tagBDSMSpanking Night Ch. 05

Spanking Night Ch. 05


I took out the scissors and cut my beard and mustache as close as I could then used the electric clippers. After that I finished shaving my beard and mustache off with shaving cream and lather. I looked strange without a beard, younger; my face had a feminine look to it. I had not seem my upper lip and chin for at least twenty years. I did the same process to my genital area.

Next I applied the depilatory cream on my chest, arms, legs, pubic area and buttocks. I waited fifteen minutes as the instructions said and felt a tingling all over my body. It was starting to sting and smelled bad.

I quickly jumped in the shower and watched my hair and manhood wash down the sink. I looked all pink and naked. After drying myself, I rubbed lotion on my body to ease the skin irritation and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a little boy.

I went to my wife's dresser and found a pair of pink panties. They felt good gliding on my skin as I pulled them up. I noticed that I had an erection and the tip of my cock stuck out above the waist band of the panties. I looked ridiculous, pathetic!

Next I went downstairs and started vacuuming. When I had completed that, I cleaned the kitchen and started dusting. I hadn't lifted a finger doing any household chores in ages. It kind of felt good. Then the phone rang.

"Hello sissy," my wife's voice chimed. "Are you a pantied, hairless girly-boy? How much housework have you completed?"

"Y-yes mistress," I answer in a meek voice. "My hair is gone. I am wearing your pink panties as you requested and I have finished most of the house."

"Good girl", she replied. "There has been a change in plans. Master Dan wants to share me with some of his friend so I won't be home tonight.

After you finish the house and laundry, you can get on your computer and go to one of the interracial websites and watch one of the white wives fucking her black studs porn movies and think about me getting my brains fucked out.

When you cum, do so in your hand and eat it. You had better start getting use to the taste because you will be eating a lot from now on. As a matter of fact, I am going to bring you home a cunt full in the morning. Goodnight sissy, sweat dreams."

Tears came to my eyes. I have lost her and it was my fault. Why did I mention that email about Spanking Night? Is this something I had secretly wanted to happen? And why was my cock so hard right now?

After finishing the laundry, I got on the computer and went to the interracial porn sites. I was watching a beautiful white woman take on four black guys. It was hot. Is this what Angel is doing right now?

Just then the phone rang.

A deep voice emanated from the phone saying, "Is this the sissy wimp Angel is married too?"

"Yes sir," I found myself answering.

"Well, bitch", he continued. "I just thought you should hear this."

I could hear Angel's voice in the background, "Oh god yes, fuck me harder, I love it. No, my husband can't fuck me like this. He is a dickless sissy incapable of satisfying me. Yes, I am you bitch, I will do anything you say, fuck and suck who you tell me to, Oh yes, yes, harder, oh god, I'm cumming, yes, yes, YES!!

Click, the phone went dead.

I felt the tears running down my cheeks. I had lost her. The love of my life, lost forever and all because I had asked her to make a few bucks spanking some guys at a club. What was I thinking? I wasn't thinking, at least not with my brain. I had let my cock tell me what to do. What a fool I was.

I turned my attention back to the porn flick. The woman was being double penetrated by two huge black cocks. I shot into my hand and licked it clean.

Sleep was next to impossible that night. Hundreds of dirty pictures kept running through my mind. My cock kept getting hard and I would have to masturbate to try to get back to sleep. Each time I would cum in my hand and eat it. What the hell was happening to me?

About six the next morning I heard our car pull into the driveway. Then doors opening and giggling . It was the sound of two women laughing. Now what? I thought to myself.

I heard Angel's voce echoing through the house. "Sissy, oh sissy, time to get up and serve your mistresses!

I stumbled out of bed and went downstairs. There I was met by Angel and Mistress Sheila. I had never seen her before but she was beautiful. She was as dark and Angel was fair. Together they made a stunning pair.

They immediately started laughing at my pantied, denuded body.

Angel said, "Oh my god, look at you, what a sweet little sissy you make. I have never seen you beardless. You are quite pretty! A little makeup and a wig, you could be passable.

"Yes," Mistress Sheila added, "But can she serve us adequately?"

"Try her," my wife replied.

To be continued.

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