tip. He had me lay on my back and slowly rubbed the tip of his cock along the folds of my dripping wet pussy lips.

Mistress Sheila then straddled my face and lowered he smooth shaven, glistening pussy to my waiting lips."

"Suck it," she commanded. And I did. It tasted like honey I had never tasted another women's cunt before and it was delicious! I was becoming lost in the folds of her labia when I suddenly felt Master Dan's cock enter me.

It felt like the gates of heaven were opening as pushed his magnificent cock deeper and deeper in me. I had never been penetrated so deeply. He touched spots I didn't even know I had.

Each movement brought me closer and closer to the most amazing orgasm of my life. I wanted it to go on and on, and it did. I lost count of how many times I came. He filled every inch of my cunt with his black baby sperm.

I could feel Mistress Sheila clit rubbing against my nose as my tongue penetrated her cunt. She was cumming, I was cumming and Master Dan was cumming simultaneously!

Then he put a butt plug into my pussy and told me to take it home and feed it to you while I told you about my night out."

"So now you know where I have been and what I have been doing," my wife said, smiling down at me. "Aren't you proud of me darling? You look so sweet with his cum all over you face, but now its practice time. Roll over so I can spank you please."

To be continued.

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